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February 11, 2021

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Colorado State University Pueblo COVID-19 Operations: Level Orange By Katie Meeks

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On Friday, February 5th, Governor Jared Polis announced a new update regarding the state’s COVID-19 Dial. The dial is a tool that allows Colorado to balance the ongoing need to contain the COVID-19 virus with the need for localized guidance during the pandemic. The Dial 2.0 considers metrics based on a 7-day time period, rather than the previous 14day basis. Based on this new guidance, Pueblo County has been moved to level blue, which indicates between 15 and 100 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people in one week.

in person. All employees and students should register in order to complete a daily health assessment and to schedule COVID-19 testing. Level orange indicates that all students, faculty, and members of the CSU-P campus are encouraged to work remotely, when possible. While in-person learning is ultimately left to the discretion of the professors, accommodations should be made for those with various reasons to continue to learn remotely.

All students and employees who are on campus for any length of time are required to CSU Pueblo will continue to go through COVID-19 testing, follow the published orange at a minimum, once a week. campus operational plan until Students and employees are February 22, 2021. Weekly also required to create an testing will continue to be account on the CSU Pueblo required of all employees Smart Return to Work Portal and students who are living, to register for tests, receive learning, or working on campus results, and complete a daily

health assessment. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect educational operations at the university, CSU-Pueblo holds the safety and health of its students and staff at priority one, ensuring that practical measures will ultimately be taken. All up-to-date COVID-19 information can be found on the university’s website at coronavirus/

Editorial: Time to Step Up


By Tiffany Pettigrew

Citizens of Pueblo County are celebrating the movement to level blue on the COVID-19 dial. Restrictions are being limited with most indoor places being allowed to have 50% or 175 people capacity, whichever is less. Though this is a great thing to celebrate, how can we support our local businesses to keep going without facing another lockdown? Pueblo County entered level orange just before the holiday season was in full swing. Our country’s numbers were hitting the point of hunderands of new cases a week, compared to maybe a hundred new cases over a week’s course. Thanks to social media and word of mouth, most businesses were able to create traffic and stay in business. The Facebook group “I Live in Pueblo West” banded together and would share the hardships businesses were facing. A patron of the group posted on how the owners of the Hen House in Pueblo West were struggling because they couldn’t hold their normal crowd inside. The post generated 175 reactions and 37 comments. The business is now thriving after the post showed that people of Pueblo care about each other in hard times. With the overwhelming support for locally owned businesses, how much more support can we, as a community, give during the unforeseen circumstances that the pandemic may bring? Though restrictions have loosened, it is still important to try to stay home as much as you can, wash your hands frequently, wear your mask properly and stay home if you’re feeling ill. The Coronavirus pandemic has tested all of us with our capability to limit our social interactions, create office space in our homes and made work harder to find for those who tragically lost their livelihoods. It’s time we come together to show what it means to be from Pueblo, a tight-knitted community who cares.

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Football Madness


By Jay Ramos

Sunday night football doesn’t get better than the Superbowl. Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady went head-to-head to fight for that Super Bowl champion ring! Brady coming up top was history in the making, a conservation that’ll be talked about for sure in the NFL. The score ended with Tampa Bay Buccaneers beating the Kansas City Chiefs, 31 to 9. Brady now has been to 10 total Super Bowl championships out of his 21-season career which means 47.6% of his career, he has led his football team to a Superbowl. No doubt, Brady knows what he’s doing in the NFL.


On the flipside, Mahomes has been to 2 Super Bowl championships out of his 4-season career which means 50% of his career, so far, he has led his team to the Superbowl. Outstanding numbers by the veteran, Tom Brady and the 4th season quarterback, Patrick

Another fun factoid is that there were players who faced each other in the Super Bowl that went to Colorado State University Pueblo! That’s right, our very own former ThunderWolves football players went to the Superbowl to compete head-to-head for the championship ring. Ryan Jensen plays the Center position for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Mike Pennel plays the defensive tackle position for the Kansas City Chiefs. It was a great game to watch two CSU Pueblo alumni face each other.

