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Country Information Capital: Budapest Government: Parliamentary Republic Population: 9.942.000 (2012) Counties: 19 Time Zone: UTC + 2 Currency: Forint (1 Euro = 297,84 Forints) General Prices: Restaurants: Meal, Inexpensive restaurant: 4.36E MC Donalds Meal: 4.70E Coca Cola (0.333 ml): 0.83E Water (0.333 ml) 0.64E Market: Domestic Beer (0.5 ml): 0.72E Bread (500g): 0.60E Water (1.5 L): 0.34E Transportation: Monthly pass (Bus+metro,tram): 32.90E Taxi (normal tariff): 1.01E

National Projects Job Description: Job Description1 It is a kind institution for small children in Piliscsaba which is situated about 24 km from the capital Budapest. Job Description2 Trainee should take things which represent their own (presentation and some other useful material and information) Why it is relevant to Hungary: Providing the opportunity to learn a new language to kindergarten kids at a low cost and through interactive activities is a great opportunity to bring cultural awareness and add value to their environment. Through books, music, art, among other; the workshops will be delivered by internationals from many countries, creating a diverse environment that will stimulate the kids to look for news ways to learn.

Kindergarten Break: July – Mid August

Job Description3 Trainee will be responsible for developing games for children which develop them. Organising leisure times and sport activities and raise attention of children for doing sport. Job Description4 Trainee should teach some simple expressions and games which help to improve the language skills of children. Job Description5 At the end of workshops in kindergarten trainee is responsible for organizing Global Village (traditional clothes, food and beverages, brochures, quiz, etc) Job Description6 Conducting additional activities if it is needed for students Be flexible in terms of new tasks from kindergarten- partners

RE Time: Winter and Summer Peaks: Off Peak (April and September)

National Projects Job Description Job Description1 SFY is an initiative organized by AIESEC Hungary to position AIESEC to Highschool students (age of 14-17) during summer and develop youth in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Cultural understanding, World issues, Goal settings, Time management. Job Description2 There will be 2 rounds of the Camps. 1st: 17th of June- 28th of June; 2nd: 8th July-19th of July. Between the 2 rounds there will be 1 week a break for relaxation and sightseeing or travelling. Why it is relevant to Hungary: As every S4Y have a different approach every year, the objective of the project is to give better perspective to High School Students about their carrer development. Using the international is expected on the end of the project that all the students will have a clear picture on how to prepare themselves to the university.

RE Time: Summer Peak (June and July)

Job Description3 Prep.starts before the 1stRound.On Fri.-14.06there will be a preparation event where trainees should participate.The goal of the event is GT2K each other&the goal of the camp&creating the camp agenda. Job Description4 During the break-week there will be a Global Village (~29th of June) where each and every trainee should represent their countries and cultures to the local citizens with different stuffs, fun facts. Job Description5 The interns'll be working with other facilitators-trainees and lead groups of high school students. The projects will be aimed on soft skills development, career planning and cultural understanding. Job Description6 Each camp will end up with evaluation with AIESECers from the Local Committe. The first is 28th of June and the second is 19th of July.

National Projects Job Description: Job Description 1 Holding presentations and lectures about their culture, traditions for 6-18 years old students in order to develop cross-cultural understanding among youth and create international atmosphere in the everyday school life. Job Description 2 Participation in foreign language classes, develop English speaking cooperation skills of Hungarian students. Why it is relevant to Hungary: The interaction with other cultures as well as the discussion about global issues by the high school students is extremely important for the international expansion of our country and also for the students’ intellectual development. With the project they have the opportunity to complement their theoretical knowledge in a multicultural environment without the necessity to go out of their cities, enabling a diversifying learning and the realization of activities in contact with universities’ students from other countries, so they can develop a global vision.

Schools Break: Mid June – September

Job Description 3 Contribution to develop new methods of teaching by constant cooperation with the colleagues in the foreign language department and help them to set the lectures more interactive. Job Description 4 Constant involvement in afternoon leisure activities for students, organizing free time events, prepare extra activities for students for example games, competitions, sports activities. Job Description 5 Provide a life-long lasting experience for your students by sharing your experiences, having fun with them and creating awareness of different cultures in the world.

RE Time: Winter and Summer Peaks: Off Peak (April and September)

Local Committes AIESEC in Hugary has 11 LCs, 5 of them are in It’s capital, Budapest. LCs in Budapest: • AIESEC Budapest University

• LCs Budapest:


• •

AIESEC Szent Istvan University of Godollo AIESEC University of Pannonia Veszprém AIESEC Pécs University

AIESEC College of catering and turism

AIESEC Budapest University of Technology and Economics

AIESEC College for Management and Business Studies

AIESEC College of Finance and Accounting


AIESEC Szeged University

AIESEC University of Miskolc

AIESEC Debrecen

AIESEC Hungary Contacts LC

Local Level Name Position


Budapest University Nani' Horváth LCVP iGCDP Budapest University of Petronella KÉPES LCVP iGCDP Technology and Economics Debrecen Flóra Tóth LC VP ICX Szent István University of LC VP Dalma Krecz Gödöllő iGCDP College of International Management and Business Gergő Horváth LCVP iGCDP (Külker) College of trade, catering and Andrea Cseri LCVP iGCDP tourism Miskolc Szilvia Pásztor LCVP iGCDP Pécs Laura Mucsi LC VP ICX College of Finance and Bernadett VEZSE LC VP ICX Accountancy (P$ZF) Szeged Emese TÖRÖK LC VP ICX University of Pannonia Anita AGÓCS LC VP ICX Veszprém National Level Name Position Contact Felipe Pacheco MCVP iGCDP 1314 Adri Thury Tundi Takács

iGCDP Coordinator iGCDP Coordinator

AIESEC Hungary Projects  

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