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Feb. 25, 2011

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Progress Report: The English Department

Student Spotlight

BY HANNAH BLANKS, MAX BRUNNER & ALEXANDER MOLINA The Talon and reporter Hannah Blanks reported on Tallahassee Community College’s Math Department faculty in a Feb. 11, article Film page 3

Galloping into March

on the bus together, The ride for freedom ride desegregated. The sit-ins were This stop TCC, Margaret Leonard speaks about her life to student and faculty.


Bieber fever spreads to TCC

Danyell Smith/Talon

Margaret Leonard speaks to students

Oscar Predictions

Imagine being jailed and threatened while being part of one of the major movements in American history. This is what happened to Margaret Leonard. She fought alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the civil rights movement as a freedom rider. A freedom ride was whenever blacks and whites would

Pupils with Pistols? BY LAURA ROBSON

Oscars page 6

The Lebron Effect Lebron page 6

Despite a positive response from students, the piece has angered professors from various departments. Many professors

Many colleges and universities are reconsidering their guns ban and debating whether it is a good idea to allow students and faculty to carry a gun on campus with a proper Concealed Weapon or Firearm License. After Colton Tooley, a student at the University of Texas, brought an AK-47 to the UT

Report page 2

Commerce between class

similar; the “colored” people would sit at the white counters with the white people and the white people would sit at the “colored” counters with the “colored people.”

Leonard grew up in the heart of the South. She attended college in New Orleans, lived in Macon, Ga. and currently lives in Tallahassee. Being in the Deep South during such a difficult time, Leonard experienced her share of racists, some of whom being her own family. “Fifty years ago, when I was 19 years old, things were awful… it was bad if you were a black person, and it was still pretty bad if you were a white person with any kind of conscience,” Freedom

page 5

campus, on Sept. 28, 2010. He opened fire in the library. Fortunately, no one was injured except for the gunman. After the incident, legislators are even more concerned about students’ safety on college campuses. Students and professors both have strong opinions dealing with guns on campus. For many it is hard to be sure if allowing guns on campus will eliminate more problems than it will create. “Students are not rational

Students browse the TCC markplace.

BY KAYLA ROBINSON Every Thursday vendors arrive at Tallahassee Community College and set up booths to sell goods to

enough to know when and when not to use a firearm. Petty sports fights, gambling, alcohol, and too much other shit can go wrong and someone may lose a life over petty shit,” said Kent Potter, a student at Tallahassee Community College. There have been many campus’ shootings in the past, and it’s a possibility that if guns were permitted on campuses, such events may not have taken place. “Criminals are for victims, not competition. A guns ban didn’t work for Virginia Tech, and it won’t work here,” Said Glen Farmer, a student at


Between classes there are only so many places to eat on campus.

Hannah Blanks/Talon

Deshawn Johnson stands at The Eagle Adventures booth in the student union.

Events and More: Eagle Adventures


On Feb. 23 Eagle Adventures held an information booth in the Student Union. “We have been trying to put together new trips for students this semester” said Deshaw Johnson, Assistant of Eagle Adventures. Johnson and Equan Burrows, Coordinator of Eagle Adventures, are both new to it but are working hard to make the trips more popular. “We have been promoting the trips with emails, flyers, and information booths such as this one,” said Johnson.

Johnson and Burraw are also excited about a new program they are starting at TCC called, “The Black Male Achievers.” The Black Male Achievers program was originally started at Florida State University but as been introduced to TCC by Burraw. The program is aimed at young black men who are interested in college. BMA helps them learn how to succeed in college and get connected into different social networks. Johnson is the coordinator of BMA and is also excited about extending the BMA across campus. For more information students can contact Equan Burrows at 850.201.8710 or go to Lifetime Sports Complex Room 105.

One of the most favorable locations amongst students would be the McCormick’s Deli located in the Tallahassee Community College Student Union. Offering a wide variety of sandwiches, and other hot specials for both breakfast and lunch, you would think McCormick’s would be an obvious choice. Between its high prices and mediocre quality of food, McCormick’s Deli tends to fall short. The biggest complaint is the cost. The food is generally reasonable for a standard dine-in deli, but that definition doesn’t exactly suit McCormick’s. When it comes to the Student Union, its not designed to be much more than food court quality. On Febuary 24 I decided to visit the Deli to see for myself. I ordered the fan favorite for th

Spring Events

Kayla Robinson/Talon passing students. Between the four current vendors they provide a variety of products including hats, DVD’s, clothes, posters, CD’s and Market

page 3

TCC. This theory is doubted by some students. “Guns on campus will make school shootings easier and will increase school violence,” said Sarah LaRose, a student at TCC. Legislators in about 20 states have proposed that guns be permitted on campuses since the massacre at Virginia Tech in 2007, according to Andy Pelosi, director of the Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus, which is a New York-based project of Report page 5

and there is a nice variety.

Because theres not many choices between classes.

Eagle Adventures is a Tallahassee Community College recreation program that is committed to brining students’ affordable, sometimes free recreational trips. Eagle Adventures is busy planning new trips for TCC students.

Dr. Gareth Euridge, an English professor at TCC,

Leonard visited Tallahassee Community College on Feb. 9 to speak to multiple classes about the rides she had in the 1960s.