From Humble Beginnings, Two Colorado State University Pueblo Alumni Take On Super Bowl LV By Seth Six

The Colorado State University-Pueblo football program is no stranger to producing stars in the sport. From their DII title run in 2014, they’ve collected a few NFL stars, two of which will be taking center stage in the biggest game of them all, The Super Bowl. Here’s how they got to this point: Mike Pennel - Defensive Tackle, Kansas City Chiefs, seven year NFL veteran Mike Pennel had to take one of the rougher roads to the NFL. As a 6’ 4”, 300lb defensive lineman coming out of Grandview, Arizona, Pennel was sought after by the two highest level schools in the state, choosing The University of Arizona to continue his academic and athletic career. But quickly after some comments made on his personal twitter account, he’d be told he would have to transfer to another school. In 2013, CSU-P was the destination. With the ThunderWolves, he shined with his second chance, but would be left undrafted, signing a free agent deal with The Green Bay Packers. He would make the 53 man final roster, and would even play in 13 games his rookie year, and all 16 games his sophomore season. After only seeing eight games his third year, he’d sign in the offseason with The New York Jets, starting 10 games in two years, along with playing in every game for a full two seasons. After being let go by the Jets, Kansas City was in need of some defensive line depth, signing Pennel to the active roster. On the road to the Chiefs’ Super Bowl run last year, Pennel recorded 31 tackles in 11 games, helping the Chiefs to their second ever Super Bowl victory. Now in his seventh season, Pennel heads into this year’s game with 30 tackles in 16 games and looks to make things hard on Tom Brady. But, Pennel will have to go through one of his old teammates to get there… Ryan Jensen - Center, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, eighth year NFL veteran Ryan Jensen has been one of the unsung heroes of the two teams he’s been on. Coming from Fort Morgan Highschool to CSU-P, Jensen was constantly one of the best linemen in all of DII. A Gene Upshaw Award finalist in his senior season, Jensen was one of the sleeper picks for offensive lineman in the 2014 draft. The Ravens would end up picking Jensen in the sixth round, beginning his NFL journey. In his four year tenure with the Ravens, he played 35 games, including playing every single offensive snap in his fourth year, 1,850 snaps to be exact. After his fourth season, he’d become a free agent, signing a massive contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Since joining the team, he’s played 99.99% of offensive snaps guarding Jameis Winston for two years along with Tom Brady for this year. In 48 games with the Buccaneers, he’s only committed 18 penalties, along with earning an AP all pro recognition in 2019. He looks to head a sturdy offensive line for the Buccaneers, going up against an evenly stubborn Chiefs defensive line for the Super Bowl LV title.


2021 Pro Bowl By Stuart Symington

Like many other events that were planned to happen over this past year, the 2021 ProBowl has been cancelled due to Covid-19. This game is not super important so it’s only best that they keep everyone safe and cancel it. Players were still voted in and still received their uniforms for them to keep. The NFL decided to go virtual with the game and select players from each side as well as a few celebrities to team up and play a game on Madden 21. The game was live and people were able to tune in and watch them go head to head. The ProBowl is a game between the best players from each conference (AFC and NFC) who showed out the most over the season. There are 2-4 players chosen for each position as stats decide who the starters will be. Since the game was cancelled the NFL chose some players and celebrities to team up and go head to head For the AFC, the team consisted of 4 players one for each quarter of the game. The players were Houston Texans Quarterback Deshaun Watson, Tennessee Titans Running Back Derrick Henry, Former player Keshawn Johnson, and rapper Snoop Dogg. The NFC had Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Kyler Murray, Seattle Seahawks Safety Jamal Adams, Former player Marshawn Lynch, and NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace. The game was hosted by Charissa Thompson and Michael Strahan. While the players rotated through each quarter switching off to try and build off what the last player did they all had their shot to help the team win. The final score of the game was NFC, 32 and AFC, 12. Although this isn’t the way fans or players wanted the game to go, maybe it is something that the NFL adds on to the actual game assuming things will go back to normal. Overall it’s still nice to see them do something in place of the game.

