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issue 79 / Dec - January 2016

Between a great past and an exciting future Balsam Al Ayoub: a true champion

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content/ 24. Cover Story 32. Kuwait Street Style 38. 4 street style tips we learnt in 2015 42. Be Black & White


48. A spirit of Armenian heritage 50. Diamond Breeze A glittering winter 52. Chopard leads the watch and jewellery industry 54. Fashion Designer Bazza Al Zouman 58. Krikor Jabotian 60. Rodolfo Paglialunga for Jil Sander 64. Miss Balmain Dream

Health & Beauty/

the talk - page 14

76. How to choose the best foundation type? 80. 10 simple tricks for a better sleep 82. Eating healthy when on the road! 84. How can a working woman exercise at home?


content/ Art & Culture/

Architecture & Design/


A Phenomenal Talent: Mohammed Al MohannaÂ


Artists turn junk into animals

100. The best in town: DJ Bonita

108. Architecture & interior design merge: Khaled Al Awadhi 116. Imagine your neighbors were trees!

120. A true champion: Balsam Al Ayoub

Life Style/

130. Eats, all you need is love and a burger 134. Downtown San Diego at a walking distance 142. The pinnacle of style and performance

the talk - page 16


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letter/ happy new year It seems like it was yesterday when I was writing a letter welcoming 2015 and now we are about to end the year and embark on a new journey of 2016. Looking back, I realized that many things are different now than they were 11 months ago. 2015 did not make all my wishes come true, however, it did present a level of growth that I did not see coming. So many accomplishments came about during this past year and each of them left a mark on my being and changed a part of me. I am grateful for 2015 because it made me stronger, more ambitious, more mature, focused and most of all, I learned how to put myself first and avoid anyone or anything that might hinder my progress in life. To all of you, I say: surround yourself with the people who only push you to become a better person. This year, I will not list any resolutions. Instead, I will go with the flow and see what surprises 2016 has to offer. Sometimes, it is better to be carried by the stream than to swim in the wrong direction. For a year that will only be brighter than the previous ones, I wish you all a great end to 2015 and a marvellous start towards 2016. May it bring you happiness, health, success, love and most of all peace. See you all in February! Hind Nassar

Operations Manager the talk - page 20

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Fashion - Cover Story


between a great past and an exciting future The great fashion designer Etienne Aigner was born in Hungary in 1904. More than half a century ago, he presented his first handbag collection in New York – and caused a ma jor sensation.Â

the talk - page 24

The reason why people in 1950 were so excited about Aigner’s exclusive leather creations was that ever since the invention of the “steamer trunk” for the legendary transatlantic liners or the Orient Express, there had been no real innovations in travel luggage. A few years later, Etienne Aigner met Heiner H. Rankl, a businessman with a keen feel for the future and an equally strong sense of tradition – and the cult brand of Aigner was born in 1965, in Munich. The Munich feeling Munich was the best place to found a new, leading German fashion brand. In the mid 60’s and 70’s, Munich was full of excitement: there was a euphoric belief in progress, and the future held no threat. Certainly not in Munich, a city so close to Italy that has always been more in tune with the “dolce vita” than anywhere else in Germany. At that time, nobody needed to invent an attitude because everyone had a natural feel for the lightness of life. the talk - page 25

Fashion - Cover Story

The design of the 60’s and 70’s reflected this great freedom. It was young, streamlined and futuristic, with an emphasis on the color orange. It was that freedom, the special feel of that time, which inspired the young brand Aigner. Wild horses were best suited to those wild years with their wild parties. The Aigner Racing Days, an event organized by the prestige brand just outside Munich, soon became a firm fixture in a society still unaccustomed to such events. Aigner gave its products a rural, country style feel. There was always a sense of the racecourse, a feeling of being by the fireside. The first German cult brand for stylish living The characteristic Aigner “A” in the form of a small horseshoe combined with the Aignertypical Antic red color was soon not only a striking feature of the best handbags, belts and expensive travel luggage but also leather-encased cigarette lighters, corkscrews, pipe smokers’ accessories, and even backgammon boxes. 

It was more intuition than calculation that created an Aigner brand world which reflected and enhanced a life of pleasure, savoir vivre and sheer style. They have become a part of the lives of the company’s sophisticated customers: true leather and handbag classics that were designed in the 70’s and that made Aigner world-famous: The distinctive Saddle Bag and the unmistakable Doctor’s Bag.  Throughout the decades, Aigner has retained its claim to creating true classics. During the 1980s Aigner extended its product range by awarding licenses for watches, jewelry and eyewear. In 1990, licenses were awarded for the women swear and menswear collection.  The prestigous brand Aigner continued to successfully bridge the gap between tradition and innovation long after its two original founders were no longer able to personally steer the company’s fortunes. In the year 2000, Etienne Aigner died in New York at the age of 96. 

the talk - page 26

The success story of the Aigner continues In 2003, Aigner celebrated a spectacular debut at the Milan fashion shows. The re-launch of the company’s brand architecture was a success. In 2005, Aigner opened over 20 new stores, rapidly expanding its business activities in the near and far East and embarking on a highly effective quality offensive in the leather sector. Today, the brand is a symbol for unique craftsmanship, highest quality and perfection; brilliant combination of German precision and Tuscan tradition.  The signature scent of leather is in the air At the Aigner Modelleria in Munich, you can hear soft strokes on metal and see needles slide into fine leather with precision. For

almost 50 years, the luxury brand has been focusing on handmade craftsmanship, attention to detail and sophisticated design. The Leather collections from Aigner combine the charm of traditional craftsmanship with modern sensibilities. Aigner craftsmanship is a statement of classic craftsmanship, which also proves that change and tradition are not mutually exclusive. Each bag creation tells the story of its origin and unifies contrasts into one cohesive design: modern technology and styles are combined with tried and tested expertise. Luxury made in Germany Whether it was the Beatles or the Stones, the talk - page 27

Fashion - Cover Story

the VW Beetle or the Ford Capri, Pucci or Yamamoto, the 1970s were full of sharp contrasts where style was concerned. Fashion-lovers worldwide agreed on just one thing: never leave home without bordeaux-red leather accessories sporting the horseshoe motif. Today, Aigner is internationally renowned as a modern classical brand. Since then, a great deal has changed in the fashion world, also at Aigner. What, remains is the horseshoe logo and the firm statement in favor of luxury and love of the product. Today Aigner is one of the most well-known German luxury and lifestyle brands. Whether it’s Jakarta, Seoul, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Dubai – the Fashion and Leather Collections from Munich are in great demand at all of the world’s top locations. And here’s how it all began. During the 1930s, Hungarian-born Etienne Aigner had his first successes as a handbag designer at the Haute Couture shows in Paris. This was followed in the 1950s by the presentation of his own collection in New York, when the typical horseshoe-shaped ‘A’ logo was first used. This marked the start of a success story that is still continuing today. From New York, events led on to Munich, where Aigner advanced to become a cult brand during the 60’s and 70’s. The horseshoe soon became far more than just a decorative symbol – it expressed the whole feel of life at that time. Despite the sense of a new beginning and the rapid developments in the years that followed, Aigner remained true to its basic principles and relied on values that are of constant and lasting relevance. The best example of this is the unmistakable saddlebag – a tribute to traditional leatherand saddle work. The fact that this model keeps on reappearing even in the very latest collections reveals its sheer timelessness. the talk - page 28

Underwater Love – Spring & Summer 2016 After two exciting collections in its anniversary year, once again Aigner proves its versatility and tremendous flair for fashion – with the Spring/Summer 2016 collection; Chief Designer Christian Beck will seduce you with a magical, emotional underwater world. The result – Underwater Love: a light, flowing, fluid, iridescent and fresh collection with its clear design language where cool Acqua shades merge with the rich orange of corals and the exotic nuances of colorful sea creatures and shimmering surfaces reflect the sunlight in a thousand colors. Needless to say that Aigner takes us into the most superb and fascinating worlds. Transparencies unveil the sensual body curves with the see-though dresses together with the lightness and soft touch of fine fabrics such as jacquard and tulle. Clean cuts give the collection a contemporary yet sophisticated twist as for the long trousers

in baggy style in velour leather or the crop tops whereas a sea ground patterned print, “Frutti del Mare”, enriches some of the outfits for a perfect representation of the underwater world. Typically for Aigner, each of the luxury bags are finished with love and attention to detail; the calm, clean designs are accentuated by golden decorative elements, exclusive edge colors. An elaborate photo stone print – embroidered and decorated with moonstone - plays a big role in this collection. Additionally, some of the models are getting their very own micro bag such as the IT piece Cybill Bag which also comes in a stylish mini version. Cybill comes in a soft underwater look in Reef and Sea Foam Blue, strong Coral Red and warm Coconut Brown. Another must-have is the extravagant “Cybill Ocean” with its shimmering surface reflecting a color scale of blue, purple and green through to orange the talk - page 29

Fashion - Cover Story

and red, enhanced with metallic elements such as shells, octopus and starfish. To further represent this season’s inspiration, the Roma satchel is proposed in a special edition with a sea ground printing, embroideries and moonstone whereas the Anthea Bag features a crackle finish with metallic buckle and is declined in two additional versions. The Backpack LED combines glamorous rock’n’roll style with sporty touch and its innovative technology resides in a high-tech film which gives a metallic reflecting surface glowing in yellow, red and green tones. Finally, the Tesora Clutch is varnished in four juicy colors for the perfect summer twist. Moonstone embellishes the jewels and provides some shimmering touches here and there with its iridescent surface just as mother-of-pearls illuminate the seabed. It is used on top of thin, tenuous chains or upper arm bangles. Filigree belts are characterized by precious elements such as shells as tribute to the underwater universe. The color palette perfectly reflects the inspiration of the collection: Reef Blue, Sea Foam Blue and Pacific Blue meet strong colors such as Anemone Pink and Coral Red. Neutral nuances with Pearl White, Sea Shell Grey and Stone Grey are shown as well as classic colors like Coconut Brown – the important new summer Nude. the talk - page 30

the talk - page 31

Fashion - Street Style

kuwait street style

Time and time again we bring you Street Style inspirations from across the globe. However, we cannot steer away from the fashionable crowd here in Kuwait. Whether it is how they dress to work, lunch, events or parties, whichever the occasion, these trendsetters always look stylishly chic!

the talk - page 32

the talk - page 33

Fashion - Street Style

the talk - page 34

the talk - page 35

Fashion - Street Style

the talk - page 36

the talk - page 37

Fashion - Street Style

4 street style tips we learnt in 2015

Street style is certainly an inspiring aspect of fashion; not only are the women who do it best straight-up amazingly stylish, but they also have a thing or two to teach us about the process of putting together a killer look. In laywoman’s terms, they teach us the value of a little sartorial mathematics. See how you can replicate the best A belted waist is always right outfit formulas we learned from street style in 2015.

