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Teenage tattoo rate increases, suggesting new trend among adolescents


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H e l p wa n t e d Teens are needed to aid elderly citizens; where to volunteer currently by Teresa Hauer

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By Kalee Moris

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Walking across ditches filled with filth—a mixture of garbage and human waste—watching children run barefoot, with razor blades in their hand, holding a fragile two month old baby boy in my arms, gazing upon his sleeping face and knowing from the pit of my stomach that he would grow up in severe conditions. This summer I was privileged to experience poverty at its worst in Uganda, one of the poorest countries in Africa. I spent a glorious three weeks on a mission trip with Global Expedition, an addition of Teen Mania Ministries. While in Uganda I taught about HIV/AIDS in schools. These schools consisted of poorly built, brick, structures with cut out squares for windows. The classrooms were often packed with multiple grade levels at the same time, learning from the same single chalk board. I learned quickly that although money is scarce, education remains at the top of the list. While students in America take school for granted, students in Uganda are often forced to extremes in order to get through school, such as prostituting themselves out for the money to pay for fees. The children are ridiculed if they are unable to afford a school fee which makes education a big deal. Most of the children, as young as three years, walk up to six miles there and back, often barefoot, in order to attend school. While in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, my team of 30 encountered two children ages five and three who are orphaned due to the monster that continues to plague the area: AIDS. These two children lived in an empty, run down shack. The five year old takes care of his three year old sibling to survive. The chance of them reaching adulthood is slim to none. I was able to spend time in orphanages, playing silly hand games such as “Simon says.” The children began shy, their faces often somber. Seeing them change into a sea of smiling, laughing, free spirits was one of the most rewarding experiences. I will forever miss walking through the villages, the little patter of running feet would follow us, whispers rang out— “Mzungu, Mzungu!” The word meant “well off” and was most often used for those with white skin. This is because white skin means you have money for the simple fact that we have shoes to wear, food in our stomachs more than once a day and clothes without countless holes in them. One boy in particular stood on the other side of a fence, no more than three years of age, all alone. This little child stood staring with one small boot and nothing but a dirty shirt filled with holes. His eyes dead but obviously curious watching my group and I from afar. In such a desperate situation one thing remains prominent in my memory, every person I encountered made the best of what they had. Never did I meet a Ugandan who let their circumstances defeat their will to live.

october 1, 2010

Marginalized citizens will always be prevalent—a homeless beggar on an intersection corner, or an orphan child moving from home to home, or illegal immigrants trying to tactfully make their next move. A group that is not often considered is the elderly community. Whether they have lost their memory to Alzheimer’s or they are simply needing happiness and motivation, teenagers can help. “The best part about helping out the little old ladies is knowing that I’m not only helping them with chores they can no longer do themselves, but providing them with a friend to listen to or just spend quality time with,” Antonette Jurewicz, senior, said. Huger Mercy Living Center, for example, is a prime place

to volunteer as it houses over 48 residents that are ailed by the Alzheimer’s disease. Teens can help with organization, decoration, or simply socialization. “[The residents] love to talk about their past, play familiar games, or sing to exercise their mind. Talking about their past also helps their memory a lot,” Cecilia Romero, an employee of three years at Huger Mercy, commented. The mere sight and presence can brighten a patient’s day and socializing keeps their brain active. Another great way to volunteer time and effort to the elderly in the community is to offer teenage abilities such as yard work, house maintenance, or assisting in any activity. Jurewicz also stated, “Helping out the little old ladies gives me a different perspective on life and what matters most.” Time and thought can be the most valuable things to people in care homes, and with teenagers usually having so much time to give, it is the least teens can do.

Uganda trip brings hope

the challenge

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Got ink? Tattoos take over

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