Hills page 3

Bieber page 6

entitled “Best and Worst: Professors of the Math Department,” to establish a student based opinion on the department’s best and worst professors.

have challenged the validity and academic quality of The Talon as a public forum for expression on campus.

the day the “BBQ Special”, which includes barbeque pork, toast, a drink and your choice of 2 sides. I also tried one of the hot sandwiches (Chicken Cheesesteak) and one of the cold sandwiches (the Club).

Overall McCormick’s delivers an assortment of decent hot meals, but at a price that is not necessarily within the average TCC Student’s budget.

After about a 10 minute wait I was ready to start my review. The low point was definitely the chicken cheese steak, which I was excited about because it’s two sandwiches in one. It was a bit dry and lacking on toppings. Compared to the five dollar footlongs you can get just next door, this was a real disappointment. The club sandwich on the other hand was pretty good, but priced at over six dollars it hardly seems worth it. The highlight of the meal was definitely creamy cheese grits with the barbeque special and the crispy tater tots that came with the club sandwich. Looking at the breakfast menu (available all day), it seems that it might be the best option. The A La Carte selections are reasonably priced, 3/1 Spotlight Tuesday 3/1 Blood Drive 3/2 Xbox Tournment 3/6-3/12 Costa Rica 3/7-3/11 Womens History Month: A Stroll Through Women’s History. 3/14-3/31 Inturmural Bball 3/17 St.Paticks Celebration 3/19 Fundamental Reading 3/22-3/23 Rajin Cajun

All food was perpared by McCormick’s Deli in TCC’s Student Union

Sean Hunting/Talon

3/25-3/27 Camping Trip 3/30 Spring Luau 4/2 Universal Studios: Harry Potter. 4/2 Service Sunday 4/4-4/14 Intermural Soccer 4/6 Stu-Fac Day 4/8-4/10 Whitewater Rafting 4/12 Spotlight Tuesday 4/17 Deep Sea Fishing Trip 4/25-4/28 Relaxation Week




Report from page 1

class,” said TCC student Rivka Kaplan

said the best and worst article involved “gotcha journalism.” He also expressed how he does not believe The Talon had enough information to label any professor good or bad.

The Numbers Professors have challenged the truth behind the numbers RateMyProfessors. com uses.

“…her (Hannah Blanks) commentary was fueled by anecdotalism and then flavored by the nastiness of Gotcha journalism,” said Euridge. On the other hand, students are supporting The Talon’s efforts, online and offline.

“Since there is no randomness in, you don’t have statistical validity,” said TCC statistics professor Richard Copeland. A problem arises with the type of survey that uses.

“I loved the content; it is very informative and I believe the article was well written. This is the sort of thing students like myself want to know. Almost all the people I know judge professors based on RateMyProfessors. com and what other students say about them,” said TCC student Elizabeth Blizzard.

“There is no way of proving the truth with a convenience sample…which is what ratemyprofessor is,” Copeland said. “It could be true, but you have no way of knowing…but with randomness you can show error.”

“It was well written and informative,” said TCC student Paul Brooks.

“I pick all of my teachers depending on the ratings on I look at how they grade, what their tests are like, and what their assignments are like based on what other people had to say. The site is very important to me,” said TCC student Elexis Jerger.

Students rely on as a valid source of information. Many students were surprised that faculty did not approve of as a valid source of rating professors. “I use and what students say about professors to help me form an opinion on professors, but helps so much and has always been accurate about the professors it lists,” said TCC student Terri Armstrong. Reportedly has flaws: anyone can post his or her opinion, and professors can have unfavorable deleted. “I don’t use the site at all, but I know a lot of people who do,” said TCC student Wes Godfrey.

“I use it most of the time. I read all of the comments that people write. I want to choose a professor who I will learn from, but I don’t want to choose one that will make my life miserable,” said TCC student Amy Pierce.

Accessing Records ­­In order to find additional information for reporting on faculty The Talon tried to acquire student-faculty evaluations from the Human Resources Department at TCC; however these documents are not available for The Talon to review, according to Florida law. The Sunshine Law Florida Statues Chapter 119.01 states that “…It is the policy of this state and that all state county, and municipal records are open for personal inspection…” is used by numerous students because, they say, “It ( is how I picked all of my teachers, but I haven’t rated any professors after I took their

When The Talon provided this statue

to Human Resources, they provided an exception to the statute, F.S. 1012.81: “…Such limited-access employee records are confidential and exempt from the Sunshine Law.” This statute makes the Sunshine Law, nearly useless to the public, regarding the student faculty evaluations. The Talon turned to the president of TCC, Dr. James Murdaugh, for access to the documents. Murdaugh supported The Talon’s efforts and also commented on the status of acquiring the evaluations. “I would have to have our legal team look into this before I release the documents,” Murdaugh said.

For Further Review The Talon is continuing its review of professors in the classroom, based on because of student interest; this issue The Talon looks at the English Department. John Pekins has received some of the highest ratings for English professors according to but he politely refused to be a part of the story. “I do not want to be in this article,” said Pekins. Students of Pekins had nothing but good things to say about him. “Professor Pekins does a great job of challenging students regardless of how well they write. Whether you can barely spell your name, or you’re the next Hemingway, you’ll be a better writer by the end of his class,” said TCC student Alan Brooks. Joanna Beall has received unfavorable comments on and although she only has two posts, they are from this current and past semester. The Talon interviewed eight of Bealls students who were exiting class on February 17; all eight had no favorable comments for her and all eight refused to

give their names.