Future for Flying By Scarlett Rose

Photo courtesy of JESHOOTS via Unsplash COVID-19 has obviously put a pause on everyone’s life plans such as weddings, celebrations, holidays, and vacations. Traveling seems to be a consistent theme amongst our CSU Pueblo students for when this pandemic ends. Five CSU Pueblo students were asked where the first place they would like to travel to is after this pandemic is over. For some it’s all about making up for lost time, while others are looking for a relaxing get-away. Kylie Pickarts a senior at CSU Pueblo said, “I don’t know exactly where I want to go, but I know it’s somewhere out of the country. I will probably go to the beach somewhere, maybe Mexico or the Bahamas.” Kylie wasn’t the only one who was itching for a beach vacation once travel bans are lifted and travel becomes more safe. “I want to go to Hawaii and go deep sea fishing”, said Andrew Otterson, another senior who plays for the CSU Pueblo baseball team. Austin Narro, another baseball player here at CSU Pueblo is “ready to be in a place around a lot of people without a mask on”. Austin said “I want to go to Mexico and not worry about anything”. Luis Rodriguez who is working towards his masters degree stated that he will be traveling to Vegas. When asked why Luis replied, “we haven’t been able to party or experience and nightlife since the pandemic. Vegas is the perfect place to make up for lost time”. While some of our students know exactly where they want to go. Others are chasing after experiences. Becca Egan, Senior, said, “i’m excited to go to concerts again. I used to travel a lot to see artists and all of that has stopped. That will be the first thing I start doing again.” Students at CSU Pueblo seem to have big travel plans for the upcoming years. Although varying in places, everyone can come to one mutual agreement and that is that we all can’t wait to go back to traveling safely when and where we please.

Iconic Actress Cicely Tyson, dies at 96


By Breanna Montoya

Photo by Jack Mitchell / Getty Images file

Cicely Louise Tyson, 96, an iconic actress and fashion model had passed away in Harlem, New York City, on Thursday, January 28th, 2021. Her long time manager Larry Thompson announced her death, who did not specify the cause. She is portrayed as one of the strongest African American women. Celebrities, two former presidents, and Broadway, were pouring out their hearts, praising Tyson for her approach to her career and activism. Tyson was the daughter of immigrants from Nevis’s Caribbean island and grew up in a religious household in Harlem, New York. A fashion editor at Ebony Magazine discovered Tyson, and she rose at the top in the modeling world. Tyson began acting in 1957 at Off-Broadway Productions and appeared in a few short-lived broadway shows. She was in small roles in feature films before being cast in the movie The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (1968). In 1974, she portrayed a hundred and ten-year-old slave in Miss Jane Pittman’s autobiography and won two Emmy awards. Tyson also acted in tv missionaries such as Roots, King, and A Woman Called Moses. Tyson was eighteen when she gave birth to her daughter. She had a child with her first husband, Kenneth Franklin, and then divorced Franklin when her daughter was 2. She was very private about her personal life, kept her daughter’s name confidential, and referred to her as “Joan.” Tyson said, “Joan felt, as a child, that she had to share me with the world. I give her now, in adulthood, what my heart has always longed to bestow — my undivided focus, along with the full measure of her privacy.” Tyson was married to her second husband, American Jazz Legend Miles Davis. The two began dating in 1966, and they were closer than ever. They had their ups and downs of breaking up, reconnecting, were married in 1981, and then divorced in 1988. Davis died in 1991 from pneumonia. After his passing, Tyson still considered Davis the love of her life. At the age of 93, Tyson won an Honorary Oscar and was inducted into the American Theater Hall of Fame in 2018 and the TV Hall of Fame in 2020. In January 2021, when she was 96, in her memoir “Just as I Am,” she was interviewed with The New York Times. In her talk, Tyson was asked if she had any advice for young people. She said, “I try always to be true to myself. I learned from my mom: ‘Don’t lie ever, no matter how bad it is. Don’t lie to me ever, OK? You will be happier that you told the truth.’ That has stayed with me, and it will stay with me for as long as I’m lucky enough to be here.”


