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August 19, 2018

Volume 131

Issue 2

Kettering Behind The Scenes: The Library Preston Buszka Assistant Editor Note from the writer: Kettering BTS goes behind the scenes (hence the name) of various departments and services at Kettering University to see how they function, what they do and more. If you have any comments, questions, or would like to suggest a department, please feel free to email us at aTechnician@kettering.edu.

The Library at Kettering University is an immense room for technology and books. I interviewed with Josh Olsen, the Access Services Librarian and the Head of Circulation. He primarily focuses on making sure the library runs smoothly when it’s open. We discussed most aspects of the Library, and I will share with you some of the high points of our discussion. If you are looking for on-campus employment, one can apply to be a circulation assistant. The Library strives to be a source of information,

What’s Inside


Says Some Things

McMahan Town Hall Summer 2018 Robert Lyman Distribution Editor

not just through books. They have over 30 computers, including Windows Studio Surfaces, iMacs, and regular KU Cloud Computers. They also offer a vast resource sharing network. Any student of Kettering University can go to the University of Michigan-Flint, Mott Community College, or Baker College and check out books from there, if our liContinued on Page 2

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Greek Week & Outdoor Fun6

Public Service Announcement: Einstein’s Bros. Bagels

Special Notices

On Wednesday, August 1, a surprisingly small group of students gathered in BJ’s for free lunch and some answers to their questions from Kettering Uni- Preston Buszka versity President Robert K. McMahan. His opening Assistant Editor remark? “Hi! Disclaimer: The following is a Public Service AnHow’s the nouncement in regards to Einstein’s Bros. Bagels. term going?” The Technician is neither sponsored nor endorsed by The responses Einstein’s Bros. Bagels nor does The Technician sponsor or endorse Einstein’s Bros. Bagels; this information is were a mixed being made public for the benefit of the community bag, but mostly good. After Einstein’s Bros. Bagels is located at posing drathe corner of N. Chevrolet Ave. and matically for a University Ave. As of recent, there picture from has been an uptick in customer comPreston, the plaints about the length of the wait to Assistant Ediorder and get their meals. Members tor, he asked of The Technician's Staff were made for questions. aware of this situation and contacted Photo Courtesy of Preston Buszka the local staff of Einstein’s Bros. Bagels First question: for comments. Sue, a cashier, noted that What’s the status of the Learning Commons and the customers are given a receipt at the end of their orUniversity Capital Campaign? First answer: We’re der with what they purchased and a unique order at about $40M of $55-60M. Which is the point number. One must hold on to it so that they may where the Board starts thinking about authorizing be given the proper food items when they become construction of the building to begin. It’s slightly available. If one discards their receipt early, this easier to plan because the design is programmatic: tends to lead to confusion and an overall hassle to that is, the location of all partitions, bathrooms, the staff and other patrons. Refrain from taking HVAC pipes, etc. are planned before construction items that are not yours. On a separate note, please begins. As to the capital campaign, we’re getting remember to be patient, as quality takes time, and be very good support from stakeholders and alumni. polite and use your manners, as it will go a long way. We’re over $100M, and we’re still in the private Kindness counts. Continued on Page 4

Photo Courtesy of Preston Buszka

Now With Hints

A New Gold Standard WarioWare: Gold Review Developer: Nintendo | Release Date: July 27, 2018 Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Nathan Schleh Layout Editor The WarioWare series has had a bit of a rough decade. The last proper WarioWare game we got was over ten years ago with the Wii launch title WarioWare: Smooth Moves. Since then it has kinda been something of a gimmick franchise, with titles using a selling point of whatever crazy idea Nintendo has now, like with WarioWare: Snapped! for the DSi and Game & Wario for the Wii U. So after all this time, it’s nice to not only have a compilation game of all of the best microgames, but also a completely revitalized series with a brand new direction in the story, tone, and presentation. It takes the tried and true method from all of the previous games in the series and not only brings them together but truly remasters them with new graphics and gameplay that feels like a brand new experience instead of just a repetition of old ideas. WarioWare: Gold singlehandedly creates a brand new standard that not only applies to the series but even all of the games in the Nintendo family. The gameplay is very much how it is remembered from the originals; done away with are the repetitive mini-games from Game & Wario, replaced with the exciting high-speed challenge of completing an abundance of ‘micro-games’, a short challenge that generally only lasts for a few seconds. This could involve pressing a button at the right time, tracing out a shape with the stylus, or twisting the system to guide a car down a racetrack. These serve as the Continued on Page 7

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The Technician

News & Opinions

Preston’s Perspective Preston Buszka Assistant Editor Note from the writer: Hello there again College Land! Welcome back, we’re glad you’re here. I hope you enjoyed the first edition of my column. As always, if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to email us at aTechnician@kettering.edu.

