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Volume 6 Issue 5 |June 4, 2014 |Argyle High school |

Senior Edition

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Contents The Talon News


Reflections on the Year

The time has come to throw caps in the air and open the page to a new beginning for the 2013-14 graduating class. This year is coming to an end and seniors are starting to realize their new chapter is fast approaching. With emotions running high, and excitement even higher, the graduating student’s have taken a few glimpses back at this year and previous years of high school at memories that will last them a lifetime.


Staff Zoo trip

To celebrate another successful year, the newspaper and yearbook students took a trip to the Dallas Zoo on May 16th. As a tradition, this page is dedicated to the hard-working seniors on The Talon News staff who have put in countless hours of work, posing with thier crazy zoo look-a-likes.


Top 11, Perfect attendance

All the best characteristics of Argyle Eagles are exemplified in this year’s top 11 students: Monica Canizares, Ross Coker, Allison Gant, Matthew Goodpaster, Jack Graham, Matthew Hwayden, Benjamin Irons, Kelsey Peiser, Catherine Read, Darby Richhart, and Kimberly Strelke. Students who had perfect attendance this year were Austin Anderson, Connor Arnold, Danielle Baker, Jesus Barraza, Jacob Cox, Blake and Breanna Dewoody, Paco Ramos, Cheyanne Gantz, Carley Johnson, Chandler Kayfus, Travis Koczo, Allison Mastrandonas, Connor Mushinski, Carlos Padron, Cody Stewart, and Jacob Tudor.


college bound

The seniors are headed to colleges all across the country, with 2,462 miles spanning Pepperdine University in California, where Kendall McLeod will be attending in the fall, to the Naval Academy in Maryland, where Matthew Goodpaster is bound. Twenty seniors are committed the University of North Texas and nineteen are committed to the of University of Arkansas. There are even seniors attending colleges like Sewanee: The University of the South, Carnegie Mellon, and Wake Forest University.


Senior Plans

Throughout the year the seniors were crushing on everyone from Mrs. Correll to “dark matter orb.” In addition to attending college, the students have plans to join the army and the navy, to work at Texas Motor Speedway, and even to join the firefighting academy. The Talon | 3

Reflections on the Year Tanner Davenport & Annabel Thorpe

4 | Feature


HE TIME HAS COME to throw caps up in air and open the page to a new beginning for the 2013-14 graduating class. This year is coming to an end and seniors are starting to realize that their new chapter is fast approaching. With emotions running high, and excitement even higher, the graduating student’s have taken a few

glimpses back at this year and previous years of high school at memories that will last them a lifetime. The 2013-14 school year stands out thanks to its graduating class, and it’s up in air as to what the key part of their legacy will be. In December the football team made what could arguably be called the senior class’s crowning achievement by taking home the 3A state title at AT&T Stadium. The MVP’s Ian Sadler and Colton Hinnrichs and the rest of the extremely talented guys got

the opportunity to finish off their high school football career on the ultimate venue and take home the gold, but it was also an incredible experience for the fans in the stands, who had anticipated an Argyle state victory for years. “It was a really great experience and being able to say Argyle has the best football team in the state is pretty amazing,” senior Reed Davis said. The large number of seniors that will graduate this year with a state ring exemplifies the tremendous effort the

championship required. “It united us all because we have played together since second grade with our dads coaching peewee football,” senior Jon Brittenum said. “Then we went to middle school where we finally get to play on the big field, then playing in high school with Friday night lights. The state championship will always be a part of our memories.” It seems as though the entire Argyle community will remember the class for their victory. “It’s our legacy,” senior Kendall McLeod said. “That’s what people will remember most about our year. We had so many other achievements but that was our defining moment.” Cont. on page 13

Connor Wilson (11) and Hunter Treadwell (8) run out of the tunnel at Argyle HS Stadium with their teammates before taking on Nolan The Catholic on | 5 Talon Sep. 6. Photo by Matt Garnett

