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June 5, 2012

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2 - Senior Edition

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SuperheroEs Fight


Sam Ramirez | Staff Writer The imaginations of humanity’s greatest storytellers have birthed fantastic heroes, capable of surmounting impossible odds. But not one of these heroes could hold their own, even for a minute, in a fight against Tolkien’s Gandalf. It’s difficult to summarize Gandalf ’s 100% ‘bossitude’ in the limited space of a newspaper article, but nonetheless I’ll try. Let’s start before the War of the Ring, when Gandalf identified the ultimate threat to all of Middle Earth, the Ring of Power. He swiftly set a plan in motion that would destroy it. Along the way, he overthrew the most powerful wizard in existence, flat-out crushed a flaming monster with demon wings that previously destroyed an entire kingdom, killed some flying dragon monsters, died, came back from being dead, allied the dysfunctional kingdoms of men to win two commanding victories, and organized the destruction of the most evil being in existence—all while riding the fastest horse in the world bareback. All the evil in Middle Earth allied itself against Gandalf, and was swept away. An egotistical womanizer and a bald Jedi shouldn’t be a problem.

James Bond

Garrett Hamm | Staff Writer Spy. Assassin. Lover. His name is Bond, James Bond, and he is the epitome of a secret agent. As an agent for MI-6 (Military Intelligence, Section 6), commonly known as the Secret Intelligence Service, James Bond is tasked to provide Her Majesty’s Government with intelligence on foreign enemies. He is trained expertly in all manners of weaponry, special tactics, and a long list of hand-to-hand combat techniques. He is also multi-lingual (especially in the universal language of love). James Bond, 007, has taken down entire governments and vast world agencies, so when pitted in a fight against Mace Windu and Gandalf, it is as clear as day that Sir James Bond would emerge as the victor (albeit it will be a gruesome fight). While Mace and Gandalf might have outof-this-world powers, James Bond would use his resourcefulness, gadgets, and superior knowledge of longrange weaponry to incapacitate his enemies.

Mace Windu

Travis Lindemann | Staff Writer A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, a fierce Jedi knight fought fearlessly and effortlessly to defend the Republic. Although times have changed, and things are not the same as they once were, Mace Windu’s amazing awesomeness and outrageous boss ability has not changed. In fact, it has only gotten better. The force is the most powerful element in the modern world. Those that can control it, manipulate it, and use the force at their will are unstoppable. Mace Windu is one of those special people. Any opponent within a hundred yards of Windu’s force-grab is succeptible to being struck by a large object. His years of experience along with natural athletic and fighting abilities come to his advantage and allow him to dominate any foe in battle. He wields only a light saber, which has the power to sever any human limb and penetrate metals stronger than steel. There are none like him, and none equal. He is the most dominant warrior in the history of the Universe. He is Mace Windu.

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Senior Edition - 3

Volunteers Look Past Medals, Trophies Students Make Impact in Community Kylie Holt | Senior Editor The 2012-2013 school year has dawned a familiar sunrise for the Eagles. In the fall, our marching band won first at state for the third consecutive year, the football team advanced to region, volleyball competed in the state semi-finals, Hope Washburn placed fourth overall in the state qualifiers

for archery, and cross country sent Cameron Schafer and Gabriel Landin to state. Spring was equally successful. Boys and girls basketball went strong to the area playoffs, three wrestlers battled it out in Austin with Chase Roth winning the Eagles’ first wrestling championship, and tennis brought home a state medal in boy’s doubles thanks to Jack Vickery

and Rafael Ortega. Boys and girls golf competed at region with the boys advancing to place second in the state, soccer and softball had a strong district season, the brand new sporting clay team placed second and third at the region tournament, baseball played their hearts out to region, track sent Spencer McCloud to the capital for high jump placing first for the second year in a row, and UIL had fourteen individuals medal at state. As principal Jeff Butts likes to say, “I truly believe we are the best school in the nation.” But behind all of those medals and trophies is an even more valiant reason why our high school is sincerely wonderful. At the start of the school year the ‘Eagles Helping Eaglets’ program, sponsored by Challenge Day Club and coordinator Jeanna Sutton, gave high school students the opportunity to tutor elementary kids at risk. During the holidays, Student

