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Increasing profitability through energy-saving solutions


Strong companies are built on solid foundations. SPERE has created a legacy that started with founder Gary Cook, who in the middle of the energy crisis of 1972, had a vision to create a company that offered businesses exceptional energy savings. Today, over 50 years later, they are still doing business with their very first retail customer.

The company is now managed by Gary’s sons, Mitch, Matt and Marc and their sons. Building upon their dad’s dream of creating a business that provides one solution for facility management, SPERE offers businesses energy management controls, lighting and electrical services, HVAC service, refrigeration and kitchen equipment installation, service and repair. This next generation of innovative problem solvers is ready to help you improve your bottom line through efficient energy solutions.


National Retail Chain (Still a customer after 48 years)

2007 Launched financial company

2010 ASI VAR certified in control systems

2020 Purchased HVAC company and name changed to SPERE (to honor father who passed away, Gary Cook)

1972 TEMSCO (RCA Camera Repair Company)


CASI-RUSSCO (GE)became a distributor

2008 National Restaurant Franchise becomes customer (QSR)

2018 KMC certified

2021 Launched electrical light company



Line: SPERE increases profitability through energy-saving solutions.
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SPERE is committed to providing innovative technology that will save you money. It’s that simple. OUR SOLUTIONS: LICENSES: TX Security #B05680 #TACLA00124870C HVAC Service • New Construction • Preventative Maintenance • Roof Top Unit Replacement • Kitchen Equipment Repair • Chiller Service • Refrigeration • Air Purification 3. SPERE Services SPERE Lighting Electrical Service • New Construction • Sign Repair • LED Sign Retrofit • Sign Preventative Maintenance • LED Lighting • Lighting Repair 1. SPERE Controls • HVAC Controls • Lighting Controls • Security 2. SPERE Financial Energy Shield Program Pay Less Save More Profits • Save On Energy Bills • Save On Repairs • Save On Maintenance Flexible Payment Terms • Payoff Individual Line ItemsLower Monthly Payment • Pay All Up Front • Pay Minimum Monthly Payment • Net 30-Day Rollover of Service and Repair Cost Under Flex Payment Keep your profits • Invest Profits to Reduce Program Balances Terminate Program Any Time • Simply Payoff Remaining Equipment Investment Balance After 12 Months Balances begin to decline automatically Add Service Work • Pay Up Front • Pay Minimum Monthly Payment No Down Time • Costly Repairs can be completed immediately Maintain Curb Appeal ALWAYS!

Our Services


SPERE is your commercial HVAC specialist. While your HVAC system is unseen, its effectiveness is felt throughout your facilities. SPERE is the leader in HVAC installations, retrofits and maintenance for commercial and industrial HVAC systems. Our certified professionals offer technical expertise with customized solutions.

Regular and preventative maintenance of your HVAC system enhances the performance and extends the life of your equipment. If you have an outdated or underperforming HVAC system, it may be time to consider replacement to improve efficiency and cost savings.

SPERE can design a system for any facility from a small single unit to large building complexes. Let us determine the most cost-effective solution for your business.


Never underestimate the monthly savings from your equipment and energy usage.

At SPERE, we understand that a businesses’ facilities can generate savings every month when the proper equipment is selected, installed and maintained. When it comes to your refrigeration needs, even the slightest change in temperature can cost your company.

SPERE’s certified professionals are ready to assist you with your walk-in or reach-in refrigeration systems, ice machines or other temperature-controlled equipment.

Kitchen Equipment

SPERE has a unique partnership with restaurant owners to offer no upfront capital expenditures on equipment and an average 15.5% energy savings annually. Commercial kitchen equipment is often overlooked as a source where energy efficiency can be improved.

SPERE has a certified team that will install, retrofit and maintain electrical kitchen equipment to help businesses save money every month. SPERE will consult with your team to consider all the hidden energy saving opportunities including:

· Regular Maintenance Schedules

· Seals and Gaskets Fitting

· Refrigeration Units

· Energy Efficient Lighting

SPERE Lighting

Did you know you can save 25%-80% by simply using energy efficient lighting? SPERE professionals work individually with clients to optimize their indoor commercial lighting, outdoor lighting and signs. We will design, install, retrofit, and maintain to not only provide you cost savings, but to enhance the aesthetic look of your facility.


SPERE offers our clients energy-efficient solutions customized to meet your business facilities and processes. With an average annual savings of 15.5%, SPERE is the smart choice for your next construction, remodel or repair project.

LED Lighting

• Consumes less energy reducing energy bills

• Longer life requires fewer replacements

• Better light quality that welcomes your customers and enhances your employee productivity


Commercial signs are imperative to your business. But how are they affecting your bottom line? SPERE works with clients nationwide to install, retrofit and repair commercial signs with LED lighting that will have a positive impact on your bottom line through improved energy efficiency.

LED signs not only save you money by using less energy, but they also save in maintenance costs due to a longer life and less replacement costs. Whether you are concerned about the environment or your bottom line, LED signage will have a positive impact on both.

SPERE Controls

SPERE works with each individual client to create a control set that will optimize their energy usage.

Every client is unique. Every building is unique. SPERE works with each individual client to create a control set that will optimize their energy usage. Utilizing a sophisticated system that schedules the energy use of a building by automating heating, air conditioning and lighting for peak and nonpeak times creates energy efficiency and cost savings. This flexibility allows clients to accommodate changes in occupancy delivering the optimal and most comfortable environment for your guests and staff.

Clients utilizing SPERE technology are able to view, evaluate and manage their energy consumption. As businesses look to adopt a more environmentally friendly approach to energy, partnering with the technical experts at SPERE allows them to create a building automation network architecture that integrates HVAC and lighting into a centralized interface to maximize efficiency.

Energy Management

SPERE offers a cost-effective approach to managing the energy within your business.

Innovative technology improves efficiencies while reducing operating costs. When you care about the bottom line, SPERE products offer automation, monitoring, alerts, trends and energy reporting.

SPERE puts you in control of your energy use by automating air and lighting for peak times and maximum comfort.

Clients nationwide save an average of 15.5%.

2018 – Installed Energy Management Controls system

2019 – Installed LED Lighting

2020 – Installed New HVAC equipment and began Preventative Maintenance program for HVAC equipment.

Total out of pocket cost to Owner/Operator: $0

0 $5,000 $10,000 $15,000 $20,000 $25,000 $11,630 $15,145 Savings 2018 2019 2020 $24,107
McDonald’s Store in Texas
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