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Pizza’s Got the Munchies

Start out with a cheese pizza, nothing special, just plain cheese pizza. Cook the delicate cheese pizza in the oven according to the box directions. When the pizza turns a perfect brownish-gold color, it’s done. After pulling the pizza out of the oven, place it in a safe area so the extra toppings can go on the pizza. When it’s cooled, crack open a bag of Munchies and cut up a Slim-Jim. Sprinkle on the Munchies and place the cut up Slim-Jim. Cut into slices and take a journey to heaven as you savor the many flavors of goodness. By Tory and Tyler Weeks

Spanish-Italian Fire

Find a four cheese pizza with self-rising crust, or whatever pizza you fancy. Add toppings: quartered artichoke hearts, canned fire-roasted green chiles, and pan fried chicken.* Sprinkle shaved parmesean and red pepper flakes to taste. Cook pizza according to box directions.** Upon removing pizza from oven, drizzle your favorite hot sauce to taste.*** *Lunch meat chicken can be used just as well. **Try cooking pizza on a grill or without a cookie sheet to get a crispier crust. ***Valentina Salsa Picante. By Teresa Hauer

Fans are disappointed, awestruck by Ronald MARCH STAFF WRITER

Square Enix releases fifth series, excites By Jessica Rodriguez STAFF WRITER

by j. rodriguez Lying about losing one’s virginity can really take a toll on one’s high school reputation. That is what Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone) did in the movie,

Easy A. When ridiculous rumors spread like wildfire, Olive decides to use them to her advantage and help others with “losing their virginity,” and raising their popularity status, which becomes a full-fledged business and socially beneficial to her. Partially inspired by The Scarlet Letter, the storyline was easy to get attracted to. Olive cuts out a red letter A and stitches the letter to her clothing. Although, the drama over Olive’s “lost virginity” is somewhat unrealistic compared to how high school drama really is, this is the only downside to the movie. They over exaggerated the affect of a rumor being spread. Overall, it was an enjoyable movie with endless humor, and Emma Stone delivered a special touch to make the movie worth watching. Olive made a confession on a webcam which fixed her reputation and gained everyone’s respect back. Easy A was an instant hit in the box office and still continues to entertain audiences. This film definitely delivers. “A is for awesome.”

october 1, 2010

There lays lifeless keyblades once filled with extraordinary power fueled by the hearts of their masters. Here is where the battle of light and darkness collide in a battle known as the Great Keyblade war. Birth by Sleep tells the story a decade prior to kingdom hearts; sharing with gamers how the battle between light and darkness began. The first keyblade war was a failed attempt to create what is known as the X-blade. Master Xehanort’s goal is to successfully create the X-blade to open Kingdom Hearts and start a second keyblade war which brings new keyblade wielders into play: Terra, Aqua, and Ventus. “Three keyblade wielders are a strange change of pace, but since they play differently and tell the story in their own words, it will give players many different points of view and

hopefully make the story and game play better,” said Connor Krauss, sophomore. Not only do gamers play as new keyblade wielders, but they get to adventure through 12 new and amazing worlds. “I can’t wait to be in outer space with stitch,” said Jessica Williams, sophomore. Gamers held high expectations for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, including the controls on the PSP being similar to the Playstation 2. “I think the graphics will be amazing. I’m so excited. I’m going out to buy a used PSP just for it,” said Williams. According to Krauss, this game is sure to be a better play than previous handheld games of the series. Major retailers sell Birth by Sleep individually for $39.99, but Gamestop has a limited edition silver PSP bundle pack for $199.99 which includes the game, the system, 50 free music downloads, and Kingdom Hearts decals for the back of the PSP system. The bundle pack is on a first come first serve basis and is available for a limited time. Don’t miss the game that started it all.

the challenge

The 2010 VMAs were held in Los Angeles at the Nokia Theater on Sept. 12. Eminem opened the VMAs performing “Not Afraid” and “Love the Way You Lie” alongside Rihanna. Chelsea Handler hosted the VMAs and was the first woman host for the awards in 16 years. Lady Gaga’s outfits never cease to amaze viewers. Her meat dress will be talked about until the end of time. She also sported a French Revolution-type gown and a Mohawk feather top. Taylor Swift performed her new song “Innocent” which is supposedly directed at Kanye West as a sort of acceptance of his apologies. It was performed following a piece that showed

her VMA acceptance speech from last year where she was interrupted by Mr. West. Following this, Usher performed “OMG” with Justin Bieber who later performed “Baby” and “Somebody To Love” in front of about 500 adoring fans. Drake took the stage with Mary J. Blidge and Swiss Beatz to perform “Fancy.” Also, B.o.B and Hayley Williams from Paramore performed “Airplanes.” Florence + the Machine performed “Dog Days Are Over” and had a pretty intense and interesting stage piece. To end the show, Kanye West performed a new song titled “Runaway”. Viewers were anxious and gripped onto every word said by West during his first VMA performance since 2008. Overall, the 2010 VMAs were somewhat entertaining. Better luck next year!

by a. barton To Save a Life is a heartwarming reality check. This movie is set through the eyes of a teenage boy whose childhood best friend, Roger, kills himself in front of his whole student body. Throughout this film, the protagonist, Jake Taylor, lives life’s struggle of guilt—­blaming himself for the tragedy of the friend he left behind to gain the social status and dream girl he always wanted. The main character experiences the typical teenage party life but is convicted for what he has done. Jake Taylor reacts to the suicide by reaching out to the peers he would never have given the time of day for in the past. As his own therapy, Jake takes on the project of restoring the life of Jonny, a student who befriended Roger, to receive closure of Roger’s suicide. This movie is fantastic, although a warning to the faint of heart: expect tears. The word realistic truly defines this film. Rather than cheesy and predictable, this brilliant movie actually shows the situations teenagers get themselves into in real life. Out of 10 star­s this movie deserves it all. Now appearing in local Red-Boxes, be sure to check this film out.


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Krazy kids

s. mulvey They elevator doors close, the breaks kick in and the room goes black. This is a scene from Devil , a movie that re-defines punishment. T h e e l e v a t o r ’s occupants seem to be five ordinary people, but deep down they all have their fair share of sins. The supposed “Devil” entered the world after a mysterious suicide which was caused due to the prediction of the Devil’s arrival. From this point the movie is packed with death after death and introduces a new plot twist involving a search to repent. The film sets itself apart from other horror movies when it exposes irony in the plot; the innocent must die for the damned. The deaths themselves were also creatively indifferent and exceedingly gruesome. They ranged from bloody glass shard throat slittings to the revolting sound of necks crunching as they were fully rotated 360 degrees. Surprisingly, Geoffrey S, salesman, was able to crack a few jokes and try to sell mattresses in between the cracking of necks. The movie itself was successful in achieving ultimate suspense because it left viewers wondering: who is the legitimate Devil?

The Challenge Issue 1  

Spanish-Italian Fire by Ronald MaRCH s. Mulvey by a. baRton By Tory and Tyler Weeks STAFF WRITER STAFF WRITER • • • • • • • • • • • • • •