Where has the time gone? It still feels like only last week was orientation, but we are already more than halfway through the semester. As this is Preston’s Perspective, I will be going over some of the necessary things I got acquainted with as school started this semester. Good Eats As humans, we require sustenance to live. Now, the required intake amount from person to person may vary; however, it is necessary to keep on chugging down to the finish line. Now, there are three on-campus dining options (where you can use a meal exchange): The Sunrise Café, BJ’s Lounge, and Einstein Bros. Bagels. I have been able to visit all of the establishments above to sample their meal offerings using the meal exchange, and they are pretty good.

The Technician Mondays & Thursdays @ 12:20 p.m. Campus Center 3rd Floor

Zumba Classes Monday Nights @ 8:15p.m. Recreation Center 3rd Floor

Yoga Classes Tuesday Nights @ 7:00 p.m. Thursday Nights @ 6:30p.m. Recreation Center 3rd Floor

Kettering Entrepreneur Society Thursdays @ 8:00 KES Room, 5th Floor CC


Technician Jerico Markel


Preston Buszka

Assistant Editor

The Sunrise Café has three meals a day, five days a week (brunch is available on the weekend only). Their offerings every day are similar, with some specials along the way. The café serves buffet style, so feel free to fill up. For breakfast, they usually have various egg offerings, yogurt, pastries, fruit, and bread options. They have recently brought out a waffle maker so that you can make your waffles (with different batter options)! For lunch and dinner, they have a pasta bar, pizza bar, a sandwich bar, a grill station, and a special chef ’s table. Be sure to check out the Bite app for details as to daily meal options (contact Kettering Dining Services for more information). They have milk, coffee, juice, Smart Water, fountain beverages (including Root Beer), and cereal, at every meal. BJ’s Lounge is open for dinner and midnight snacks daily, with the meal exchange ending at 9:00 PM. You can choose from a select menu for a main entrée, side, and drink option through the meal exchange. Otherwise, one can choose from the full menu. They have various popular options such as smoothies and wings; however, they have now introduced weekly specials so check them out for more details! As for Einstein Bros. Bagels, they are open every day for breakfast and lunch. As a franchised establishment, their menu doesn’t change much. Their options for the meal exchange are the same items as their regular; however, just a select few. All options were good, nonetheless. For the C-Store, one can spend their BJ Bucks on some small snack items, or an excellent milkshake. One could also buy a gift card to the Jimmy Johns or Little Caesars Pizza with their BJ Bucks, too. These institutions are located at the corner of University Ave. and N. Grand Traverse St. Disclaimer: All information is provided as-is based on information available at the time of publishing. Please contact Kettering Dining Services for up-to-date information on hours, menus, and locations. “Free” Time In the event you did not get the sarcasm upperclassmen, this portion will cover fun things one could do to pass the time when one is not studying, doing homework, working on the thesis, etc. One excellent solution is to join a Club! The Kettering Student Government (KSG) has officially recognized over 15 different clubs that one can join! A perk of various memberships includes but not limited to making things out of metal, partaking in trap and skeet shooting, filling the airwaves with music, writing newspaper articles (Hi Mom!), watching anime, playing games, talking about cars, running places, or even rock wall climbing. There are other professional organizations, too. These include organizations like DECA and SAGE, to name a few. If one has a good idea for a club that doesn’t yet exist, create your own! Just remember to follow the proper procedure (See The Technician, Volume 130 Issue

Nathan Schleh

L ayout Editor

Adam Lezcnar

Copy Editor

Robert Lyman

Distribution Editor

Staff writers Rebecca R. Jacob H.

