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Information Governance:

A foundation for change


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Information Governance, more than just a means of “policing the information estate”?

KNOW YO UR PRO CESS Through a facilitated workshop, map your IG processes – identify key information audit steps, capability gaps, level of risk, corrective actions, etc. (Attainment Level 1)

MO NITO R & MEASURE Once the capability gaps to be addressed have been identified, the benefits of making investment to address these gaps can be explicitly articulated, quantified and measured. (Attainment Level 1)

ANALYSE THE O UTCOMES By the careful analysis of the key metrics you can quantify the success of the investment outcomes, and make recommendations on how next to act. (Attainment Level 2)

REVIEW & REPO RT A suite of reports addressing IG and information asset utilisation to provide knowledge (metrics and benefits realised), and understanding framework for a process of continuous improvement. (Attainment Level 3)

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NHS Information Governance Toolkit returns tend to focus on the measure of an organisations capability in respect of meeting statutory obligations, Data Protection and Freedom of Information.

The richness and quality of the information available, and the way this is employed by staff carrying out their tasks and duties has a significant influence in the extent to which this can be achieved.

However, Information governance is also the cornerstone of future technology investments. If solutions such as the Electronic Health Record are to deliver on the potentially significant contributions to the future efficiency and resource savings required, then patient / public confidence in the NHS’s ability to handle sensitive and private information responsibly, is more than ever a primary information governance deliverable.

By directing your Trust through several key steps, our consultants provide you with the capabilities to leverage greater value and benefit from Information Governance beyond that of measuring of compliance capability.

Equally important, staff use of operational clinical and administrative systems and the data inputs they make provides a means by which organisations can analyse and assess operational capability, and measure Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) outcomes to establish ways to make the service more efficient and cost effective.

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Through an information governance capability process workshop, and key staff interviews (IG personnel, SIRO’s and IAO’s), the end to end processes are mapped out, ‘capability gaps’ are identified and discussed, and suitable metrics are documented to act as baselines against which success and return on investment can be measured. By the end of this structured evaluation, you will better appreciate the value of having an Information Governance foundation that supports your efforts for greater efficiency and effectiveness.


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“The thing that lies at the foundation of positive change, the way I see it, is service to a fellow human being.” Lee Lacocca

The Thinking People Group work in partnership with healthcare providers nationwide to ensure they have sufficient capability and capacity to implement complex change projects including service improvement, IT systems, restructures and mergers, effectively. We provide integrated consultancy, solutions, interim resourcing and training that enable our clients to achieve their business goals and to transform their business through its people: skills, capability and knowledge transfer are fundamental to everything we do. Five factors are critical to change success: KNOW YO UR STRATEG IC G OALS We’ll help you understand your strategic goals and what benefits need to be realised. Without strategic alignment, governance initiatives will not just fail to deliver; they may actually impede the organisation’s overall progress.

G AIN COMMITMENT FRO M THE TO P We help you to articulate your vision to gain that commitment and, once gained, to communicate that commitment through to every stakeholder and user.

DEVELO P AN INFO RMATIO N CULTURE We help you assess current behaviours and attitudes and develop plans to help unlock positive new behaviours to affect a better more positive governance culture.

ENHANCE CHANG E CAPACITY Acknowledge the pain before the gain, and give change the space to succeed. We can help you assess the full impact of the change programme and design ways of minimising that impact on the frontline.

DEVELO P FUTURE CAPABILITY Capability means having the right skills in the right places at the right time. We will help you build robust teams with repeatable skills – we want you to be self-sufficient.

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The Information on The Quality of Services - Final Report (Mar 09) published by the National Quality Board identified “40% of health budgeting areas, representing £20bn of annual expenditure, to be without any nationally collected quality information”. Information has therefore been acknowledged to be the key to NHS reform and at the heart of the new coalition government strategy (Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS), which promotes the need for an information revolution in health to deliver greater choice and control. The NHS faces many challenges as it strives to deliver better clinical outcomes and quality of care in a climate that demands continuous improvements in productivity and a tight focus on cost.

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Organisations need to leverage more from the tools readily available, and Information Governance represents one of the best examples. The information governance records of staff activities recorded across the various operational systems employed in the delivery of care, provides the organisation with a valuable profile and foundation of business intelligence, capable of supporting decision making for investments, as well as those concerning cost and efficiency savings. Information governance, when employed in this context quickly becomes more than just a compliance tool. With our assistance, you can secure a return on investment from your compliance obligation by turning this activity into a highly valued business development tool.


Information Governance Assessment  

Information Governance: A foundation for change outlines how The Thinking People Group can assist you in understanding your IG footprint and...

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