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Tayo Banjo ET503 - Technology for Learning and Assessment 5/6/2013

Assessing Learning Tayo Banjo Bunker Hill Community College, Boston, MA


Tayo Banjo ET503 - Technology for Learning and Assessment 5/6/2013


Technology Tool: Google Moderator Learning Outcome: Students will be introduced to Google Moderator, a tool that encourages collaboration and fosters participation in classwork. Students will use the tool to respond to discussion questions posed by the moderator (teacher) and also make comments based on the responses of classmates. In addition, students will be randomly assigned the role of moderator with rights including posting agreed upon discussion topics and removing inappropriate posts. Exposure to and use of this tool will give students practical, real-world experiences in using and efficiently moderating online forums and discussion boards which are increasingly becoming the go-to place for getting solutions to a variety of life problems including those related to computers, healthcare, automobiles, homecare and purchasing decisions. Standard: Model Digital Age Work and Learning ASESSMENT OF LEARNING

Interacting, Questioning and Discussing

Proficient (6 points)

Partially Proficient (3 points)

Unsatisfactory (0 points)

Courteously interacts,

Courteously Interacts

Unwilling to interact,

questions and discusses

and discusses

question and discuss

questions with class

questions with class

questions with class

Tayo Banjo ET503 - Technology for Learning and Assessment 5/6/2013


members during

members during

members during

discussions and

discussions and

discussions and

effectively directs the

shows some interest

shows no interest in

group toward reaching

in group activities.

group activities or

Researching and Sharing

consensus. Consistently contributes

Makes an effort to

reaching consensus. Makes no effort to


useful and well

contribute useful

contribute useful or

researched ideas during

ideas during group

well researched ideas

group discussion.

discussion. Brings

during group

Brings multifaceted

some research based

discussion. Brings no

approach to group

ideas to group

ideas or viewpoints to

projects. Enthusiastically

projects. Suggests solutions to

group projects. Does not suggest or

suggests and looks for


look for solutions to

solutions to issues. Accomplishes all

Accomplishes most

problems Failed to accomplish

assigned team duties

assigned team duties

any assigned team


Team Player

Tayo Banjo ET503 - Technology for Learning and Assessment 5/6/2013

and makes positive


and makes some

duties and does make

contributions of opinions, useful contributions to

any contribution to the

skills and experiences to

the team. Usually

team. Does not lead

the team. Consistently

completes assigned

by example resulting

leads by example by

work as required.

from not completing

completing all assigned

all assigned work as

work as required.


Tayo Banjo ET503 - Technology for Learning and Assessment 5/6/2013


Reflection on Dispositions: Teach Students to Use Technology I found the above rubrics a useful and helpful tool when teaching students to use technology. The rubric serves as a clear pointer when approaching discussion assignments and projects, some of which they can accomplish using the Google Moderator online discussion tool. They know what results or scores they can receive if they complete tasks based on the various assessment levels. In addition, using rubrics lets students know the expectations placed on them and the possible consequences of their actions or inactions as related to classwork. I believe this is a useful concept for instilling real-world concepts and lessons. As they use tools like Google Moderator to interact with one another and complete required classwork, they become more accustomed to using technology as a learning tool and also develop their own personal and social skills. As Johns and Tórrez (2001) suggest, “Providing students with the increased availability of home computers may help to connect learning in the classroom to real-life situations. The use of e-mail, online dictionaries, spell checkers, and word processors can enhance… skills and play a role in the learning processes.”

Tayo Banjo ET503 - Technology for Learning and Assessment 5/6/2013

Reference: Johns, K.M., & T贸rrez, N.M. (2001). Helping ESL learners succeed. Phi Delta Kappa, 484, 7- 49.


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