The Talon News Staff 2013 -14

Top row: Adviser Stacy Short, Josh Block, Ty Crawford, Jeff Short. Middle row: Mark Pfohl, Annabel Thorpe, Darby Richhart, Aubrey Kass, Evan Welsh, Maddie Moseley, Harris Ulman, Matt Garnett, Tanner Davenport. Bottom Row: Brett McMartin, Sydney Austin, Madison Hardy, Maggie DiVecchia, and Tyler Gibson. Photo by Maddy Mann

TANNER DAVENPORT Zoo Look-a-Like: Cheetah

SZooYDNEY AUSTIN Look-a-Like: Flamingo 6 | Feature

M AGGIE DIVECCHIA Zoo Look-a-Like: Meerkat

D ARBY RICHHART Zoo Look-a-Like: Gorilla

B RETT MCMARTIN Zoo Look-a-Like: Turtle

M ADDIE MOSELEY Zoo Look-a-Like: Ostrich M ADISON HARDY Zoo Look-a-Like: Lion

JEFF SHORT Zoo Look-a-Like: Giraffe

A UBREY KASS Zoo Look-a-Like: Cheetah The Talon | 7

8 | Senior Ads

The Talon | 9

Model Students By Matt Garnett

Top Eleven


RGYLE IS FORTUNATE to have many talented students, but as with each preceeding class the top ranked students are asked to sit on the front row at graduation. This year’s group of eleven (pictured right) includes Allison Gant, Benjamin Irons, Catherine Read, Darby Richhart, Jack Graham, Kelsey Peiser, Kimberly Strelke, Matthew Goodpaster, Matthew Hayden, Ross Coker, and Monica Canizares. These model students have overcome each of their own challenges of juggling school, extracurriculars, and personal ventures all the while maintaining astronomical grades. They represent some of the most studious and driven members of the senior class and definitely deserve every ounce of honor that they receive.

Perfect Attendance E

QUALLY AS IMPRESSIVE AS BEING named in the top eleven is maintaining perfect attendance throughout high school. Seniors Danielle Baker, Cody Stewart, and Jacob Tudor have managed to do it along with Austin Anderson, Connor Arnold, Jesus Barraza, Jacob Cox, Blake Dewoody, Breanna Dewoody, Francisco “Paco” Fernandez Ramos, Cheyanne Gantz. Carley Johnson, Chandler Kayfus, Travis Koczo, Allison Mastrandonas, Connor Mushinski, and Carlos Padro. Congratulations to each of them and their incredible amount of dedication and responsibility.

10 | Feature

COLLEGE BOUND Senior Class of 2014 College Choices

Class of 2014 plans to Attend universities from Pepperdine to the Naval Academy, Spanning 2,462 miles By Ty Crawford

Carnegie Mellon

Iowa Western University of Denver

Naval Academy Kansas State Air Force Academy Pittsburg State Pepperdine

Wake Forest

Oral Roberts Arkansas Harding Central Oklahoma Oklahoma State West Texas A&M Oklahoma Christian

American Academy of Dramatic Arts


Arizona State Texas Tech



Most Common Colleges College # Attending Univ. of North Texas 20 Univ. of Arkansas 19 Texas A&M Univ. 13 Univ. of Texas Austin 13 NCTC 11 Oklahoma State Univ. 8 Texas Tech 5 Blinn College 5 Oklahoma Univ. 4 Baylor Univ. 3

Central Baptist

Austin College

NCTC UT Tyler Hardin-Simmons SMU Cisco CollegeTCU UTA Trinity Valley Howard College Tarleton Baylor Stephen F Austin Angelo State Southwestern Texas A&M Texas Austin Community College Blinn College Texas State ACU



Seminole State

Sewanee Samford Georgia

Delta State Mississippi State Alabama Belhaven

Central Florida

Furthest Distance College Pepperdine Univ. Acad. of Dramatic Arts Naval Academy Carnegie Mellon Wake Forest Univ. Univ. of Central Florida Arizona State Univ. Univ. of Arizona University of Georgia Sewanee Univ.