Faculty Advisor Rebecah Pulsifer Special Thanks To Betsy Homsher

August 19, 2018

1, “Clubs: Do’s and Don’ts”). Tests Galore Studying is important. Sleep is important. Food is important. Put that all together, and what do you get? 42, the answer is 42. Alternatively, it is the first steps towards a successful test taking. We’ll stick to the second one. Jokes aside, midterms or any test can be hard, but the key to success is using all of your available resources. Have you taken advantage of your Professor’s office hours yet? They are an excellent resource for questions about their prospective class, and I highly recommend speaking with them. Also, they could also suggest some extra work for you to do or help out in a pinch. They don’t bite (hard), and if you ask them a question or even ask for an extension, the worst thing they could say is no. There is an excellent resource on campus called the Academic Success Center (ASC). They can help you with specific subject tutoring, and improve your writing skills. They also offer Supplemental Instruction (SI), which is in the evening. These SI Sessions are taught by a student leader that previously excelled in the appropriate class, and are an excellent resource. The ASC additionally offers coaching and advising for success. One can also schedule to take a test in the ASC. Overall, they are an excellent resource. Contact the Academic Resource Center at academicsuccess@ kettering.edu or by phone at 810-762-9775 or visit them in the Academic Building, Room 3-322.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the second installment of my column, thank you for choosing The Technician. As always, feel free to write us at aTechnician@kettering.edu!

Submissions Policy The Technician encourages any interested students to attend meetings. Meetings for Summer 2018 will be each Monday/Thursday during the lunch hour in The Technician office, located on the 3rd floor of the Campus Center above the Sunrise Café. Student submissions are encouraged and will be published if their material is in the public interest. Submissions or letters to the Editor from faculty and administrative entities will be published if space is available. The Technician reserves the right to edit any and all submissions for brevity and clarity. Anonymous submissions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Individuals wishing to publish anonymously should consult the Editor-in-chief. The deadline for the upcoming issue of The Technician is 6th Thursday at 11:59pm. Expected distribution is 7th Tuesday. Send submissions to aTechnician@kettering.edu.

August 19, 2018

The Technician

Campus News

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sure. Something extra special is the surprisingly extensive collection of original print NASA documents, reports, and memos, including entire annual reports to Congress. This private collection dates back all Continued from Front Page the way to having the First Annual Report of the Rebecca Roughton National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, cir- Staff Writer brary happens not to have them, completely free. ca 1915 (meaning before NASA was NASA). These Kettering’s Library also has a sizeable Interlibrary- one of a kind gems can only be viewed here in our On Thursday, July 26th, Kettering University’s Loan program, if you really can’t find a book. Fill library, so go check them out! Radio Broadcasting Club hosted an open house out an ILL request and they will more likely than from 7 PM until 9 PM. The event featured a set not be able to locate the item for you. performance by Laura Izquierdo, open mic Our Library also has widespread access karaoke, and a raffle. to various databases, including but not Laura Izquierdo (pictured left), a sophomore limited to, The Michigan E-Library and computer engineering major, performed covers of IEEE. Of course, they have books for popular songs spanning the decades as well as pieces loan, but that’s not all. You can borrow written by herself. Songs were performed with vocal a book for 30 days (with one 30-day reand either acoustic guitar or keyboard. newal), or borrow a DVD, video game, Keeping the variance going, all students were enor graphic novel for seven days (with one couraged to get up on stage in BJ’s Lounge and let 7-day renewal). You can even borrow their voices ring out during open Mic Night. Stuelectronic devices like laptops for two dents from all grades and majors sang days or 4 hours at a time. Various tablets songs such as Welcome to the Black Parade, Deja like iPads and Android Surfaces are availVu, and Mama Mia. In addition, some able for seven days. You can even borrow students, such as Resident Assistant Christian a wheelie TV for 4 hours. All required Ybarra, went up on stage to play instruments of course books for that semester (yes, all of their own. them) can be borrowed for 4 hours at a The event was warmly received by all in attentime for use in the library only. Ask them dance. According to Michael “Mokel” Macdonald, about their board game and Lego set cola senior computer engineering student, "Laura’s Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Roughton lection that you could borrow, too! If someplaying was very good and got me, and the thing isn’t immediately available, you can place a hold for it, and they’ll let you know when it available. This can be done on their webpage. Of course, if you accidentally forget to return a course reserve book, there is a $1.00 an hour fine. Additionally, late returns of electronic devices are $5.00 a day. If you ever need some research help or have a Seriously. question, go to the reference desk in the center of the Library, and someone will be able to assist you. We will put your ad in this If you need to talk to the IT Help Desk, there is a paper. Bat Phone at the desk where you can directly reach them. Contact us at The Library at Kettering also has some other amenities, like copy, scan, and fax facilities, as well as aTechnician@kettering.edu vending machines (including a coffee vending machine), and many study rooms, work areas, and pods Or stop by on Monday/ available for use. Thursday during the lunch Some other interesting facts about the Library are hour to talk about it. that we have access to Lynda.com, for 100% free, accessible from the Library webpage. You can also rePhoto Courtesy of Rebecca Roughton view an old thesis, on microfilm, from before 2003, if you were interested (you can see recent ones in the whole room, singing along"; Kyle “Chester” Coldigital archive). The Library also has a vast collecby, a senior electrical engineering student, tion of periodicals available for your viewing pleaadded that he “was bobbing.” Students clapped, cheered, sang, and danced throughout the Kettering University Library Regular Term Hours of Operation: hours. Day Open Hours Librarian Available Hopefully, the club will continue to put on events Sunday 12:00 p.m. - midnight Varies as exciting and entertaining as this one. To Monday 7:00 a.m. - midnight 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. keep up on the latest club happenings, be sure to Tuesday 7:00 a.m. - midnight 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. check out the student life calendar on the Wednesday 7:00 a.m. - midnight 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. university’s website. Thursday 7:00 a.m. - midnight 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Friday 7:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. N/A

