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May 2016

Once Upon A Prom Hosts Annual Giveaway 1,000 dresses donated; over 250 people attended the event

By Daisy Leahy All seniors come to face the harsh reality about how expensive prom season can be. While there are many different ways to save money, the costs will add up one way or another. Through all this, one of B-CC’s longstanding traditions comes to light: Once Upon A Prom. On April 13th, B-CC’s Once Upon a Prom held their annual prom dress giveaway. “The goal of this club has pretty much always been the same: to allow girls in the community with a prom dress that makes them feel beautiful and confident, which may not be something they can afford otherwise!” junior club leader Becca Leggett said. The dresses at the event are donated from the community. Most are dresses that have been worn once and then thrown into the back of the closet never to be worn again. Others are donated in large amounts from generous vendors. The event has both long and short dresses, and a wide variety of sizes, allowing girls of all ages to have the chance to dis-

cover a dress that is right for them. Also at the event are raffle items that can be crucial for prom night and prom season. The prizes include gift certificates to various nail and hair salons around Bethesda for primping on the day of. This club has an esteemed reputation for its success, and this year is no exception. More than 250 people came to find a dress, and the night ended with more than 900 dresses given away. The fundraiser started with over 1,000 dresses and the leftover dresses that were not chosen by the people who came to the fundraiser were donated to other

schools and organizations who have similar clubs or organizations with the same goal. This club has been around at B-CC since 2010 years, when Carly Silver, ‘12, started the club after being inspired by the idea from another school. Since, she graduated, the club has been passed down to her siblings who still attend B-CC and is now run by juniors Madison Silver and Rebecca Leggett, along with sophomore Tory Silver. The club has been very successful over the past years in helping girls find a more affordable way to find the perfect prom dress.

Top left: Metro Moving Storage helping move over 1,000 prom dresses for the event. Photo courtesy of Metro Moving Storage. Top right: Gertrude Akunlibe, 18, trying on a prom dress. Photo courtesy of Natalie Griffin. Bottom right: The small gym full of prom dresses

Opinion: The Spirit of Mt. Vernon Offers Hope for New Tradition By Lauren Applequist and Rediet Siyoum Do you not want your prom experience to end at midnight? Have you been dreaming about smooching under the stars with your prom date? Do you want to spend one last memorable night with your classmates before graduation? These incentives are only some of the many that were mentioned during the senior assembly as to why we should go on the after-prom boat. Two years ago, Dave and Buster’s, where after-prom had been held in years past, closed for business. Since then, the SGA and PTSA have been relentlessly trying to come up with a worthy replacement. Last year, they tried to satis-

Countdown to Prom: Racing to Prepare

fy the ‘15 seniors by having after-prom at B-CC and just trying to cram a lot of everything in a small space. Although it was mostly a success, it didn't compare to Dave and Busters. No matter the effort put forth by the PTSA, it is almost impossible to make a fluorescent lit hallway into an elegant experience. This year we have been promised a moonlight tour of the Potomac River on a beautiful boat. While on board you can take in the scenery of the monuments, lit up and reminding us of our good fortune to be living so close to our nation’s capital. The Spirit of Mount Vernon can accommodate up to 400 guests on board and is 175 long by 30 feet high. There will also be a co-

pious amount of activities and games to keep us busy for the 3 hours we will be on there. Offered on board are free Henna tattoos, Wii and Xbox games, a photo booth, a buffet and of course, more music and dancing. This boat

is a classier alternative to the typical night spent partying in someone’s basement, and let’s be honest, you can do that any other night. We understand the incentive to get away from administration on your prom night but this boat is a once in

a lifetime experience you will regret if you miss. Stand on the bow with your date and reenact Jack and Rose as you fly with the wind in your hair, of course, with a happier ending to the night than they had.

3 days out

2 days out

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The Night Before

Mud mask:

Brainstorm Instagramv captions:

Pack an emergency kit:

Get a good night’s sleep:

The Spirit of Mount Vernon is 175 feet long, 30 feet high, and can hold up to 400 guests.

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#BestNightEvaaa The most important night of your life (or so they say...) is just days away. Whether going to Drybar or taking ample time to sing your favorite tunes in the shower, its crucial to prep for a positive physical and emotional state. How will you perfectly primp and prime for this spectacle?

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Make sure you stand out amongst the overflowing

You never know what may go down! Pack a teeny bag with double-sided tape, band-aids, a hair-tie, cash.

You’ll be spending endless hours on the boat, so make

up for it by resting now.