“She is awful, and everything she says is so vague, the class is always confused by her direction,” said an anonymous student who feared retribution. Beall was surprised at what students had said about her. “My door is always open for students,” Beall said. “They must not have been listening because I always explain what I want.” Dr. Marge Banocy-Payne, dean of the Communication and Humanities Department, was familiar with the last Best and Worst article and of the controversy surrounding it. Banocy-Payne agrees with faculty that say is not a valid source of information. “I would encourage students to meet with their professor before a class to get a true idea of them. I do not believe it ( is credible or scientific; I have not nor would I ever evaluate a professor based on it,” Banocy-Payne said. Banocy-Payne also offered her opinion on labeling professors “best “ or ‘worst.” ­­­ Although she had no immediate problem with labeling professors, she said, “In order to label a professor best or worst you must prove a claim.” Despite the flaws of RateMyProfessors. com, Banocy-Payne expressed support for The Talon’s efforts. “The fact all of you are having to research this and think of good ethics is good education for all of you. It really is preparing you with good critical thinking skills,” Banocy-Payne said. Next Issue, Progress Report: The History Department. Send any comments to:


Letters to the Editor Did the article, “Best & Worst: Professors of the Math Department” warrant front page news in the recent edition of The Talon? Some might believe that at best it was an entertaining yet under-supported claim of questionable merit, and at worst - a vicious attack hardly worthy of tabloid journalism. In any case, it seemed an article better suited solely for the opinion page rather than front page news, but if the old saying “any publicity is good publicity” is true, The Talon staff and both Professors Williams and Martin are to be commended. Naturally, finding the best and worst of anything is problematic and fertile ground for fallacy. While it is nice to think of Professor SoandSo as the best – after all, everyone enjoys kind comments and glowing praise - it is a flaw in reasoning to make such declarative statements without established criteria and legitimate inquiry. What is the best? What is the worst? According to whom? Does positive feedback on an online professor rating service equal effective teaching practices and methodology? If so, by what criteria? Further, some argue that such rankings are nothing more than popularity contests. It could be that being popular has very little to do with good teaching. In fact, it might be said that a teacher who is popular or “easy” may, in fact, be inferior to one who is despised and “hard.” Interestingly, Dean Brown identified an important concept that hopefully wasn’t lost in the sensationalism of the article: students learn in different ways, so it is paramount that diverse teaching styles and methodology are in place to increase the opportunities for real learning to occur. Larry Crombie Associate Professor - English Communications and Humanities

International Student Services BY RICHARD HERRINGTON International Student Services is an organization at Tallahassee Community College. This organization provides a safe haven for foreign exchange students in their adjustment to life in the United States. The ISS is a very important part of the TCC student way of life. It acts as a

main point of contact with a wide range of support for foreign exchange students. It can provide visas for international students and other foreign born nationals. On February 15, The ISS held an open house to showcase the events and services it provides for students. When asked the question of what does the ISS mean for the betterment of TCC, Dr. Murdaugh, president of TCC, said, “The value of global education is very key to what the International Student Services means to TCC.” “The ISS allows the students at TCC

to see what other cultures around the world have to offer them and enrich their college experience,” Dr. Murdaugh went on to say. When speaking to Betty Jensen, the coordinator for ISS, I asked Mrs. Jensen what are some ways that TCC can better support the ISS. “Come to the events and show support for the Organization,” Mrs. Jansen went on to say, “It is very essential that the student body of TCC and the ISS make a partnership in getting to know each other.” The ISS has many different countries represented in its organization form such places as Africa, Asia, Europe, South and Central America, as well as the Caribbean. In talking to some of the students who are a part of the ISS, it is clear to see that they enjoy what they are experiencing in The United States and especially here. “Coming to a new country leaving my friends and family, my “comfort zone” and starting a new chapter of my life by furthering my education and

coming to TCC was the most challenging experience in my life so far” said Siah Valentina Nuboer, an ISS member from Suriname. “Shortly after joining ISS I met friends that I believe to be an important part of my life for years to come, and had me curious to know more about different experiences and cultures. ISO has also held me overcome my shyness, and opened many opportunities to enrich my college experience.” Nuboe continued to explain. “The things I remember prior to the entrance to Tallahassee Community College that were really valuable for me, were the way in which the people that work at the International Student Services office were always really nice and patient, whenever I had any doubts about the application, the visa, the classes, credits, orientation, housing, transportation and so on and so forth; that by the time I came to TCC for the first time, I already knew and was friend with the staff that worked at the office,” Explained Daniela Galindo, the student president of the ISS, and also an exchange student from Columbia. “Since the first day I entered TCC the people who received my brother and I at the ISS office made us feel