Miles 1459 1438 1389 1246 1142 1139 1059 947 892 771

Student Kendall McLeod Savannah Wilson Matthew Goodpaster Ross Coker Maddie Moseley Rochelle Taylor Kelsey Peiser Tristan Curtis/Megan Redding Lizzy Surratt Maggie DiVecchia The Talon | 11

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HE SENIORS MADE many other contributions to the school’s achievements this year: girls basketball traveled to state and took second, volleyball advanced to region, baseball deep into the playoffs, softball to bi-district, and boys golf took second at state. Cementing the senior class’s golden legacy, in May the track team had multiple seniors place first at state in Austin, including 4x400m relay first place winners Taylor Mueller, Brooke Robertson, Laine Lowry, junior Cassi Hargroves, and 110m hurdle champion Reese Thompson. At the regional meet, Argyle took first for accounting, computer applications, mathematics, number sense, and science and took second in computer science, current issues, literary critique, and spelling, making them first overall at the meet and advancing seventeen students to state in Austin once again. One Act Play also placed third at region and the computer science team advanced to state as the wild card team. UIL Academics even served a purpose to students outside intellectual achievement by

Senior color guard captain Allison Gant performs the band’s 2013 show, ”Apotheosis” at the Argyle vs Dallas Madison “Think Pink” football game. The guard won first place at the Little Elm colorgurad/marching contest out of 3A, 4A, and 5A schools using “Apotheosis”. Photo by Matt Garnett

Seniors Brooke Robertson, Laine Lowry, Taylor Mueller, and junior Cassi Hargroves celebrate after placing first in the 3A Girl’s 4x400 meter relay race at the UIL State Track Meet in Austin on May 10, 2014 with a time of 3:57.7 seconds. Photo by Matt Garnett

sparking lasting friendships and fostering the familial quality of the class of 2014. “I used to be horribly shy and couldn’t talk to people,” senior Maddie Miller said. “I have really opened up as a person and senior year has been my defining moment, mainly due to UIL One Act Play, in becoming who I am

and who I want to be.” Students have also had their teachers supporting them through high school. “I think Coach Beene has helped me become who I am today because he has showed me that people can embrace my awkwardness,” McLeod said. “He showed me that I can be myself.”

Most of all, the seniors have had each other to depend on. “Everyone has each other’s back since we are such a small school,” Brittenum said. “Everyone knows everybody and we can all look up to each other. We don’t have to be worried about people judging us.” Cont. on page 20

Colton Wilkes drives into the paint and attempts a layup against Celina on Feb. 4, 2014 in Celina, TX. The boys varsity team finished their season this year 16-8, falling closely to Wilmer Hutchins in the area championship of the playoffs 37-40 on Feb. 21, 2014. Photo by Matt Garnett

Colton Katzen tees off on the par three number six at Wolfdancer Golf Club on April 29, 2014 in Austin, TX. The boys varsity team finished state runner up by six strokes behind the 3A defending champion, Andrews, with a 318 and 326, and combined two day total of 644. Photo by Matt Garnett

Baily Eschle proudly holds up the girls basketball regional trophy after defeating Celina in double overtime at Texas A&M Commerce Field House on Feb. 21, 2014. The girls team fought all the way to the state championship where ultimately fell just short of Waco LaVega on March 1, 2014. Photo by Matt Garnett

The Talon | 13

First Name Last Name

Eylin Isaac Evan Kaetlin Sydney Danielle Hannah William Adriatik Duncan Gabrielle Jimmy Chance Brandon Jon Jake Alyssa Katye Thomas Madeline Monica Micah Tyler Michael Chance Laurie Beth Devin Michael Jared Kirsten Ty Tristan Anna Michael Tanner Daniel Tristan Maggie Miranda Darla

