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Gown: Allure Georgio’s Bridal



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Cover: Photography: Alex Wolf | Model: Callie Tullos Dress: Georgio’s Bridal | Makeup: Kim Cutler Hair: Penny Ficker @ Salon Bellezza Location & Props: The Mix | Ring: Boozer’s Jewelers Poodle: Barking Oaks Pet Resort

Gown: Allure Georgio’s Bridal


When you’re trying on fabulous gowns and deliberating cake flavors, it’s so easy to forget that the only essential aspect of your wedding day is the ceremony itself. Here are a few things to consider: TO CHURCH OR NOT TO CHURCH? Where should you have your ceremony- in a church, at a indoor venue, outdoors? Your choice of venue may not determine the type of ceremony you have but on the other hand it will impact on the atmosphere of the wedding formal, traditional, relaxed, intimate, fun, etc. If you want a religious ceremony you will probably be limited with the type of venue but can still choose where - the church you went to as a child, a old or beautiful church, a church whose minister you like, or even one close to your reception venue which may also be at the same location. Whether you are having a non-traditional religious wedding, a civil ceremony or a non-religious wedding where you marry is entirely up to you. How about getting married in a beautiful garden setting, an old cottage, a old historical home or building or even somewhere meaningful to the both of you?

MAKING YOUR WEDDING CEREMONY MEANINGFUL Modern Texas brides and grooms are aware that the wedding ceremony represents the expression of their deepest feelings and wishes for the future. This doesn’t mean that you have to pour out your hearts and choke back the sobs in a dramatic display of emotion (although you can if you want to!) Be yourselves while openly acknowledging to the world your love and commitment to your life partner. If you can’t be true to yourself at your wedding ceremony, when can you be? SAYING I DO... The asking and your vows are at the very heart of your wedding ceremony. When writing your vows, it’s a good idea to think about your shared history, your wishes for the future, your feelings for each other and commitments you consider integral to the success of your marriage. For example, if you both have children from previous marriages, you could vow to accept and care for your fiance’s children as you would your own. Likewise, if you are of different faiths, you could promise to show respect for the practices and beliefs of your partner’s religion. No matter what, this is your unique promise to each other!




Enjoy our lovely private country setting amidst large old oak trees. Great views of the 25 acre lake, exotic animals, and much more...

Weddings Conferences Anniversaries Reunions Banquets Corporate Retreats Birthday Parties Quinceaneras and More

Chapel, special events center, and outside wedding venue with seating for over 200 guests. Bride and bridesmaid dressing rooms with showers. Groom dressing room with shower. Large paved parking lot. Special Events Center has two stages, a bar, and ladies/mens bathrooms. Seats up to 200 guests. Tables/chairs included. 6106 FM 437 Holland, Texas 76534



Angela Roberson knew the moment she met Donald Sims that he was the one for her- right down to the last check mark: “I wrote over twenty qualities of what I wanted in a man. I was extremely picky. My friends and family thought I was crazy and that no man was perfect. I knew this time I was not going to settle. Myspace was popular at the time and my sister thought she could find me the perfect guy. After saying no and telling her that it wouldn’t work. Sure enough a hour later she had found Donny”.

Angela and her Bridesmaids after the wedding ceremony. Photo by Alex Wolf Photography.


After Donald’s August 2009 proposal, Angela began creating all of her own unique wedding centerpieces. From the floating candles with handmade feather and rhinestone accents with floating pearls to tall elegant floral arrangements. Even her very own personal wedding magazine/program that told their own personal love story. “Being a graphic designer, I knew I had to “wow” our guests with great invitations and programs and I believe I did just that”. “ I had the wedding of my dreams because I did everything myself, everything was unique and personal.” The dream wedding began with an emotional ceremony at Ruby Caroline in Gatesville, Texas where the Bride and Groom wrote both their own love letters and vows to each other. The bride glowed in 14

a Maggie Sottero - Midgley gown from Georgios Bridal. The groom in a Al’s Formal wear Tux. “As my grandfather and stepfather gave me to Donald, there was a sense of peace that came over me,” Angela recounts. “All the planning and worrying were over and the rest of our lives were ahead of us.” Following the ceremony the 175 guests gathered under the beautiful lit trees for a unique reception. On a particular note were the one of a kind hand made paper hot pink rose flowers and feather centerpieces on the head table from Surroundings found on and the magnificent cakes from Cakes by Esther Allen. The couple had a Texas BBQ reception dinner catered by Kent’s Seafood & More from Killeen.

The bride says her favorite reception element was the surprise dance that the couple did to The Evolution of Dance that was mixed into their first dance. “The guests loved it! Not only was it fun, but it is a great memory that we caught on video to show our children one day”. Angela and Donny are grateful to have images by Stephanie Davis Photography who took the photos for the wedding magazine/program. Alex Wolf Photography captured their magical wedding -a celebration of “true love and friendship.” While the bride says her hardest decision was choosing the city where she grew up in over the town she currently resides in for her wedding, she adds. “I knew I would not regret it. By staying in the town I grew up in and knew everyone, I was able to work with Waco’s finest vedors that I not only refer future brides to, but that I personally know and trust.”


If you have chosen a venue that does not do the catering for you, you will need to find a caterer and possibly even a wait staff that will be able to serve your guests. Choosing a caterer When choosing a caterer, its essetial that you use professionals. Who wants someone cooking out of their home that they do not know? Who knows if they have washed thier hands or everything is up to code? You want to make sure that the food will be delicious, served efficiently and that everything will run nice and smoothly . Ask any caterers you visit if they specialize in weddings and if you can see photographs of past weddings that they have catered. Also, check online to see if there are any reviews or comments about the business. This may help you in weeding through a handful of caterers that you may not be so sure about. Your Budget When shopping around for caters and bakers for your catering and wedding cake it is a must not a suggestion. Make sure that you have a fair idea of your budget, approximate number of guests and the style of wedding reception you would like before you begin contacting caters or inquiring about your wedding cake.

Planning your menu While you and your honey may disagree, your wedding guests will be eager to fill their bellies with yummy food and treats. Menu planning can easily wow the crowd! Below are a few great tips to make your wdding meal memorable- and have your guests talking about your wedding for years to come! 1.Theme: One of the most fun and easiest parts of developing a theme wedding is deciding the menu. From a traditional Texas style barbecue or how about elegant & chic hors d’ oeuvres. 2. Now I call that Entertainment: You can prepare a wedding menu where the food preperation just as flavorful as the food. How about a sushi bar or a habachi with a professional chef-- the performance of fire and slicing and chopping turns simple ingredients into works of art right before your guests eyes. 3. Family Style: Something in the middle of a buffet and a sit-down meal, family style offers a natural way to get your wedding guests talking and making a more at home atmosphere. Each dish is delivered to the center of the table (just like you might at the Thanksgiving table at your grandparents house). 17




If you want your flowers at your wedding to look amazing, you need to choose a professional, skilled and creative floral designer. Flowers are a huge part of any wedding, Having unique floral arrangements and centerpieces are a must if you’d like to stand out. Below are a few idea’s to help you kick start your wedding off just right. BOLD & BRIGHT Color Bold and bright colors are back in a big way. Take advantage of its ability to make a statement. Pinks, reds, greens, oranges and blues are atop the most popular. To really focus on color, try designing bold arrangements that give a dramatic look instead of using small, multiple arrangements if on a budget. Bring in the bling Think jewelry is just for you to wear? Everything from brooches to pearls are being used to make bouquets beautiful, and they make a fabulous keepsake gifts for bridesmaids to use year-round. For the bridal bouquet, it’s also a clever way incorporate a something borrowed family heirloom like grandma’s antique brooch.

Wraps Try to focus on your vases, in addition to your blooms, by wrapping them in creative ways. Use velvet ribbons and add beautiful rhinestone accents, tulle or sheer fabric, feathers, modern wire or even vintage lace! This can help you jazz up any simple vase and make it seem over the top! movement When it comes to movement having your bouquets tight and perfect just so that the arrangements are the only thing out is a must. The flowers should seem lifelike, not stuffed into a ball. Try using varieties with long, flexible stems and a natural drape like vine, tulips and sweet peas. Orchids Orchids are the “in” flower for 2011, especially since orchids are a versatile and an elegant flower. Not to mention they also come in various shapes and sizes. Choose to use an all-orchid arrangement to make a very lush and architectural statement on your tables. You can even tie them into the groom’s boutonniere for that extra touch!



