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October 1, 2010

Celebrity lifestyles cause unhealthy obsessions By Kalee Morris


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Flair falsely flaunted By Lianna Meyer Managing Editor

It is Thursday night, time to tune into the new episode of the oh so popular MTV program, Jersey Shore; you know, that show that makes New Jersey look like the worst state ever. So, great, I go back home to Jersey and I have to deal with hooligans who coincidently are acting like the cast of Jersey Shore? Wrong. Jersey is practically the complete opposite. What is hilarious to me is that everywhere else people act like the cast. Take this school… I have lost count of all the girls with “Snooki Poofs” and all the guys with Pauly D’s 50 foot high hair. It is incredibly sickening to walk around and see this everywhere I go. Honestly, people should consider following the styles of a group of people who are actually worth copying. But what is even more sickening than people copying them, is all the trash I hear about Jersey. NEWS FLASH! One, Jersey is nothing like what Jersey Shore makes it out to be. Two, only one of the cast members is actually from Jersey. And three, a huge majority of Jersey does not believe in “GTL,” or Gym Tanning Laundry. There are two things that Jersey Shore showcases Jersey in and that would be their attitude and their obnoxiously loud voices. People from Jersey, actually the east coast in general, have low tolerance for people and their immaturity. Take it from someone who is from Jersey and has absolutely no tolerance for immature people. Most people who know me say that I have one tone of voice, loud. I, apparently, yell everything and do not know how to whisper. However, I can get away with this because everyone from Jersey is loud and obnoxious, which is what makes us true Jerseyans. Another show that just adds to Jersey’s appearance is the Real Housewives of New Jersey. The only sad part is that I can’t say they do not represent Jersey because some people really do act like them. However, the whole show is a façade. I have personally met one of them, Dina Manzo, and she was pretty much the opposite of her character on the show. In reality, Manzo was the biggest sweetheart ever, which, ironically, is nothing like her character on the show. This just proves that all these television programs are scripted and inaccurately showcasing New Jersey for what it really is. This goes to show you that one should not judge a group of people just because of a show, movie, or song. All these new shows being made with Jersey in mind are just adding to the bad rep Jersey has without the shows. Truth is, and this is coming from a true Jersey girl, all we are is a bunch of foul mouthed, fast driving, pump our fists not our gas kinds of people.

hey are living the good life, the ultimate American dream—expensive posessions, never wearing the same clothes twice, paparazzi, and teenagers who obsess over them to insanity. Whether it is envy or just plain admiration, people all over the world gain ridiculous obsessions over the lives of celebrities. This infatuation is often driven to extremes, such as when Darrell Abbott, the guitarist in the band Pantera, was shot and killed by an alleged crazed fan. In addition, another insane fan shot John Lennon to death in 1980. Killing the celebrity one obsesses over is definitely a way to get such celebrity to recognize that person’s existence. Although, it is just as bad when one spends copious amounts of time on the internet, or in magazines finding out the newest dirt on their object of obsession. As well as the money that is spent on those

magazines and merchandise the celebrity produces—obsessors also dish it out for clothes, CDs, DVDs, books, perfume, and posters. The obsession in today’s society has led to an industry dedicated to feeding the minds of the infatuated. The fans catch every scandalous nose pick, bad hair day, and sudden stop at a McDonald’s to use their restroom. “Normal people” would never do such obviously outrageous things. The number one example of obsession is paparazzi. TMZ is one of those industries that focuses on uncovering the day-to-day activities of celebrities. Magazines and television shows also contribute to this—O.K., US Weekly, Star Magazine, People, and E!. This also includes Perez Hilton who has made it his own responsibility to bash as many celebrities as possible. Hilton blogs on his own website and is on every other popular website on the internet. Ultimately, these unnecessary obsessions have led to far more trouble than it is worth.

