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Friday, October 19th 2012


Second Time’s a Charm for Local Bank Robber



Source: The Chicago Tribune, Staff Report

One local bank robber took the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” to heart on Oct. 18. She first unsuccessfully attempted to rob a PNC branch bank in Chicago at around 9:30 a.m. After leaving without any cash, she headed to Oak Park 30 minutes later to try her luck at a Charter One branch, which she successfully robbed without displaying a weapon or hurting anyone. The FBI is currently asking anyone with information on the whereabouts of the 5-foot-8 black woman in her late 30s to early 40s to call their Chicago branch. Let this be a lesson to never give up, you’ll make it one day.

NATIONAL NY Court Second to Deem DOMA Unconstitutional

Source: The Associated Press

A federal appeals court in Manhattan became the second appeals court to rule the Defense of Marriage Act to be unconstitutional. The 2-to-1 ruling was reached Oct. 18 and repudiated DOMA’s specificity as to what “marriage” and “spouse” legally denotes. A court in Boston reached the same conclusion earlier this year.

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LOCAL Report: CTA Lied, Made Bank Source: Chicago Tribune, by Jon Hilkevitch

The city’s unwavering love and respect for the Chicago Transit Authority may finally have hit a speedbump. Washington-based watchdog group Cause of Action published a report that claims CTA buses have been grossly inflating the number of miles they drive in order to receive millions in unearned federal taxpayer money — allegedly up to $150 million. It is unclear whether this accusation of fraud will irrevocably tarnish the CTA’s former reputation of professionalism and accommodation.

New Fee, Smoke Free?

Source: Chicago Tribune, by Hal Dardick

What would someone have to do to deter you from smoking? The Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle says that a cigarette tax is a good policy to do just that. And it would give them more money. If the tax is increased, it would hike up the average cost of cigarettes to $6.67, which means each pack of cigarettes would cost buyers an extra dollar. This would make Chicago the secondhighest tax per-pack city in America, second only to New York City.

NEIGHBORHOOD Pro Wrestler Pizza

Source: Chicago Tribune, by Luis Gomez

Professional wrestler Lisa Maria Varon plans on opening up a pizza restaurant in Lincoln Park in early 2013. Varon, known as Tara in TNA Wrestling and as Victoria in her WWE days, was in the pizza business back in 2007. The 41-year-old wrestler will split her time equally between the two careers, because pizza and wrestling naturally go hand in hand. According to Varon, the restaurant will feature in-house “dough, a fifth generation sauce, fresh local ingredients. And then house blend burgers: hormone and antibiotic free beef.”

Zip The Vote

Source: Lincoln Park Patch, by Carrie Frillman

Not having a ride to the polls won’t be an excuse for not voting in Lincoln Park this election day. Zipcar, partnered with Rock the Vote, is providing a 50 percent break all election day with strategically located pick up stations to make the route to the polls the easiest it can be. There will be more than 30 zipcars and zipvans available in the Lincoln Park neighrborhood.


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SPORTS Michael Phelps is ‘Fittest Man Ever’ Source: USA Today, by Chris Chase

Beating out household names like Georg Hackenschmidt and Kohei Uchimura, 18-time Olympic gold medalist and shark-human hybrid Michael Phelps was named the fittest man ever by “Men’s Health Magazine.” To fuel his intense workouts, the swimmer reportedly consumed more than 12,000 calories per day while training. Now that the 27-year-old has retired from the sport, it’s rumored that he’s adapted a “plant-based diet.”

Copyright © Catherine Pham; Used with permission. Model’s struck a pose during Macy’s Chicago Fashion Incubator Fashion Show on Oct. 17.

BUSINESS Five Best Pumpkin Dishes in Chicago By by Whitney Hewitt

You scream, I scream, we all scream for… pumpkin! One of my favorite things about the season change is the coziness of fall clothing, decor and of course, food. Among other delicious fall flavors, pumpkin seems to be a breakout star this year and there are plenty of restaurants in Chicago serving it on their seasonal menus.

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Special K @SpecialKradio

I’m ok with a higher cigarette tax #JustSayin #YouAreStinky

Silencing the Twitter Bird

No Jobs for Democrats

In a stream of 140-character jokes, breakfast updates and often just general stupidity, Twitter has finally shown where it will draw the line: NeoNazis. The blocking of users in Germany to the neo-nazi Twitter account was the first instance of Twitter’s “country-withheld content” policy going into effect; the site wasn’t prohibiting free speech as is the concern, but complying to Germany’s laws about the group. No worries though, here in the U.S. we still have complete access to hacktivist tweets like “Anonymous.”