Photo: Sassani Photography Flowers: Bloomingfields The Zeigler Wedding

Photo by: Zach Lambert Photography

Jessica Hansen met Patrick Zeigler while on vacation visiting friends in Hawaii in 2008. When Jessica asked the manager of a band at a local bar and grill to play a song for her friend’s birthday in return she never knew what would happen next would change her life forever. The manager suggested that Jessica meet his friend Patrick but insisted that she not mention Iraq because Patrick would soon be deploying. Naturally, Jessica introduced herself by bringing up the subject she wasn’t supposed to mention. Jessica was impressed by Patrick’s knowledge of politics and international relations. “He was very chivalrous, & traditional; he became my prince

charming” Jessica said. It was after an impressive and daring handrail-sliding stunt by Jessica and swapping SAT scores that Patrick proclaimed his love for Jessica for the first time. Jessica gave Patrick her phone number and said goodnight, only to hear him an hour later. The two spent the next six hours in the hotel lobby talking and drinking coffee until the sun started coming up. The two watched the sunrise on Waikiki and Patrick asked Jessica to marry him for the first time. Later that same day, on their first official date, Patrick took Jessica to Pearl Harbor and Aloha Stadium. Knowing no one could ever top that first date, she knew this was the man she was going to marry.

Patrick Zeigler & Jessica Hansen After only spending a little over 3 weeks in person together, Patrick was off to Iraq. For that entire year apart they stayed connected through love letters. It was only a few weeks that Patrick was back home in Fort Hood, Texas when on November 5, 2009 fires were shot on the base of Fort Hood. “ I called his phone and it would just ring & ring & ring, it wasn’t until after midnight when his dad called me & he said Patrick’s been shot 4 times & he listed the places & he ended with one to the head. I held his hand & told him I was there he said will you still marry me even though I got shot & he wanted to know how I got there so quickly.

Fighting back laughter and tears, she reassured him that she was not going anywhere and she would, of course, still marry him. The shooting only made their love for one another stronger and a month later he wanted to make their engagement official. Although still being hospitalized, On December 18th, Patrick had a driver pick up him and Jessica from the rehab facility. Patrick had been working in his therapy for weeks so that he would be able to walk on the night he proposed and he did just that! After their meal, Patrick expressed his appreciation and love for Jessica , Shortly after he removed the ring box from his coat pocket and asked Jessica to be his wife.

After a year of waiting , on December 15, 2010 the couple celebrated their wedding complimentary of Extreme Makeover Home Edition and various vendors. On Sunday, before their new home was to be revealed the couple said their vows and exchanged rings in a ceremony at the Old Chapel in Fort Hood, Texas. The bride elegantly glowing in a Monique Lhuillier gown and the groom in a Al’s Formalwear Tux. The ceremony was enhanced by elaborate flower arrangements by Bloomingfields Florist of Temple, Texas. After their wedding ceremony, Ty Pennington revealed their nearly 3,000-square-foot new home.

Patrick and Jessica afterwards gathered with friends and family for a modern, sophisticated, reception under white tents behind their home. The tents were lit with beautiful chandeliers and candles. Guest gathered around beautiful dark blue linen tables, atop which sat spectacular blue floral centerpieces. The Range savored a spectacular array of signature drinks designed for the couple and beautiful plated foods. For dessert, guests enjoyed a beautiful wedding cake designed by Ace of Cakes Duff Goldman. Following the wedding, the couple relived many memorable moments with the help from Sassani Photography. The Extreme Makeover wrap party was catered by Classic Catering at Tenroc Ranch in Salado.


There is no substitute for a professional wedding photographer or videographer. Uncle Bob with his amateur camera is not going to provide the results you wish for and there are no second chances. The old saying “you get what you pay for” certainly applies with wedding photography and videography. Think about hiring a professional as a must rather than an extravagance. Choosing who to use You need to find a photographer whose style fits in with the vision of your wedding day images. One with whom you feel comfortable. Who understands the shots and emotions you wish to capture. Make appointments with them early on in your wedding preparations as some good photographers and videographers book weddings up to 1 year in advance. You and your fiance should both attend the interview as you will both be spending a considerable amount of time with the photographer and videographer. If you both like them and feel relaxed in his or her presence, fantastic results are inevitable.

GET AN IMPRESSION First impressions are everything and you can often tell whether a photographer’s style is compatible with your own ideas. It also allows you to form an opinion about the studio and judge whether you ‘connect’ with your photographer or videographer. Begin by giving the photographer or videographer the various details of your wedding including the number of guests and size of your wedding party. Discuss the style of photography or video you want. If you hire someone who is familiar with the ceremony and reception venues, they may offer advice on the best places for family snaps and bridal party shots. QUESTIONS YOU SHOULD ASK How much experience do you have photographing weddings? Can they suggest any locations? Is there a backup plan if the photographer has an emergency? Will they charge if the wedding goes over, if so how much? What all does the package include? Will the deposit be returned if the wedding is cancelled? Is the photographer able to do touch ups at no additional charge? 33

IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE: Alex Wolf Photography doesn’t miss a beat. Documenting life’s fleeting moments is no small task. “Things happen so quickly,” Alex Wolf, owner of Alex Wolf Photography says. “If you blink, you’ll miss it.” What she doesn’t do is “miss it.” For Alex to choose to become a photographer was an easy decision. Her passion and love for freezing a moment in time is as great as was her desire to become a photographer. Putting the two together has allowed her to pursue her dream and bring her passion into the

households of all her clients. Alex takes great care in capturing every detailed moment at each of her client’s most important days... their weddings. “That sideways glance between the bride and groom that lasts a mere 7 milliseconds if I’m not on my toes and ready to get it, then it’s gone. You can’t get that back. I’m constantly watching and anticipating every moment because to photograph the moment you have to know exactly when it’s going to be there - just a touch before it is. It’s a very joyful process.”