Council teamed up with the Argyle Angel Tree to raise money and purchase toys, clothes, and other wish-list items. National Honor Society helped out, buying presents for four children on the tree. Fundraising was so successful that NHS was able to donate its proceeds to Argyle Anonymous. When school recommenced in Jan., $5000 was given to the Frisco office of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Since Oct., the community had been conducting the “Think Pink, Think Argyle” campaign to raise money and awareness. The money was raised through the efforts of students, teachers, administrators and their families. The annual ‘Water for the World’ event, hosted by UNICEF, was held in early March. Teachers geared up to play against the students in a dodge ball game this year. All proceeds went towards the organization, which will be used to help construct water wells in Africa. The softball team made two contributions this year. In Jan., around fifty blankets were made and delivered to a nursing home. The team was able to walk through the halls and see their blankets be brought to the patient’s rooms. Later on, the team gathered supplies to make Easter

Top Right: Marla Warden runs onto the court during the ‘Water for the Worlds’ UNICEF charity dodgeball. (Photo by Matt Garnett) Middle left: Maddie Martin (‘14) helps her eaglet on homework at an Eagles Helping Eaglets meeting on Feb. 25. (Photo by Jeanna Sutton) Bottom Left: Lexi Ratcliff escorts Santa Claus to pick up gifts donated for the angle tree. (Photo by Terra Lyon) Bottom Right: Volunteers travelled to Moore, OK on Memorial Day weekend to help with clean-up from the destructive tornadoes.

baskets at a church in San Marcos. Without the donations, many children would not have received a gift basket. In late April, “Shoot for the Stars” was held benefitting the Alex Betzhold Memorial Foundation. Festivities included basketball tournaments, free throw contests, vendors, live music, food, and carnival games for the entire family, along with heart screenings and blood donations. The festival strived to support heart health awareness in the community. On the way to the academic state UIL competition the Accounting team, led by coach John King, stopped in West, Texas to donate over $3,000 money and gift cards to the local Church of Christ, who provide over 300 meals a day to the devastated area. King

was inspired after reading a plea in a bulletin at his church from the people of West, asking everyone to remember they ‘have a very long road of recovery in front of us and need help.’ He took donations from the high school and the Argyle Church of Christ the week before at the high school. In response to the tornadoes in Oklahoma, Challenge Day Club hosted a bake sale, rais-

ing over $300. Sponsor Jeanna Sutton and several other local families traveled to Moore to assist with cleanup and donate the funds. Student Council has also started taking money donations. Though there are many more acts of kindness not mentioned here, and some still in the works, it is safe to say our high school is more than just a list of records or a pile of awards.

4 - Senior Edition

Cindy Lou Who

Adam Levine

Audrey Hepburn

Vladimir Putin

Allea Harris

Connor Kane

Brooke Ridenour

Nate Graf

the talon


Liam Payne

Hunter Thompson

Alyson Stoner

Morgan McInaney

Ryan Gosling

Travis Lindemann

Kristen Stewart

Chanel Smith

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5 - Senior Edition

UIL Takes State Championship for Sixth Consecutive Time Kylie Holt | Senior Editor Twenty-eight students attended the state UIL competition May 21-23 at the University of Texas campus in Austin. Participants had previously qualified by placing first, second or third at both the district and region meets. Not including a sweepstake and five team wins, sixteen students earned individual medals. With fifteen seniors competing at the state level this year, the graduating class of 2013 is taking a lot of talent from the UIL program. “I’ll miss this,” senior Brooke Ridenour (4th team, Literary Criticism) said. “Lit Crit has provided an outlet for my interests in literature. The people are all amazing and you won’t find the same

experience with any other group.” Senior Buckley Wallace qualified for the state meet in News Writing and placed 5th in Feature Writing at state in 2012. “I loved making friends with people that I never would have known before UIL,” Wallace said. “I got to make many fun memories that I will never forget.” Mathematics competitor Kara Peak agrees with Wallace. “I’m going to miss all the friends I made through UIL and all the fun times we had together at meets,” Peak said. The program is a learning experience for many students, including senior Conner Kane, who placed 3rd

