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Information Governance:

NHS Identity Management - a Practical, Benefits Driven Approach Identity and Access Management “establishing Information Governance foundation”

NHS Identity and Access Management Challenges SOURCING INFORMATION Human resource for most organisations is not the definitive source of staff identity

The versatility and multi-tasking capabilities of the workforce is one of the NHS greatest attributes, with a large percentage of staff having more than one role and function.

data, subsequently data assimilation and ad-hoc data capture methods are key requirements to be addressed in any solution implemented.

WORKF ORCE COMPLEXITY A considerable proportion of staff have multiple





consequently involve them working across a range of systems and organisation boundaries.

IDENTITY WORKFLOWS There are a complex variety of systems administration points to be supported with a robust,





management process.










requires a solution that can be tailored to fit.

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Almost every organisation has staff working across organisational boundaries in the delivery of services. This has to be accommodated and supported if the business benefits from the introduction of an identity and access management solution are to be secured. The benefits extend well beyond that of increased information governance capability, and include: operational cost savings and efficiency gains, complimented with improved staff and team collaborations, and delivery of better operational service analytics. The NHS however, has yet to capitalise on the benefits of this technology, largely because until now, solutions available have lacked the flexibility and adaptability to meet the complexities of NHS requirements.

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AccountCourier™ from Courion, is a user provisioning solution for organisations seeking to improve alignment with business goals, cut costs, improve compliance with the data protection act (item 8-305 of the NHS IG Toolkit), and reduce the risk of security incidents. AccountCourier delivers these benefits by accelerating the process of provisioning and managing user access to vital corporate resources based on business policy. With extended business benefits delivered through the provision by ensuring staff directories contain up-todate information on staff roles and functions, better supporting business decision making on information access rights assignments and information sharing / collaboration activities. Courion integrates with – and reflects the look and feel of – your organisation’s support portal, Intranet or web site, enabling users to interact with a familiar environment, greatly simplifying the ability to delegate and secure support for the solution across the business.


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“Identity management is key to ensure trust, [privacy and security] as well as to facilitate collaboration and improve analytics”


William Crowell


Courion’s business-driven approach results in unparalleled customer success by ensuring users’ access rights and activities are compliant with policy while supporting both security and business objectives. Courion achieved a perfect score in SC Magazine’s Identity Management Group Test, was recognised as a Network Products Guide “Hot Company” and is recognised as an industry leader by research firm Gartner.

Self-Service Provisioning Provisioning Workflows

Enable authenticated users to easily create, enable, disable, or delete accounts and user IDs without manual intervention or fully automated “lights-out” provisioning workflows initiated by a triggering event.

Full Spectrum Delegation

Delegate provisioning rights (e.g. to IAO’s) as determined by the security policy.

Policy Driven Request/Approve Process

Provide advanced requester/approver functionality with expanded automation, including multistep serial/ parallel, bulk and policy-driven approval workflows.

Dynamic Communities

Enable the component elements of roles and rules to be assembled in real time based on business, security, and operational policies.

User Modelling

Create new accounts for a user by choosing a "modelled" user with a similar job function or access requirements.

ID Generation

Enforce existing corporate account ID rules and eliminate non-compliance.

Automated Account Discovery

Automatically discover accounts created outside of AccountCourier and link them to users through automated mapping (IdentityMapping™) or user self-claiming (Resource Claiming).

Extended Provisioning

Extend provisioning to IT and physical assets, facilities and other business services.

Key AccountCourier™ Ben efits 

Improve compliance: Enforces compliance with corporate security, industry standard IG Toolkit 8-305 (platform for level 3 compliance) and government regulations (e.g. Data Protection Act). Flexible: Fits seamlessly into even the most complex, heterogeneous environments. Cost-effective: Doesn’t require a substantial investment in prerequisite software or systems. Quick return on investment: Rapid deployment methodology and modular architecture get you up and running quickly. Total cost of ownership: Meeting changing business requirements is easier, requiring fewer resources and delivering lower TCO. Business alignment: Information Asset Owners are empowered to enforce security policy based on improved knowledge of the business.

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A flexible approach addressing the sourcing of staff identity data, resolves the complexity of existing manual provisioning processes. Data from human resource systems (e.g. NHS Electronic Staff Record) can be assimilated with data supplied by business managers and heads of department, via a web based access request service. Providing the means for a uniformed provisioning process to be applied to payroll based employees as well as contract, agency and temporary staff. Every business is unique and AccountCourier delivers the operational flexibility and adaptability to meet the needs of complex environments. AccountCourier quickly connects to your existing heterogeneous IT infrastructure, accessing authoritative sources in real-time, thereby always remaining up to date without requiring any additional data-cleansing, replication or meta-directory initiatives.

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Provisioning workflows and connectors are easily configured using a graphical drag-and-drop editor to design multistep approval processes using serial, parallel or bulk workflows, including escalations and alerts. The ability to configure the system, using a graphical editor, rather than requiring expensive programming resources to customise it, significantly reduces the time and effort required to deploy and maintain the system. Courion’s multi-tier Connector Framework links to more than 150 different enterprise systems to manage access rights to a wide variety of operating systems, mainframes, networks, databases, directories and enterprise applications. It also supports popular access management tools for two-factor authentication, enterprise single sign-on, and privileged password management. Courion’s award-winning Access Assurance solutions are used by more than four hundred organisations and over 9 million users worldwide.


Identity & Access Management  

Identity & Access Management portfolio overview - providing a practical, benefits-led approach for the NHS

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