Get Cozy at Home By Kelly Keogh

It’s no secret dating has been tough these past months. Staying at home and finding new ways to have fun can be difficult. Here are 10 Covid safe dating ideas for the next time you and your special someone are looking for something new. Themed dinner date. Pick your favorite place you have traveled together or would like to and cook some home made meals based on this location. You might find your new favorite food!

favorite drinks. This is a fun way to see how well you both are at getting creative.

DIY sip and paint. Take out your art supplies and grab that paint! Find an easy to follow painting tutorial on Youtube and sip on your

Recreate your first date. Think of all the little details that you enjoyed on your very first date together and try to recreate the atmosphere. Food, lighting, the whole thing! Bucket Lists. Create lists of all the things you want to do in your life. You can always add on to it. You can also do one together of all the places and things you want to to together. Stay at home spa. Set up your own spa date with your supplies at home. This is a great way to treat yourself and your partner. Karaoke! Want to know how well your significant other is at singing? This is the perfect idea. If you haven’t gotten out of your comfort zone lately, this is a great way to start. Set up the lyrics of your favorite songs and get singing. Game night. Nothing beats a traditional fun game night. With all this time at home what better way to spend it than completing all those puzzles sitting around. Wine tasting… at home! Find some new wines to try and set them up at home. You can write down your overall impression and notes you had so you can remember which ones you enjoyed the most. For the who aren’t 21, try some new juices or sparkling ciders you haven’t had before. Get cheesy. This date night would be great to pair with wine tasting at home. Create your very own charcuterie board. Grab some cheese, meats and crackers and gather around for a delicious treat. Love letters. Write each other a letter about how you appreciate them and love them. Once you’re done you can either hand it to them, or if you are brave enough, read it out loud. This is the best way to say what you have been feeling and haven’t had the chance to yet. Photo courtsey of Hannah Busing Via

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Preview: SCL Basketball Is Back And Maybe More Competitive Than Ever.


By Seth Six

Photo courtesy of Markus Spiske via After the pause of all highschool activities a year ago, many questions were left unanswered for Colorado’s highschool basketball scene. Would a senior led Pueblo West team reach the finals they’ve been building towards for years? Or would number one ranked Mead continue on the win streak? Would a dark horse in TCA upset West and take home the trophy? With all of that behind us, we now look forward to this season, with even more at stake. Mask up, this season is sure to be one for the books. Pueblo West - (Last season 20-6, Final Four) As mentioned, Pueblo West was one of the few teams that were unable to finish their season last year due to the pandemic. Also mentioned, they were filled with senior talent that got them to that point. To reach that milestone again, they need players to fill some major shoes. Seniors Taylor Harris and Jimmy Wardle led the Cyclones in scoring, both averaging over 12 points per game, both graduated. The closest underclassmen to them was now senior Xavier Hatch, averaging seven points per game. Hatch will be joined by Braendan Aragon as the lone seniors on what is a very fast and young West team that’s looking to get right back to where they were last year, putting West into the elite tier of Colorado highschool basketball. However, there’s a couple of teams that might have something to say about that. Pueblo East - (Last season 18-8, Elite 8)