Photo By Kalee Moris

Vegetarianism: what comes with living pro-animal and meat-less lifestyle By Lianna Meyer

there are fats from animals that the human body needs to survive and live a healthy life. Vegetarianism—a new way of life for many teenagers out there; However, they may live unhealthy lifestyles, but it has been provhowever, do teens really know what they are getting themselves into? en that people who choose to live a life without meat tend to live ten Probably not. years longer than those who do consume meat. Being a vegetarian is not an easy thing. There are huge complicaAlong with downsides there are quite a bit of upsides, such as tions that come with being one, such as a most vegetarians, on average, live up to 10 difficulty of finding food to eat at restauyears longer than meat eaters. This is due to rants because not all restaurants cater to the higher intake of vitamins that vegetarvegetarian needs. ians get over carnivores. For instance, places like Chili’s will While on the subject of health, meat eatare percent less likely not allow one to order any food without ers have a higher chance of becoming obese to develop heart disease, and over vegetarians and vegans. meat unless it is on the side, which honestly makes no sense since it’s food they Also, vegetarians have something to be percent lower extremely proud of. Being a vegetarian is are wasting on someone who’s just going they have a to leave it on the side. not a particularly easy thing to accomplish. cancer rate of meat-eaters,” On a lighter note, vegetarians and However, not all vegetarians find living a according to vegans go to the bathroom more than meat-less lifestyle as something to be pridenormal people do. This may not be a ful about. It is simply a way of life for them. problem, but it is definitely an annoyance and something one may According to Sam Rich, senior, he was raised as a vegetarian so he possibly not want to deal with. is not particularly proud. Also, while on the subject of going to the bathroom, they also Rich also added, “I would not want my children to grow up as produce harder stools because of the higher intake of fiber. This is [vegetarians] because it is impossible to eat at a lot of places and because many times vegetarians and vegans eat a lot of foods like people are too stupid to understand that vegetarians eat more than broccoli, beans, and nuts. just salad.” Another downside is that people who choose to live a meatless Obviously, becoming a vegetarian or vegan is something to conlifestyle are usually unhealthier than people who eat meat because sider; however, one should keep in mind the pros and cons. Managing Editor



Oil dependency becomes America’s own downfall by katie binkley Editor-In-Chief

When an oil spill occurs, and the media replays videos of tar-balls on beaches and polluted metallic water, it’s easy to point the finger at Big Oil. Why did the spill happen? Because of American dependence and incredulous demand for more and more oil. Since Americans only deal with oil at the gas tank, they feel as if their hands are clean, so to speak. As long as they don’t drill the oil, they are not at fault—they just fuel the flames, no pun intended. Just how clean are Americans’ hands when it comes to oil dependency? According to, the United States is responsible for 25 percent of all oil use, yet it only possesses five percent of the world’s population. The infamous oil spill in the Gulf last spring—continuing well into the summer— sparked much resentment and protest towards

photo by katie binkley

the scapegoat, a.k.a., the oil corporation BP. Blame for the spill was placed entirely on the corporation, and none on the Americans buying up every drop of oil they collect. Americans witnessed the awful environmental affects in the media, some firsthand. These disasters affect not only the environment, but the economy and the prices of many products. Examples of such products range from gasoline to the fish market. Fish native to the Gulf area have gone up in price at restaurants even in Arizona. The only solution for preventing only more self-caused environmental tragedies is to finally be weaned off the comfort of foreign oil. Investments in clean energy are the best solution for the current plague that is the American economy. Create jobs? Check. Lessen dependence on foreign oil? Check. Slow climate change? Check. Once again, you’re welcome America.

The Challenge Issue 1  

to develop heart disease, and cancer rate of meat-eaters,” By lianna Meyer By lianna Meyer By Kalee Morris By Katie BinKley according to six...

The Challenge Issue 1  

to develop heart disease, and cancer rate of meat-eaters,” By lianna Meyer By lianna Meyer By Kalee Morris By Katie BinKley according to six...