WKUF Open Mic Night

Kettering BTS: The Library

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Visit the Library on the Second Floor of the Academic Building, or online at https://my.kettering.edu/page/library. You can contact them by email at library@kettering.edu or by phone at 810-762-9598.

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Through The Lens

August 19, 2018

Top: Over 295 students and 70 employers attended the Co-op Fair held on July 31 st , 2018 Right: Kaelan O’Tolle of Sigma Nu giving out some toasty bread as part of Greek Week Photos courtesy of Preston Buszka

Left: Members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon pose for a picture during Greek Week Bottom: Residents of Thompson Hall playing various games in the courtyard during a Stoplight Party Photos courtesy of Preston Buszka

August 19, 2018

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The Technician

Announcements Notice from the Recreation Center

CRIM Festival of Races Celebration Please Join Us! SATURDAY, AUGUST 25, 2018

Alexander Calderon Submission Writer

8:00 AM - 12:00 NOON

We are the new EV Kartz club of Kettering University, and our mission is to promote the development of electric go-karts for expansion of Kettering’s electric vehicle motorsports portfolio, and get students excited, involved and educated in electric cars! As the automotive industry trends toward electric powertrains, the club’s multidisciplinary work will provide both undergraduate and graduate students a valuable opportunity to gain practical experience with EV powertrains and control systems for high-performance vehicles. The intent of the club is to develop, build and test a battery-powered, dualmotor kart to compete in the EV Grand Prix, held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway every Spring. Recently, the competition opened an autonomous driving sector, further opening up the possibility for a second kart build and opportunities for students to get hands-on with another expanding field in the automotive industry. If you are interested in checking us out and seeing what we’re up to as we get our project rolling or want to join the club and lend a hand in the build, consider coming to our club meetings every Wednesday at the Fish Bowl (AB 1214), or swing by the ECE Garage (AB 1826) right across from the E-Mat lab!


Kettering faculty, staff, students and alumni have a prime CRIM Festival of Races venue at 501 Bar and Grille! Kettering invites you and your family to join in the festivities on Saturday, Aug. 25, making 501 your place for an air-conditioned view from 7:00 AM to Noon.