individually and 2nd as State Academic Meet Results a team at state for AcEvent Place Name counting. Accounting 3rd Conner Kane “Ready Writing and 2nd Team Accounting are two events that taught me Computer Applications 5th Marshall Stiles a lot over the years,” Feature Writing 5th Kylie Holt Kane said. “They Headline Writing 2nd Kelsey Peiser brought me a lot of Literary Criticism 9th Audra Webbe great memories. I really enjoyed participating 4th Team in UIL academic comMathematics 1st Ross Coker petitions.” 3rd Davis Coghlan Seniors encourage 1st Team underclassmen to join an event early in their Number Sense 1st Ross Coker high school career. 1st Team “My only regret Calculator Applications 1st Ross Coker is not joining UIL 2nd Davis Coghlan sooner,” senior Melissa th Haltom (5 individu1st Team ally, 4th team, Spelling Science (Overall) 1st Nate Graf and Vocabulary) said. 2nd Ross Coker “It was so much fun 4th Carson Wells and I made some really great friends through5th Allison Gant out the year and at 1st Team state.” Science (Physics) 1st Ross Coker The competitions Science (Biology) 1st Nate Graf also provided clarity for the future. Spelling and Vocabulary 5th Melissa Haltom “I’m glad I partici4th Team pated in Accounting,” Kane said. “It has jumpstarted my interprogram is in good hands, with stuest in business and influenced my plans dents like sophomore Ross Coker, who for future studies in college. I would currently holds the record for number definitely encourage underclassmen to of state medals. Most of all however, get involved because it has been a very the seniors want their predecessors to rewarding experience for me.” remember to have fun along the way. As the seniors prepare for gradua“Just live it up,” Ridenour said. “It tion, they know they are leaving their goes by so fast. You’ll treasure these legacy to the underclassmen. The moments.”

6 - Senior Edition

the talon Last Name

First Name

Future Plans

Abernathy Erika Adams Megan

TX State Univ. Univ. of North TX



Anderson Barraza Baxter Block Bober Book Bowman Boyd Burkett Byer Caltrider Church

Olivia Alonzo Blake Ashleigh Keith Ashley Melissa Maggie Cullen Jared Michael Bridget

Ames Audio & Custom Lighting Marketing Blinn NCTC, Become Actor SFA, Elementary Ed. NCTC TX A&M TX State Univ. TX Tech Angelo State Baylor NCTC TX A&M

Clark Cline Coghlan Cuadrado Cullum Davis Deagen Dealy

Bryanna Carson Davis Gabby Rilee John Jordan Nathan

Despain Connor Dickerson Zachary Eddy Dean Egan Enmon Fellows Ferris Fitch

Jason Zachary Matthew Mackenzie Christopher

Forrer Forrest

Weston John

NCTC, surgical tech TX A&M Corpus UT Austin Ok. State Univ. Ok. State Univ. Univ. of North TX TX Lutheran Univ. TX A&M, Biomedical TX A&M Eastern Illinois Univ. of North TX Ok. State Univ. NCTC/UNT Hollywood! SFA State Univ. Travel, Work, College Work with big cats NCTC, Get Rich

Senior Crush Ferris Bueller Spencer McCloud Megan Galvin Josh Blaylock Sarah Fabian Trevor Jones Wood Speed Weston Forrer Sam Sizelove Cullen Burkett

Hunter Lenamon Mrs Dickerson! Kara Peak Rixey Boyd Nakota Raines Sierra James Audra Webbe Mrs. Keck Gabby Mcloud Katniss Everdeen I have none. My XBOX 360 Me

Lizzy Surratt Coach Beene

the talon

Senior Edition - 7

Last Name

First Name

Future Plans

Senior Crush






Univ. of North TX



TX Christian Univ.



TX Christian Univ.

Graf Gumbert Haltom Hamm Handt Harp

Nate Morgan Melissa Garrett Abigail Dillon

Harper Harris

Kylee Allea



TX A&M Ok. State Univ. TX A&M TX A&M, Corps Univ. of Arkansas Northern Ok. College East Central Univ. UT Arlington, basketball NCTC

Caitlin Thurston Michelle Obama Chris Hemsworth Leonardo Dicaprio Cole McQuirk



Illinois State Univ.



SFA State Univ.

Henkel Herod Holt Huffman

Scott Kyle Kylie Josh

Blinn, then A&M Univ. of North TX UT Austin Graduate, get out

Hutchinson Peyton Isakson Zachary Iverson








Carson Wells Mailey Golden Cullen Burkett Megan Redding

Danny David Trey Pruett Hunter Markward Channing Tatum Rhiannon Mohar Melissa Haltom Mrs. Payne It’s not secret, my girlfriend. Chocolate

TX A&M TX Tech, home builder To continue my edu- Mrs. Hieyns caiton Chanel Smith South Plains, TX Tech NCTC, Private Pilot Candice Swanepoel Michael Tyler JC, volleyball Caltrider & Weston Forrer