Like West, Pueblo East was led by a high flying class of senior talent that had been building for some years now. Darnell Kindred led the Eagles on both sides of the ball, averaging almost 18 points per game along with six rebounds per game. Him along with point guard Marvin London Jr. led the Eagles to a stunning Elite 8 appearance. The difference for East is that their supporting cast was mostly juniors turning seniors. East has eight of their 11 roster spots filled by seniors, led by guards Keenan King, Brenden Harding and center Jaxson Herring. They look to bring the Eagles back to their winning ways, and potentially, back to the Elite 8, possibly even further. Pueblo Central - (Last season 15-10, Sweet 16) The Wildcats story is quite different from the other teams in this article. Last year, Pueblo Central presented the rise of young, raw talent in the Pueblo basketball scene. Then junior Steven Hamphill led the Wildcats in scoring with 15 points per game, followed by emerging bigs Kyle Bigley(sophomore) and Kaydn Betts (freshman), both averaging over 12 points per game. The Wildcats return all three, along with emerging senior transfer Adonis Reynolds, to bolster an admirable starting lineup for the Wildcats looking to shake up the entire Colorado basketball landscape. Pueblo Centennial - (Last season 2-21, no tournament appearance) Pueblo Centennial is looking to bounce

back after a down year. Underclassmen from last year that now have another year of experience under their belts look to make The Bulldogs a household name in this year’s SCL picture. To achieve that, they have eight of their 12 roster spots filled by seniors, led by point guard Timothy Romero and power forward Trevor Niccoli. Don’t sleep on the Bulldogs this year, they may just bite you for it. Pueblo County - (Last season 8-15, no tournament appearance) Pueblo County, just like the Bulldogs, had a down year last year and looks to rebound strong. Now junior Seth Sherwood looks to fill the shoes of four leaving seniors from the year before, averaging 11 points per game last year. He’ll be joined by Senior Trevor Thomas as well as power forward Zach Beltran to lead the Fighting Hornets back to the glory County is so oftenly known for. With all of the teams in mind now, it’s sure to be a phenomenal year in the SCL. The Today will continue to provide updates on all local basketball activities as the year moves on.

9 Four Apps to Stay Organized all 2021 By Gillian Hawken

Photo Courtesy of Stil Classics via Unsplash It’s finally 2021! Most of us, if not all, didn’t think that the new year could have come any faster, but alas it’s here. Although we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, it’s important that we look at the new year as positively as possible. The opportunities are endless and we must keep our heads up. To do this, it’s important that we stay organized in our daily lives. I have come up with several organization apps perfect for college students. First we have, Artful Agenda. It’s essentially a portable planner, without the hassle of carrying around a large paper book with you everywhere. This app allows you to enter all your events months in advance. For all the journalers out there, Artful Agenda also lets you choose your own cover, handwriting, decorate with drop stickers, and create checklists for daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. For those who need color to stay organized, you are able to color code everything too! You can customize your planner to your liking! The neat thing about this handy app is that its users are also able to track their water intake and create meal plans for themselves. Artful Agenda does a wonderful job at inspiring its users to stay organized and motivated for the new year. You can even access your agenda on a desktop to have a closer look at your future events when you have time to sit down Homework App is our next pick. This app is great for all college students. With most classes being online due to global circumstances, it can be difficult for one to keep track of all assignments, quizzes, and tests, but this app can help! Using this Homework App, you are able to input all of your courses and track your assignments as they near their due dates. You are able to view all of your due dates by day, week and month. By creating custom reminders for your assignments, you can keep up with all of your course tasks and never miss a beat. It’s a classroom tracker and planner all in the palm of your hand. You’ll never forget to turn in an assignment again. Third, we have Evernote. This app is everything in one. You can track events and important dates all while capturing ideas. Its users can keep journals capturing important life events, while having the ability to clip articles and web pages. It’s like an organized scrapbook. This extends past the classroom. You can use your own photos and scan important documents to keep everything in one spot and track payments as well. It’s more than just a planner, it can create an organized lifestyle. Forgetting to pay a bill is a thing of the past. Our next app, Reflectly-Journal & Al Diary, isn’t necessarily an organization app, but it’s a good place to go to for self-care and mindfulness. Times are tough right now and it’s important to take care of ourselves in any way possible. For some, journaling is the perfect way to reflect and stay grounded. Journaling is a form of meditation, that can improve mood, productivity and mental health, which are things that are essential to all humans. This app also offers a neat aspect like, habit tracking. Seeing your habits on screen can be a real eye-opener. If you’re looking to stay organized and create healthy habits through the year 2021, take a look at a couple of these apps! Remember to always stay positive, it’s a new year!

