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Pillars of Abundance Acceptance Remarks Joseph D. Johnson

2014 Business Person of the Year Awardee

Presented by: Black Chamber of Commerce of Orange County 30th Anniversary Gala: August 21, 2014 City National Grove of Anaheim, California

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| Pillars

of Abundance

Introduction “To whom much is given, much is required�


ood evening! I am proud to present the 2014 Business Person of the Year Award, given to recognize the Black Chamber of Commerce member who has demonstrated strong business leadership while showing involvement in the African American




Additionally, the awardee has had a multi-faceted effect


positive, Orange




exemplifies the character the Chamber wants







The Telein Group, Inc. | 2

I am proud to announce the Awardee is Joseph David Johnson. Joe is the President and CEO of The Telein Group, Inc., which he founded in 1988. Joe’s life of service to community began as the youngest of 12 preacher’s kids in Southeast, Missouri in segregated times, yet nourished by a strong black community of businesses, teachers, neighbors, church folks, friends and family. Joe came of age during the civil rights era and was among the generation of “firsts” in all areas of society: first to integrate the local high school, first to lead an all-white military intelligence unit, first in corporate America to develop expertise and begin to have influence on decisions



American and

all employees and


communities in which the companies worked. Ultimately, before starting Telein, Joe rose to be one of the youngest vice presidents at Xerox Corporation and, along with another small group of other African American male “firsts,” to have the ear of the CEO, David Kearns. Joe earned a bachelor’s and a master’s




from Historically Black College, Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri, where he met his wife, Julie, on the first day of freshman orientation. Joe often reflects that he has never taught in a classroom. To Joe, I say: “The world has been your classroom, teaching and mentoring all around you, offering your time, your finances, your expertise, your relationships, your ears, your advice, and, most of all, your heart.

And, creating a

business 26 years strong that teaches and mentors CEOs, executives and teams around the world to lead and work together for amazingly abundant results!”


| Pillars

of Abundance

Joe, you exemplify this award by the motto that guides you: “To whom much is given, much is required.” Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Joseph David Johnson, the Orange County Black Chamber of Commerce 2014 Business Person of the Year Awardee. Julie, would you please join Joe. Joe, the Chamber presents you the newly-released in March 2014, 15th in


Distinguished Americans

Series stamp: Tuskegee Airman, C. Alfred


Anderson, father







He was the first African

American to hold a private pilot’s license in 1929, and to hold a commercial and instructor’s license in 1932.

“Chief,” as he was

affectionately called, was a mentor, teacher, and the chief flight instructor to the Tuskegee airmen, retiring at the young age of 84. Ladies and gentlemen, I encourage you to read about the “Chief.” His is a story that used flight to increase awareness and humanity about African Americans around the world, and to increase confidence in the African American community, especially the youth, about the possibilities and opportunities available to them in the world. Congratulations Joe!

Introduction remarks given by Raquel B. Brown, Co-Founding Partner & Chief Operating Officer, The Telein Group, Inc.

The Telein Group, Inc. | 4

Acceptance Remarks


ow, I’ve been hearing words like ‘short’ and ‘brief,’ and so, I brought a brief.

They did say I was a preacher’s son, you


I won’t take much time, but I do want to share something about my philosophy, which I hope will be beneficial to everyone, and perhaps particularly to the young people here tonight. First, I'm humbled and grateful to the Orange County Black Chamber of Commerce for the great honor of being named The Business Person of the Year for 2014. I'm also grateful to, and very impressed by, Bobby MacDonald, for his important work in founding and leading this organization on behalf of our community over the past 30 years. I want to say congratulations to the young people here who have received recognition for starting something that’s so important, and that is learning. I also want to congratulate the awardee before me and those


| Pillars

of Abundance

who are coming after me. It’s indeed an honor to be here. As I accept this award, I want to give all glory and honor to God, for it is by His gracious, patient and loving hand that I have been placed on this path, at this moment in time; and it is by His guidance that I've been able to add value to His world, and by His favor that I have done anything to merit this recognition. His world, His favor. I'd like to thank my beautiful wife of 46 years, Julie, who’s at my side tonight, as she has been since we met at Lincoln University on the first day of freshman orientation in 1964. And ever since that day, she fell head over heels. I'd like to thank our daughters, Joy & Joelle, who are my true pride and joy, because they have been the impetus for many lessons that I’ve learned. I’m telling you, I’ve had to become a much wiser man to parent these two bright, energetic, talented, feisty, stubborn, strong-willed, often-challenging (did I say stubborn?), beautiful young ladies. I'd like to thank my immediate family members, a number of whom are in the audience tonight.