Students have every right to be concerned about the quality of the instruction at TCC and, consequently, Hannah Blank’s discussion of teaching is welcome. The scope of Ms. Blank’s research into effective instruction in the Math Department, however, is limited to speaking with “several students and searching RateMyProfessor.”  In effect, then, her commentary was fueled by anecdotalism and then flavored by the nastiness of Gotcha journalism—how exactly do you think an adjunct, and now no doubt worried, professor should respond when slapped with the hearsay fruits of Ms. Blank’s supposed journalism?   Dr. Gareth Euridge Associate Professor of English welcome, made us feel that we were not alone, and that they were going to be there for us whenever we needed them; and these weren’t only words, I actually had a health incident not long ago where I needed help. Miss Jensen, The International Student Advisor, and Andrea Arce , one of the current ISS assistants, would keep in constant contact with me after office hours just to make sure I was alright. They even helped me figuring out an issue I was having with the health insurance company, as they would not accept my insurance at the health centre I went to, even if that wasn’t their job. The ISS has always provided me with all the information I’ve needed, becoming a very useful tool for me. It was a relief for me to know that this office could clear almost any doubt not only regarding school, but also Tallahassee, tourism, American culture, holidays and even the most random subjects that came to my mind.” Daniela went on to explain. “ Finally, I am so glad ISS and ISO work hand by hand because that was the way in which I got involved not only with the college, but also with people from all over the world and their different cultures.” She finished.




Run to the hills Of the Red Hills Horse Trails


Excitement and anticipation is buzzing in the Tallahassee area as residents gear up for another exciting year at the Red Hill Horse Trials. Established in 1998, the competition has brought world-


from page 1

jewelry. Located along the walkway between the Lifetime Sports Complex, the Fine and Performing Arts Building, and the TCC Police Department students can stop and shop as they walk to class from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Thursday. Mike Prost, a vendor who sells DVD’s, CD’s and posters said he started his business as a side job in 1996 and has been setting up at TCC on and off the last three years. While eating the sandwich he brought for lunch, he says, “I’m really grateful that TCC lets us in here.” Originally selling his old CD’s and video tapes, Prost has upgraded to mostly used DVD’s which he acquires from students who choose to sell or trade them in. He even offers to refund those who find themselves dissatisfied with the DVD quality and in rare cases if they just completely hated the movie.

Prost went through a list of what vendors are not allowed to sell if they wish to remain on school property: illegal paraphernalia, TCC products, fake brands, and bootlegs tapes are just some of things not allowed. One stand called The Caravan, run by Rene Garcia, specializes in Caribbean themed clothes and accessories. From the Virgin Islands originally, Garcia has run his own stand since September. The rest of the week the vendors can be found at Florida State University campus where stalls have already been set up for them, whereas at TCC vendors have to bring and set up their own tables. If any students or organizations are interesting in selling merchandise on campus then they can contact Christine Kessler at

Student Spotlight: Will Oldham

renowned Olympian riders to Tallahassee for years, as well as lesser-known competitors trying to make their mark in the horse world. Besides watching the exciting competition, spectators are able to enjoy vendors selling food, clothing and other merchandise. Whether you are an avid equestrian enthusiast or some one who is not familiar with the competition, Red Hills is a great experience

BY HANNAH BLANKS Some musicians have a dream of performing in front of thousands; others have a dream to simply reach people through music. Tallahassee Community College student Stephen Craun is hoping to do just that. “Music is so beautiful, it’s like the greatest communication in the world,” says Craun. This belief is what has inspired Craun to try and reach people through music. After taking an interest in the guitar at the age of nine, he began taking lessons. Over the years he fell in love with making melodies and focused on broadening his musical interests.

To further his music, he learned to play the cello, bass, piano, and drums in addition to

BY LAURA ROBSON Everyone has a story. It is simply up to individuals to learn the stories behind an ordinary looking person. Will Oldham, a Tallahassee Community College student, may look like every other student, but he is actually an aspiring film director. Oldham is in his last semester at TCC. He is planning to transfer to Florida State University after this semester. He hopes to be accepted in to FSU’s Film School, but if not he will major in Communication/ Media Production. Hollywood is what Oldham sees in his future. He wants to have a career as a director for TV or film. Although Oldham is the first in his family to pursue filmmaking, many of his relatives have had a knack for artistic ability. One of which being Neil Welliver, a famous painter. Oldham is currently volunteering for FSU’s Film School. He helps with preparing things for film sets. He has been doing this for a little over a year now. “FSU Film students are great because they will listen to your ideas, and if they like them they’ll induce them into their own films,” said Oldham.

John Ford, Steven Speilberg, and Sergio Leone are among many of the well-known directors who influenced Oldham from an early age. Growing up he used to make up stories all the time. “When kids asked me what I did over the weekend, I’d give them what they wanted to hear,“ said Oldham. He would make up all kinds of exciting stories that would grab their attention and were far more action packed than what his weekends really consisted of. Though as he grew up, he learned that what he was doing was lying, so he found a more acceptable way of continuing on with what he truly enjoyed. This is what led him into making films. He started out with a basic Sony Camera, but over the years Will has made about 30 short films. Will’s advice to other students thinking of pursuing film directing is to “Go and help on sets.” Not only will it teach you many new things about the process, it may also help you choose whether the career is right for you. Most importantly though, “If you want to make films, make films.”