8 - Senior Edition

the talon Last Name

First Name Future Plans

Senior Crush

Johnson Jones Jones Jones Kane Kanzaki Kerkove Klapp Kolember Landin

Lindsey Jesse Seth Trevor Connor Brian Alex Caroline Andrew Gabriel

NCTC College of the Ozarks Cisco Junior College Macalester College Baylor Univ. Univ. of Oklahoma TX Tech TX Christian Univ. TX Tech Working at CBS



Lenamon Liggett Lindemann

Hunter Corie Travis



UT TX at San Antonio Tarleton State Univ. Hardin Simmons College at Louisiana Tech NCTC, History/Art

Chris Billings Kevin Durant Weston Forrer Mr Damiani Megan Barnett Mrs Kniss Mrs Keck Connon Kane Tanning bed. Cameron Schafer’s Mom

Low Lyle

Taylor Blake

Manos Marques Martin Mastrandonas McBride McCloud McConnell McGalliard McInaney

Jimmy Tatyana Randi Grant Nick Spencer Michael Tori Morgan



McMartin McMullen Moeller Monaco Mooney

Cutler Luke Morgan Tanner Brian

To rule the world FL. Atlantic Univ., Golf TX Tech NCTC TX A&M TX Tech Naval ROTC UT Austin Ok. State Univ. Collin College Lyon College, basketball Midwestern State Univ. CO School of Mines Arkansas Univ. NCTC TX Tech Univ. TX State Univ.

Bridget Church Ally Atkinson No crushes- in a relationship Coach Griffin Megan Barnett Taylor Mueller Sean Lowe Based God Blair Bowman Ferris Bueller

Mrs Chumbly Emma Watson Maddy Sanders

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Senior Edition - 9

Last Name

First Name

Future Plans

Senior Crush



Trey Spratlen

Neubauer Newell O’Brien Patterson

Rio Michael Blair Cullen

Univ. of CO at Boulder Angelo State Univ. Ok. State Univ. Brookhaven College NCTC, Personal Trainer CO School of Mines Missionary to Brazil SFA Univ.

Peak Kara Petrick Hunter Quintanilla Alvaro Raines Ramirez

Nakota Sam

TX Tech Reed College, Biology

Ratcliff Read Reed Ridenour

Alexis Alex Trevor Brooke

Roden Rogers Sanchez Sanders

Elizabeth Landon Stephanie Kimberley

Sanders Schafer

Madison Cameron



SFA State Univ. Blinn Marry Betty White Univeristy of Arkansas Univ. of Oklahoma Ok. State Univ. NCTC, Work Hardin Simmons Univ. NCTC Corban Univ., ROTC TX State Univ.

Scott Shade Shigley

Garrett Hunter Phoebe

Univ. of Arkansas TX Tech Univ. of Arkansas

Simmons Smith Smith Smith

Patrick Chanel Seanna Shelby

TX A&M Univ. College at NW Vista NCTC Ok. State Univ.

Jordan Deagan Mrs. Spain Sam Sizelove Allea Harris Davis Coghlan Lexie Ratcliff` Carley Johnson… Shhh don’t tell! Sam Ramirez Every mildly attractive girl I’ve ever looked at Tyler Gibson Betty White Clarke Kent Jack Graham

Michael Cera Landon Rogers Han Solo Cameron Schafer Cullen Burkett Cullen Burkett Tanner Watson & Austin Fife Allea Harris Michael Newell Mike Morris

10 - Senior Edition

the talon Last Name

First Name

Future Plans

Senior Crush



Ethan Ysbrand



Stiles Stinson Stites

Marshall Grayson Kaly

Cisco College, Fire/ EMT Austin College, Fireman CO School of Mines NCTC Air Force

Stoops Suominen Temple Thompson Thompson Thurston Torno Tudor Vines Wallace

Austin Michael Matthew Hunter Morgan Caitlin Trey Laura Joshua Michael

Washburn Washington Wasserman Webbe

Hope Tyrone

Wells Wells White

Carson Leann Kaitlin

Widener Williams Wright Wright Ysbrand Zarvou

Andru Sara Chris Mary Ethan Aaron

Gilbert Audra

Univ. of Alabama TX Tech North Lake College Univ. of Arkansas Brookehaven College Salon Prof. Academy TX A&M Univ. of North TX Univ. of North TX Sewanee: Univ. of the South NCTC, UNT Go to College

Michael Morrow Kaitlin White Scotty McCreery Kaetlin Arthur Nicki Minaj JC Chalk Tanner Fought I’m not telling.

