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New England by Jack Stone

S P O R T S C A S T Red Sox continue to put on an impressive season


Photo by Cam Bumsted

ZACH ADLER “Zadler” 6’2’’, 210lbs Linebacker/ Guard

MAX MEDLEY “Schmed” 6’6’’, 200lbs Safety/ Tight End

COLLIN RICHARDSON “Crich” 6’2’’, 275lbs Offensive Tackle/ Noseguard

RYAN KELLY “Kanks” 5’7’’, 175lbs Running Back/ Lineback

Favorite artist The Offspring


Luke Bryant

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwich

Clam Chowder in a Bread Bowl


Speed Eating





Jimi Hendrix

Chow of choice Steak & Cheese Sub

Special talent Wakeboarding

Steak & Cheese Sub

Other than football Lacrosse

Favorite childhood movie Toy Story


Luck of the Irish

Kevin Garnett

Vince Wilfork

The Land Before Time

Athletic role model Larry Bird

Brandon Spikes

he critics and the analysts were already counting out the Red Sox before the first pitch of the season was even thrown. That’s why it felt so good when we had won 75 games 129 deep into the season, already topping last season’s win total by six games, still with 33 games to go. Sitting atop the American League East over the Rays with a one game lead, as of August 22nd, the Sox have a chance of making history by winning a hundred games. They would have to go 25-8 in their remaining 33 games of the season to reach that one hundred landmark. I feel that they have a real shot of doing so.

The “New Look” Patriots Tom Brady. The forever cornerstone of the New England Patriots. He has been the best quarterback in the NFL for years, breaking records consistently. But this year, his job will be tougher than ever. The reasoning: He has nobody to pass to. Wes Welker was traded to the Denver Broncos in the offseason, which is the exact opposite of what we needed; now giving them the power of Peyton Manning and Welker. They are the Super Bowl favorite this year. Rob Gronkowski will not be ready for the start of the 2013 season because of a forearm and back injury. Aaron Hernandez needs no explanation; it was a mistake to sign him in the first place. We also lost Danny Woodhead, who was a key part of our backfield. Though it appears that the Patriots have rocky roads ahead, they have won their first two-preseason games. However, as proven in the past, the preseason means absolutely nothing. I don’t know what to expect this year, so I guess we will just have to wait to find out.

Exeter hosts 2013 BlueHawk Alumni Soccer game by Cam Bumsted


t was a perfectly warm summer friday night for a great game of footy. Exeter High School hosted it’s annual alumni soccer game featuring current players and graduates of all ages. The game started out pretty quietly, accept for the booming voice of Coach Tufts making sure the 2013 varsity team was in line. No goals were scored until the second half when Keenan Whitman, a sophomore, headed the ball in for the first goal off an assist by Hayden Casassa. Though the boys were playing their best, it was still difficult for them to stay on top. “As one of the younger ones I’m under a lot of pressure,” Keenan said, “It’s clear these guy’s have a lot more experience.” The alumni brought it back as the game went on, scoring the next two goals and giving the boys a run for their money. Class of 2012 graduate Brendan


Mantell said, “The boys’ defense was solid and it was definitely hard to get through them.” But not only the younger guys came out to play. Class of 1982 graduate Peter Fontaine and his buddy Joe Pearce from the class of 1977 were there to show the boys that they can still put up a fight. Peter had come up from Philadelphia to visit family and decided to join in for the game. “It’s amazing how much faster these guys are,” Fontaine laughed, “My real goal is just trying not to get injured.” Pearce plays in a mens 40+ league twice a week but said that it doesn't compare to competing against the younger generations. The game ended in a 2-2 tie and with plenty of handshakes to go around. Everyone was excited to be playing with old friends and shared laughs over sandwiches before departing for the last weekend to summer.

Photo by Cam Bumsted

Joe Pearce (green) is an EHS class of 1977 graduate and senior Joe Gaudette will be playing Varsity soccer with the Bluehawks this year