The right jacket will go with just everything

Scarves are for all seasons White shirts are never out of style the talk - page 38

Balenciaga Etro

Gucci Temperley London




Rag & Bone

the talk - page 39

Fashion - Street Style

the street style leathers

A new season and a new dose of inspiration! This time we choose the season’s trendiest picks and tell you where to get them from. From local to international, we bring you a collection of fashion styles and combinations. As with every season, do not miss out on the fun of experimenting with a new trend!

the talk - page 40

SAINT LAURENT Leather mini dress VALENTINO Fringed leather gloves

Leather Jacket Zara

Leather Belted Trousers by TOPSHOP

KARL LAGERFELD Sammy leather leggings

Metallic Silver Leather Skirt By Kendall + Kylie at Topshop

the talk - page 41

Fashion - Trend

be black & white

Black and white has been consistent themes across all the fashion runways for the SS16 season, organized into logical stripes, grids, and figureflattering vertical planes. Strange but fabulous, isn’t it?

the talk - page 42

The look is modern, cool, assertive and perhaps quite unusual for to step out wearing in spring or summer – or both. The designers have put this trend in for spring/ summer 2016 and we absolutely love it!



Salvatore Ferragamo


the talk - page 43

Fashion - Trend

the super-size scarf

The fashion world operates on a series of chain reactions where one trend makes way for another, often swinging between double opposites. Skinny scarves have been the must-have accessory lately, but as winter creeps up on our wardrobes, the breaking trend is to go to new extremes and swap a slinky style for a super-size scarf. the talk - page 44

Balenciaga Chan LUU

Tomas Maier

McQ Alexander McQueen

Faliero Sarti

Simone Rocha

the talk - page 45

Fashion - Guide

‘tis the season! Frederique Constant H&M


Our picks for the holidays season gifts for her...

Alexander McQueen


Jimmy Choo



Karen Millen Dolce & Gabbana

the talk - page 46

Jo Malone

the talk - page 47

Fashion - Review

a spirit of armenian heritage

Armenian Art is an art boutique that houses various types of art under one roof. Located in Al Salhiya complex, it is owned and operated by Aram & Carlo Asdourian – two Armenian brothers with a deep passion and great involvement when it comes to arts, culture, jewellery and antiques. the talk - page 48

To begin with, Aram and Carlo Asdourian come from a family that has a profound bond with art. They both pride themselves with their Armenian roots, embracing the belief that Armenia was the heart of art and the mother of artists, it is beautiful to hear them speak with utmost pleasure about their rich artistic heritage and their eagerness to keep it celebrated and eminent. The gallery is a reflection of the Asdourian brothers’ pride of their heritage and culture and true appreciation towards fine arts. Armenian Art combines a unique collection of artistic antiques handcrafted by Armenian masters with a highly cultivated professional touch that appeals to elite and fine tastes. “We take great pride in our collection of jewellery, paintings and antiques which reflect Armenian Art around the globe. We design”, said Aram Asdourian. Armenian Art keeps hold of the old goldsmith tools such as measurement, balance, inflation and smoothing devices, regarded as masterpieces and traced back to the last century. The Armenian artists have excelled in the craftsmanship of jewellery which synergizes yellow, white and rose gold in pieces engraving stunning emeralds, rubies, sapphires and pearls. The boutique houses 5 segments: Asdourian jewellery, Gembags silver, Obsidian statues, Awi International Watches, Tellus Watches and Arame Art Gallery Paintings. The silver pieces are rare and can be traced back to the 20th Century and are signed by well-known Armenian

craftsmen and garnished with precious and semi-precious stones, while the timepieces are made by Armenian technology and renowened watch makers from around the globe. “My brother and I design the jewellery and choose very rare stones for our designs, our pieces are never repeated”, said Aram Asdourian. Moving on to the paintings and sculptures, Aram says that they are adorned with the signature of famous Armenian artists and sculptors such as Eydo who lived all his life in Armenia, and all gained worldwide fame.

Kuwait - Salhiya Complex - Gate 5-Mezzanin 2 - Shop 23A - P.O.Box: 23946 - Safat 13100 the talk - page 49

Fashion - Review

diamond breeze a glittering winter

As the holiday season approaches, a snowcovered nature has inspired the atmosphere of Van Cleef & Arpels’ annual event: Diamond Breeze.

From the boutiques to the website, collections adorned entirely with white diamonds take pride of place within a luminous and enchanting realm. Lotus pendants, À Cheval earrings or a Snowflake necklace reveal all their sparkle, to a musical accompaniment.

the talk - page 50

the talk - page 51

Fashion - Review

Chopard leads the watch and jewellery industry with ethical gold supply chain

Chopard continues to lead the watch and jewellery industry with the announcement of a new partnership with PX Précinox SA, the Swiss gold refinery company, to establish the first commercial export route for Fairmined Gold from Bolivia. This week, thanks to Chopard’s support over the last two years, two more gold mines reached Fairmined certification: one in Bolivia, entitled 15 de Agosto, and the other one named Coodmilla, in Colombia. Chopard has pledged to buy 100% of the Fairmined gold extracted by those mines. The 15 de Agosto Cooperative, based high in the magnificent Andes mountain range, at over 4000m above sea level, is one of the largest independent cooperatives in Bolivia counting 198 the talk - page 52

members, of which 78 are women. This new development between Chopard and PX Précinox will see the gold exported and refined using the PX Précinox fully segregated ‘track and trace’ processing system. The Fairmined gold’s final destination will be Chopard’s workshops in Geneva, making it fully traceable from mine to product. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, Co-President of Chopard, said: ‘We chose to partner with PX Précinox because of its deep roots in Switzerland, considerable experience in the refining of precious metals and strong track record in responsible business. Moreover, this family-owned company is sensitive to the ethical demands of the market and encourages respectful environmental practices and traceability of metals”.

Both Chopard and PX Précinox are certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). Whilst Chopard launched the world’s first Fairmined gold watch, PX Précinox has created one of the very first gold segregation systems in Switzerland; a ‘trackand trace’ process, separating Fairmined gold from standard material throughout the refining process. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele finishes: “I am pleased with this new development in our Journey to Sustainable Luxury. This is the start of a strong partnership showing our commitment to responsible supply chain management working along like-minded partners also engaged in

improving our industry in all its aspects”. Chopard’s High Jewellery creations are made in accordance with The Green Carpet Challenge (GCC) ethical benchmarking and are named the Green Carpet Collection. The L.U.C Tourbillon QF Fairmined is the world’s first watch created from Fairmined gold which was followed by the L.U.C XP Fairmined watch, and the Palme Verte collection of diffusion jewellery in Fairmined gold. Chopard continues to work on other key raw materials in its supply chain, as well as increasing operational efficiency and maintaining its status as a RJC certified member fully adhering to the RJC Code of Practices. the talk - page 53

Fashion - Interview

fashion designer Bazza Al Zouman

Bazza Al Zouman considers herself a third culture kid who has finally settled back home in Kuwait.

Photography/ Yousif Abdulsaid the talk - page 54

“Being creative requires a certain frame of mind and travel really promotes and magnifies that”

She spent a significant portion of her life in the US as she was born in Charleston, South Carolina, she spent her early years in Atlanta GA, went to college in Boston, Massachusetts and design school at Parsons in NYC. Bazza believes that these different experiences shaped who she is and most importantly her design aesthetic, turning it into a merge of Western simplicity and Eastern femininity. How did you get into fashion? There wasn’t just one moment. It was a snowball effect that turned into a major force in my life! At first, it started out as an appreciation of fashion which encouraged me to explore a lot of different aspects of fashion, sewing, sketching, etc. It wasn’t until I took a summer class after graduating from Boston University that I realized I wanted to be a designer. How did you come to start your own line? I think it was a natural progression especially having settled in Kuwait. Most designers eventually want to have their own lines and their own creative freedom to really express their artistic vision. Some choose to work for more established designers first in order to gain industry experience, but the fashion scene in Kuwait is so new that it really wasn’t an option, but this was always my ultimate goal. the talk - page 55

Fashion - Interview

Tell us about your collections. The most recent collection titled “City Days and Nights” was inspired by the city; it is a visual combination of the architectural skyline with the billowy smoke coming out of the manholes. It’s an interpretation of the dichotomy of the hardness of city life, with the romanticism of living in the city as felt by the youth of our generation. The pieces are a mix of masculine lines softened by well-chosen fabrics and feminine cuts. The collection uses a mix of 100% silk chiffon, organza, and crepes, along with gold speckled lace to reference the twinkling buildings at night. How would you describe your design aesthetic? Modern/sophisticated, I think I combine the classic female shapes with some modern accents in sophisticated colors. I would say it’s a midpoint between Eastern and Western design. Where do you go for inspiration? Anywhere and everywhere! Sometimes it’s the fabric, sometimes the talk - page 56

it’s the female form, sometimes it’s a building or a work of art. It really all depends. But when I’m feeling in of some inspiration I try to break routine to get some creative thinking going. Also working on custom or couture pieces often inspires my collection, because you get to really spend a lot of time on one design and usually there’s a beautiful outcome that I try to recreate in some capacity in my ready to wear collections. How much does travel influence your designs? I think being relaxed is an important part of the design process. I come up with some of my favorite ideas right before bed, so when I travel it’s usually like an extended mental break and it allows my ideas to flow freely. Also being exposed to different forms of art, culture, and different aesthetics helps to inject new ideas into my designs. Being creative requires a certain frame of mind and travel really promotes and magnifies that. New experiences are always a source of inspiration.

