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Taking Battery Efficiency to a Higher Level through innovative technology and progressive eco-friendly solutions. www.WaveTech.group

Unique Solutions. Unprecedented Results. WaveTech offers solutions that positively affect your bottom line by saving you time and money. 15% - 20% Energy Savings • 50% Savings from Battery Cost • Reduced Capital Expenditures • Investment-Free Installation • Increased Earnings Per Share Zero Touch Maintenance • Automated, Flexible Network • Real-time Monitoring and Alerts Environmentally Friendly

Efficient. Reliable. Automated. Save up to...

50% Of all battery and battery related costs

50% Of fuel for supporting generators

20% Of the energy consumption for battery charging

75% Of Site-Maintenance Visits

90% Of NOC workload for alarm management

100% On HVAC for batteries

WaveTech is a next-generation energy management company. Our commitment and focus on research and innovation set us apart as an industry leader. As a result, we are able to build our services around proprietary technologies and software to increase cost-efficiency and reliability through infrastructure upgrades. We then monitor backup capacity on battery, site and network-level and automate site opertions for maximum efficiency.

What is your backup plan? Many transmission towers, utilities, and data centers rely on outdated backup designs. Don’t let your battery system be the downfall of your network. Detrimental operating conditions lead to high replacement rates and compromised reliability. Ensure your system is at full capacity when you need it most.

Real-Time Monitoring WaveTech offers intelligent systems enabling you to route power sources and usage for maximum uptime and cost efficiency. • • • • • •

Improved Visibility Trending and Historical Analysis Life-cycle management Optimized Performance Predictive Maintenance Failure Prevention

Proven Technology for Your Power Infrastructure Our patented Crystal Control Technology® (CCT) manipulates crystalline formations in lead acid batteries. It streamlines the electro-chemical processes that produce battery voltage and renews the active material with every charge cycle. It doubles life span and triples life cycle capacity. Practical Benefits of Crystal Control Technology® Life Span and Operational Improvements

Doubles life span and triples life cycle capacity

Optimized battery charging

Less stress on electronics and computer operated equipment

Less maintenance and improved mechanical stability

Less sensitive to extreme temperature

CO2 emissions are reduced

Rethinking Battery Energy Efficiency


100% Battery life cycle extension

10,000 BEAT© units in the field

+50 countries - BEAT© is employed on 5 continents

Unlock the Possibilities WaveTech’s intelligent software automates power conversion, storage, and consumption within sites. Decisions can be made based on realtime data from individual sites.

Optimize Site Performance Improve energy cost-efficiency up to

Reduce unplanned site visits by



NOC workload for alarm management decreases by

With Crystal Control Technology®, HVAC cost can be cut by



Minimize routine site visits by

Improve planning accuracy by




Let’s Do Business No Initial Investment Let’s seal the deal. Bottom line – we are the perfect partner to help you save money every month. Our focus on offering solutions allows us to offer you these savings without adoption costs or increased operating expenses.


Battery Manufacturers

Motive Power

Data Centers


Contact us today to learn how you can start reaping the benefits of improved energy efficiency. Eco-Friendly Solutions Longer battery life means less waste Zero touch maintenance allows for fewer truck rolls

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