Work UT Austin or Arling- Nathan Dealy ton Melissa Haltom Iowa State Univ. of CO at Boulder NCTC Univ. of North TX NCTC SFA State Univ. TX Tech Tarleton State Univ.

Cameron Schafer Marshall Stiles

Sierra James

the talon

Senior Edition - 11

12 - Senior Edition

the talon

Burnett , Chumbley Finish Careers After Combined 54 Years Stefan Deshazo | Staff Writer After Gayla Burnett and Nancy Chumbley finish their combined 54 years of teaching this spring, they will move on to the next stage of their lives—retirement. During her time off, Burnett plans to do things she did not have time to do while teaching. “I plan to play with my grandchildren,” Burnett said. “After that, I hope to take up golf again.  I have had to put my crafts on the back burner while I have been teaching so I’ll sew, crochet, knit, and paint again.  I love to read and have bookshelves loaded with books that need to be read.  There is a lot of bridge to be played. All of these things should keep me busy for a

while.” Chumbley is also looking forward to the free time. “I want to spend time doing all the things I haven’t been able to do before I die,” Chumbley said. “Gardening, traveling, playing with my grandkids, acting, sewing, reading, and taking it easy.” Both Burnett and Chumbley have been recognized for their efforts in education. “Since I have been here,” principal Jeff Butts said, “I have seen their dedication to students, caring that they get a good education, the loyalty they have to our school district and support for extracurricular activities.” Many students will miss their commitment

to the students and learning. “I will miss Mrs. Chumbley’s passion for theatre,” senior Caroline Klapp said. “She helped ignite my fire for acting. It’s special that I am graduating the same year she is leaving,” Chumbley also gained a valuable lesson from 27 years of teaching numerous grade levels and subjects. “The most valuable thing that I have taught my students is that life is a performance. Have confidence and get what you want,” Chumbley said. Burnett has learned valuable lessons after 29 years teaching subjects from

Top Right: Gayla Burnett and Nancy Chumbley socialize at the distict UIL meet. (Photo by Matt Garnett) Nancy Chumbley and Bryan Beene hand out medals at district UIL. (Photo by Kylie Holt) Bottom Right: Gayla Burnett congratulates Brooke Ridenour on her award in College Trigonometry. (Photo by Matt Garnett)

7th grade Life Science to College Trigonometry. “There is always

more to learn about life, your students, your subject matter, etc.,” Burnett

said. “We all need to be life-long learners.”

the talon

Senior Edition - 13

Most popular enrollment for the fall of 2013

Senior Class of 2013 College Choices North central


Reed Corban

Texas college

Iowa State Illinois State Cinncinati School of Mines Air Force Ozarks Oklahoma State Oklahoma Texas Tech

Colleges being

East Central

North Texas

Tarleton State TCU Hardin-Simmons San Angelo State Baylor

attented NExt YeAR BY

2013 Seniors


LA Tech Stephen F. Austin

Texas A&M Texas Texas at San Antonio Texas State

Texas A&M at Chorpus

Infographic by Jaxon Baum

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14 - Senior Edition

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Baseball Wins Area, Falls at Region Quarter Final Series




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Senior Edition - 15 Journalism Students Annual Field Trip

the talon staff Editor in Chief Matt Garnett Senior Editor Kylie Holt Administrative Assistants Eben Leon Claire Lyles Nakota Raines Photographers Logan Dial Brendan Mitchell Graphic Designers Jaxon Baum Blake Dewoody Sara Williams Reporters Ashley Book Stefan Deshazo Garrett Hamm Caroline Klapp Travis Lindemann Maddie Martin Cole McQuirk Kelsey Peiser Sam Ramirez Jeffrey Short Hunter Thompson Buckely Wallace

The 2012-2013 yearbook and newspaper pose for group photo before attending the annual zoo field trip. By S. Short

Senior Class Announces Top 10 for 2012-13

Adviser Stacy Short Principal Jeff Butts Superintendent Dr. Telena Wright

Names from left to right: (Top Row) Buckley Wallace, Trey Torno, Blake Lyle, Davis Coghlan, Brian Mooney (Bottom Row) Kara Peak, Bridget Church, Brooke Ridenour, Marshall Stiles, and Connor Kane. Left Photo: Valedictorian Davis Coghlan holds up Salutatorian Trey Torno for a photo shoot. Photos by Matt Garnett

16 - Senior Edition

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Final senior edition 2013 for web  
Final senior edition 2013 for web