This year the competition will begin on Friday, Mar. 11 with dressage, continuing on Saturday, Mar. 12 with crosscountry, and ending on Sunday, Mar.13 with show-jumping.  


Try to draw a better eagle than this.

Tickets for spectators are free; but a $25 donation for a threeday pass to all of the events of the weekend is encouraged in order to help maintain the beautiful area in which the competition is held. For more information on the history of the competition, what goes on, who will be attending, location of the event, or any other information please visit .

Send submissions to: TALON@TCC.FL.EDU

Musican Spotlight: Stephen Craun

Craun draws his musical influences from artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Laura Robson/Talon

to watch incredible riders and horses in a traditional 3-day event competition.

the guitar. While the guitar remains his favorite instrument due to its’ versatility, Craun enjoys all instruments. Although music school is not in his future due to performance demands, he still hopes to become an improvisational music teacher. “So many people are classically trained and rigid, and can’t improvise. But being able to improvise is what makes music great. Just being able to sit there and jam with people and come up with something is awesome,” says Craun. Another part of

This air guitar is real

Joseph La Belle/Talon

his dream is from his past experience with music and people. He says, “Everyone I have lived with, I have connected with through music. I believe if I can teach, I can reach a lot of people which is my goal.” With his passion for music and desire to reach people, the future is limitless for aspiring musician Stephen Craun.

NOW ON CAMPUS AT TALLAHASSEE COMMUNITY COLLEGE! Thomas University’s Division of Social Work Has Started A Satellite Campus for their Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Program at Tallahassee Community College. Thomas University offers RN-BSN at Capital Regional Medical Center and Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Thomas University is a fully SACS Accredited University and has one of the highest graduation rates for schools its size in the country.

Accepts Florida pre-paid. No out-of-state tuition. Scholarships available.

Thomas University has started a satellite program for their Bachelor of Social Work or BSW degree at TCC. This is a 4 year undergraduate degree that is offered by Thomas University and is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

Call us today at (229) 227-6925 •




Freedom from page 1 said Leonard. In 1961, 19-year-old Leonard joined in the civil rights movement. Leonard participated in sit-ins and freedom rides along-side other activists, including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Leonard professed that many southerners, especially college students, were ready and willing to help protest and fight for desegregation they were scared of repercussion. If these people participated in the protests, the Ku Klux Klan would surely be after them, and either they or their parents would lose their jobs. Leonard told the class that one of the most influential things that Dr. King said to her was, “I want white people to be in the movement. I do not want it to be white versus black. I want it to be justice versus the unjust.” There were multiple freedom groups as well as freedom rides. The first freedom bus to enter Jackson, Miss. was set on fire and the riders were beaten and burned. Leonard was not on the first bus but the attacks did not discourage her. Leonard rode from Atlanta, to Montgomery, to Jackson. While on the freedom rides President John F. Kennedy and his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, phoned the governors of Mississippi and Alabama to get them to stop the beatings and killings of the freedom riders. Eventually the numbers of beatings and killings decreased. Leonard spoke highly of Dr. King, saying that he was, “such a good preacher, such a good leader.”

“I was arrested twice in New Orleans for sit-ins and once for freedom rides,” said Leonard. She was charged with “causing a breach of peace.” She told students that she was not truly scared for her life, but she was scared for other people. Even though she was participating in the protests she was safer than others because she is white. Other than threats and arrests, the worst she faced was that someone spit on her.


Leonard said that the majority of white freedom riders were Jewish. “I think they know something about being discriminated against,” she said. These rides took place in the 1960’s, not too long after the Holocaust in Europe, so the Jews knew about discrimination. During the time of the civil rights movement, “law enforcement went handin-hand with the Klan,” said Leonard. This sparked her interest in writing political news stories. Leonard comes from a family of journalists, so it was in her blood. But after the freedom rides and sit-ins, she became interested in power; Leonard focused her writing on “how people with power treat people who do not have power.” Leonard said her parents wanted desegregation but they just did not know how to attempt it. Leonard stated proudly that her son is also an activist; he goes and supports what he believes in. Though Margaret Leonard is praised for her courage, she said, “The real courage was with the black people. They could have lost everything, including their lives.” “These movements depend on young

2011 Grammy Awards Fashion & Performances:

people,” Leonard said. “We need young people with a lot of courage.” She urged students to find out what was going on there are still unjust things happening, and stand up for what they believe. Before and after class, Margaret Leonard was available for questions and comments from students. “I honestly wasn’t aware of the freedom riders. I am glad that there are people like her out there,” said Austin Ward, a mass

communications student. Leonard and the remaining freedom riders will be guests on the Oprah Winfrey Show, the episode will air on May 4. Leonard had her audience entranced. The students were amazed at what she had faced and what others have dealt with fighting for what they believe in.



A Recap of Everything You Missed, and What You’re Glad You Missed.

Lady GaGa hatched from her egglike incubator and ever so kindly graced the Grammy’s with her presence to perform her new #1 single, “Born this Way.”

BY BIANCA BULENGO Christina Aguilera made an amazing comeback from her Super Bowl flub with a top act performance of Aretha Franklin’s most loved songs.

With ten days left before Spring Break (March 7th – 11th), Tallahassee Community College students are planning their Spring Break by choosing the location, parties, events and bars that they will be attending. Some of the places students have mentioned are Key West, Panama City Beach (PCB) and Miami.

