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August 22, 2012

Volume 109

Issue 7

Editorial: KSG Presidential Election This year’s race for president of Student Senate brought forward three candidates, each with unique positions for how they would use the power of their office to improve student life at Kettering. Both The Technician and Kettering students submitted questions to be asked of the potential candidates; these formed the basis of the debate. Though they come from different backgrounds and intend to bring different plans of action to the position, all three candidates are united in their dedication to improving Kettering Student Government and would fill the role well. Ryan Neph brings forward an energy not often seen in candidates for student government positions, channeling the “energetic newcomer” persona. He draws from his extensive leadership in the Greek community to form his platform, and his ambition for unifying the student body through greater participation is admirable. What he lacks in previous experience in student government is balanced out by an enthusiasm for improving the Kettering community.

Zach Johnson, a Flint native, plans to leverage the position of ksg president as a method by which to connect with the greater Flint community. He has proposed close cooperation with our neighbors in the Mott Park area to create events sponsored by ksg which would bring our communities together. His leadership experience includes a position on Operations Council as

well as leading roles on both Kettnetic Thunder and Chess Club. The final candidate, John Oliver, brings a long list of leadership experience to the table, having served in various positions on Kettering Student Government, including experience with the American Student Government Association. This prior experience shows through in his knowledge (continued on other side)

From left: Matthew White moderates while candidates John Oliver, Ryan Neph, and Zachary Johnson debate.

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6:30 pm – Open Source Club

6:00 pm – Toastmasters

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Women’s Resource Center

9:15 pm – Dance Club

7:30 pm – Choir Meeting

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12:20 pm – Cosmology 101 with Dr. McMahan

1-819 ab

6:00 pm – Allies

Good Beans Café

August 22, 2012 of the inner workings of ksg, including experience working with the BSection ksg leadership. Furthermore, his plans to change existing ksg institutions and procedures are the most concrete among the candidates, including plans to utilize ksg capital funds more effectively and to bolster the working relationship between the A- and B-Section ksg councils. While all three candidates display compelling visions for the future of ksg, we believe John Oliver has dem-

The µTechnician onstrated the clearest vision, which, combined with his unparalleled experience with Student Government administration, gives him a greater likelihood of success. Editor’s Note: While John Oliver regularly contributes to The Technician, we would like to make clear that these contributions did not factor into our endorsement of his candidacy. This endorsement was not solicited by any candidate, nor were candidates asked or informed in advance of the decision.

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In the end, however, the true voice of decision lies with the student body. Voting will officially begin on Blackboard on 8th Monday and run until 8th Sunday, so be sure to cast your vote and make your voice known in the decision of ksg’s future leadership.

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Sat. 6:00 pm – Anime Club

8:30 pm – realSERVICE

12:20 pm – Technician Meeting

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Tuesday 3rd floor cc

6:00 pm – Senior 3 BBQ

President’s House

Micro Technician Week 7 Summer 2012  

Includes KSG election commentary, and an endorsement for the KSG Student Senate presidential race.