I thank my precious parents, Archie & Curley

Johnson, who have gone on to heaven. As the youngest of 12, I thank my 11 older siblings, 6 who have gone on before me, and 5 who remain; all of whom have been sources of steadfast encouragement and deep wisdom. I want to thank my team at The Telein Group:

Lois Barrett, Hugo

Martinez, and Belem Rangel Villaseñor (Belem is the one who’s been calling you and making sure that you’re all here tonight), for their true commitment and critical role in my receiving this honor tonight. And, I particularly want to thank Raquel Brown, the lady who introduced me, who co-founded Telein with me more than 26 years ago, because without her it simply would not be possible. Raquel has tirelessly and continuously given her brilliant mind and incredible capacity to bring to

The Telein Group, Inc. | 6

reality my Vision of adding true value to leaders, teams and organizations the world over. I thank my Telein Partners from days gone by, and I’m pleased that some are here tonight: Eleanor Tomlin, Pattie Hall, Pamela McCreight, Yvette Powell, Darryl Grayson, Byron Jones, Carla Williams-Wilson, Joy Johnson and Marvin Stewart. I simply wouldn't be standing here tonight without each of my Partners, present and past, not to mention future, so please give them all a round of applause.

The Telein Team, from left: Hugo Martinez, Lois Barrett, Joseph Johnson, Belem Rangel Villaseñor, Raquel Brown.

Finally, I thank every single one of my friends and associates who are here tonight, because in all honesty, I can look at each of you and think of something you’ve done that played a really positive role in my life. In fact, my relationships with each of you are precious to me precisely because I believe that relationships are one of four pillars that undergird bringing me this honor tonight, and are necessary for each of us to build the truly abundant life and impact we desire.


| Pillars

of Abundance

I want to share four pillars upon which I've attempted to build my Lifework and which have brought me to this platform tonight, which I believe have and will increasingly continue to lead me toward God’s plan for my life, and are pillars for abundance for each of us. The first pillar for creating an abundant Lifework for yourself is your ATTITUDE. In fact, there are three keys to success: The first one is attitude. The second one is attitude. And the third one is – you guessed it – attitude. Always keep a positive attitude. See the bright side of every situation, the good in every person.

Say "Yes, I can and yes, I will" whenever

possible. Smile all the time. It's hard to be negative with a smile on your face. A smile on the outside tricks negativity on the inside into thinking all is well. Which, in reality, it is. The second pillar is GRATITUDE. Decide that you will be perpetually and relentlessly grateful. Know that life itself is a gift, and if you wake up in the morning and look at your toe, and there isn’t a tag on it, you should be grateful. Every single thing that happens to you is a gift, for your benefit, for your learning, carrying you in the ultimate direction of your purpose and abundance. When something happens that you like, know that it really is a gift, accept it and be grateful for it. When something happens that you don't like or don't understand, know that it, too, is a gift. Accept it and be grateful for it. Look at that difficult situation from another angle until you find a blessing in it, and be grateful for the blessing. Determine that you will be grateful, no matter what.

You can't be grateful and miserable at the same time, so be

grateful. Now, the third pillar is PURPOSE. Have a why for every what in your life, have a reason you do the things you do. Think about where you want to

The Telein Group, Inc. | 8

go, what you want to create with your life, who and how and where you want to serve the world. Think about who you are and what your gifts, experiences, beliefs and values are, and about what these things point you toward. When you have goals, know the why, or the purpose, of the goal. Why do you want to start a business, why do you want marriage, why do you want that job, why do you want to be a millionaire? Because when you have a why you can endure almost any what. Remember, goals are for you, but your purpose is for someone else. Purpose is meant to serve others. God put us on this earth for a purpose: to serve someone else. The fourth pillar is RELATIONSHIPS. When you have a clear purpose for your life and are moving in that direction, every relationship along the way contributes to and multiplies your efforts towards your purpose. And every interaction with another person gives you an opportunity to multiply someone else's efforts towards their purpose. We are really all connected, we’re not separate. This universe is one great creation, and we are each just a part of it, meant to operate in harmony and unity toward a bigger purpose. When we lean into relationships, lean into our connection with all other individuals, with a positive attitude, with gratitude and with a knowledge of our purpose, we increase the impact of our actions, and we multiply the abundance of the result. Purpose without relationships will accomplish nothing.

Purpose with

relationships can change the world. Again, I’m grateful to each of you for the role you’ve played in my lifework; in my desire to add value to leaders and organizations around the world, which I believe is my purpose; in my abundant past, my


| Pillars

of Abundance

abundant present and my abundant future. Now, there’s something I want you to write down and I’ll see if Pastor Ed Smith, who is here tonight from Zoe Christian Fellowship of Whittier, will agree. Here it is: “The place God calls you to is where your unique self, your deep gladness, and the world’s deep hunger meet.” So, if you want to know what to do with your life, what your purpose is, look first at your unique self – your personality, your gifts, your experiences. Then, think about your deep gladness – the thing that burns in you, that you love to do and can do for hours, and would do without pay if you could. Your passion. What is the lesson? Pay attention. Pay attention to yourself and know who you are. And the world’s deep hunger. Listen – the world needs you, the world is hungering for what you have to bring. So know your unique self, know your deep gladness, and find where the world has an empty place for you to fill, because that is the place to which God is calling you. Again, thank you so very much to the Chamber for this honor and to everyone here tonight. I’m grateful and hopeful that I have and will continue to add value to each of you, as you pursue your purpose with a positive







relationships, and finding the unlimited abundance that awaits you. Thank you.