B.o.B, Bruno Mars, and new comer Jenelle Monae grabbed the number one spot for performances that night. With stage monocles, a great mixture of songs and musical collaborations, and a respectful reinvention of musical history, the trio gave one big dynamic performance.

TCC student Alyssa Crews expressed how she felt about her upcoming plans to Key West. “I’m so excited, it’s going to be perfect,” Crews said. Cee Lo Green performed his ever so popular hit “F-ck You” in a very not popular outfit. He and Gwyneth Paltrow definitely could have won a spot on Sesame Street, especially with Cee Lo’s Muppet-like creatures jamming in the background.

all images provided by Getty Images All in all, it was a very successful award show. No X-rated wardrobe malfunctions or lip syncing disasters occurred, and no one tripped and fell on their face while accepting an award.


from page 1

“Legislators may have proposed this so people will have a way to protect themselves,” said LaRose. Protection is exactly what some students’ feel guns will bring them. “We don’t live in a utopian society. A gun is a tool that levels the playing field. It brings the 90lb girl up to par with the 200lb criminal,” said Farmer. Only 25 colleges in the United States currently allow for students, professors, or staff members to carry a gun if they have a permit, according to Pelosi. Thus prompting the question: If guns on campus are such a good idea, why do

so few colleges allow it? Could students concentrate as well in their classes with the possibility of the student next to them having a gun in their backpack or purse? “College kids don’t need them to learn. Campuses have police,” said Potter. Of course anyone with a gun on campus would be required to have a comprehensive FBI criminal background check, fingerprints, classroom instruction and live-fire certification, according to This statement, however, does not assure all of the skeptical people, and everyone is left to wonder what the final decision may be.

Key West is home to The Bull, “the oldest open air bar in Old Town Key West,” stated by Michaelean Dyer, another TCC student mentioned her plans to PCB, which is home for Dyer. “I’m only going home because I live in Panama City. Where else are you supposed to go for Spring Break?” PCB has over ½ million students each year that visit for Spring Break according to and was last years host for MTV Spring Break 2010 Dyer mentioned some of the activities that go on at PCB. “So many people

go to the beach from like ten in the morning until the sun goes down and then everyone goes to Club LaVela,” said Dyer. Club LaVela is named the largest nightclub in the USA on their website and students are able to purchase a party card that has a schedule for free cover charge, free beer and no waiting in lines at the club. Miami was another destination for Spring Breakers. TCC student Willis Bethea will be going to Coral Springs and Miami to work on his music career. “I’m going to beat up with a producer and an artist to make some music and then going to the south Miami to chill and attend some rap shows, hoping to get one also,” said Bethea. Robert Lutz, a teacher with the TCC science department overheard students talking in class about Spring Break and jokingly said, “I should have a Spring Break lecture.” For more information on Spring Break destinations and events, visit



I have never been a fan of Bridges but after his True Grit performance where his performance was unlike anything I have ever seen him play before.

Managing Editors Oscar Picks BY SEAN HUNTING & HANNAH BLANKS

Supporting Actor

Sean Hunting - This year’s Oscar’s are filled with some of Hollywood’s best talent, and more interestingly some mainstream contenders. Aronofsky and the Cohen Brothers always have the ability to sweep an award show, as do most of the nominees. It’s The Social Network that has the best chance to run the show. Not only does it have the springboard of being a big winner at the Golden Globes, but its also a movie that defines a generation, about a website that defines a generation. How can teenage girls like Hannah Blanks not see the potential of the Facebook movie?

SH – Christian Bale The Fighter – Although the Oscar will probably go to Geoffrey Rush, Bale’s portrayal of former boxer/ crackhead Dicky Eklund was perfect. He’s simultaneously endearing, and repulsive. Going from Batman, to art film seamlessly only adds to the effect. HB – Although Bale will most likely be beat by Geoffry Rush. His tough, grungy performance is spectacular and completely unexpected….in a good way. Leading Actress SH – Natalie Portman Black Swan – There is no escaping the buzz surrounding Portman’s performance. Black Swan is up for a bunch of awards, but this one is a slam dunk. You almost have to feel bad about the other women, who are basically just

Hannah Blanks- With the Oscars approaching it looks as if the Black Swan and True Grit will be the big winners. The Black Swan is full of seasoned actors and

independent roles, and Enchanted. Plus she is just plain adorable. HB – Hailee Steinfeld True Grit – Steinfeld was able to deliver a totally unexpected performance that did not fit her image in the movie but made her a believable rebel. Best Picture SH: The Social Network – The tag team of writer Aaron Sorkin and director David Fincher can not be beat. What easily could have been a cheap and quick biopic about the worlds youngest billionaire in less capable hands, The Social Network is actually a tight, gripping story. HB: Black Swan – The Black Swan was full of amazing performances from actors and actresses who had not yet ventured into a movie so dark as The Black Swan. Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman had instant chemistry in unique roles. Visual Effects SH: Inception – This is the second biggest “no duh” moment for this year’s Oscars next to Portman winning for Black Swan. Cities folding into themselves, and anti-gravity fight scenes are why most of us go to the movies. HB: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- Simply ruled. For me the duel scenes are proof of the Deathly Hallows spectacular Visual effects. Directing

actresses, such as Mila Kunis, and is directed by psychological thriller film veteran Darron Aronofsky. These two factors make it one of the best films of the year. True Grit is filled with stunning performances from Hailee Steinfeld and Jeff Bridges who both surprised me with the portrayal of their characters. These films were the best in my opinion and Sean Hunting’s opinion is complete blasphemy.

