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Issue 56 - November 2013


The Furry-Tale









Big Bang Jeans. Chronograph in steel adorned with 114 diamonds totalling 1.2 carats. Dial in genuine blue jean material set with 8 diamonds. Strap in blue jean material fused with rubber. Limited edition of 250 pieces.






N •








Dear Trendsetters,

PH7 has always been known for the team it is blessed with. “How do you pick them?” I have often been asked, and my answer has always been “I don’t. Destiny picks them for me”, and destiny couldn’t have picked better! The proof comes to me every day. When one of our team members is chosen to represent Kuwait fashionistas in a fashion event and another gets called upon to model, it only goes to show just how blessed we indeed are. And at PH7 it was never about looks only. Though a necessary element, it has never been sufficient. Our team is truly a full package of driven, self-confident, ambitious, moral bunch of young spirited beings. Team, you make me proud. Till next issue,

Zeina Mokaddam




It has been an absolute pleasure being part of THETALK for 2 years out of its 5 year history. I was able to be part of this magazine in marketing as well as editorially. It continues to evolve every year in its own style and at the end of every month when the pages are put together; THETALK comes to life with character that is incomparable to any publication I have come across... for that I am very grateful... and that is what keeps me intrigued with each issue!

What’s happened in your world over the past 5 years? Through the pages of THETALK we’ve watched fashions come and go, whilst doing our bit to ensure style endured throughout. We’ve seen celebrities rise and fall with the same regularity as heel-heights, all during which time black really was the ‘new black’ for a while. In our past 5 years we’ve done our best to report the chicest looks and the latest gossip with, we hope you noticed, a slice of good humour. And we’ve only just begun.



It has been a pleasure witnessing the continuous development of THETALK Magazine for the past five years. As a designer, I accentuated that each issue would have a significant touch to it. By being part of such a powerful team, THETALK Magazine aided in expanding my talents and aptitudes. Our team collaboration was the reason we exceeded our readership expectations throughout the course of the years. In the end, I would like to express my gratitude to THETALK team, I am really blessed!

Every girl at one point of her life played with barbies and dressing dolls, and we all are still playing this game on the grandest scale ever; we call it fashion. And the beauty of fashion is that it is everchanging more than the word “change” itself. Or as Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach puts it “So soon as a fashion is Universal, it is out of date” That’s why we are here; we bring you the latest before it comes so you can step into the shoes of avant-garders. Here’s to 5 years of coverage, editorials and the fashion world’s latest talks from the world’s runways straight to your hands.

THETALK / November / 2013


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Local Features 32. Special Hearts Interview 52. Falamank Exclusively for Qirdala 112. Kuwait Exclusives International Features 22. Cover Story 44. Isabel Marant Interview 62. Her Style Icon 68. His Style Icon 60. Celebrity Wearing 100. The Street Styles Collective 104. Fashion Feature 108. Lanvin Exclusive


Setting Trends 42. Her Trends 70. His Trends 74. Car Trends 5 Year Anniversary Top 5s!! 78. Models to Watch 79. Upcoming Designers 80. Fall Fashion Runways 88. Greatest Natural Wonders 94. Fashion Biographies



96. Movember

Reviews 118. Movie Reviews



THETALK / November / 2013

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THETALK / November / 2013

E njoy y o u r be a u t y in K y u C are. Salmiya, Hamad Mubarak Street, Building 18, Floor 2. (Beside Tarek Pharmacy) For appointments call: 25720755/774 @kyucarecenter




THETALK / November / 2013


n 1925, the house of FENDI is born with the establishment of the first handbag shop and fur workshop in Via del Plebiscito, Rome. The new FENDI business, led by Edoardo and Adele Fendi, immediately wins great acclaim. As the business grows, the fur workshops expand and between the 1930s and 40s, the FENDI name, already well known in Rome, becomes famous outside the capital city. In the Fourties, the five daughters of Edoardo and Adele begin working for the family business, each bringing new energy and ideas. In 1965 they start the collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld. In the hands of Mr Lagerfeld, a fashion revolution takes place:




