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By Sarin Svensson F

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Here are some of the tips couples can employ to increase chances of getting pregnant after 40: 1) Talk with your partner and encourage him to have a healthy lifestyle. While you channel your efforts at being healthy to successfully ovulate, he should remain healthy as well to increase his sperm count. 2) Plan your sexual intercourse as to coincide with your ovulation. You need to diligently chart such date; meanwhile, your partner needs to wait to have sex until it is at least two days before, not after, ovulation. 3) Both of you need to stay away from things that can jeopardize your chances of getting pregnant after 40. Quit the use of detrimental substances such as alcohol and cigarette, as well as the intake of too much caffeine. You also have to keep the stressors from getting at you. Avoid intake of drugs unless prescribed by your physician. 4) Plan on how to hype both you and your partner's mood during "the day" when you are to try conception. You can go on a romantic trip as it is said that the psychological aspect of sexual endeavors can make or break your chances of getting pregnant. ...