Netflix Crossword By Morgan Manns

ACROSS 1. The Queen’s _____ 3. First name of the washed up horse comedy star who is now starring in a show of his own name 4. The inside scoop on the Royal Family 6. Netflix shows aren’t interrupted by them. 7. Stranger “_____” 8. This zesty fruit is considered The New Black 9. A fan favorite NBC sitcom starring Steve Carrel 10. What adjective is Amy Schmidt? 11. Raunchy animated coming of age series

DOWN 2. The Umbrella “______” 4. How many Reasons Why were there? 5. Joe Exotic himself 6. “____” with an E.


“The Little Things” Provides A Fascinating Exploration Of Trauma And What Drives Police To Their Darkest Depths By Winter Naomi Vera

Photo courtesy of “the little things” Provides A Fascinating Exploration Of Trauma And What Drives Police To Their Darkest Depths Winter Naomi Vera In an average mystery film, the story is all in the mystery. The story usually follows the detectives as they pick up all the clues, and interview all the suspects before they find the criminal and bring them to justice in a satisfying way. No thought is given to the mental state of the detective, the trauma they feel seeing a brutal murder scene, or what devastation the search has on them. While “The Little Things” centers around the search for a serial killer, the real story is what this search does to its main characters, Joe “Deke” Deacon (Denzel Washington) and Jim Baxter (Rami Malek, “Bohemian Rhapsody”) as they’re haunted by the brutality of the murders and ghosts from their past (in “Deke’s” case) in their desperate search for the killer. The film opens with a young woman driving down a road in the middle of a desert grooving to the radio when a mysterious car passes by. She is freaked out by it, and even more so when the occupant of the car chases her through the desert, and she is saved by a passing truck. This happens alongside vandalism that Kearns County deputy Joe Deacon is sent to investigate in a separate area. “Deke” is a former LAPD police detective who, after a traumatic incident, transfers to Kearns where he is tasked to return to LA to retrieve a pair of boots in a robbery investigation. The boots are quickly forgotten as Detective Jim “Jimmy Baxter is investigating a series of brutal murders, the most recent of which reminds “Deke” of an unsolved murder he was investigating decades ago. Believing he has a chance to finally crack the case and find the person responsible for the murders, he calls in vacation time and gets to work alongside “Jimmy” in his search for the killer so they can find him and bring him to justice as another young woman goes missing and the LAPD is pressured to bring in the FBI. Their investigation leads them to a man named Albert Sparma (Jared Leto, “Blade Runner 2049”) who seems to be a little too light-hearted for being arrested for murder, and may or may not look familiar to the young woman who was chased in the desert. He becomes the prime suspect as “Deke” and “Jimmy” try to find proof of his guilt. The film is unflinching in the exploration of the two leads as the near-religious pursuit of justice and the trauma the characters endure, and the lines they’re willing to cross to find their criminal drives them to dark places as the story progresses and it brings to mind the ruthlessness in perpetrators of police brutality. How far is too far in finding the criminal, especially when innocents could get hurt. The cinematography is very notable. Nights feel very uncomfortable and threatening, days feel deceptively normal. The soundtrack cleverly reinforces plot points “Tell It Like It Is” by Aaron Neville, playing while the coroner is laying things out. “My Guy” playing while Deke tails Sparma, etc. It adds to the atmosphere of the film. The way the story unfolds keeps the viewer guessing throughout. Why did Deke leave the LAPD? Who is the killer? Do they have the right guy? Leto is brilliant in his portrayal of the mysterious and hard to read Albert Sparma. At one point, the audience is convinced he did it, at others, there is tremendous doubt. The leads are complex and very sympathetic, even if they’re not the best people. The amount of story Washington tells without speaking a word is incredible to watch. He makes the character a character who has been through a lot, is willing to go to dark places to find his perpetrator but also someone with a conscience and concern for his partner, “Jimmy”. “Jimmy” is delightfully snarky and full of himself, but has a strong dedication to the job and is a loving father with a sense of right and wrong that is fascinating to see challenged, and how the investigation changes him and Malek plays this like a natural. Anyone going into “The Little Things” expecting a traditional murder mystery will be disappointed. It’s not about the mystery. It’s about the search, and what the search does to a detective, something that is rarely explored in greater detail in this film. For that reason, it makes “The Little Things” a very fascinating, enlightening, disturbing, and engaging film. “The Little Things” is rated R for violent imagery and violence against women (women are murdered and stripped down. There is a potential trigger warning for both children but adults and women viewing the film) language and drug use. It is now playing in theatres and streaming on HBO Max until February 28.