the fur is changed, moulded, redesigned and reinterpreted, becoming a fashionable, soft, light item of clothing. The materials also change and pelts that had been forgotten or neglected are used in production once again. At this time the “double F” is designed. The FENDI purse is also transformed, offering new rules governing elegance and tradition, innovation and experimentation. The answer to rigid handbags is the innovative creation of soft, unstructured bags. The leather is printed, woven, dyed and tanned to make it more soft and attractive and so begins the journey of a new generation of FENDI bags. The success of furs and bags leads to the need to offer a complete image of FENDI. In 1977 the ready-towear is launched. With the brand’s growing success, the house’s collections are expanded in 1984. Designed and followed through with extreme care, a range of foulards, ties, gloves, sunglasses, jeans and home furnishings are created. The following year, 1985, marks an important stage: for the first time, a museum, the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, opens its doors to celebrate FENDI’s sixtieth anniversary and the twenty years of its collaboration with Mr Karl Lagerfeld. A few years later the Selleria, a line made entirely by hand, is rediscovered. Originally created by Adele Fendi, it is re-offered with the same culture and the same techniques. Handbags, travel bags and small leather goods are made from cuoio fiore, hand-finished by master saddlers, in a limited edition series. The creativity of Silvia Venturini Fendi, the creative director for accessories, leads to the FENDI Baguette in 1997. The success of the little bag to be carried under the arm, like the bread of the same name, is an immediate success. More than 1000 versions, with different, unusual materials, quickly make it an 24

THETALK / November / 2013

essential accessory and a collector’s item. During a highly successful period, a new industrial and operational organization is established, corresponding with FENDI’s everexpanding international development. In 2004, the LVMH Group becomes the sole majority shareholder of FENDI. In 2005 FENDI celebrated its eightieth anniversary with the opening of Palazzo FENDI in Rome. The new headquarters, in the heart




Karl Lagerfeld’s Fur Sketch. of the city, host the brand’s creative soul: the studios, fur atelier, and the largest FENDI boutique in the world. On October 19th 2007, at sunset, Fendi was the protagonist of a unique world event: it was the first fashion house to stage a fashion show on the Great Wall of China.

1965: first FENDI fur collection by Karl Lagerfeld featuring Silvia Venturini Fendi as a kid.


THETALK / November / 2013

Starting from 2006, FENDI launched an ephemeral private club, called FENDI O’, to celebrate special occasions, bringing together unique guests, socialites and the fashion crowd. The FENDI O’ concept has travelled to Tokyo with the trio Kanye West, DJ Nigo and Teriyaki boys in November 2006, to Beijing on the “Great Wall” and to Rome Film Festival, in October 2007, to Cannes France in May 2007 and 2008 with amfAR, five times during Paris Fashion Week for Amy Winehouse in February 2008, Dita Von Teese in October 2008, the Gossip in March 2009, with Pixie Lott in October 2009 and with multi-award winning British supergroup DURAN DURAN in October 2010, in Milan in January 2011 during Men Fashion week with Dragonette and Martin Solveig and lately in Milan again in September 2011 during Fashion Week with Andy Fletcher, Afrojack and Nervo DJs.

FENDI’s involvement in the world of Limited Edition Design started in December 2008 when FENDI started the collaboration with Design Miami/. In 2009 Fendi partnered again with Design Miami/ in Milan during the Salone del Mobile, for “Craft Punk”, a series of Design Performances in celebration of the importance of originality, creativity and freedom of expression in design where 10 young emerging designers were called to live, relate, work and create unique Limited Edition design pieces in front of the public with Fendi discarded Selleria leather and other materials all within Spazio Fendi. Since Craft Punk, the Live Design Performances element has become a key part of the relationship between FENDI and the world of Limited Edition Design. During the course of 2011, FENDI has launched Fatto a Mano for the Future, a series of in store events that take place worldwide. These events feature a FENDI craftsman and designer working together and creating limited edition design pieces starting from different FENDI’s discarded materials. Among others the Designers include architectural duo Aranda\ Lasch in US, following the collaboration at




FENDI Astuccio Fur Fall/Winter 1971-1972.