The Telein Group, Inc. | 10

Grateful to Celebrate with Family and Friends


| Pillars

of Abundance

The Telein Group, Inc.

“We are globally admired for the value we add to our clients, suppliers, communities & ourselves. Our work spans industries, governments, communities and continents.�

Founded in 1988, we have worked on five continents advising CEOs, executives and teams to lead and work together to achieve abundant breakthrough performance and results.

The Telein Group, Inc. | 12

The Telein Group, Inc. – Our Work: The core beliefs that undergird all that we do can be summed up by the following seven principles: There is the Possibility of Abundance We are all sources of limitless and abundant possibilities.

There is Power in Integration Everything in the world is part of a unified, connected whole system.

There is Power in People The human spirit is unmatched and infinite when it is inspired, integrated and unleashed.

There is Power in Spirit A spirit of love is a prerequisite for abundance.

There is Power in Vision Purpose and passion inspires, tying the smallest of actions to the biggest of dreams.

There is Power in Process The pathway to sustainable, abundant performance is only possible with process.

There is Power in Dialogue Whatever the question, the answer is dialogue. Our work is with leaders/organizations, whose beliefs are consistent with ours, and who believe in and desire to pursue “THE POSSIBILITY OF ABUNDANCE” by harnessing the power and momentum of INTEGRATION, engaging all the PEOPLE, nurturing a positive, collaborative SPIRIT, sharing an inspiring and comprehensive VISION, using the clarity and discipline of PROCESS, and involving, informing and re-creating through DIALOGUE.


| Pillars

of Abundance

About the Author Joseph David Johnson, a native of Poplar Bluff, Missouri, has spent his life focusing his talents, resources and time toward service to humanity, which he believes is his purpose. He is founder and visionary President, CEO of The Telein Group, Inc., and is passionate about adding value to other leaders through his observation, education and advice on personal and organizational effectiveness. Joe is recognized nationally and internationally for his wisdom and ability to convey his deep understanding of how organizations can be effectively led to change. He is a confidant and trusted guide to leaders at all levels as they work through transition issues which are integral to leadership development. He recently lived in South Africa

The Telein Group, Inc. | 14

working with the CEO of the country’s electricity utility company. He is humbled by the opportunity he had to contribute to the development of the adolescent democracy. His firm has worked with clients on five continents serving as advisors to leaders choosing to increase their personal effectiveness and to have a visionary and profound impact on their teams and organizations. This year Joe’s firm is blessed to celebrate twenty-six years in business. Prior to founding Telein, Joe had a successful career in business spanning twenty years. He is a former Group Vice President of Personnel and Organization at Xerox Corporation, and was among the youngest employees to have been promoted to that level. Before joining Xerox, he held Human Resources staff and management positions with General Mills, Inc., DaytonHudson Corporation and International Multifoods, Inc. He also served as an officer in Military Intelligence for the United States Army. Joe is an active sponsor of many business, community, educational and spiritual organizations. He is a life member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Lincoln University National Alumni Association and the NAACP, and a member of The 100 Black Men of America, Inc. Joe is the recipient of numerous professional, community and educational awards, the most notable of which are: Historically Black Colleges and Universities Distinguished Alumni Award (NAFEO); Outstanding Alumni Service Award (Lincoln University); Award of Community Betterment (Mayor of Los Angeles, Tom L. Bradley), and the Business Person of the Year (Black Chamber of Commerce of Orange County). He is listed in Who’s Who Among Black Americans, Who’s Who in California, and Outstanding Young Men in America,


| Pillars

of Abundance

Joe holds an Honorary Doctorate of Laws, a Master of Science in Education Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Education from historically black college, Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri. Joe is married to Julie Hamilton Johnson, who he met at Lincoln University. She is a retired elementary school teacher. Joe and Julie are tireless in their involvement with Lincoln University and many other historically black colleges and universities. They are most grateful and proud of their commitment to reach back and help students. In 1993, they established the Joseph and Julie Johnson Aspiring Educator Endowment Fund to provide scholarships and financial assistance to aid Lincoln University in its efforts to continue attracting a diverse student body from Central and Southeast Missouri, as well as the global diaspora. Joe and Julie reside in Southern California and are the parents of two adult daughters, Joy, a radio personality in Dallas, Texas and Joelle, a third grade teacher in St. Augustine, FL.

Pillars of Abundance

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