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REPORTER-HISTORIAN'S LETTER Greetings, Texas FBLA! My name is Rashu Jain, and I currently serve as your State ReporterHistorian! I am a senior at Seven Lakes High School, and this is my fourth and final year in FBLA. As a freshman, I would never have imagined the impact that Texas FBLA would have on me. It truly has helped me reach new heights and paint my pathway to success.  This year, I plan on incorporating all 7 areas of FBLA in the Texan. I encourage you all to participate by sending articles, pictures, or anything else you would like featured in the Texan.   

Our State Action Team recently met this past June to plan the upcoming year. We have a lot planned for this year and we are excited to share it with you all!  Throughout the school year, if your chapter would like their creativity to be featured in the Texan, please email me pictures at The State Action Team and I look forward to meeting you all throughout the year!  Sincerely, Rashu Jain



17-18 Texas State Officer Team 2

Christopher Hulburt President

Arwa Hasnain Parliamentarian

Abby Rooney Secretary


Rashu Jain Reporter-Historian

Conner Faught Area 1 VP

Yuliana Ramos Area 2 VP


Abby Johns Area 3 VP

Nick Granderson Area 4 VP

Rohit Kamath Area 5 VP


Quyen Nguyen Area 7 VP


Texas FBLA is extremely proud of all of our members who represented our state proudly at Nationals. We flew all the way to Anaheim, California to compete! Home to Disneyland, many chapters had the opportunity to visit both Disneyland and Universal for Texas day. Anaheim was a great experience; we enjoyed every bit!

With over 20 Texas teams placing in either individual or team events, we are proud to be represented so well in the top ten teams. Furthermore, congratulations to RyanJames Solis, our new Mountain Plains Vice President from El Paso, Texas.




3D Animation

Andrew Bau, Mikayla Hittle, Miranda Cope - 1st


Alex Wang - 2nd Sohum Purao - 10th

American Enterprise Project

Amy Yang, Bhumika Kapur, Meghana Potturu - 9th

Business Financial Plan

Himani Goel, Praneetha Inamudi, Vaishnavi Gandhi - 10th

Coding & Programming

Colin Sanders - 10th

Computer Gaming & Simulation Programming

Luke Windham, Wendy Bailey 5th

Cyber Security

David Pham - 9th

FBLA Principles & Procedures

Ridwana Islam - 9th

Impromptu Speaking

Bhumika Kapur - 10th

Introduction to Business Communication

Bianca Chen - 3rd 8



Introduction to Business Presentation

Krishnendu Seekumar, Romil Mistry - 9th

Introduction to Parliamentary Procedures

Yiping An - 10th

Management Decision Making

Rakesh Kathiresan, Shyam Madhani, Yesh Doctor - 9th

Management Information Systems

George Li, Sai Kiran Maddela, Stephen Chan - 8th

MOS Excel

Carolina Quintana - 6th

MOS Work

Divya Mistry - 2nd Austin Domingue - 6th Alonna Cannoy - 9th

Mobile Application Development

Yash Kakodkar - 4th Adel Hassan, Brayden Cloud, Patrick Kenney - 8th

Networking Concepts

Rohit Valdyula - 7th

Website Design

Ashley Bowen, Janine Bariuan, Julia Cheng - 10th

Word Processing

Zhlyong Miao - 4th 9

Introducing Our New Mountain Plains VP: RyanJames Solis  Greetings Texas FBLA! My name is Ryan James Solis and I am honored to serve as this year's Mountain Plains Region Vice President. I am currently a Senior at El Paso Eastwood High School and have been dedicated to FBLA for the last four years. Recently in California, I ran my campaign for this position with the support of my home state of Texas and with a platform founded on the principle of expanding FBLA through dedicated leadership. Now that I have been trusted with this office, I will still hold this principle dear to my heart. My vision for FBLA is simple; we must set the new standard of leadership for the next 75 years. FBLA must expand its impact, advance its influence, and increase its membership, and I am ready and willing to work tirelessly to achieve this endeavor. his year presents a crucial opportunity for FBLA. After 75 years of service, our membership now observes to see if we are satisfied with our impact, or if we are still seeking progress. Hundreds of thousands of enterprising students across the nation who have been a part of our rich history are now looking to this FBLA year in hopes of seeing continued growth of opportunities for our students. Your FBLA National Officers are dedicated to continuing our progress at exponential rates. This year's National Officer Team recently published one of the most ambitious Program of Work in our organization's history.  Our plan of action for this year stays true to our values of service, progress, and education. We are working tirelessly to improve opportunities for our current members and to make sure that every student across this nation has the ability to be a part of this phenomenal organization. As a Texan, it is an honor to represent Texas at the national level.  I know that our great state of Texas will set the new national standard for the next 75 years. A standard of progress, education, and service. If I can ever be of assistance to you or your chapter, please don't hesitate to contact me! All the Best, Ryan James Solis Mountain Plains Region Vice President,