Congratulations to Luis Rosado, the winner of the Summer 2018 Technician Scavenger hunt, pictured with his $25 Amazon Gift Card Prize! Below is the Winning Picture of Preston, Assistant Editor, reading the paper. Photo Courtesy of Luis Rosado

Juice, coffee, water, healthy snacks and door prizes included. Later in the morning, free appetizers! See you at the CRIM! For details contact Jack Stock (810)348-0246 or jstock@kettering.edu. Note: If you are running or walking in the race, we’ll hang on to any belongings you may not wish to carry on the course just drop ‘em off and pick ‘em up when you finish the race!

Your Ad Here! Seriously. We will put your ad in this paper. Contact us at aTechnician@kettering.edu Or stop by on Monday/ Thursday during the lunch hour to talk about it.

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The Technician

McMahan Town Hall Continued from Front Page phase.” Mobility Research Center? “The track is actually done. The grass is not so done. The Center’s Research Annex should be complete by late September or early October. Certainly well before the end of the year.” Student tours of the MRC? “Well by definition it’s a closed-access facility, but we’ll have an open house and a grand opening and all that. And AutoDrive and SAE, as well as other groups outside campus, will be able to book the facility because it is a scheduled facility.” There will also be a glass catwalk around the second story of the Annex. University Centennial? “Founder’s Day is Oct 19. There has been a committee of faculty, staff, and students, planning for 9 months for the year-long celebration. We’ve commissioned a book for the history of the institution. All sorts of events tied to many of the traditional events that we have, for example, robotics and Homecoming (which is being moved to Oct 19), etc. The group that’s spearheading this, that committee meets regularly in the University Advancement Office. Speak to Jack Stock if you have input.” Is Kettering is removing the Thesis? “Rumor. It’s a rumor that, like most rumors, is kind of based in fact, but is a distortion. Here’s the deal: one of the things that we’re doing as an institution is the Faculty Workload Model - the agreement between the Faculty and the University that governs how Faculty effort is distributed. Classes, research, administrative responsibilities, etc. Our current model is not a particularly good one, and we want to be more aligned with how we work as a University - for example, the Thesis Advising job isn’t built into that model. We want to recreate a reasonable, rational, workable model of the institution. I directed the President’s Task Force to look into the Thesis, both in the context of the Workload Model but also in general. Do we still feel that the Thesis has the same educational value as it did in earlier years? Should it be modified, perhaps made optional by a department? For example, some departments feel that something else would be a better Culminating Experience for Undergraduate students. So we’re looking into it, but you can’t say that we’re moving in any one direction.” When is that evaluation going to conclude? “Short answer, by the end of this year. Keep in mind that you as Students are still guided by the requirements that were in place when you matriculated. The Thesis is part of your degree requirements, so it doesn’t make sense to remove some credits - especially with accreditation being what it is. Many of our programs were accredited with the Thesis attached. If we were to just eliminate the Thesis, for example, one of our accreditors requires a capstone experience. Some departments use the Thesis to satisfy some of those requirements, and others don’t.”

Robot spaces available to students ever? “Well, no. They’re specifically affiliated with the Robotics Center, and the utilization of those is up to the director of the said center, Bob Nichols. He’s really a good guy, so I’m sure if you have a good reason and nothing else is going on, he’d be happy to let you use them.” Okay, what’s the deal with the Abby? “Long story short, the Abby was the Archives, which recently moved to Factory One. So now we are responding to complaints about the Library being loud and crowded - so we’re retooling that space for use as a quiet space - no devices, no talking, and it’s a quiet place to study. Light fixtures are in, ceiling tiles are hung - we’re actually just waiting on the carpet. We’re actually redoing the carpet in Sunset as well.”

August 19, 2018

it’s still rising. “One of the first things you’ll receive on graduation is a letter from Alumni Relations asking you to consider donating to the University. And you’ll probably think, ‘What? I just paid how much in tuition?’ before you think anything else. But it’s actually a really important step to take, and it’s a thing that other universities already have that we really haven’t been doing until recently.” Freshmen numbers are fluctuating, perhaps a bit downward? “We do outreach, but it’s an increasingly competitive environment. There are a lot of universities that are saying they’re 'Co-op' now. We not only do a lot of marketing, but we also work in ways with our corporate partners that are also hosting initiatives for us. We’re much more tightly tying the Co-op function to admissions and are expanding it greatly to include things like career services, to provide a much more packaged experience. The Freshman class is slightly smaller than in recent years, but we’re doing well. We have the highest Federal Government rates on our Financial Health on a three-point scale, we’ve got a 3, a perfect score. We have done for five years now. The number of students in the Great Lakes area is declining. 25 years ago there were 4 Engineering schools in Michigan. Now there are 16. And of course, the water situation in Flint didn’t help.”