Alex’s commitment to her clients is not something she takes lightly. “I feel so honored to be a part of a couple’s big day. People are at their most vulnerable and tender at a wedding. I get a genuine rush from being invited to capture families and loved ones in their happiest of moments.” Alex Wolf is known for her fresh, edgy and modern photography. What else is even better than feeling and looking beautiful on your wedding day then to have the photographs to prove it?


Photo by Susie Weist Floral by: Creative Innovations


“Your words are my food, your breath my wine. You are everything to me.” The Couple: Jennilee McCaffrey and Cory Hamilton, French Classically Trained Chefs.

Photos by Kay’s Photography

Francois Payard. She perfected the art of chocolate and pastry.

Where They Met: The French Pastry School, a premier international institution of pastry arts education in Chicago.

Corey began his externship with Bouchon in the Time Warner Center learning from Thomas Keller, one of the most recognized American Chefs working today.

Their Story: After completing The French Pastry school the couple headed to New York with their English Bull Dog Stanley to work their Externships. Jennilee began her her externship learning from third Generation French Pastry Chef

Jennilee soon joined Cory working at Per Se for the Thomas Keller Group. Upon completion of their externships the couple traveled back to Chicago where Corey Became Head Chef to North Pond and Jenilee Head Pastry Chef of Zelda’s.

Photos By: Susie Wiest

Coming Home: Jenilee is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Ed McCaffrey and grew up with her sisters Meghan and Holly in Central Texas. The opportunity was given to open a Cafe and bakery in Temple, Texas. Holly, Jennilee’s sister had been in the restaurant management business for over 11 years. Meghan has experience in business management. After importing Corey and English Bulldog Stanley, the four decided to bring Central Texas a cafe and bakery similar to Bouchon in New York with the ability to raise their own fresh herbs and produce under the Texas sun.

The Wedding: The Blue Heron at Tenroc Ranch in Salado was chosen for the Chefs’ Wedding and Reception. “Cory and I are both minimalists. Tenroc is such a beautiful natural place. We wanted to introduce our out of town guests from New York to a real working Texas Ranch. They enjoyed seeing the Longhorn as they entered! I found my Gown at Cocinella Bridal in Salado. I tried on 3 and the first one was the one that fit and was the perfect gown with simple elegance. The highlight of my wedding was walking with my father and Cory’s eyes meeting mine as he stood with all of nature in the background.”

The Reception: Ginny from Creative Innovations created floral natural works of art from asparagus centerpieces, arrangements from eggplant, vegetables and purple cabbage from our friend’s garden. Decor was designed by Confetti Rentals. Jennilee created her own dream Wedding Cake. It was difficult to think about someone else catering the two Chefs special day. Cory and Jennilee decided

to choose their favorite special place that serves Authentic Chinese Food. Guests were invited to try new flavors and something new from Din Ho of Austin. Guests were served family style. DJ Ray kept the party dancing all evening. “Our Wedding and Reception was a reflection on who we are as a couple. Simple organic elements, natural, great food, and wonderful family & friends made our Wedding a very special day.”


Gown: David Tutera By Faviana Exclusively at Cocinella Bridal

Most brides can’t wait to start trying on wedding dresses but there are a few things you should think about before you hit the dressing room. HOW FORMAL IS YOUR WEDDING? Don’t go dress hunting more than a year before your wedding date. As trends and styles change, so will your dress preferences. You may also gain or lose a few pounds along the way, leaving you with a dress that doesn’t fit very well. Practical concerns such as a discontinued or unavailable stock may also hinder the purchase of a dress. So if your not ready to put down a deposit on your dress, you’re probably not ready to start looking. But don’t start shopping to late either! Begin looking around 8 to 10 months before your wedding at least to give your dress enough time to come in and to have the appropriate alterations made. HOW FORMAL IS YOUR WEDDING? The style of gowns you and your bridesmaids choose depends on the formality and time of day of your celebration. Here are a few guidelines to go by. For a more formal wedding choose a long gown with or without a train; the longer the gown the more formal the