Source: The New York Times, by Nicolas Kulish

Source: The Chicagoist, by Chuck Sudo

Republican Joe Walsh went with fear mongering as his communication method of choice at the most recent Town Hall meeting in Bloomington, Ill. Addressing a room full of small business owners, Walsh told them that voting for Obama would most likely result in all their employees losing their jobs, and encouraged the owners use this message to convince their employees to vote Republican.

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Flaming Hot Addiction

Source: Chicago Tribune, by Monica Eng

The first step to beating addiction is admitting you have a problem, and by banning Flaming Hot Cheetos. The Noble Street Charter School Network has admitted there is a huge Cheetos problem. Officials cite the ban as being based on nutritional concern, but extended research shows that the “groundbreaking flavor profile” is causing kids to eat the snack multiple times a day, starting with breakfast, following the pattern of substance abuse.

Copyright © Candice Silva Patrons gathered a Filter Photo’s “Light” exhibition, it’s third annual juried photo exhibition.

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No ‘Service Charge’ Refund for Non-Existent Games

Source: Deadspin, by Barry Petchsky

The Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles both came up short in reaching the MLB playoffs, and though both teams are refunding the price of the tickets, each will be reaping the revenue from the “service charge” attached to the presale of the now defunct games. At six dollars a pop, that means each organization will collect $500,000 of their supporter’s cash. That’s a big foam thumbs down from baseball fans everywhere.

Freakazoid @BritishBro

And I can assure you that most people will just ridicule him... stop being a Nazi regarding neo-Nazis.

May the Force Be With Google Source: The Atlantic, by Alexis Madrigal

If you were worried about Google’s security, worry no more! They’ve enlisted a stormtrooper to keep their computers safe. A recent reveal of the company’s data center in North Carolina highlights the nerdy touch to the facility, but leaves everyone wondering if Google is actually part of the Empire and therefore evil.

Newsweek to End Print Publication

Source: The Daily Beast, by Tina Brown

After 80 years of providing reading material to patients awaiting dental check-ups, Newsweek magazine will be ceasing its print circulation on Dec. 31. The weekly news magazine will transition to an all-digital format due to waning advertising and circulation. The online version will adhere to a paid subscription model and will be less likely to make you look smart before your root canal.

Read The Printed Blog’s Post

about Newsweek magazine’s route to end print circulation.

POLITICS Romney’s Son Wants to Slug President Source: Gawker, by Taylor Berman

Tagg Romney, the eldest of Mitt Romney’s five sons, said during a radio interview Oct. 17 that he was so offended by President Obama’s attacks on his father during the debate that he “want[ed] to rush down to the stage and take a swing at him.” He restrained his anger, however, because there were “a lot of Secret Service” between them. As precaution, the president has been moved to an undisclosed location.

Born To Run For the Presidency Source: The Washington Post, by Rosalind S. Helderman

Obama is pulling out the big guns in Ohio, with The Boss himself alongside Bill Clinton stepping up in support of our current president. Here’s hoping this pairing is actually a hint at some new appointments in Obama’s cabinet and an official transition into “Dancing in the Dark” as our national anthem.

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ACROSS 1- As previously given, in footnotes; 5Orchestra section; 10Banned apple spray; 14- Japanese wrestling; 15- Kate & ___; 16- Granny; 17- Neat as ___; 18- Renaissance fiddle; 19- “Darn!”; 20- Liquid hydrocarbon; 22- Liquid waste component; 23- When said three times, a 1970 war movie; 24- Sneaky guy?; 26- Cookwear; 29- Wages; 33- Existence; 34- Move effortlessly;



Review & #Giveaway: Stretch Your Toes With Yoga Toes

from: Chi-Town Cheapskate

I was recently introduced to YogaToes a product that has been around for years but that I had not previously heard about. We’ve all heard of the benefits of Yoga however the foot muscles don’t always get addressed during Yoga or most types of exercise. That’s where YogaToes come in. What are YogaToes? YogaToes are worn barefoot while relaxing. YogaToes work by strengthening and stretching foot muscles. They help to increase circulation, improve balance, and help straighten bent toes.

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All Kinds of Funny


Simple + Seasonal: Sage from: Second City Soiree, by Christina Wong

We may determine the arrival of fall by the change in color of leaves but for me, it’s also about the smells in the air. I love that moment when you realize that the air no longer smells sweet like summer but crisp from a cold snap with a hint of smoke from burning raked leaf piles. Around my house, the air is also heavy with the aroma of fall cooking-- apple pies, butternut squash soup, and roasted chickens. And where there’s roasted chickens, there has to be sage.

It’s National Pizza Month! Enjoy Some Chicago Style

from: Dining Chicago, by Leah A. Zeldes

In October, National Pizza Month, it seems fitting to take a look at the origins of the hometown specialty. The pizza nationally known as Chicagostyle began when Ike Sewell, a World War II veteran who’d served in Italy, opened Pizzeria Uno with Ric Riccardo of the legendary Riccardo’s in River North in 1943. An authentic, deep-dish Chicago pizza starts with a thin layer of dough, laid in a deep, well-seasoned pizza pan and pressed up its sides. ... follow the QR codes to read more.

from: Book Group Buzz, by Neil Hollands

I’ve just finished the Library of America’s The 50 Funniest American Writers (According to Andy Borowitz). Does it contain the 50 funniest American writers ever? Probably not. Are the pieces representing the selected writers always their best work? Nope. Do I recommend it to your book group? Absolutely.

Zumba, Libertarian Style

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28- Kitchen gadget; 29- Actress Barkin; 30- Atari founder Bushnell; 31- Haggard; 32- Wander; 34- Columbus’s birthplace; 37- Insects; 38- Awhirl; 40- Edible corm; 41- ___ old cowhand...; 43- Eraser; 46- Blank look; 47- Swiss mathematician; 48- Minn. neighbor; 49- “___ Brockovich”; 50- ___ avis; 51- Boutique; 52- Prefix with logical; 53- Salamander; 54- Deep wound; 56- Floor covering


10 Ways To Make the Presidential Debates More Awesome. You’re Welcome, America.

from: Sassy Curmudgeon, by Una LaMarche

1. Instead of buzzkill themes like “domestic issues” and “foreign policy,” let’s try something prommy, like “Enchantment Under the Sea,” or “Masquerade Memories.” 2. No red or blue ties allowed. In fact, no ties at all. New debate dress code is “casual antagonism.” Bust out the mom jeans, Mittens! 3. Instead of stodgy lecterns, debaters should lie facing each other on a king-sized canopy bed, in the intimate style of an 8th grade sleepover. Will McAvoy @WillMcAvoy_ACN

If I were running that debate, there’d be a mandatory track jacket dress code. #adifferentkindofdebate

Interview With a Fake Nobel Prize, Conducted By a Jar of Nutella from: The Hairpin, by Nicole Cliffe

Nutella – You’re not a real Nobel Prize. You’re just something they invented in 1968 because economists are both pushy and insecure. Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science – Well, you’re not really a breakfast food, so I guess we’re both a little misunderstood, huh? Nutella – Whoa. Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science – It can be easier to dish it out than take it, Nutella. I used to be like you. I had a real chip on my shoulder. Let me tell you, I spent a long time talking to Peace before I stopped spinning my wheels.

FOOD Copyright © Catherine Pham; Used with permission. Designers unite at the Macy’s Chicago Fashion Incubator show on Oct. 17.


Goodman Shoppers Can Make a Costume Statement This Halloween

from: Examiner, by Kathy Guyer

Witches, ghosts and goblins are all part of the traditional get-ups seen along any street on Halloween. Darling little princesses and the latest super hero are also favorites for this holiday. This Halloween, stand out from the crowd in your neighborhood or at any party with a professionally designed costume straight from the dressing rooms of the Goodman Theatre in Chicago. For the first time in five years, the Goodman is opening its doors at 9 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 20, for a sale of costumes used in many of its critically acclaimed productions.

from: ChiCity Fashion, by Jena Gambacini

If you’ve never been to this warehouse sale I highly recommend checking it out. Not only can you shop menswear and womenswear you’ve seen on Gilt, but they also offer childrenswear and home decor as well. This is a 2 day event that you don’t want to miss. Tickets go on sale at 11am CT today. If you’re not a Gilt City member yet, be sure to join now and get your tickets before they sell out!

