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Brynn Contois by Claire O’Neil


Irish Step Dance Championships

n an age where Hip-Hop and other modern forms of dance seem to be most prevalent among young people, some break the mold and decide to practice more traditional styles of dance. These young dancers honor their ancestors by practicing styles that have existed for centuries. Brynn Contois is one of them. She participates in Irish Dance, a style contemporary with her ancestors. This summer, a great deal of success came to Brynn’s dance team. After winning the World Championships in Aprill, the team traveled all the way to Anaheim California for the North American Irish Dance Championships, which was held July 3rd to the 7th. Independently Brynn participated in the U16 girls solo competition on July 4th and placed 23rd out of around 145 girls. As a team, they participated in the Senior Ladies ceili competition on July 5th and they placed 7th out of 39 teams. But the greatest success came with the Junior Girls ceili competition that took place on July 6th and her junior girls ceili (team) placed first, making them the current national champions out of 32 other teams. “Winning with the team is such an amazing feeling,” Brynn said. “It helps us to realize that we worked

Stephan Mraz by Morgan Gray

Alex Work


by Brendon Burns

uring the summer of 2013, Senior Alex Work had the opportunity to work as an intern at the Wagner Reese law firm in Indiana and dealt with real-life clients on a regular basis. She had always found herself very intrigued and fascinated by law, and she spent this summer discovering if she truly wanted to pursue it as a career. “Well, compared to jobs that I’ve heard about, this job actually helps people,” stated Alex. “It’s not just working in a business environment and trying to ship out so many units. And people really have a zest for what they’re doing, plus, lawyers can make their own schedules.” Alex heard about this internship in Indiana from her dad’s friend, since he was always talking about how interested he was and how much he loved it. Alex then took the initiative to submit her essay and resume to the law firm. Alex was later accepted as an intern and was more than happy. “Everybody there seemed to love what they were doing, and they’re working with people on a personal level,” expressed Alex. “A lot of people call personal injury lawyers “ambulance chasers,” but they’re really helping the little

so hard for what we just accomplished and deserved it. Its awesome to be able to share that experience with the 7 other girls.” With the titles from their competitions, one would assume that a drive to win is what keeps this team going. But according to Brynn, there are more important things. “Winning has never really mattered to me that much,” Brynn said, “I'm not saying I don’t love winning because I do but it’s not why I continue doing what I love. I do it because I love it, create memories that I will never forget and have so much fun!” Brynn said she has yet to win in a solo competition, but she genuinely enjoys participating anyway. To find something that you enjoy and hold a passion for is a success in itself.

Aiding Africa

Everybody there seemed to love what they were doing, and they’re working with people on a personal level


ncoming junior Stefan Mraz had the exciting opportunity to visit Kipsongol, Kenya in Africa this past summer. He traveled with twenty-seven other youths and two supervisors for the Me To We Organization, funded by the Free the Children Charity. Me to We helps other countries by establishing five pillars that are essential components for establishing a sustainable community (clean water, health, education, alternative income, and food security). Stefan and his fellow humanitarians focused on the education aspect while in Kipsongol by building a small classroom for the locals. Through an agreement established between the Kenyan government and Free the Children, every school they build must have one teacher. Calling each classroom a school and building them close together gives them several designated ‘schools’, allowing more kids the opportunity to receive a proper education in a safe environment. “I think it was the most amazing experience I will ever have as well as the most life changing,” Stefan said.

Andrew Verville by Felicia MacQuarrie

Law internship

guy.” Alex stayed with her grandparents in Indiana and would arrive at the law firm at 9am, then leave at 5pm. The interns at this law firm were the filing clerk placeholder, but they let her do a lot more than that. She also got the chance to go to the scene of a severe car accident two weeks after it happened by herself to take pictures and gather the contact information of the witnesses. “They let me sit in on client meetings and call clients,” said Alex. “I also had the opportunity to go to a deposition of a doctor (OB/GYN), who was being sued. I was the only intern the lawyers had taken to a deposition. It was so interesting, I also got to read all the case files after I signed confidentiality agreements.” As time went on, Alex fell in love with the environment and she later discovered that being a lawyer and studying law is definitely what she would like to pursue in the future. “It was good that I got some really good work experience,” said Alex. “Even now when I order pizza, since I spent hours and hours on the phone talking to clients about their injuries and personal lives I’m definitely a lot more comfortable talking to people on the phone. I think this experience is really going to help me when I go away to college, since I was away for a relatively long time. I really became more independent.”

Spanish immersion


his summer junior Andrew Verville had the opportunity to spend two and a half weeks travelling through Spain and developed his Spanish skills along the way. During the first week of Andrew’s vacation he visited Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla and Granada with his family. For the remainder of the trip Andrew stayed with Junior Zach Rosa’s grandparents in Ciudad Real, experiencing the Spanish culture and genuinely living as a Spaniard. Over the two and a half weeks

Andrew was able to conclude that his favorite part of the trip was taking a Tram Car over all of Barcelona. “The views from those cars were unparalleled to anything I’ve ever seen... seeing the whole landscape from Camp Nou to La Sagrada Familia really left me speechless,” Andrew said. Andrew’s trip was a life changing experience and memorable trip that was a great way to kick off the summer.