wedding this also applies for the veil. For the bridesmaids and flower girl choose a long dress that is not strapless. Now for a more informal wedding the bride may choose to wear a more shorter length dress as well as the bridesmaids and flower girls. Remember these are only guidelines. If you wish to wear something different, that’s fine. After all, it’s your wedding! VEILS AND HEADPIECES The most traditional of bridal accessories is the veil and these are still very popular with brides today. Veils come in a huge variety of lengths and materials. Generally, the longer the veil the more formal the wedding. Your veil can reach to the tip of your train (a cathedral veil), to the end of your gown (a chapel veil), to the fingertips, your elbows, your shoulders or the now ever popular birdcage that swoops in front of half or all of your face. It’s a good idea to buy your veil from the same place as your gown so you can try the complete outfit on and be sure they match. Try on lots of styles before you make your final decision and bear in mind how you want to wear your hair on the day. You may even want to forget the veil and complement your gown with a gorgeous hat or simply nothing at all.







Hello, Brides To Be! I am super pumped to dish about all things WEDDING! I recently got married this past October, which not only makes me kind of an expert on all things matrimonial but – let’s be honest – life in general… alright, maybe not life, but I’m hard pressed to find anything more life affirming than being the Associate Publisher and lead designer for The Bride Guide. Being a new bride myself when the topic came up about having a section called “Confessions of a Bridezilla” I begged the publisher to let me share my experiences because Hey! Once you hear it, it might save you some time and heartache! UN-fortunately for myself (and all those around me), I did have many I mean MANY bridezilla moments, and believe me, this was and I mean WAS the expected outcome. A bit of a perfectionist, I like to control any and all of my outcomes… right down to the very last, nitty gritty detail. I was the girl in highschool who would get assigned to a group project and do the whole thing myself. Awesome, I know. 54

So, you can imagine the breath holding tension my family and friends held when I got engaged. they were dreading it. TRUST ME! So, Where do I begin? Well… we could start with the Brides Maid stealing my credit card. The DJ quitting 4 days before. My maid of honor wanting to “quit”. The florist canceling 4 weeks before the wedding or oh, even better my job revoking an approved request form for my honeymoon. There it was sitting on my desk the Monday before my wedding because I was in and out of the hospital with a blocked intestine. Thank goodness I was’nt like hit by a car I might of got fired! The week of the wedding I probley called it off a dozen times due to stress.. not because of my future husband. To be honest, after all my crying, screaming and ordering around, I’m just happy the poor thing still married me! So back to my story… if you’ve thought you had a horrible wedding experience. Trust me I think I deserve the title. We won’t get all into details but let’s face it there has to be a strategy for all of this madness and how it could have had a different outcome.

1. Bridesmaid stealing your credit card...Girl let’s face it you need better friends. 2. Your DJ quitting before your wedding... this one was definitely my fault. As the old saying goes “You get what you pay for” its true. YOU DO! I found the cheapest DJ in the world and I paid for it. In the end we hired a DJ the day before. It all worked out but, it was NOT worth all the stress I went through. I suggest getting references and stalking them online. Trust me no one is perfect, and some brides just want to complain no matter what but if they have A LOT of bad reviews, use your own judgement! 3. Maid of Honor wanting to quit... that goes back to answer #1. I must really be a loser since I have all these bad friends! 4. Florist canceling 4 weeks before the wedding(with a paid deposit). Ok, so here’s the deal I found this (I thought) amazing florist online. They were not real flowers, they were handmade out of vintage lace. I learned that faux flowers are definitely not the cheapest route. But Hey! I’m over the top so I loved them. If I would have read her reviews about cancelling, not being on time,

not responding to calls or emails I would have never used her. Well in desperation I emailed every florist online that had unique flowers the one response I got was from a wonderful florist who made handmade paper flowers with feathers-she’s actually on page 24. Anyhow she saved my wedding literally and the flowers were amazing! So the conclusion of this story is once again do some research about who you are using because it might save you from a mental breakdown. 5. Been denyed your honeymoon? Well lets just say QUIT THAT JOB LIKE I DID and get a better employer. Okay, maybe I pulled it off... but let’s not be that drastic. In this economy who knows if you could find another one? So, now I think you get the idea. As one of the publisher’s of the Bride Guide I want to share these crazy stories just like this with other readers. So, If you know anyone or are personally a victim of this crazy bridezilla madness we at The Bride guide would love to know! Please email us your stories to and your story could be next! -Angela Sims

Heidi Rae Photography


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