FENDI Mappamondo FUR Fall/Winter 1978-1979. Design Miami/ in 2010, Rowan Mersh and Simon Hasan in Europe, who collaborated with FENDI respectively in 2010 with the Fumi partnership and for Craft Punk in 2009, Kwangho Lee in Korea, who also collaborated with Fendi for Craft Punk in 2009. Currently, Fendi has over 190 boutiques in over 35 countries around the world. This season, Fendi presents “My first fur”, a line of different accessories with a common denominator : fur. Now every woman can have access to the Fendi dream. Part of the line are scarves, fashion jewels, charms and sunglasses with fur details, introducing even the younger clientele to the brand’s DNA.

FENDI Mappamondo FUR Fall/Winter 1978-1979.


THETALK / November / 2013

From a mink flower brooch which can adorn a coat or a dress, to the whispered elegance of a fox–lined scarf, from the pink shearling jewels for the “fashionistas” to the whimsical, everchanging “charms”, every woman can now take a step into the eclectic world of Fendi Furs.

The Avenues 225 971 11 Marina Mall 222 448 42 360 Mall 253 099 11


Fendi Furs worn by icons in iconic movies

Madonna wears a Fendi Fur in her role as Evita in the Evita movie in 1996.

Sharon Stone wore the fur coat in her role in the Catwoman movie in 2003.

Gwyneth Paltrow wears the iconic fur coat in the 2001 Royal Tanenbaums film. 30

THETALK / November / 2013

special hearts interview

Special hearts Interview with Nuqat foundation In this interview we get to feature people with great initiatives and projects for the benefit of society.


THETALK / November / 2013


n this issue I had the pleasure to feature the creative behind Nuqat foundation, which aims to develop Arab creativity by providing a platform to exchange ideas and educated creative through various conferences. The first conference was in May 2009 with several more to follow. This creative endeavor reflects the inspirations of its founders, Wakim Zeidan, Hussa Al Humaidhi, Dana Al Hilal, and Sara Al Nafisi, who instead of succumbing to frustration decided to make a difference. Tell me about your initiative and the idea behind it?

What is the story behind the name and logo? Well, the name was based on the theme of the first conference “Nuqat Ala Al Huroof» (meaning «dots» on letters, connoting the idea that things have to be done the right way). So the audience picked on the word «Nuqat» at first. It was then simplified as it fits the purpose more, connecting the ‹nuqat›/dots and filling in the details (nuqat ala alhuroof) . As for the logo, as you can notice it feels like it›s one line, a collection of dots that get connected and draws you into infinity in both directions. That›s what Nuqat needs to achieve, connecting the dots between creatives.

Nuqat is a non-profit organization that serves as a creative platform to exchange ideas and connect to others. The idea is to bring creatives together and initiate dialogues, discuss ideas and improve skills. This is done through conferences that include lectures from Arab creatives professionals from around the world, and interactive workshops as well as encouraging designers by producing their work. Nuqat started in 2009, and organized 4 successful conferences in Kuwait and Dubai. Nuqat started out of frustration. Frustration from the fact that, at that time, Arab designers were mimicking the West in a way and trying to adapt western style in their arabian community, and due to that, nothing genuine, original or inspiring was coming out. As well as the fact that there wasn’t a platform in the GCC to connect with other creatives and form a community, and lastly the lack of availability of effective skill building workshops. So Nuqat started off with the objective of helping improve creativity of the Middle Eastern community, not just involving graphic designers but encompassing as well professionals from all industries. Promoting the idea of tackling creative thinking in ALL fields (not just design, but in business, science, medicine), as a problem solving skill rather than just artistic. WWW.THETALK-ONLINE.COM


special hearts interview

What inspired you to start this initiative? As previously said, it was frustration that led to inspiration :) So do you foresee any obstacles in achieving your goal?

expectations get higher and so we share more responsibility on making sure that we don›t disappoint them in the next one. We keep focusing on our goal and vision, driven by our love for what we do. What skills you found most useful for work?

Do you believe all dreams come true? Not all, but the ones you choose and share with others can definitely come true.  What do you think of volunteer work?  Everyone should do that; good for your spirit, good for your body, good for your community, and wonderful for your country.

Obstacles have always been there since the beginning, but the whole team is genuinely persistent on making sure things happen no matter what, because we all share with our community a common identity, a common authenticity and a common goal.

Each one of the team members has a specific set of skills that compliments the whole group and that is adding up in a very effective way to the performance of the team. So, to say, that one person’s skill was key is not true, but it’s the sum of the whole team.