Any other improvements planned around campus? “We actually have a three-page, single-spaced list. Right now we’re working on all the stuff that needs to be done before snow exists. We’ve got some Solar Trees coming in - big sculptures with solar panels on them that you can plug your laptop or phone into and charge it. We’re redoing large sections of the How does Kettering stay competitive in Math Department in the futhe world of ‘co-op’ universities? “Well, ture, and upgrading things most other universities that say that usuallike the KUCloud that are ly means that it’s a semester in junior year not working well, and we’re as an internship. No one does it like we replacing all of those in do. Most students who are in the Great the next month or so, with Lakes region who approach us initially some Windows-based tend to know us as a distinctive coop(rather than Linux-based) Photo Courtesy of Preston Buszka erative program, but the further away clients, that are bettertuned to Citrix. We also have a large solid-state ar- you go, the less distinct that difference is. The coopray to serve the cluster. This will address the latency erative program isn’t as high on the radar out there. and performance issues as we work toward having a Each of those markets requires different articulation cloud system that covers all of campus and is device- when we market our differences. The nice thing is independent. If you have issues with the physical that we are distinct in the marketplace, we just need machines, like in the Baby Circuits lab, raise those to display that.” with the Department, since it’s largely their purview ‘One Kettering’ situation resolution? “No resoluto upgrade those systems. But it makes no sense to have nearly 1000 Desktops in the environment, and tion yet. The FBI is still investigating, and we do exa year after you install them it’s so far out of date pect to see some results soon. The President’s Task that it’s nearly useless - heck, they’re out of date a Force is planning some events - I haven’t seen their month later. We’re trying to get away with the con- plans for this semester explicitly, but they’re workference room or common room computers not hav- ing.” ing standalone devices. An effective client is just as Right about then most of the students had to get good, and that’s why we’re upgrading what we have back to class, but for those of us who didn’t, Dr. Mc- so we can keep everyone current on one license.” Mahan took us upstairs to the Cowger Board Room Any Master Plan updates? “The Learning Com- to look at the current model of the Learning Commons is the first major building in that Plan. It’s mons, which is completely to-scale with the area more than just a building for the institution: It around it. It was very fascinating to be able to look also represents a new relationship with our Alumni, at what’s going on behind-the-scenes with a project stakeholders, and co-op employers. You don’t want such as this one. Because the model is still in the debuildings like that to come from tuition anyway - you sign phase, unfortunately, no pictures of it are availwant your tuition to be spent on your educational able at this time. experience.” In the seven years since Dr. McMahan Stay tuned for more updates about the state of the arrived at Kettering, the annual donation levels have risen from around $260,000 to around $15M, and University and the Campus Master Plan.