AREA 1 FALL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Date: October 11, 2017 Location: Wellman-Union High School Time: 5 pm - 7:30 pm

AREA 2 FALL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Date: October 20, 2017 Location: Region 19 Time: 9 am - 2 pm

AREA 3 FALL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Date: November 18, 2017 Location: Stony Point High School Time: 11 am - 3 pm

AREA 4 FALL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Date: October 21, 2017 Location: Johnson High School Time: 8 am - 12 pm

AREA 5 FALL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Date: October 28, 2017 Location: Obra D. Tompkins High School Time: 8 am - 12 pm


AREA 6 FALL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Date: October 7th, 2017 Location: LaPoynor High School Time: 8 am - 1pm

AREA 7 FALL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Date: October 28th, 2017 Location: Keller Central High School  Time: 9 am - 12:30 pm

Through the Area Leadership Conference, FBLA members can meet others within their Area.  

This conference helps members learn more about business and FBLA.


Let's Get Down to Business THEME: IGNITE YOUR FUTURE WITH TEXAS FBLA GOALS: 1. Increase Membership within Texas FBLA We aim to increase advertising FBLA at local and area levels by reaching out to CTE teachers as well as principals to be featured in the newspapers. Lastly, to accomplish this main goal, the state action team has decided to host a friendly competition among chapter members to create a FBLA recruitment video that accurately displays the organization and its true meaning. This video will be displayed at SLC.

2. Increase Participation in Statewide Community Service Project To increase participation, we want to encourage a friendly competition by providing small incentives (such as recognition at SLC) that promote the community service project and its cause. In addition, we plan to ensure that every social media platform is updated with information regarding donations throughout the year, while simultaneously promoting participation and demonstrating progress at all events.

3. Compile Competitive Event Resources The State Officer Team is compiling a list of resources that members can use to study and learn more about each event. We will organize a PDF document that contains links to practice tests and resources to make the events feasible for our members.


Operation Shoebox What is Operation Shoebox? Operation Shoebox is an organization that assembles care packages to send to our troops. Through this organization, we can give back to our troops by assembling a care package filled with items such as socks and crosswords puzzles. In addition, chapters can include a heartwarming letter in their package.

How can your chapter help? There are many ways your chapter can assist Texas FBLA in collecting care packages. Your chapter can hold their own package assembling event, the members can create them on their own, or your chapter can hold a community-wide event! The options are endless. If your chapter needs any assistance during this process, please feel free to reach out to one of the State Officers. 

Where can I find more information? In our Community Service Project Report! Please look over the report and let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We can't wait to see which chapter assembles the most care packages!


Hurricane Harvey Havoc

Hurricane Harvey's impact on Texas was greater than most of us expected. To all of our FBLA chapters that were affected by Harvey: please know that both Texas FBLA and the National FBLA Officer Team are here to support you. We want to help you in every possible way, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us!  The National FBLA-PBL website has set up a disaster relief fund for those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. If your chapter needs funds for registration or conferences, please fill out the form at However, if your chapter was not affected, please consider donating to the fund to assist those that were. To all of the victims of this terrible natural disaster, know that we stand with you! Texas FBLA is a family; we are here for you at any time, any place. We wish you and your chapter all the best as you recover. 


Contact Us! @texasfbla

Texas FBLA


President, Christopher Hulburt Parliamentarian, Arwa Hasnain Secretary, Abby Rooney Reporter/Historian, Rashu Jain Area 1 VP, Conner Faught Area 2 VP, Yuliana Ramos Area 3 VP, Abby Johns Area 4 VP, Nick Granderson Area 5 VP, Rohit Kamath Area 7 VP, Quyen Nguyen 17

See you all at the National Fall Leadership Conference! Â


THE TEXAN: First Edition  

Hello Texas FBLA! I hope you enjoy this edition. As always, please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments!

THE TEXAN: First Edition  

Hello Texas FBLA! I hope you enjoy this edition. As always, please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments!