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By Jenna Khalid

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Before discussing the best sex positions for intercourse to get pregnant, let it be known that a woman can get pregnant in whatever sexual position. Conception occurs once the male sperm unites with the female ovum to the uterus up to the fallopian tube. Conception can happen in whatever sexual position you and your partner are engaged in. Sadly though, not all couples can conceive a baby as easily. There are other couples who find getting pregnant harder than they thought it would be. This is because of the numerous barriers: low sperm quality, insufficient sperm count, PCOS, to name a few. Thus, the natural process of reproduction needs a little boost, and thus the use for effective positions for intercourse to get pregnant will come in handy. Consider the following sex positions that are most effective in boosting chances of conceiving: 1. Missionary Position, or the Man on Top Position, is the fastest and most effective positions to get pregnant. This sex position allows the deepest penal penetration as possible so that the sperm is released as close as it can to the cervix. 2. The Spoon Position is when the man and woman lies side by side and engages in sex. This is a great sex position to increase chances of conceiving because it provides the most exposure of the cervix to the male sperm. 3. Rear Entry Position, where the man's penis enter from the woman's rear, allows much closer reach to the cervix as compared to the missionary and spoon position.