14 | Future Plans

Aguilar Albanesi Alderson Arthur Austin Baker Barker Barton Begaj Bender Bennett Bland Bode Van Ysselmonde Boyzuick Brittenum Brown Bruton Butts Buvinghausen Caldwell Canizares Capra Case Castle Cates Chalk Church Coker Cole Couch Crawford Curtis Dahms Daniel Davenport Davis Davis DiVecchia Dobbs Dreessen

Future Plans

University of Alabama Texas A&M University Oklahoma Christian University Oklahoma State University Mississippi State University University of North Texas University of North Texas Blinn College University of North Texas Undecided Blinn College Undecided Belhaven University Cisco College University of Arkansas University of Arkansas University of Oklahoma Angelo State University University of North Texas University of Arkansas Univesity of Texas at Arlington United States Air Force Academy Central Baptist College University of Texas at El Paso University of North Texas Abilene Christian University Undecided Carnegie Mellon University Texas A&M University Oklahoma State University Texas A&M University University of Arizona University of Arkansas University of Texas at Tyler University of Texas at Austin University of Arkansas University of Arkansas Sewanee: The University of the South Undecided University of North Texas

Senior Crush

Jaxon Baum

Chase Cole Pratyush Joshi Jack Vickery Johnny Depp Christian Bale Matthewâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sister Scarlett Johanson Glenda Whitaker Brayden Ratcliff Blake Lively Makenna White Brett McMartin Nick Ralston Brayden Ratcliff Kate Upton Zach Zembraski William Miracle Kendall McLeod Jennifer Lawrence Brooklyn Decker Michael Buble Preston List Emma Stone Blair Bowman Rachael ;) Matthew White <3 Chris Evans Drew Estrada Keira Knightley Ally Atkinson Officer Price Taylor Sweatt William Miracle

First Name Last Name

Future Plans

Senior Crush

Reed Lindsey Taylor Bailey Sarah Cori Nikolas Victoria Seth Emily Megan Allison Caitlin Tyler Adilen Erica Drew Matthew Jack Chase Jordan Zachary Christian Madison Matthew Hannah Cole Brayden Lexi Riley Colton Kevin Allison Hayden Daniel Benjamin Megan William Aubrey Colton

NCTC and ITD University of Arkansas Blinn College University of Arkansas Oklahoma State University Le Cordon Bleu NCTC University of Texas at Austin Delta State University Harding University Tarleton State University Texas A&M University University of North Texas University of Arkansas Hardin-Simmons University University of Texas at Austin Texas Christian University United States Naval Academy University of Oklahoma University of Arkansas NCTC Fire Acadamy University of Arkansas Southwestern University University of Texas at Austin Abilene Christian University University of Arkansas Oklahoma State University Undecided Texas State University University of Central Oklahoma Northlake Community College University of Texas at Austin Texas Tech University Texas Motor Speedway Baylor University Blinn College Stephen F. Austin University Midwestern State University University of Texas at Austin

Katy Perry Drew Estrada Jon Davis Mike Morris Mike Morris Morgan Parkey

Dryden Eckert Erwin Eschle Fabian Febles Fillhart Filoso Fountain Fullingim Galvin Gant George Gibson Gonzalez Gonzalez Gooch Goodpaster Graham Green Grimaldo Haas Hackney Hardy Hayden Hecker Hedlund Helliker Hicks Higgins Hinnrichs Holder Hommel Hood Howard-Barnett Irons Jackson Kammerer Kass Katzen

Coach Beene Kate Upton Jesse Williams Logan Dial Dark matter orb Katelyn Cooper Tanner Boyzuick Matt Garnett Lizzy Levine Shelby Low Maggie, Maddie Margaret Stein Kate Upton Kelsey Landrum Madison Hardy Terry Moore Coach Beene Leonardo DiCaprio Todd Rodgers Kenna Roberts Channing Tatum Micah Capra Micah Capra Myself. Duh Kanye West Ally Atkinson Maggie McGehee Kim Strelke Dalton Taft Mrs. Keck The Talon | 15