What distinguished you for success?

On a bad day what would you say to yourself for motivation to keep on going?

Make sure to surround yourself with the J right people. People that share your vision, motivation and that compliment each other.

Failure is not an option.

Last word or wish?

Good question, we don’t really know! What we do know, is that after every conference people›s

What is your tip for people wanting to start their own initiative? C M




Last word? It feels like we will be executed. Our CMJ wish, however, is to always have the will to keep doing what we are doing and involve more and N more people in doing it. Up coming Nuqat conference is on 7th -12th November at Al Americani, Kuwait City. To find out more about Nuqat you can follow them on Instagram @nuqat and Twitter @Nuqatweets or visit their blog www. This article was conducted and written by Fatemah Almosawi founder of Spread the Passion, an not for profit organization with the main aim of spreading awareness about the value of volunteer work under the slogan “Make giving part of your living” by connecting volunteers to volunteering opportunities. To find out more, follow @ spreadpassion on instagram and twitter. If you have an initiative that you want to be featured please contact me via email: fate@


THETALK / November / 2013

Setting HEr Trends

INGIE Paris Parisians, with their intrinsic, seemingly effortless sense of style, have always inspired Ingie Chalhoub, who spent many years immersed in the city’s creative spirit. This season Ingie decided to channel her admiration for the city by designing a collection that portrays Paris, the city, as a lady – who shines in INGIE Paris, of course! The unique spirit of Paris, its very essence, is transformed into a heroine, wandering amidst the city like a film noir actress. Ingie’s use of a romantic colour palette reflects the first shades of autumn. She bathes her leading lady in copper sequins reminiscent of light dancing, dazzling on the river Seine. Shimmering gold lamé, at times slightly sheer, adds to her allure. Liquid silks drape gracefully around her body. She at once blends in yet stands out from her surroundings. The river’s paved shores resemble intricate layers of velvet lace. A-line dresses glow like a sepia sunset. The starlet draws all eyes as she slips into a black satin duchesse dress; a classic yet irresistible look. Expertly mixing textures and patterns, Ingie’s choice of elegant silhouettes and sharp cuts gives this collection a modern emphasis. Standing infront of glorious facades, her heroine wears graphic tweeds, short box-cut dresses or perhaps a herringbone patterned dress, evoking the city’s architecture. Structured wools with geometrical motifs resemble visions from a Vasarely painting. Vivid burgundy is unexpectedly mixed with royal blue offering up an eclectic colour block motif. Strolling along the elegant cafes of Ile Saint Louis, she sports superfine technical knits with hounds-tooth detailing. The little black dress is re-invented in an enriched knit that takes her effortlessly from day to night!


THETALK / November / 2013

This muse captures the essence of the city. Strikingly beautiful, romantic and unpredictable, you never know when you will see her next. Like a figure escaping from a Piet Mondrian painting, she leaps onto a boat ready to embark on a new adventure, echoing the city’s allure and mystique. Renowned fashion icon Ingie Chalhoub’s eponymous label, INGIE Paris, epitomises craftsmanship, elegance and sophistication. Every collection is a mix of French flair, glamourous cuts and painstaking attention to detail. The instantaneous success of the first INGIE Paris capsule collection of glamorous dresses in 2009 ensured the evolution of the label, now encompassing a complete offer of every covetable piece a fashion-forward stylista would need, from evening gowns, to cocktail dresses, to daywear ensembles and knitwear pieces. The label’s trademarks include intricate detailing from shining sequins to delicate embroideries and dazzling embellishments showing off its couture heritage, whilst only the most luxurious of carefully sourced fabrics like Duchess satin, organza brocades, gleaming lame and tactile

velvets ensure sensual yet always sophisticated silhouettes. From flamboyant, full-on red carpet glamour to more ethereal pieces, from trendsetting, graphic cuts to more romantic designs each item is unique as INGIE Paris appeals to the most discerning, individual of women who is used to being noticed.