How does that inspiration turn into reality? I like to really figure out what makes something beautiful to me and try to recreate that through my designs. How would you describe your personal fashion style? I am very casual and tend to dress down most of the time, comfort is key! I identify closely with New York City style which tends to focus on muted colors like cream, grey, and black paired with denim, I will throw in a little leather if I’m feeling fancy (and the weather’s not too hot!) What’s next for you professionally? I want to continue designing evening wear and maybe do some collaboration in the meantime. I think my journey is just starting and I’m open to any and all possibilities, so we’ll see what happens next! You can follow me on instagram to stay up to date on our latest work @bazzaalzouman the talk - page 57

Fashion - Feature

Krikor Jabotian

With sumptuous embroideries and otherworldly silhouettes, the regally talented Krikor Jabotian stepped out and began developing his own independent designs after working at Elie Saab’s creative department, an all-encompassing and enriching introduction to the industry.

Portrait / Tarek Moukaddem the talk - page 58

The Lebanese/Armenian designer was selected by Starch foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Maison Rabih Kayrouz, to showcase his work. It was the first collection he designed under his own name, marking the beginning of his independent career. After the success of Starch, Krikor set up his own atelier at the young age of 23. It served him for a while, but it was when his family joined certain aspects of his work and established their family run business, that Krikor Jabotian truly flourished into a vibrant space where his work and imagination thrive. Krikor believes that the theory of fashion is that learning it at school is vital for establishing a base, and introducing the student to the world they’re about to set foot in. However, he finds that it is only through continuous research, practice, trial and error that you can understand what defines your style and which path to choose. the talk - page 59

Fashion - Designer Focus

Rodolfo Paglialunga for Jil Sander

One of fashion’s most notorious revolving doors might have finally come to a full stop. Jil Sander has named Rodolfo Paglialunga the label’s new Creative Director. The appointment comes six months after Jil Sander left her eponymous fashion house for the third time. the talk - page 60

Since 1968, when Jil Sander founded her label, clothes bearing her name have been about simplicity and strength, and worn by elegant women who exert their power without fuss. Behind the scenes, however, there hs been plenty of drama: Sander came and went three times — as many times as the company itself changed corporate hands. After she left for good a little more than a year ago, one of the most beleaguered human resources departments in the business set out to replace her once again.  If the idea was to keep the design studio as smart and serene as the runway, the company chose wisely when it selected the Italian designer Rodolfo Paglialunga. He was not a gamble, having shown hard enough resolve to revive Vionnet, the house originally helmed by every fashion geek’s hero, Madeleine Vionnet. There, Paglialunga developed relationships with picky stars like Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Carey Mulligan, andDiane Kruger; before that, he spent 14 years withMiuccia Prada, 10 of them directing her women’s wear collection. 

the talk - page 61

Fashion - Designer Focus

Paglialunga, 47, lives in Milan and practices rebirthing, a breathing technique, for stress reduction. Though he admits he gave man skirts a try in the ’80s, today his uniform consists of vintage cotton work pants, penny loafers, and crewneck sweaters.

believe in its pure vision and values,” Paglialunga said in a press release.

Jil Sander left her eponymous company for the third time in October of 2013. Prior to that, Raf Simons served as the creative director there for seven years. Sander left the brand she started in Unlike many of his peers, Paglialunga the late 60s for the first time in 1999, is not given to bombastic after selling 75 percent of her company pronouncements on luxury, femininity, to the Prada Group. Jil Sander was or what’s modern. But, clearly, he later sold by Prada to Change Capital thinks about all those things, as his Jil Partners in 2006. It is now owned by Sander debut attested. It was a focused Japan’s Onward Holdings. study in androgynous day wear— with split skirts, apron dresses, obi It’s unclear what wave of changes are belts, schoolgirl button-downs, and a in store for the Jil Sander brand, which recurring geometric motif that brought last season produced its collection to mind redacted documents. without a lead designer. But Jil Sander’s Chief Executive Officer Alessandro Although this is just the beginning for Cremonesi hinted at a long-lasting Paglialunga, die-hard Jil Sander fans can union between the brand and be sure that the brand will remain true Paglialunga. to its exacting spirit. “A lot of people told me that the collection was too Jil “We are very confident about this Sander,” he confides, referring to the decision,” Cremonesi said in a press pressure designers face to make their release. “We have identified the right mark on heritage brands. “But to me talent that with coordinated assets that’s a compliment!” in terms of personality and design skill will be able to raise our creative Paglialunga was hired by Prada in excellence to achieve new fashion 1996 where he rose to become the marks.” Paglialunga said he is focused womenswear design director. In 2009, on propelling the brand into the future. he was tapped by Matteo Marzotto and “My aim is to carry forward the fusion Gianni Castiglioni to spearhead Vionnet, between sophistication, luxury, and which is remembered historically for innovation and bring the house into the couturier Madeleine Vionnet’s 1920’s next level,” Paglialunga added. grecian gowns. The group said Paglialunga’s first collection with Jil Sander will debut in September for the spring summer 2015 women’s season. “I have boundless admiration for the brand, as I strongly the talk - page 62

Fashion - Watches

Miss Balmain Dream time’s salute to simplicity From conservative to exuberant, today’s feminine dress styles display ever more diversity. Reconciling all fashions and styles, the cool simplicity of a Miss Balmain Dream One of the most engaging features of today’s fashion scene is its wild mixture of styles, regardless of age. From late teenagers to mature women, the unexpected and unconventional reigns supreme. With one notable exception: Miss Balmain Dream. Its simple lines and proven reliability win instant approval whatever the outfit it’s paired with. When good taste meets expertise, one name comes to mind: Pierre Balmain. Born in the world of Parisian haute couture, he redefined the fashion codes of his time. Today, his heritage is celebrated by a watch brand belonging to a major Swiss group. This heritage gifts Montres Balmain with precious technical and commercial resources along with long-established watch-making skills. For all their design simplicity – basic round case 34 mm in diameter and 6.70 mm thick devoid of superfluous adornment – Miss Balmain Dream watches come in a variety of designs typical of Balmain: 316L steel or steel enlivened with yellow PVD, occasionally set with 68 diamonds 1 mm in diameter and together weighing 0.26 ct, in steel and rose PVD and even entirely in rose PVD. All Miss Balmain Dream cases house a highly dependable ETA F05.111 quartz movement providing three functions, including a date calendar. Cases all feature an attractive choice of dial faces: silverthe talk - page 64

toned enhanced by Balmain’s own classic arabesques, white mother-of-pearl or black guilloché pattern enhanced with four Roman numerals and eight hour markers. Datecalendar aperture at six o’clock. Every model is furthermore fitted with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Lastly, Miss Balmain Dream watches are secured to the wrist by a 316L steel bracelet, a steel and yellow or rose PVD design or a white or black leather strap. So, however extravagant or understated her outfit, the woman who selects a Miss Balmain Dream to grace her wrist benefits from its uncontested reliability and overall quality, at home everywhere and all the time. Technical features • Swiss quartz movement • Case in 316L stainless steel or steel and yellow PVD, set with 68 Wesselton diamonds 1 mm in ø totalling 0.26 ct; in steel and rose PVD or entirely in rose PVD • Sapphire crystal • Choice of dials: silver-toned ground enhanced with classic arabesques, white mother-of-pearl or guilloché black with 4 Roman numerals and 8 baton hour markers, with calendar aperture at 6 o’clock • Bracelet in 316L stainless steel or in steel and yellow or rose PVD; choice of black or white leather strap • Water resistance: 50m • Recommended retail price: from 345 to 1’095 CHF

Falamank by tarfa itani

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Frederique Constant introduces its new Classics Delight collection

For ladies who are more into smaller and more classic timepieces that go well with all their jewelry, Frederique Constant presents the new Delight, a collection of very refined and feminine watches with its soft and smooth rounded lines.

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Since 2004, the Swiss watch manufacturer Frederique Constant supports charities predominately related to the heart and children, such as the International Children’s Heart Federation, the World Heart Federation or the Global Gift Foundation. Frederique Constant, thanks to its Delight collection, donates 50$ for each watch sold in the world to support these charitable foundations and their projects. The lady who acquires one of these new timepieces could only be delighted to know that on buying this watch she has contributed to the well being of other people. Six new charming watches The appeal of the Lady Delight is due to its distinctive and oval shape case of 28mm, butalso into the level of sophistication put in all details. Both dial’s options are delicately decorated, one offers Roman numerals and classical guilloché decoration in the center, while the other dial offers hand-applied diamonds and Roman indexes with a refined heart’s guilloché decoration in the center. With the new Delight, Frederique Constant created a refined timepiece with a powerful design. Similar to a woman each watch offers a different facet. Available in stainless steel or in two-tone (stainless steel and rose gold plated), with a bezel set or not with sparkling diamonds, the new Delight watches look as casual and classical as elegant. These glamorous and ultra fine Delights are available on either a metal bracelet or on a fine leather strap (grey or blue); all slim and slender on the wrist. Irresistibly feminine, ideal ergonomic and curved soft line; all contribute to the captivating look of this watch.  This new collection is based on the FC-200 quartz movement, which drives the hours and minutes functions and enjoys a 42-month lifetime battery. The new Frederique Constant Delight collection offers all the beauty and precision of the Frederique Constant timepieces to accompany a lady in all the moments of her life.