Black History Month By Breanna Montoya

Black History Month is a time for African Americans to reflect on what their people fought for and how far they have come. A time of celebration and gratitude for those African Americans who have gone before us. As Americans, we celebrate how far the black lives movement has come and how thankful we are for those that risked their lives by not staying quiet. Carter G. Woodson was an American historian, the founder of the association for studying African American life, and was considered the father of Black History. Woodson was the son of two former slaves, and he spent his childhood working in coal mines and quarries.’ The story of Black History Month began in the summer of 1915. Carter G. Woodson and his friends traveled from Chicago to Washington D.C. to participate in the Emancipation’s Fiftieth Anniversary. Thousands of African Americans traveled across the country to see exhibits calling attention to their people’s progress in the destruction of slavery. Black History Week was created in 1926 in the United States when historian Carter G. Woodson realized the importance of providing a theme to draw attention to the public.”We should emphasize not Negro History, but the Negro in history. We need not a history of selected races or nations, but the history of the world, void of national bias, race, hate, and religious prejudice. There should be no indulgence in the eulogy of the Negro. The case of the Negro is well taken care of when it is shown how he has far influenced the development of civilization.” said Woodson. Woodson chose February because it marks the birthdays of two men who have been influenced by the African American Population. Fredrick Douglas escaped slavery and became a civil rights leader and an abolitionist. His birthday isn’t known, but he celebrated it on February 14th. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12th. He signed the emancipation proclamation and abolished slavery in America’s the Confederate States. In 1976 President Gerald Ford changed Black History Week to Black History Month. President Ford urged Americans to seize this opportunity to honor too often neglect African Americans’ accomplishments in every area of venture throughout our history.

Lakota The Bullador By Morgan Manns

Meet Lakota! She is a Labrador Retriever and American Bulldog mix. She is just two years old and is of medium height. Lakota is up to date on all of her vaccinations and is spayed. She is very well house trained and would do great in a home with children though she would prefer a home without other dogs. Lakota is extremely smart, she knows how to sit, stay, lay down, leave it, and drop it on command. She also walks well on a leash. Bulldog, lab mixes are known to be sensitive, high energy, and very easy to train though they can have potential to gain weight due to their high appetite. This breed loves getting exercise and is very playful so a yard can be beneficial. They typically grow to be around 17 to 20 inches tall, 50 to 90 pounds, and have a life span of 10 to 12 years. If you are interested in Lakota or any of her animal friends, you can make an appointment with PAWS for Life animal shelter to visit them, call (719) 543-6464, or you can visit their website to take a look at their selection of cute critters. Photo courtesy of PAWS for Life Animal Shelter


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