utilizes a speech therapist for his stutter in order to give an important wartime address to the British people. The Academy loves, monarchies, tales of overcoming great adversity, and Mr. Darcy. Considering Jeff Bridges just won for Crazy Heart last year, and Jesse Eisenberg is still a bit new to the game, it seems logical to give the award to a great performer who has been nominated in the past.

Leading Actor

HB – Jeff Bridges True Grit –Bridges plays Rooster Cogburn, a one eyed civil was veteran with revenge on the brain.

SH – Colin Firth The Kings Speech – Firth plays King George VI, who

warming seats. HB – DITTO! Portman delivered a chilling yet awesome performance in the Black Swan, totally shocked me! To me she was always “star wars girl” but from now on I will think of her as the awesome, creepy Black Swan girl.

SH: David Fincher The Social Network – This may be the hardest category to pick a winner in, as it is completely dominated by greatness. All five directors deserve as much recognition as possible, but David Fincher’s Facebook movie is on a whole different level than the rest. Fincher makes you think, without ever telling you what to think. This year is his time. HB: Black Swan Darron Aronofsky delivers yet another spectacular movie with the Black Swan. He does not disappoint.

Supporting Actress SH – Amy Adams The Fighter – Playing boxer Micky Ward’s (Marky Mark Wahlberg) girlfriend, a level headed addition to a crazy family, Adams shows real range. She’s been something of an Academy darling between her



22 Minutes.

That’s all it took for a 16-year-old kid from Canada to sell out one of America’s most prestigious venues, Madison Square Garden. Justin Bieber, at this point, has become more than just a platinum selling recording artist. He has served as a catalyst for the worldwide pandemic known as “Bieber Fever”. The latest phase in the pandemic is known as “Never Say Never,” and is currently sweeping through the country in theaters near you. “Never Say Never” is a documentary on arguably the most loved and hated 16 year old Canadian in the world and his rise to the top. Starting from the small town of Stratford, Ontario, and continuing on to his sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Although Bieber is loved by billions, a large portion of his fans are females no older than 16. On the other hand, I’m a 19-year -old college (straight) male that appreciates his musical talents. Despite his corny repetitive lyrics and high-pitched

Bieber and usher

vocals, it’s clear to see that Bieber is a rare musical talent. To prove several harsh music critics wrong he proved his musical diversity on his most recent album, “My World’s Acoustic,” where Bieber himself plays some of his fans’ favorite songs acoustically. In saying that, “Never Say Never” is a treat for all music fans whether they have the Bieber fever or not. The movie also has several guest appearances from other recording artists such as Ludacris, Sean Kingston, Miley Cyrus and Boyz II Men. Although “Never Say Never” should be an enjoyable experience for most music fans, the movie seems to overdramatize Bieber’s short career and stretches the movie a little too long. For example, if the same filmmakers made a movie on the story of Michael Jackson, the movie would go on for days. Unless you’re a teenage girl with the noted epidemic symptoms, I highly suggest just waiting until the movie is available to rent at your local Red Box. “Never Say Never” was released on Feb. 11, and is playing at the Governor Square Mall theater and the AMC Tallahassee Mall theater in 2D as well as 3D.


This off season, one of the biggest signings in NBA history took place when the Miami Heat signed three of the top five free agents: Lebron James, Chris Bosh, and DeWayne Wade. But has the accusation it really improved the Heat’s overall record? I see very little improvement in the team’s record from last year at the all-star break. Although, the new “Big 3,’’ as they are called in the NBA, have turned the Miami Heat into a hot sell on the road and at home. Financially, the Signing of Lebron James has brought millions of dollars to the Miami Heat organization and the city of Miami itself, but I believe it has hurt the essence of what I believed to be the core of the NBA that I loved growing up. The actual sense of competition and the even balance of the league have been completely changed. If you look at the NBA right now, especially in the Eastern Conference, with the signing of Bosh and James all the Heat have done is basically make the conference a four team race, between the defending Conference champions Boston Celtics, The Heat, The free shooting Orlando Magic, and the young and exciting Chicago Bulls. But besides those four teams, there are really no other teams that can compete with the before named teams for the

simple fact of economics, or the size of certain media markets that cannot afford to field a competitive team to match the top four. The lone exception to this scenario being the New York Knicks, but the issue with the Knicks is that they put all their efforts into trying to sign James and were unsuccessful in their efforts and were unable to sign a big time free agent besides Am ‘are Stoudemire.. Even after signing a talent like Am ‘are, they are still at best an average team or below if besieged by injuries. The team that has really felt LeBron effect has been his former team The Cleveland Cavaliers, who have the worst record in the NBA with a record of 9-46, a difference of almost 30 games from the position they were at last year when they had the best record in the NBA at the All Star break. So The Heat might win a championship in a couple of years with the New Big 3, but was it at the cost of killing the true essence of the NBA? I believe it was. So in closing, I would like to thank LeBron and Chris for ruining the true essence of the NBA and proving that the NBA is a big business and is not for the fans anymore.