Can a Half-Star Difference on Yelp Destroy a Restaurant’s Business? from: Foodbeast, by Elie Ayrouth

Review aggregate website serves over 78 million unique people monthly, of which use their site to sift through over 40 million reviews. These are monstrous stats, as the now ubiquitous review system serves as a powerful gateway between consumer and potential new dining experience. Just how powerful is Yelp getting in determining the fates of restaurants? Monarch Daily is dedicated to discovering, celebrating, and encouraging creativity in all of its forms - an art destination experience by Tyler Shields.

QR codes have been popping up in cemeteries. When you scan a code on a gravestone, you can read an obituary and see photos of the deceased. Source: OMG Facts @OMGFacts

FREE THIS WEEK The annual FREE Spooky Zoo Spectacular! at the Lincoln Park Zoo on October 20th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m in Chicago is a familyfriendly Halloween event in Chicago where kids and adults can celebrate Halloween while also learning about the zoo’s animals and educational initiatives. Source: Free Things Chicago


Story Teller from: Style Bubble, by Susie Bubble

It’s been four years since the first major exhibition on Tim Walker’s work at the Design Museum and it’s high time we were treated to another one courtesy of Mulberry and Somerset House. Tim Walker: Story Teller opens tomorrow in the East Wing galleries at Somerset House and feels like a natural sequel to that first exhibition. Whereas at the Design Museum, we were presented with itty bitty paraphernalia - sketchbooks, little snapshots and a thorough insight into process; here at Somerset House, we are confronted with gigantic props, a main component of many of Walker’s shoots. Marc Engenhart@Engenhart

Tim Walker is one of the most unique and outstanding photographers at present. You should get his new book! STORY TELLER #timwalker


Cozy Noodle from: Sarah Shelton

Cozy noodle is one of Lakeview’s best Thai restaurants. Not only is the Cozy Noodle known for it’s delicious food (Pad See Ew, anyone?!), but it’s decor, from outside to in, is pretty magical. From toy robots to cat clocks, the interior is filled with vintage toy collectables that time travels everyone back into a 1950’s kids playroom. The best part is that some of the these toy collectables are for sale! Nominate a Chicagoan of the Week at submit@

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The Staff:

Harpoon Pumpkin Cider is Surprisingly Good from: Serious Eats, by Will Gordon



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Gilt City Warehouse Sale SUDOKU Today’s puzzle by

Today’s puzzle by

DOWN 1- Author Dinesen; 2- Delude; 3- Chieftain, usually in Africa; 4- Sound of constant pitch; 5- Less common or less cooked; 6- Actress Verdugo; 7- Dresden’s river; 8- Vegas roller; 9- Blink of an eye; 10- Peace Nobelist Sakharov; 11- Zhivago’s love; 12- Med school subj.; 13- Appraise; 21- Album unit; 22- Magazine founder Eric; 24- Buckets; 25- Mother of the Valkyries; 26- Roughly; 27- Contour feather;


from: Windypundit, by Mark Draughn

I’m a regular reader of Jack Marshall’s Ethics Alarms blog, in which he discusses ethical issues that arise in the news of the day. He calls out a lot of public figures for their shady ethics, but he also gives them credit when they get something right. I agree with much of what he has to say, but when his ethical analysis crosses over into matters of public policy--crime, immigration, and the free market--his analysis is not friendly to libertarian values, and I often find myself in angry disagreement. A few days ago he wrote about the Zumba fitness instructor in Kennebunk, Maine who has been charged with prostitution.

35- Muesli bit; 36- A single time; 37- Feminist Abzug; 38- Insult; 39- Article in Le Monde; 40- Melodies; 41- Bucky Beaver’s toothpaste; 42- Seasoning plant; 44- Like some gum; 45- Bear in the sky; 46- Actor Penn; 48- ___-Croatian; 51- Of striking beauty; 55- Dull; 56- Taj ___; 58- Notion; 59- Yorkshire river; 60- Be gaga over; 61- Information; 62- Knot in wood; 63- Hard drinker; 64- Barbarian;

The wave of beer industry consolidation that culminated with Budweiser turning Belgian in 2008 has made Samuel Adams the largest Americanowned brewery. Boston’s original craft beer maker has expanded to such an extent that I recently drank my breakfast at a Sam Adams brewpub in the Baltimore airport, and I could have done so at several other airports around the country.

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October 19, 2012 Fullerton Issue  
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