August 19, 2018

The Technician


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nection to the character talked about, and seeing it all come together in the end (though I won’t spoil it here) was really something to behold. Where with other WarioWare games this would be where it ends, after playing through the story and beating all the levels, Gold adds much to its endgame to make it worth playing more. And though this is where the game really shines the most, it is also where it starts to show faults. In Gold, you are rewarded for every accomplishment with coins that can be used to unlock new mini-games and other fun things like history and toys. It adds much more to the game by expanding upon some of the smarter and more fun ideas of the game but unfortunately buries them under a game of chance. See, the only way to unlock these games is by buying capsules with your coins, which will give you one of the many arcade items. The problem is, not all of the things you get are going to keep your interest for long. It may take a very long time just to get that one mini-game you have wanted, and even after getting everything else you’re still at risk of getting duplicates. It makes it hard to enjoy unlocking new things when you just keep wishing you could get that one thing you want. That being said though, it was never really that hard to get coins. Having to play the same microgames over and over could, of course, get repetitive, but surprisingly I really enjoyed getting to go through all of the games again, and it made me try new modes that I didn't think I would like. Many of the extra modes are definitely worth playing, and it even brings back Image Courtesy o www.ign.com characters connect on one has a variety of ways the best thing from Game & Wario, being “Sneaky a level deeper than just to play, and they are all Gamer”. Even though I still have not yet unlocked equally fun to play with. Veterans of the series can showing up at a coffee shop at the end of the game. my precious Pyoro, I still enjoy playing through rest easy knowing that everything is mostly kept This time around, Wario comes up with a new plan what is offered and it really adds much-needed inthe same as in the predecessors, with each level of to become rich with coins: by creating a game comnovation to this aging franchise. the game generally focusing on one style of play in petition with the winner earning a sum of one milWarioWare: Gold takes some bold steps for an one category of games. Some are based on sports, lion coins. Of course, he plans to win himself, but a age-old juggernaut like Nintendo, and, like Breath while others could be from retro video games. It “mysterious girl” vows to stop Wario and his antics. of the Wild and Mario Odyssey before it, manages gets even better with the challenge mode later on For this, however, Wario calls up his friends (and to create somethat keeps you on your toes by switching between thing precious that the styles, forcing you to always be ready for a twist can be valued by (sorry). Regardless of whether you are a newcomer those young and or a seasoned gamer, Gold always offers a session of old. It adds needed fun challenges that even to this day I haven’t tired of innovation to the playing. franchise, while One of the biggest changes for Nintendo in this still managing to be game is the presentation, which has been completea collection of all of ly reworked from the original style. It takes a more the beloved microflash-based approach to the animations, which does games of old, and cause many things to be very simplistic, but it works makes them even as the animation is not the game’s focus. That would more enjoyable be the voice acting. Yes, you read that right, for the than before. The first time since Mario Teaches Typing, the game has revitalized presenfull voice-acting credits, starred by the main man tation allows this himself, Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario, Luigi, game to stand out Image Courtesy o www.gematsu.com Waluigi, and our star, Wario. It was really strange at presumably emas something unique and fresh, showfirst to hear Wario speaking full voice lines instead ployees) to create ing that even now Nintendo is still tryof the traditional grunts and “Wah”s, but I quickly for him a mass of games to play and compete in. This ing to adapt to make the best games possible. The came to appreciate how well Martinet plays his part. instantly changes things by showing that there acstory continues to build up the series, offering a He, along with all the other actors, really represent tually is a connection between these characters that connected take of the world and those recognized their roles in the series, and for once it makes every- are more than screen-deep, and even for once shows characters within it. And even though it does face thing feel like it’s overflowing with life and expres- them interacting and talking on a personal basis. It an uphill battle when shaking things up, it still adds sion. The microgames as well have even more char- makes the once-small Mario world start to really much to an aging series to make it feel brand new to acter, with no one game being left with its original show that it has depth beyond just being that place all audiences. WarioWare: Gold truly lives up to its design. Each one has been completely reworked to where the plumber saves the princess. However, it name by creating a new gold standard for Nintendo look unique and fun, featuring many different styles is still a Wario game, so don’t expect anything lifeto follow for many games to come. of art from 3D models to children’s pictures to cli- changing. Throughout the entire story I felt a conpart to basic 2D animation and it just goes on and on. All of them make full use of the 3DS’s capabilities and really come together to make something special, and they all just look downright amazing. The game really does come together to look like something Continued from Front Page polished to perfection, and boy does it shine. The other major change to the formula with this three main control styles for the game, each taken game is the change in the story. Usually there is never from one of the classic games of the series, and are really an overarching story for the WarioWare games, named “Mash”, “Touch”, and “Twist” respectively. instead just feeling like a slice of life look at some of Each control is kept relatively simple, only requir- the series characters. And although it does keep that ing the user to do a few things per challenge. “Mash” feeling of looking into the characters lives, it adds so uses the buttons and the D-pad. “Touch” uses the much more by showing off just how the stories intertouchscreen. “Twist” uses the 3DS’s gyroscope. Each link with one another and showing that all of these

WarioWare: Gold Review

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August 19, 2018

The Technician

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Issue 2, Summer 2018  

The second edition of the Sumer of 2018. Volume 131.

Issue 2, Summer 2018  

The second edition of the Sumer of 2018. Volume 131.