About Frederique Constant Frederique Constant is a family owned watch manufacturer based in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland. The company is involved in all stages of watch production, from initial design, to final assembly and quality control. Frederique Constant develops, manufactures, and assembles in-house calibers, 19 different versions since 2004. Frederique Constant watches are defined by their high quality and differentiation and precision in design and manufacturing. Their perceived value, through quality of design, materials, and manufacture, is a key component of their success. Each watch is assembled by hand, with the latest equipment and extensive controls, to ensure maximum quality and durability. The company embraces innovation to offer creativity and exceptional value. Its 32,000 square foot facility in Geneva is ultra modern and offers the best environment for its passionate watchmakers. the talk - page 67

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chocolate brown timepieces by Rado

Rado is paying homage to its Swiss roots with an exquisite new range of timepieces in chocolate brown high-tech ceramic, a unique color and material combination that evokes the artistry and craftsmanship of Switzerland’s famed Maîtres Chocolatiers. The Rado HyperChrome family, known for its embodiment of everyday elegance, has added three new watches in this glossy chocolate color just in time for the festive season. The three cocoa-colored models the talk - page 68

– the HyperChrome Automatic, HyperChrome Automatic Chronograph Tachymeter, and Limited Edition HyperChrome Automatic Diamonds – will help you set the table for your holiday feast in style. The tasty trio comes in three sizes and is crafted in a luminous earthen hue paired with chic rose gold colored accents, making these timepieces equally at home in the chalet or the city.

the martian by Hamilton watches

Hamilton Watches, known for their leading role in the worlds of aviation and cinema, as well as their innovative and precise timekeeping expertise, return to the big screen this fall, in 20th Century Fox’s epic adventure, The Martian.

a way to signal to Earth that he is alive. Millions of miles away, NASA and a team of international scientists work tirelessly to bring the Martian home, while his crewmates concurrently plot a daring, if not impossible, rescue mission.

During a manned mission to Mars, Astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is presumed dead after a fierce storm and left behind by his crew. But Watney has survived and finds himself stranded and alone on the hostile planet. With only meagre supplies, Watney must draw upon his ingenuity, wit and spirit to subsist and find

As these stories of incredible bravery unfold, the world comes together to root for Watney’s safe return. Based on a best-selling novel, and helmed by master director Ridley Scott, The Martian features a star-studded cast that includes Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Kate Mara, Michael Pena, Jeff Daniels, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Donald Glover. the talk - page 69

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Calvin Klein spellbound

Calvin Klein spellbound brings together python embossed leather in rich mineral-inspired tones with a bold silhouette for an impactful look. Offered in nature, grey, black, blue or yellow python embossed leather, each timepiece is accented by a polished stainless steel case and dial or PVD pink gold and black dial, and is finished with a minimal “Calvin Klein” logo at 12 o’clock. Water resistant to 3 bar.

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Tissot T-Complication a winner

Tissot was awarded an exceptional four prizes at the International Timing Competition. It won the first prize for both the brand new Chronograph – Enterprise category and for the Classic – Enterprise category for which it also won second and third place. The winners were announced last night at the Espace Horloger Vallée de Joux. The competition rewards precision, perfection and expertise in the watchmaking arena, specifically in the domain of contemporary mechanical timing. The winning movements were determined after scientific, technical and cultural procedures that were carried out in official certified laboratories of Besançon’s Observatory and by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (Swiss Official Controlling of Timing) in Le Locle. They were exposed to particularly tough magnetic fields and shocks at the Haute Ecole Arc in le Locle. The jury then revealed the great winners of the Enterprise categories – Chronographe, Classic and Tourbillons.

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how to choose the best foundation type?

Beauty starts with great skin. The right foundation will make you look like you’re not wearing any foundation at all. You will just have even-toned, great-looking skin.

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The reason we wear foundation is to even out our skin tone and texture. When applied correctly, the result is skin that looks clear and smooth. But, what is most important is that the skin looks better than it did without foundation.

Oil-free powder compact For oily skin, this type provides medium to full coverage. Because of the portable packaging, compact foundations are great touch-ups.

Some women shy away from foundation because they associate it with thick pancake makeup that sometimes looks like a mask. But even the strongest makeup should have a natural-looking base.

Mineral powders Suggested for very oily skin, but be careful when choosing color as oily skin can change color of powders, and they may appear dry and pasty.

Formula Foundations are available are in many different formulas. The best thing is to choose one that is right for your skin and style and has a consistency you like to use. Use the following guidelines to choose your formula. Tinted moisturizer This is great for normal/normal-to-dry skin. this type gives a sheer, light-weight coverage and is an alternative to foundation. It provides a totally natural look and is great for weekends. Tinted face balm For extra-dry skin, this type provides sheer coverage, intensively hydrates and gives skin a dewy finish. Balm actually plumps the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Stick foundation This is perfect for all skin types except for oily. It provides easy spot coverage and is also buildable for medium to full coverage. Best foundation for photography Liquid foundation Liquids are good for dry to extra-dry skin as they hydrate and smoothes providing medium to full coverage. Moisturizing compact For dry to extra-dry skin, moisturizing compact hydrates and smoothes, providing medium to full coverage. Whipped foundation For combination skin and great for skin with texture, whipped foundations balance the skin by hydrating dry areas and absorbing oil in the T-zone. They provide medium to full coverage. Oil-free cream foundation This type is perfect or normal-to-oily skin. It absorbs oil, provides medium to full coverage. This is a good choice to cover acne and large pores.

Finding the perfect shade Once you have decided on the right formula of foundation, you need to find the right shade; the correct shade will disappear on your skin. Make sure the foundation is yellow-based. Everyone has yellow undertones in their skin. Pink-based foundations look like a mask on most people. Only 1% need a pink tone: those who sunburn even in the shade. Foundation should not change the color of the face but simply even out the tone. Test several shades of foundation on the side of your face, between the nose and the side of the cheek. Make a stripe from cheek to jaw line, gently blending into the skin. also test a shade lighter and a shade darker for comparison. Double-check the selected color on forehead. Sometimes women have darker skin on the forehead, and the foundation shade that matches here will work better for the whole face. Always test foundation in natural light. Walk to a window or doorway to check the match. The swatch that disappears into the skin is the right shade. Do not test foundation on the hand or arm as the face is rarely the same color as the rest of the body. If your skin tone gets darker in the summer or on a vacation, you may need to adjust the foundation tone. Keep a deeper shade of foundation in hand to accommodate changes in skin tone. It can be blended with your regular foundation if you are between shades or used alone when skin is darkest. Oily skin sometime sturns foundation daker. Check and adjust accordingly. Stick foundation that is a shade or two lighter than the skin tone can be based used for light under-eye coverage instead of concealer.

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unbreakable fat is now breakable

by Dr. Edita Gasparyan What if you could banish forever those jiggly thighs, bumpy upper arms, and double chin -- even your muffin top -- with just a few simple injections? Dr. Edita Gasparyan provides a new and distinguished method in the weight lose which is a modern Triactive device, in which laser technology and injections are used in order to dissolve fat and change it to liquid, to be moved easily from cells and then to blood by the lymphatic system, then from blood to liver which change it to power or get it out of the body. the talk - page 78

The treatment promises to remove stubborn areas of unwanted fat and stop it coming back, after conventional diet and exercise methods have failed. The jab contains plant polymers which bind with the cell walls of the fat tissue and release the fat to be dissolved. Once the formula has liquified the fat cell, the jab makers say it’s then eliminated through urine over a three-week period. The FDA approved treatment can be administered all over the entire body like double chin, upper arms, arm pits, waist, hips, saddle bags, knees, shackles, augmented fat depots located on buttocks, chest and the inner thighs. According to Dr. Edita Gasparyan – Cosmetologist and Dermatologist at HCC, the amount of treatments varies according to the desired degree of amendment, the dimensions of the fat depot and the individual reactions of the fat tissue. On average you will have to expect around 3 to 5 appointments, with 4-week intervals, until you can actually perceive the results. It is important to keep in mind that this treatment does not result in weight loss. Healthy nutrition as well as an exercise regimen are an absolute necessity to ensure success of the treatment. Habitually, 2 injection spots are required per region with the amount of product used differing according to the area of fat being treated. A local anaesthetic can be added to the solution before injecting to improve patient comfort levels; the treatment is relatively painless with a warm sensation, itching, slight burning, slight oedema and reddening appearance for 1-3 days within the treated area. The treatment will be repeated between two and eight times depending on the number of small pockets of fat tissue to be reduced. The injections are repeated every three to four weeks. After each treatment patients can expect some swelling, redness and skin irritation and tenderness in the area treated, which will subside after four to six days. Although the name sounds more like a medical condition, cellulite is nothing more than normal fat beneath the skin, however, the fat appears bumpy





because it pushes against connective tissue, causing the skin above it to pucker. Cellulite is not harmful, but many people like to get rid of it because of the way it looks. Many cellulite treatments, including massages or cellulite creams, advertise remarkable results, however, most of these treatments don’t live up to their claims. With highly efficient injections, Health Care Clinic also offers one of the world’s most effective cellulite treatments, resulting in a fresh, toned and radiant skin. Dr. Edita Gasparyan utilizes the latest product which allows preventing cellulite from development at early stages. Due to a unique composition, this treatment triggers many essential mechanisms in tissues, which boost their functionality and deter cellulite from development. This treatment is the only registered medical product in the world that dissolves toxins which are produced in adipose tissue in inflammatory processes contributing to cellulite, which results in the improvement of blood circulation. The product has also an antioxidant effect and curbs free-radical processes, which are favorable for cellulite development.

Dr. Edita Gasparyan / Dermatologist and Cosmetologist / Health Care Clinic / Mobile: 66015220 / Instagram: @dredita the talk - page 79

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10 simple tricks for a better sleep There is no feeling worse than sleeplessness. In fact, no, they say that the Chinese believe that failing to fall asleep is one among the 3 most difficult things a human being can cope with. If you tend to to toss and turn every night, consider simple tips for better sleep. 1.Drink herbal tea can help you relax before bedtime. 2.Read a book: Meander your way through a favorite book to help power down from a hectic day. 3.Put away the iPad: the blue light from tech devices tricks your mind into thinking It’s day, so turn off gadgets 30 minutes before you need to go to sleep. 4.Have a snack: honey, nuts, and dairy all have something in common: they contain compounds that can induce sleep. 5.Stretch it out: stretching relieves aches, but it can also calm you and prep you for sleep.

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8.Avoid thinking: as you close your eyes, try to imagine a white board and focus on keeping it white. This trick works well for those who tend to overthink before sleep.