First Name Last Name

Future Plans

Senior Crush

Shawn Emily Suzanne Michael Michael Frosina Kelsey Braden Dalton Lizzy Duncan Lindsey Nicholas Shelby Susanna Jacob Madeline Madeline Maribel Lee Bailey Kendall Brett Derek Cole Payton Justus Madeline William Terry Amberlyn Mike Madison Taylor Ty Parker Hannah Zoe Zachary Roberto

University of North Texas Samford University University of Oklahoma University of Arkansas University of North Texas Baylor University Baylor University Oral Roberts University Attend college University of Alabama Texas Tech University University of North Texas Iowa Western University Texas A&M University Texas Christian University Stephen F. Austin University University of Denver Texas A&M University Undecided NCTC Texas A&M University Pepperdine University Oklahoma State University ITTech University of Arkansas University of North Texas Air Force University of North Texas University of North Texas University of North Texas NCTC University of Arkansas Wake Forest University University of Texas at Austin University of Arkansas Texas Tech University University of Arkansas Undecided Undecided Mi Sueno

Danielle Baker

16 | Future Plans

Keil King Knuppel Kolember Koziol Krasniqi Landrum Lanning Ledford Levine Lewis Lotze Louy Low Lowry Mann Mann Martin Martinez Licona Maynard McClure McLeod McMartin McMullin McQuirk McWhorter Milbauer Miller Miracle Moore Moore Morris Moseley Mueller Murphy Mushinski Neece Nery Owens Pacheco

Jacob Mann Brittany Garrett Caley Kubicek Zac Efron Channing Tatum Mr. Lemish Aubrey Kass Drew Gooch Jon Davis Dani Jackson Kevin Bacon Jon Davis Selena Gomez Colton Katzen

Alexis Sharp Attractive guys Christian Hackney Cody Phillips Megan Fox Mrs. Romero Scottie Douglas Selena Gomez Sierra Boggess All cheerlebrities Josh Duhamel Margaret Stein Shashwat Tripathi JC Chalk Anna Dahms Seth Green Curtis Vander Stoep Ciara Gomez Curtis Vander Stoep

First Name Last Name

Future Plans

Senior Crush

Reagen Ronnie Kelsey Oscar Cody Haley Ray Shayne Jon Mathew Catherine Megan Bonita Martha Darby Brooke Quinton Alejandro Emily Hunter Ian Connor Clayton Jeffrey Samuel Logan Hunter Tyler Courtney Margaret Cody Hunter Kel Kimberly Alexandra Elizabeth Bailey Rochelle Reese Elliot

Advocare University of North Texas Arizona State University NCTC Texas State University NCTC University of Texas at Austin Undecided University of Oklahoma Undecided University of Texas at Austin University of Arizona NCTC Texas Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s University University of Texas at Austin Angelo State University Howard College Undecided Seminole State College Baylor University Texas Tech University Austin College Army and Texas A&M University University of Arkansas Kansas State University Pittsburg State University West Texas A&M University Blinn College University of Arkansas Texas A&M University University of North Texas Oklahoma State University Midwestern State University Southern Methodist University Austin Community College University of Georgia Texas A&M University University of Central Florida University of Texas at Austin University of North Texas

Sam Sizelove

Page Peevey Peiser Perez Phillips Poling Pool IV Priddy Pucciarello Ralph Read Redding Rehl Reuter Richhart Robertson Rockwell Rodriguez Romeiser Ross Sadler Santone Sharp Short Sizelove Sommers Standifer Steely Stein Stein Stewart Stewart Straubmueller Strelke Styron Surratt Sutton Taylor Thompson Thorpe