History ALIVE, is never History DEAD; when THE MYSTERY is unknown, unnecessary tears are shed. On the battlefield… blood is shed; “My buddy is dead”. One cannot get pass their past, If the truth ain’t fed. We eating on and repeating on the past; … that’s how come, the boy is dead. Swimming in lies, is ‘his’ waterbed. Taking another’s eyes, is some men way ahead, Ahead of the race… To their final erase, to their destined place Ahead of the race? , still finishing in last place. 1st we gotta know the last, in order for rebirth; Give them their own




SEND YOUR OPINIONS TO: TALON@TCC.FL.EDU mother’s milk and you won’t have to force the burp, The burp after the fullness The sleep after the truth The long awaited freedom, that’s so over due. The past so loudly cries, like a baby at daycare, awaiting his mother’s eyes. The past so boldly dies, and re-lives every morning, accompanying the sunrise. Alongside the light, comes the eyes. “Join the past, to this future ride!” Aiming in the dark,& reaching so high; Harriet did it, with a sweet lullaby, Swinging low, …catching Madea’s boat? Humbly moving, ... dodging the rope, the yoke... that has that boy’s throat.

History untold, is His story sold. For the dirty $, A dirty thang can be made gold, & polished so nice, just like fine stone. Blood diamonds were reaped; cause, Blood diamonds were sown. The price of his glitter…was his mother’s nose, Shot off so boldly, by that ‘coke’. It comes in pure white, fresh off the boat. New way of living? Stay afloat! “Younguns take note!” Stay afloat! History rules are still at play, yes & uncle Man has a new face. ‘Running the south’, ‘The

claim to fame’; “Get knocked off!” or “play the game!” Object to the rules? & again you lose?. “Get history knowledge, stay in school.” “Join history Army …& kill a few.” “Throw history signs... & break the rules.” History wrote the book on how to be who. Before you were you This great author knew who… Oh did he invent you, from who? You not having a mirror…just his picture of who …. a deep look in the glass, will erase the known past… & reveal life

-Sherica Howard-

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The Art of Game: What is it really about? A post Valentines Day response.

BY RICHARD HERRINGTON I have one question: Does anybody know what it is to really have any so called “Game’’ anymore? The word Game has many different meanings depending on whose opinion you ask. “Swag and Smoothness in an approach towards women,” is how Sophomore Wardell Haggins describes the term Game. “It is about your confidence and the way you carry yourself around women,” is how Sophomore BJ Campbell describes his definition of the term. I am a person who was raised with the appreciation that women are to be treated like a precious jewel. In other words, the same way you would treat your mother or sisters is how you treat a lady. “Word play, is very the art of game, to some of the guys who

use that approach to speak to women,” answered Sophomore Narada Hutchison when poised the question. “Confidence is the very key in the art of Game,” said TCC student Dennis Jackson. “The art of conversation and how much pride you show,” said Spencer Julaka, a TCC student. “The ability to understand what women want in a relationship and how to fulfill that need,” Sophomore Quan McCray answered. So when asking the question, “What is game?” I get a mixed response of different answers, but not an exclusive answer on what it is. So I guess that I will never know what the actual definition of game, but I will continue to look until I find out.

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It smells like college BY ALEXANDER MOLINA

Our campus smells like Marijuana, to put it bluntly. From most areas outside to bathroom stalls, they all have a lingering odor of some fire rolled into a grape blunt-wrap.

Volume 62, Issue 1


What If: Facebook counted towards College Credit BY RENADE SOLOMON Students struggle to get good grades in many subjects. In order to get good grades most students have to study and work hard to receive the grade they want. Facebook is something the majority of students are heavily involved in today. Students are always uploading pictures, changing their status, or searching for friends. It seems students get caught up in Facebook no matter what they are doing. It is so accessible at any time. You can even get an app for it put on your cell phone so you can use it at any time. I am even on Facebook as I write this article! So if Facebook was a subject students were graded on, it would seem most people would get an A without an issue. “ I love Facebook, if I spent as much time on Facebook as I did studying, I bet I would have a perfect GPA because I can do just about anything on Facebook” said Tallahassee Community College student Caroline Browning. But on the other hand some students are not as Facebook savvy as Browning. “ I would flat out fail a course on Facebook, I don’t have one and have no idea how to use it” says TCC student Amanda Floyd. Even though some students cannot use Facebook the majority does. That makes me think many would get an A in a Facebook class.

Just something to ponder…

I am not trying to say that the people doing this are completely wrong in their actions but, the idea I want to convey is: Smoke before arriving on campus. Just light up in privacy, trying to look gangster while smoking weed openly on campus should be an afterthought to getting to class on time.

on campus seriously think that the smell of their friend’s black and mild masks an aroma of the dank? Believe me when I say that most people on campus can recognize the smell of marijuana, after all this is college.

Do people smoking weed

Jan. 28, 2011

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The TCC Talon Issue 3  
The TCC Talon Issue 3  

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