6.Meditate: clearing your mind allows you to drift off to sleep.

9.Take a warm shower: a warm bath can soothe muscles, it is also great if you are suffering from cold or allergies.

7.Hide the light: electronics, alarm clocks, street lamps – all of these can prevent sleep. Cover up anything that’s contributing to light pollution.

10.Find the right temperature: the best temperature for helping you get proper sleep is between 18 to 22 degrees Celsius.

E njoy y o u r b e a u t y i n K y u C a re .

Salmiya, Hamad Mubarak Street, Building 18, Floor 2. (Beside Tarek Pharmacy) For appointments call: 25720755/774 @kyucarecenter

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eating healthy when on the road! by Fitness First ME

Remember the last time you raised a toast, ‘One for the road’! Well, if habits make a man then groom yourself into travel-experience enhancing hacks that will not toss your toned body and hardearned fitness through the window.

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Staying healthy and keeping diet on the track while on the go can be difficult but, read on as Fitness Firstbrings you tips to stay fit while traveling.

.goesPlana ahead in time: A little bit of homework long way to help you plan your schedule and food. You do come across fast food joints a plenty when discovering a new country but they offer limited choices. Opt for a grocery store instead that offers whole and healthy foods like fruits, nuts and salads. A supermarket with a salad bar may not offer you a brownie but will sure earn you brownie points. Home-made snacks like nutty bars, energy bites etc; let you have access to food at all times. So, there’s no skipping meals there!

.Avoid Binge on tasty and heart healthy foods: giving in to temptations. Maximize clean eating like meat, vegetables, nuts and fruits and consciously junk empty calories like processed grains, carbs and aerated, sugary drinks.

.should Eat less, eat more: That precisely means you be eating small quantity at frequent intervals. In this way, the body never stores fat for later consumption. It is also easy to burn calories taken in by regular meals rather than loading in one single sitting. Eating too much at one go can also make you sluggish and sleepy, beating the purpose of your vacation.

keep you hydrated and aids in avoiding travel lag, symptoms of overexposure to the heat or sun, and junk-food cravings. Believe it or not, many of the unhealthy cravings we experience on the road can be satisfied with a refreshing drink of pure water.

.places Get picky about choosing restaurants: Select with a full menu. Not only does that allow you to customize a healthy meal but also take in cooking requests like trimming off visible fat from meat and poultry. And while we are still at the restaurant, it might just help to keep the following in mind: Select steamed or fresh vegetables and broiled or baked meat instead of fried foods. Roasted or poached fish and meat are also preferable to fried food.


.onWatch your salt intake and use the salt shaker your table sparingly. .Lunch Choose the lunch portion, when possible. portions are usually half the size of dinner portions, but most are still enough to fill up the average diner.

.sauces, Look for pasta dishes with tomato-based which are generally lower in fat and calories than cream-based sauces. This applies to soups, as well.

.forRaise protein intake:When in need of energy .meal, Drink water or unsweetened tea with your a long hike, a long drive, or a day at the and avoid soft drinks and alcoholic beach, stoke your body with high-quality, lean protein found in any animal and dairy product. Eating the right amount of complete protein for your weight and activity level stabilizes blood sugar (preventing energy lags), enhances concentration, and keeps you lean and strong.

.andKeepa lifesipping on water. Yes, water is essential saver! Our body needs water for virtually all of its functions. Drinking plenty of water will flush the body of toxins, keeps the skin fresh, and reduces the appetite. It will also

beverages. Most restaurants offer bottled water.

.cakeSkipafter dessert. Eating a single slice of chocolate your meal can negate all the healthy choices you made when ordering your dinner. If you really need dessert, ask if the restaurant serves a fresh fruit bowl. So while you sift through the ‘Lonely Planet’ to lay your sight on the next destination-to-be; remember these simple tips and never forget, ‘moderation is the key’! the talk - page 83

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how can a working woman exercise at home? Combine the following bodyweight exercises as a circuit at high intensity to promote fat loss: Plank 30sec hold Squat x 15 Push up x 15 Burpee x 15 Diamond push up x 15 Lunge x 15 Mountain climber x 15 Rest for 1 min and repeat You can increase or decrease the reps depending on your fitness levels to begin with try to complete 5 rounds in total.

.workout Nutrition before and after a Before working out, a meal high on protein and good fats will help sustain energy levels. e.g Eggs, avocado and turkey bacon After a workout, your meal should consist of protein and carbohydrates to help with recovery and refuel glycogen stores. e.g a protein shake with mixed fruits.

.If you Exercises for pregnant women? have been participating in regular exercise then exercising while pregnant is perfectly safe and good for you and the baby. Exercising while pregnant helps to keep you fit and build endurance to prepare you for the labour walking, swimming, cycling and yoga are all safe options of exercise. If your body has been used to weightlifting you can also continue to do this. the talk - page 84

Just ensure you are getting adequate rest time and monitoring how you feel throughout.

.ThisExercises for flat belly and hips? comes mainly from the foods you eat as the saying goes ‘abs start in the kitchen’ this combined with resistance training and HIIT 3 times per week you will notice a huge difference in body fat around the difficult areas such as tummy and hips.

.after How to keep the body in shape diet Consistency is the key! Yo-yo dieting and extreme diets will never work yes you might see results for the first few weeks but most of these fads are impossible to stick to. The best way to stay in shape is to maintain a healthy balance of carbs proteins and fats and track this daily, my fitness pal app is great for this.

.personal How important is it to have a trainer Everyone needs a personal trainer! To help motivate them and guide them with their eating plan and training. Having a personal trainer to help correct technique can also help with injury prevention. If someone has a training session booked they are more likely to go to the gym and push themselves beyond what they would if they were training alone. Louise Shields Fitness Manager Fitness First ME, Dalma Mall

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Art & Culture - Interview

a pencil case & pokeballs Mohammed Al Mohanna 

This 28 year-old flourishing Kuwaiti illustrator managed to make two worlds collide, and turned fantasy into reality. Transforming his daily thoughts and inspirations into outstanding illustrations, Mohammed discovered this prodigious talent at the tender age of 8, and is now practicing his skills with utmost passion. Leaving his audience in awe; he continues to enthrall us with his complex talent.Â

Photography/ Yousif Abdulsaid the talk - page 88

the talk - page 89

Art & Culture - Interview

We don’t find many illustrators in Kuwait, tell us more about your art. What sets an illustrator apart from people who sketch or paint is that their work is always clean. It shouldn’t be too vague, maybe a touch of it, but the end result needs to be clear. Illustrators have a lot to play around with, from transforming the art into branding, prints, and animations. I lean more towards what I like to call a “Graphic Novelist”, for I make sure all my sketches are kept in a book.  What materials do you use when working on an art piece? I use pencils, colored pens, and other basic equipment here and there.  How would you describe your approach to design? My approach to design is what is usually called “Illustration Pop”, which is inspired by the Japanese illustration culture. A lot of people seem to be confused between Japanese Manga and Japanese illustration. My design aesthetic is a cross between Japanese the talk - page 90

illustrations and Japanese Manga, but I try to incorporate more Arabic into my art. Who/what has been the biggest influence on your way of thinking?  Everything Japanese inspires me to further develop my skills. Not only artists, but even the places I go to when I visit. Everything and everyone there spurts with joy. There are so many subcultures of music and fashion like the Ganguro in mainly Shibuya and Ikebukuro. I’m also fascinated by how creative they are when it comes to layering their outfits and their minimalist multilayered architecture. They even link their daily weather forecast graphics with cartoon features such as smiling clouds. There are three Japanese artists that have influenced my way of thinking throughout the journey. The first artist is called Jinji Eto, a horror manga artist. The second one is called Hayao Miyazaki, he created the famous Japanese movie “Spirited Away”. My third influence

“There has not passed a day without holding a pen and drawing”

is a man called Kentaro Miura, who is well known for his popular dark fantasy manga called “Berserk” and “Pokemon”, I’ve been in love with Pokemon ever since I can remember. I used to create small cute cut outs of the Pokemons I design and put them inside Pokeball toy figures I used to collect. I have also been a huge Disney fan ever since I was a child. What would you say is your biggest skill other than illustration? I’m into photography. I would say I’m quite good at it; I think I have my own way of taking pictures. I’m also into videography. Being a visual person, I feel both are different forms of art which also drive me to expand my ideas. Although I’m not the type who would invest into buying a professional camera or anything like that, I do admire old school photography using instant cameras such as Polaroid or Fuji films. I also like to explore around Kuwait, I like to allow myself to drift off to places people would underestimate. The same goes for my travels, which is also something I’m passionate about. I like to let myself wander off where it’s least crowded to find my own satisfaction.  the talk - page 91

Art & Culture - Interview

What is currently triggering your imagination, inspiring you? I was always inspired by the same things, as an illustrator, ever since I started. The things that influence me are the little things in life that people tend to subconsciously overlook. Socks, shoes, UFO catchers and KDD milk cartons for example. I like to take these and transform them into patterns through my artwork. What are your latest projects and what’s next? I came up with a theme that portrays what kids do when they are grounded. It made me realise that kids can tell interesting stories that few would pay attention to. For me, however, I find them fascinating! My nieces and nephews always tell me the most attention-grabbing stories. So one day, I decided to translate their stories into what is now my latest art collection. It was exhibited in a restaurant called Al Makan. My next project is to launch my book where I will be consolidating those pieces. It is actually the project I am currently working on.  How does your family feel about your talent, how encouraging are they?  They don’t get the way I think, they don’t understand why my illustrations are so different than what they know of art; I have to constantly explain to them, but it’s normal because they were raised in a different generation so it’s a bit hard for them to comprehend my work. My mother was an abstract art teacher, a completely different form of art, but at the end of the day, they’re exceedingly supportive of what I do, especially my siblings.  Do you think art can be taught or do you think a person is either born with or without it? I always say that anyone can be an artist; it’s just a matter of practicing. I discovered my talent when I was 8 years old; I haven’t put down my pencil since. Practice is passion, and without passion your work will never come out the way you want it to. 