Matt Garnett Bonita Rehl Coach Mouser Rhiannon Mohar Hayley Little Margaret Stein Emma Malone Sam Sizelove Kel Straubmueller Oscar Perez Almost prom date John Stamos Blake Dewoody Caroline Ledford Joe Forrer Telena Wright Victoria Justice Alex Yost Paige Hathaway Mrs. Correll Theo James Kaylee Pool Lilly Carter Trey Pruett Coach Beene Brooklyn Decker Shaylee Starnes Tanner Boyzuick Coach Beene Scottie Douglas Trey Pruett Alex Yost The Talon | 17

First Name Last Name

Rachael Hunter Jacob Curtis Jack Shannon Isabella Jake Matthew Haylee Gary Colton Brian Connor Savannah Hannah Joseph Nicole

18 | Future Plans

Townsend Treadwell Tudor Vander Stoep Vickery Walters Warner Weaver White Whitworth Wildeveld Wilkes Williams Wilson Wilson Wiseman Wright Zielinski

Future Plans

Oklahoma State University Trinity Valley Community College NCTC University of North Texas University of Texas at Austin NCTC Texas Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s University Texas A&M University Texas A&M University Texas A&M University NCTC Texas A&M University Undecided Texas Tech University American Academy of Dramatic Arts University of Texas at Austin University of North Texas University of North Texas

Senior Crush

Jon Davis Mrs. Correll Rebecca Lytle Connie Correll Brooke Daniel

Tanner Watson Cole McQuirk Kade Barnett Christina Hendricks Brooke Daniel Micki Hirschorn Rachel Jack Graham Tatianan Maslany Selena Gomez Kade Barnett

The Talon | 19


OR A CLASS THAT HAS grown to be so tightly knit, the prospect of leaving Argyle, friends, and family behind can be frightening. Perhaps at no other point in the year did this reality hit harder than at prom. “We all came to the realization that this is the last big hoorah before graduation,” Brittenum said. “As you walk across the stage and through those doors at graduation, the realization that you may never

see these people again kind of hits. We are all starting to go our separate ways.” The inevitable parting of ways is what often sets the tone for the senior year. “It’s nostalgic and sad but at the same time it’s inspiring because you have the opportunity to know this is your last chance,” McLeod said. “You express how you feel about people more. You don’t miss out on the chance to share your feelings.”

The emotional roller coaster of high school is coming to an end for the seniors. It’s a time for cheers and tears, nostalgia and new beginnings. “I kind of feel like I have been living in a bubble and I finally get to reach out and pop it to see the rest of the world,” senior Kirsten Couch said. High school has been an important piece in every student’s life that has graced the halls of Argyle. It has been

a place for many students to grow and mature while becoming the people they are today. From freshman to senior year has been a great journey that has bonded the senior year together. They have all gained memories that will stay with them forever and even though saying goodbye is hard, it will carry students to the next part of their life. “This isn’t the end,” Miller said. “It’s the beginning.”


20 | Feature

The Talon | 21

Senior Look-A-Likes Michael Kolember

Michael Phelps

Lindsey Lotze

Christina Applegate

Victoria Filoso


Maggie DiVecchia

Lucy Hale

Photos taken and edited by Evan Welsh and Sydney Austin. Michael Phelps photo by The Baltimore Sun. Christina Applegate by LA Times. Lorde photo by Huffington Post. Kurt Cobain photo by American Songwriter. Kendall Jenner photo by HD Wallpaper Art. Tinker Bell photo by Wallpaper in HD. Mark Zuckerberg photo by the Daily Record.

WITH SIMILAR LOOKS AND ATTRIBUTIONS, it is hard to tell the difference between a few of the students of the senior class and certain actors, musicians, entrepenuers, atheletes, and other celebrities. After the senior class submitted their nominations, here are the top picks for Senior Look-A-Likes. See if you can tell the difference without looking at their names.

Tanner Davenport

Kurt Cobain

Erica Gonzalez

Kendall Jenner

Savannah Wilson

Tinker Bell

Ty Crawford

Mark Zuckerberg The Talon | 23

24 | Senior Ads

The Talon | 25

26 | Senior Ads

The Talon | 27

28 | Senior Ads

The Talon | 29

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