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SEPT. 2011 (

open hours tues




- thurs 3-7PM and BY APPOINTMENT! REALLY!)















7:00 pm Ping Pong

4 1-4pm Art Posse

11 1-4pm Art Posse

1-3pm Art Posse


4pm SHOW

25 1-4pm Art Posse

7pm Electronic Design w/ John Kurtyka 7pm Electronic Design w/ John Kurtyka 7pm Electronic Design w/ John Kurtyka 7pm Electronic Design w/ John Kurtyka




5:30 pm Yoga


5:30 pm Yoga

7:00 pm Ping Pong


14 7:00 pm Ping Pong

7pm Doing Your Work!




BB’sMMN (movie) 7pm



7:00 pm Ping Pong





7:00 pm Ping Pong

Check our FaceBook Page, Website, or the Bulletin Board at Thrive for updates, changes and additions.

Tuesday specialists: Judith LoreiL interview and career development skills Wednesday specialists: Jamie Berger & Russ Brown: creative, academic, and practical writing; general listening Thursday specialists: Janel Nockleby, Ginevra Bucklin-Lane, Tupper Brown: academic writing, public speaking, the list goes on!


Based in Turners Falls, MA, The Thrive Project is a a not-for-profit learning, career, and community arts & cultural center for adults of all ages.


3 – 7 PM


DROP IN DURING OPEN HOURS: Talk to a Thrive staffer about what you need, where you want to be & how you’re going to get there. We can help you take the next step! •

Use our laptops & free internet.

Pick up materials from a range of Franklin County service providers.

Get a referral. Discover cultural & career opportunities on our bulletin board & web site.

Borrow a book from our Resource Library.

get career and life coaching

get resume and job-search help

schedule or get on-the-spot GED tutoring & College paper/ homework help

get FAFSA and other college financial aid advice

get help setting up an email account, facebook page, etc.

get help with writing and other creative/ entrepreneurial/etc. projects of all kinds

Drop in any time to get support, schedule some sessions, or just check us out!

37 Third Street, Turners Falls, MA 01376 | 413-326-1676 |

Doing Doing Your Your Work Work PART 3 | SEPT. 13, TUES 7PM

A workshop, demonstration and A workshop, demonstration and discussion about discussion how to about focus and how to focus and work on the stuff

work on the stuff in your yourlifelifethatthat in needsworking working needs on. on.

Doing Doing Your Your Work Work

A workshop,

demonstration an A workshop, demonstration and discussion about discussion how about to focus an how to focus and work on the stu work on the stuff your life that in your lifein that needson.working o needs working

This month’s answer to the eternal question, WHAT IS THRIVE?

SPECIAL EVENTS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 7PM – DOING YOUR WORK, pt. 3, Implementing the System, with Matthew Latkiewicz. This month, please bring in your work situation and we’ll talk specifics about how best to make your work work for YOU!

ONGOING EVENTS PING PONG THURSDAYS - Come play on our new table, 7pm til we’re done, every week. Table tennis - it’s not just for kids! INTRODUCTION TO ELECTRONIC DESIGN, with John Kurtyka, Mondays at 7pm The tools that have become available to electronic hobbiests in recent years make proffesional results possible for the individual designer/builder. If you’ve no idea what the difference is between a resistor and a button head screw but would like to build a clapper for your grandmother or a distortion pedal for your local guitar hero; or if you’re wondering how to use the Smith Chart to move the power output of your linear supply closer to the transformer’s VA rating, these sessions are for you. Using design software, which is available for free on the web, we’ll be digging into designing and building whatever widgets catch our collective eye. Come join us in nerd heaven. (For all geek levels.) BRITTANY BRUCE’S MAGICAL MONTHLY MOVIE NIGHT - Tuesday, September 20th, 7pm. Our movie night hostess offers “Let the Right One in.” It’s Swedish, it’s got Vampires, what more do we need to say?!?

SHOW, our monthly performance matinee, returns in

September with some covers and originals form alt-folksters Blacktop Kenny and others.

Franklin County Art Posse - Come draw with Anja and Stash & friends. Sundays 1-4 pm. All levels wicked welcome!

ONGOING EVENTS (cont.) Thrive Yoga at the Brick House Movement Studio, with Bobbi Minor. Just two Tuesdays left and then

Bobbi has to leave us, alas. Rigorous flow yoga for all levels, The first two Tuesday mornings of the month at 10:30 am.

Thrive Book Group - Wednesday September 7th 7pm .This month we’ll be discussing Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go. Then we’ll pick another book!

The Hootenanny - Tuesday, September 27th, Out on the porch, with Ginevra and whoever else. Bring

an instrument or borrow one of ours. From Led Zep to Patsy Cline, you name it. It’s like a campfire on the beach, without all that nasty sand. See our facebook page for the songs of the month.

September 2011 Newsletter and Calendar of Events  

September 2011 Newsletter and Calendar of Events

September 2011 Newsletter and Calendar of Events  

September 2011 Newsletter and Calendar of Events