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Art & Culture - Artists Foucs

artists turn junk into animals

Even with our best efforts to recycle, there’s still a lot of trash around. It makes for a sad kind of material in Artur Bordalo’s (a.k.a. Bordalo II) animal sculptures. These are always collages of trash objects and can grow quite big. the talk - page 94

It’s a way to recycle, but also a means of criticizing the world we live in through a very artistic way, and the consumerist culture which is destroying nature. Bordalo II is the interesting kind of street artist that doesn’t rely solely on spray paint. Aside from these sizable animal sculptures, he has made trash scenes featuring anthropomorphic mice that reenact the troublesome situations in our lives.

the talk - page 95

Art & Culture - Artists Foucs

This is Artur Bordalo’s (aka Bordalo II) series of artwork that aims to draw attention to the problems of waste production, materials that are not reused, pollution and its effect on the planet. These are problems that are likely to be forgotten, become trivial or become necessary evils. the talk - page 96

The idea is to depict nature itself, in this case – animals out of materials that are responsible for its destruction. These works were built with end-of-life materials: the majority found in wastelands, abandoned factories or just randomly. Some were obtained from companies that are going through a recycling process. the talk - page 97

Art & Culture - Artists Foucs

Damaged bumpers, burnt garbage cans, tires and appliances are just some of the objects that can be identified when you go into detail. They are camouflaging the result of our habits with a little ecological and social awareness. Gorgeous and unique, Bordalo II’s creations take human trash and turn it into art. We’ve seen this kind of thing before, but never on this scale.  Large animals are created entirely out of garbage, intended to show that even though we are doing our best (or most of us are) to reduce our waste, there is still a lot of it.  The art is a way to recycle the waste and also point out how wasteful we are human beings.  It attracts attention from art lovers around the world and is helping raise awareness for this quickly building problem.  Born in Lisbon in 1987, Artur Bordalo aka Bordalo II grew up watching his grandfather, Real Bordalo, painting the city of Lisbon. Bordalo II presents us a figurative painting full of vivacity and movement, where he paints his own interpretation of urban landscapes and city entertainment. He’s exploring his own mixed media on wood stand base, and is thus made a series of collages of objects (garbage). It is not only a way to recycle, but also a critique of the world we live in, where we often have nice things, which are based on junk without realizing it. the talk - page 98

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Art & Culture - Interview

the best in town DJ Bonita

One would rarely hear of a female DJ who is young, beautiful and talented. But it so happens that it is true as Farah Bishara is actually one of the best DJs in Kuwait. Known as DJ Bonita, this young lady is giving her heart into music and all she’s got into her career in Radio Kuwait FM 99.7. Photography/ Yousif Abdulsaid the talk - page 100

How does it feel like to have a career that primarily correlates with music? It’s the best feeling in the world. Never in a million years did I imagine myself to be in a position that pays me to play music and speak about music history. People always tell me I have the coolest job, and I definitely agree! Why aren’t there more female DJs?  There are many female DJs! Maybe not in Kuwait, but around the world, there are so many wonderful, talented and well-rounded female DJs! However, because Kuwait has a stigma attached to women who work in the entertainment field, a lot of women are apprehensive about doing something like DJing or hosting a radio show. I know many of them would love to learn, though! Do you think that DJing is men’s world? In your opinion is it harder for girl to become famous in that field?  Absolutely not. I don›t like to separate genders when it comes to work, especially when it comes to music. We are all born with a set of

the talk - page 101

Art & Culture - Interview

skills that we cultivate however we choose to. If you›re talented, you›ll make it. Period. It doesn›t matter if you›re a man or woman. How did it all start? I grew up listening to Hip-Hop; I was 7 years old. I fell in love instantly. Before the internet, it was very hard for me to learn everything I know now, but I’d still read the booklets in the tapes and CDs I’d buy, and wait every month for my favorite magazine (The Source) to release their latest issue. By the time the internet came around, I had many more resources and ways of learning and connecting with other fans. As for being a radio host, it had always been a dream of mine. I love to talk and share knowledge about things I’m passionate about, so when I finally took the risk and applied, it was surreal. DJing at events is also a dream come true! Learning the craft took a little bit of time, but like anything else, you invest yourself in, you›ll only succeed if you push yourself.

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“If you’re talented, you’ll make it, it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman” What part of the world produces the most quality music? Tough question! Taste is subjective, but I think the East Coast produces the best Hip-Hop. With New York being the birthplace of Hip-Hop, a lot of the creative energy still exists there and in the surrounding states. 42 years later, it’s still easy to discover great music, fantastic artists, and prolific producers in that area! What is it about hip hop? Why is it your favorite? There’s so much about Hip-Hop; I could go on for days. Hip-Hop taught me that being an individual isn’t something I should be ashamed of. It taught me to be positive, to be vigilant, and most importantly, to have fun. I don’t take life too seriously, but when things go sour and I’m going through a tough time, Hip-Hop shows up with an album for me to listen to and we make it through together. It’s the best. What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments in your artistic career? Every day is a defining moment, because every day is an experience and an opportunity for me to learn and grow! DJing in front of a crowd gives me a rush every time, though. I get to interact with a crowd and create an experience on the spot. It’s so much fun! Any challenges? Finding inspiration on a daily basis is my biggest challenge. I only have a couple of hours a day to myself, and I don’t always have the time to read an important article or listen to so-and-so’s latest album. So, I have to find ways to make what I do interesting with what I already know. What is your favorite musical instrument and why? I have so many! I was in a band in high school, and I played the clarinet. Whenever I hear a clarinet in a song, it automatically makes me smile. It has a beautiful, soothing sound! I love trumpets, too, because they’re heard in many different genres that I’m inspired by. Who is your all-time favorite performer (DJ or artist)? We need another interview for this question! But as a preliminary response, it would definitely be A Tribe Called Quest.

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Art & Culture - Interview

In your opinion, how is music able to make life better? Music is so important in a sense that it adds quality to your life – it is therapy. Playing the right song in the morning can set your mood for the entire day. When you’re going through a tough time, listening to music helps you forget, or at least feel a little better. It has been scientifically proven that music helps you remember memories that you may have forgotten, makes you smarter, and reduces stress and chances of clinical depression. What’s better than that? Nothing. Do you plan to take your career to the next level? Where do you see yourself going? Always! Every day, I think of new ways to grow. I love to write, make art, and I’m now learning to produce music. I want to incorporate all of those things, but I’m not entirely sure how. I know that one day the idea will come to me and, God willing, I’ll make it happen!

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Architecture & Design - Interview

architecture and interior design merge Khaled Al Awadhi As unusual as it may sound, interior architecture is the design of a space which has been created by structural boundaries and the human interaction within these boundaries and Khaled Al Awadhi is an upcoming interior architect whose with a sharp vision on how it should all be done. Focusing on neutral colors and raw materials, Khaled is putting his first fingerprints on the creative industry of design and architecture in Kuwait.

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Architecture & Design - Interview

How did it all begin? I’ve always wanted to be a designer, but was never sure about architecture. Being the technical and detail oriented person that I am, I felt like architecture was a discipline that gave me space for creative expression while problem solving that I love. Where did you study architecture? I studied Architecture, with a minor in graphic design at the University of Miami in Florida. When did you start your career? Right after graduation, I started working for a big architecture firm. But soon after, I realized I was not interested in corporate environments, and designing on a larger scale. I was more interested in the detail, and decided to focus on smaller retail concepts. I currently help create concepts from start to finish, having full control over the customer’s experience. This is where my background in graphic design comes to play, delivering a holistic outlook on design.  How would you define your responsibility as an architect? I like to be responsible for design that delivers its function and triggers specific emotions and experiences. To be comfortable in a space, in my opinion, defines ‘good’ design.  How do you approach your projects? The first step is always understanding the client’s needs. the talk - page 110

“What do you need this space to deliver?” is always my first question. After that comes getting to know the client›s taste and aesthetic. Everything else is secondary. What guiding principles do you follow during the design phase? Design should not give you the impression that it is forced. I aim to let spaces design themselves through functionality. Things need to be placed in specific places, with specific sizes to function well. My job is to put everything together in a harmonious way; how people interact with the space is what decides what it looks like.  What are your next projects after Jar?  I’m currently working on a second location for Jar at the Avenues. A couple of new retails concepts are also in progress for Choowy Goowy as we are getting ready to launch an updated brand image for its ten year anniversary.  Are there any particular influences in your career? Many of my friends are architects. We always bounce ideas off one another, which makes it constantly refreshing to discuss my work with them, as many are more experienced than I am.  If someone is to observe your work closely, what color is more likely to be present in your work and why? I generally don’t like forcing color into my designs. I tend to go for neutral tones, keeping materials as raw and authentic the talk - page 111

Architecture & Design - Interview

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as possible, without much interference or manipulation. At jar for example, the paintings by Aziz Al Mudhaf add color to the space, and enhance the natural colors of copper, oak wood and concrete. What city, in your opinion has the most magnificent architecture? I don’t have a favorite city when it comes to architectural characteristics. What I am interested in, is how architecture adapts to different cultures. I find a lot of inspiration in that as I always design with context in mind.  What have you seen on recent travels that inspired you? I was at Expo Milano earlier this summer, walking through the many pavilions was extremely inspiring as you are midst a creative atmosphere, where countries portray their culture and ideas through innovation and captivating design. What challenges are the biggest in your career? Poor construction quality and the lack of professional craftsmanship are some of the biggest challenges we face in the industry. Many materials and resources aren’t available locally, and sourcing them abroad can be expensive and time consuming. 

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Architecture & Design

imagine your neighbors were trees!

The green design and the integrating eco-friendly components into urban architecture is a movement that has been gathering momentum for a while. Italian architect Stefano Boeri is upping the ante with his newly announced 36-story green tower in Lausanne, Switzerland—fittingly named the Tower of Cedars.

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For the love of green Stefano Boeri, an Italian architect with an affinity for innovative green structures, is set to build a 117m-tall (384ft) apartment tower in Lausanne, Switzerland, that will be the first building in the world to be covered in evergreen trees. the talk - page 115

Architecture & Design

A tribute to nature The massive vertical garden will feature 18,000 plants, 6,000 shrubs, and 100 trees, all working to protect residents from noise pollution and dust. Those not lucky enough to score one of the apartments, which range from one to five bedrooms, will still be able to enjoy some inspiring forest views from the outside. A brilliant architect Stefano Boeri is an Italian Architect and Urban Planner, born in Milan in 1956, founding partner of Stefano Boeri Architetti. He earned a master›s degree in Architecture from Polytechnic University of Milan and a PhD in Architecture in 1989 from Iuav University of Venice. Boeri was the Editor-in-Chief of the international magazine Domus from 2004 to 2007 and Abitare from 2007 to 2011. the talk - page 116

life style/

Life Style - Interview

a true champion Balsam Al Ayoub Balsam Al Ayoub is the first professional female athlete in Kuwait who is fighting to ensure girls enjoy the same rights as boys in the sporting arena. Through co-educational sports events and lessons, she is instigating reform in a country where girls and women were previously not allowed to take part in sport. Balsam is a professional fencer and one of the few women dedicated to professional sports in the Gulf region. By competing in international tournaments and mentoring young female athletes, Balsam is showcasing women’s talent and strength to a society that has traditionally confined women to the home. By lobbying for the amendment of the professional sports law which does not consider women athletes, she is opening the gates for others.

Photography: Jalil Marvin / Styling: Yousif Abdulsaid / Makeup: Claudia Cociobea Hair: Hair Flip Salon / Accessories: Aigner / Outfits: 4

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Dress: Boubicca / Archive Bag: Aigner - IVY BAG the talk - page 121

Life Style - Interview

Who is Balsam Al Ayoub? I’m a Kuwaiti sporting champion in the professional fencing world who has won many international titles and medals. My journey began in the world of fencing in 1995 and I formally started representing Kuwait in 1996 and in 1999. I believe I have succeeded in creating a unique model/structure in the world of sports in Kuwait when I participated in the first organized Fencing Championship for Women in partnership with the Sports Club for Girls and the private sector. the talk - page 122

What is your definition of power? To me, power is to believe in yourself and to empower those who believe in you. Power is not merely about being strong but is also about closing your eyes to all the negative things that might come along the way. Power is believing that everything is possible. I think the power of the human mind can help him achieve everything he wants so passionately.

“Fencing empowers me in a very beautiful way”

It is known that you fought to prove that women and men are equal when it comes to sports, what did you have to go through to make this possible? The idea of thinking or talking about this in particular could be almost a taboo. Gender equality is always misunderstood and sometimes manipulated. In the past, Kuwaiti women played an important role in their countries and the region by participating in the development of the state and despite the marginalization of Kuwaiti women in some areas. Today, I am working for that cause, particularly for women to acquire equal opportunities to men’s in participating in the International Olympics. For that purpose, I launched a programs titled “A champion among us”, which is sports program that group 25 children from both genders aged 5-12 years with a goal to encourage them to accept one another in the sports competition. I strongly believe that investing in the new generation is the best way to make a change. How did you feel after your memorable wins? I feel extremely proud of everything I have achieved in life, even the things that I worked hard for and eventually did not come about the way I expected. People win, fail and some would give up. I never give up on the things I truly believe in. To me, it does not matter if anyone is watching or if anyone is ready to offer support, what really matters is the difference I made and how I used it as a tool for change. My memories include pride, glory and honor for representing my country. I feel very happy and proud when I see young children training and trying their best to become fencers or athletes in general. Championship is not only about awards or competitions, but also about the effort you give to others who believe in you and want to reach what you have reached. Champions are also leaders who lead others and enjoy the journey together. You are a mother and a fencer, how are you able to manage such a remarkable lifestyle? Being a mother is the most powerful position you can ever have in your life. To me, it is a great responsibility. Being a fencer keeps me focused especially when taking important decisions in my life; it taught me to be fearless and confident. We live in a world where women struggle to prove that they are strong enough to reach their goals because they are simply women and mothers. The society forces women to give up on their dreams and just focus on being good mothers. I think it is totally unfair because the fact that she is a mother only means that she can do anything that is challenging.

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Life Style - Interview

Full outfit: MA+ / Archive

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Jacket: Elena Dawson Trousers: Toogood Bag: Aigner - MADDALENA BAG the talk - page 125

Life Style - Interview

Would you rather that your son follows your footsteps? Adnan, my son, is a very serious and responsible athlete. He is a swimmer at Kuwait Sporting Club and he participated early this year in Kuwait’s National Open Tournament. He is still young, but since he was 3, I started involving him in various sports and he showed high interest in swimming. I was born to athletic parents and so was my son; his dad and I share the same interests but in different fields. I believe that I should support Adnan the same way I was supported by my parents. I keep telling my son stories about the sports legends and a sport is capable of making a huge positive difference in life. How did fencing change you? Fencing is a very noble, elite and classy sport. It is also very powerful because I had to prove that I can practice a sport which had been exclusive for men in Kuwait for years. To be a fencer means you have to be a fighter, a warrior, a dreamer, an achiever, a believer, a supporter and a champion. It’s not only about the talk - page 126

Knit jumper: Toogood Pants: Zaid Affas Bracelet: Aigner - “AIGNER A LOGO Bracelet”

Dress: Boudicca / Archive Necklace: Aigner - “AIGNER A LOGO Necklace”

the support you get from those who believe in you, but also the greatness of being a role model or an influencer in your society. I take a lot of pride watching my positive influence transferred to the young generation. What has been your favorite part about being a fencer? To be honest, every single part of it is special. Fencing empowers me in a very beautiful way. I love the look on people’s faces when I tell them that I’m a fencer who is a woman and a mother at the same time. What I like about this sport is that it continuously teaches me to go on when in a struggle and to fight until the end without complaints. What do you think is the proper way to coach a fencer during the 1 minute break in between direct elimination periods? Through motivation. Motivation is very important in anything that the talk - page 127

Life Style - Interview

humans do. There should always be something that motivates us and bring out our creativity and energy to achieve our goals. Aside from fencing, we heard that you are currently working on your own fashion line, what can you tell us about this? As a matter of fact, 90% of my outfits were designed by me; I love to work on my own designs and I love clean creative cuts. Last month, I joined a fashion course to learn more about fashion sketching which I never found time to learn before. To me, fashion is a reflection of how a woman prepares to face the world in a classy way. I’m currently working now on 2 projects for 2016 in order to introduce my fashion line which will be exclusive to support a specific cause that I am interested in supporting. the talk - page 128

Shirt & Pants: Aganovich Belt: Aigner - ANTHEA BELT Vest: Balsam’s own design

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Life Style - Restaurant

Eats all you need is love and a burger As you drive along the inner roads of Mahboula, a small yet well-lit place will catch your attention. The industrial look of this small place draws you in right away as you realize that you have arrived at a delicious burger spot.

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Life Style - Resturant

Owned by Abdulwahab Al-Qanai and Mohammad Al-Ghanim, ‘Eats’ is more than just another locally owned restaurant. Both owners are selfacclaimed burger fanatics who felt as though there was always something missing in every burger that they have ever had. Growing up having tried various burger hubs around the world, they decided that it’s time to make the difference themselves and there was one way to do it: Open their own restaurant. Choosing to build their restaurant in Mahboula was quite an easy task as they wanted to be amongst the competition. This is an area full of many different restaurants and being around them will help them know just how good they are! Also, the reputation of the area helped with their decision as they have some great locations there. Once the location was chosen, the real work began. Abdulwahab and Mohammad both knew that they had to offer something different and they did it exceptionally well. the talk - page 132

Trying out different ingredients in order to make their menu spotless wasn’t an easy task but they were finally able to come out with some delicious dishes. One of their best sellers, the Black Magic uses the black bun served with real truffle, truffle mayonnaise, and caramelized onions as the addition of the Swiss cheese on top just adds to the perfection. Their signature dish, the Eats Burger, is what you all would want in the burger in addition to their juicy signature sauce. If you’re trying to take it a little easy, try their Skinny Burger, which is high in satisfaction and low in guilt as it’s served with lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, low-fat cheese, and low-fat sauce in a whole-wheat! bun. Not in the mood for a burger? Well, that’s completely fine as you can get your hands on their Spicy Glazed Shrimps that comes with just the right touch of sweet and heat! It is also very important to keep in mind that all burgers available at ‘Eats’ is made with Angus Beef and it’s all natural as they do not add

anything to the meat itself, which adds a lot to the juiciness of their food. Furthermore, all their food is provided by local suppliers and their customized buns are baked fresh daily as well. In short, they provide their customers with simple food and high quality ingredients. The beautiful industrial setting offered is perfect for anyone looking for something different. The bricks mixed with the pipelines and some great old antiques provides a little of the ‘old-fashioned look’. As many other places have gone with very modernized settings, ‘Eats’ reminds us that just because things look old and different, it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s no longer inviting. In regards to the pricing, it is quite reasonable and you will get your money’s worth in the end with the amazing meal of your choice.

For all the breakfast lovers out there, be sure to stay tuned on their social media as they will be offering breakfast soon during weekends starting at 8:00 AM! Are you craving a burger by now? Well, make sure to take time out of your day for a meal that will definitely be worth it at ‘Eats’ restaurant. From the owners: “We absolutely love burgers and consider ourselves fanatics! After spending so much time trying out different restaurants and recipes, we were finally able to come out with this restaurant.” Timings: Weekdays: 5:00 PM – 1:00 AM Weekends: 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM & 5:00 PM – 1:00 AM Social Media: Instagram: @eatskw Website: Orders: 66133006/9

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Life Style - Travel

Downtown San Diego at a walking distance

San Diego embodies laid-back California culture, complete with a Boardwalk, surfing communities, and outstanding Mexican food. Breathe in the fresh ocean air at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, then gobble down a fresh fish taco at a La Jolla seafood joint. The naval aircrafts at the USS Midway Museum will have you standing at attention.

Contributor Photographer & Editor : Nasser Ashour the talk - page 134

Le Parfait Paris An authentic French cafe owned by a friendly French couple. Offering the best French pastries and baked goods in Downtown San Diego, with a delicious variety of coffee. Location: 555 G St, San Diego, CA 92101

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Life Style - Travel

Coffee & Tea Collective A small-batch artisan roastery for all the fancy tea-heads out there that would enjoy a good hang-out space and a “spicy” blend of tea or coffee. Location: 631 9th Avenue, San Diego.

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Public Good A local small boutique with unique products that represent the coastal lifestyle as defined by their take on modern style and clean aesthetics.

The space also provides a platform for local musicians and artists to showcase their work through promotional events as well as a place for like-minded brands to offer product through pop-up shop formats. Location: 740 market st

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Life Style - Travel

Café Chloé Enjoy a little Parisienne breeze in a cozy, urban neighborhood café, which serves bistro classics alongside gourmet coffee & tea. Open all day, this jewel box of a cafe offers a variety of enjoyable experiences. Location: 721 9th Ave, San Diego

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Blends A small boutique featuring urban footwear including sneakers, trainers & high-tops from popular brands. Location: 719 8th Ave, San Diego

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Life Style - Travel

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Super7 A cute nerdy shop with retro action figures, high quality printed t-shirts and books. Started off as a magazine about vintage Japanese toys in 2001. Location: 701 8th Ave, San Diego

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Life Style - Cars

the pinnacle of style and performance

Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 4MATIC CoupĂŠ

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The ultimate embodiment of success, style and performance, the all-new Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 4MATIC Coupé is an exciting interpretation of a four-door SUV coupé that has no equal. An expressive masculine vehicle, this commanding SUV meets the highest of standards in terms of performance, design and comfort to deliver a dynamic on-road driving experience, whatever the terrain. The new GLE 63 4MATIC Coupé combines the sportiness of a coupé with the strengths of an SUV. Exceptional agility, distinctive engine sound and typical sports car acceleration are united with poise, assurance, tremendous pulling power and perfect traction. Its avant-garde exterior design and exclusive interior adds to its stand-out appeal - a unique creation for those looking for an allround vehicle with high-performance technology and an emotional design. The all-new GLE 63 4MATIC Coupé comes with a powerful, hand-built AMG 5.5-litre V8 biturbo engine and a wealth of AMG-tuned enhancements that add unrivalled performance to its sleek coupé styling and commanding SUV strength. The one-of-a-kind engine is hand-built according to the traditional AMG philosophy of “one man, one engine”. A characteristic feature of the “one man, one engine” production process is the AMG engine plate bearing the signature of the responsible engine fitter. Apart from serving as an AMG hallmark confirming superlative production quality, the AMG engine plate also attests to the peerless DNA of Mercedes-Benz’s high-performance brand. The AMG RIDE CONTROL sport suspension works with the ACTIVE CURVE SYSTEM and the AMG-specific Sports Direct-Steer system to make handling tremendously responsive and cornering razor-sharp. And thanks to the AMG Performance 4MATIC all-wheel drive and 5 DYNAMIC SELECT transmission modes, the agile and adaptive GLE 63 4MATIC Coupé is ready to match your driving mood, whatever it may be. “There is no doubt that the GLE 63 4MATIC

Coupé enters our history books as our most stylish high performance SUV ever. This vehicle will inspire SUV fans focused on dynamics, while at the same time representing a new interpretation of driving performance. This is a vehicle with exceptional presence – whether stationary, in the fast lane of an urban highway, or tackling terrain off the beaten track. Confident and self-assured, the GLE 63 4MATIC Coupé is most certainly for the driver who has already arrived,” said Dirk Fetzer, Director of Sales & Marketing at Daimler Middle East & Levant. GLE 63 4MATIC Coupé customers have a choice between powerful and extra-powerful: the AMG 5.5-litre V8 biturbo engine develops a maximum power of 410 kW (557 hp) and a torque of 700 Nm. The S-Model raises the respective values to 430 kW (585 hp) and 760 Nm. Whichever variant the customer opts for, the 8-cylinder powerplant, which is assembled according to the “one man, one engine” philosophy, delivers immensely powerful performance. The 5 DYNAMIC SELECT transmission modes of Slippery, Individual, Comfort, Sport and Sport+, which the driver selects using a rotary control on the centre console, assign fundamentally different characteristics in terms of driving dynamics.

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Life Style - Events

BOMBERG launch event held by Bomberg and Behbehani Group

BOMBERG, the new Swiss Watchmaking brand that’s causing a stir, and Behbehani Group launched the brand in TikTok, Soku – The Avenues on Monday November 9th. Mr. Ali Morad Behbehani, President of Morad Yousuf Behbehani Group, Mr. Rick De La Croix, Chairman of BOMBERG and Mr. Jacques Tedeschi, Sales Director of BOMBERG Middle East, commenced the event with an introduction of the brand before allowing the media and customers to view the BOMBERG collection. “It is a great honour to collaborate with such an amazing company as Morad Yousuf Behbehani Group for BOMBERG. Being the talk - page 144

represented by the most prominent partner here in this wonderful country, Kuwait, is a fantastic opportunity for us” said Mr. Rick De La Croix. BOMBERG is based in Neuchâtel, the cradle of the Swiss watchmaking. Swiss Made and high-quality brand, BOMBERG is making noise all over the world with its unconventional design, audacious communication and provocative identity which can be seen on Instagram @ bombergmea and website www.bomberg. ch. This is foreseen by the concept which completely overturns classic Watchmaking rules to create unusual timepieces.

the metropolitan collection bags inspired by the greatest cities in the world

After its successful special edition “Cybill One of One”, AIGNER is now launching another limited collection of the iconic Cybill bag in honour of AIGNER’s 50th anniversary. 50 years of AIGNER - the history of a brand founded in Munich, which today is wellestablished as an international luxury leather brand with great fashion flair and the highest quality standards. AIGNER is global! Whether in Europe, Asia or the Middle East, today AIGNER sells its products in more than 400 locations worldwide. Above all it is the fast-moving, pulsating megacities which

continue to give the brand new strength and inspiration for its designs. Now AIGNER has dedicated a limited collection of the Cybill signature bag to them. Ten exclusive Metropolitan models each channel the spirit of a metropolis with characteristic colours, significant symbols and complex leather artwork. With this series, chief designer Christian Beck has created a look which is as urban, diverse and cosmopolitan as the megacities themselves. the talk - page 145

Life Style - Horoscopes

horoscopes Aries (Mar. 21-April 20)

Taurus (Apr. 21-May 21)

Gemini (May 22-june 21)

It is the holiday season and everyone expects you to be focused on celebrations and family gatherings, but you are experiencing some of the luckiest and most productive and lucrative professional energy of the entire year. You and your partner or rival finally have that big blow up and then you figure out how to negotiate an intelligent and fair peace agreement.

There are a number of irritating issues popping up at work. But the truth is that you are having an amazingly good time with your loved ones, so you probably do not care. Maybe that is the problem, your mind is on holiday fun and little details are being missed. It is more likely though, that you are not the cause of the problems and you are not going to let it get you down either

You are dealing with romantic or financial issues affecting your love life, parenting, hobbies, vacations, playtime activities, and/or luxury purchases. Luckily, you have a lot of romantic and financial security flowing into your home and private life as well as plenty of opportunities for you and a partner to have fun and reconnect.

Libra (Sept. 24-Oct. 23)

Scorpio (Oct. 24-Nov. 22)

Sagittarius (Nov. 23-Dec. 21)

There is a lot of relationship tension in your life this month. You have some fantastic communications, negotiations, and diplomatic skills at your disposal to help you keep the various parties involved from blowing up and causing real damage to the various relationships, but it does get tiring always having to play that role. Unfortunately, nobody else seems to be really suited to come in and help.

Technically, the area of your chart that govern holiday shopping and the area that governs your personal finances are clashing in a big ugly way until the holidays. You are brilliant, creative, and you kind of enjoy the game of creating a splendid holiday without having much if any money to actually spend on it

Money is tight over this holiday season or you are just overspending like crazy and willing to pay the consequences of it later. The good news is that right after the holidays; you begin to move into a rather lucrative and lucky financial time. There is some positive financial healing happening afterwards. It will not come as a huge splash of money, but a steady flow should follow.

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Brought to you by

Cancer (June 22-july 22)

Leo (July 23-aug 22)

You and a romantic, social, or business partner are getting along wonderfully, but something or someone in your home or private life is upsetting them. Mostly, you seem to be siding with your partner. The good news is that this is a short-term issue and not something major to get overly upset about. Holiday schedules and shipping challenges are making it difficult to get much of anything done at work.

There is an expected flurry of shopping, financial juggling, and community events during the first part of the month. But then come Christmas Day, you are suddenly ready to sit quietly and think about big cosmic things. What kinds of negative attitudes and beliefs have you been holding on to over the years? Are you doing anything to sabotage your own happiness?

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 23) Throughout this month and especially during the first half, you are dealing with financial and home related battles and arguments. Then during the second half of the month, you start finding some awesome sales and bargains. The financial problems do not go away completely, but you do find ways to work around them and to spread plenty of love over the holidays.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20)

Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb. 19)

Pisces (Feb. 20-Mar. 20)

You are enjoying networking, socializing, sharing ideas, and spending time with relatives, friends, and neighbors. Both your home life and your professional life are kind of taking a backseat to your social and playful extroverted activities. It is not that you suddenly do not care about these things, only that you are far more interested in these happier more social aspects of your life at the moment.

Your social life and/or business dealings involving professional groups and/ or the Internet have had such a detrimental effect on your finances that you end up spending some time reevaluating your approach to money and wealth. It is not a negative thing, but more of a reconfirming that you have your financial, professional, and spiritual beliefs in sync. This is a good month for you socially and professionally despite the financial challenges.

You are in a very social mood. You are getting along with everyone and your partner is tagging along and having a good time as well. You are good at both the superficial friendships that grease the wheels of society and also the deep meaningful friendships that bring deeper levels of companionship and joy into your life. You are making sure to spend time with both.

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The Talk #79 - December 2015 / January 2016  
The Talk #79 - December 2015 / January 2016