Setting HEr Trends

SPRING SUMMER 2014 RUNWAY Celine Goes Abstract – Normally known for her restraint and minimalism, Celine creative director Phoebe Philo did away with the understated and went for a more maximalist approach at the label’s spring 2014 presentation. The designer cited Italian photographer Brassai as inspiration for the prints, evoking the images of graffiti he took in the 1930s. The display of color felt surreal with large strokes decorating dresses, tops and even coats. Still, there was


THETALK / November / 2013

some glimpse of Celine’s minimal signature with comparatively plain dresses layered over pleated and sheer skirts. The Celine woman’s accessories for spring include sculptural-like jewelry, slip-on shoe styles and oversized clutches decorated with raffia strips.

Setting HEr Trends

Night SportS Resort/Pre–Spring 2014 There are many ways to play New York style. DKNY serves up versatile elements of glam and street— with a touch of bling and a flash of chic. Work by day, party by night—it’s all in how you wear it. The palette sparkles like the city: black, gold, champagne, and jewel tones of amethyst, sapphire and chartreuse. Play it sexy, sporty, tailored, feminine or masculine — uptown, downtown, cool, dramatic, or any combo in between, these are pieces to create your own brand of New York chic.


THETALK / November / 2013

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Setting Her Trends

Versace Woman Autumn/Winter 2013-14

shrunken, and worn with oversize coats on the shoulder. Irreverent luxury comes from shiny vinyl mixed with silk in black, red, white or yellow. Tartan is used for kilts, while the softness of cashmere is subverted by studded leather. Intarsia of fur make patterns of yellow and black, or black and white, while new interpretations of animal prints have been developed for Versace by American artists The Haas Brothers. Silver spikes and nails are used as fastenings, with spikes also appearing on earrings and chokers, as well as on multi-strand chain necklaces.

“VUNK” - Versace’s new punk, as if the spirit of punk was born today. There’s no reference to the past. With “VUNK”, Versace is fearlessly looking forward to a new glamour, and a new rock’n’roll. 42

THETALK / November / 2013

Extreme proportions create a contrast between shrunken silhouettes and oversized shapes, with no compromise between. Dresses are cut close to the body, and play with ideas of corsetry and pleating. Tailored suits are

Boots are thigh high, or studded to half calf, while silver-chained shoulder bags mix mink with the metal punk details. “I started thinking, what would we call the new punk today? This collection is my answer. It is sexy, strong, brave and full of energy. It is the essence of Versace, heading straight into the future.” Donatella Versace.

TissoT PRC 200 Lady

chosen by Deepika Padukone – Actress

The sports watch with utmost class, with a quartz chronograph movement, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and water resistance up to 20 bar (200 m / 660 ft).


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exclusive interview

ISABEL MARANT pour H&M/ Women & Girls Interview with Isabel Marant


THETALK / November / 2013

Isabel, your work is very personal. How would you describe yourself?


sabel Marant’s aim is to dress real women in real life with functional clothes that have a certain attitude. In fact she tests on herself– as well as members of her staff – every single pieces she designs. Isabel acts on instinct: whatever she does is because it is what she believes customers want in that moment. Fashion is a natural extension of her optimistic and down-to-earth personality. Born and raised in Paris, Isabel Marant has always been a bit of a rebel. She started customizing her own clothing while still at high school. It did not take long before schoolmates asked to have them, too. A graduate of Studio Berçot, Isabel worked her way up the fashion system starting with a jewelry line, then adding knitwear, finally launching her eponymous collection in 1994. Having opened her first boutique in Paris in 1998, today Isabel runs an internationally successful fashion powerhouse with a string of thirteen boutiques worldwide. Her carefree Parisian chic style, a mix of bohemia and masculine tailoring, speaks to women of any age. In contrast to other designers, who fantasise about women, Isabel concentrates on dressing them, encouraging customers to interpret collections however they prefer. Androgyny, handiwork, sportswear, contrasts, poetry, comfort and practicality are the company’s hallmarks, along with tie & dye, embroidery, weaving and savoir faire. The Isabel Marant world also encompasses a younger line named Etoile. ISABEL MARANT pour H&M is Isabel’s first collaboration of this kind.

I am an Aries, so I am quite stubborn. I am energetic and discreet: I don’t like that much to be under the spotlight and prefer my work to speak by itself. I like criticism, for instance, because it gives me a chance to progress. I am loyal, most of all, and think being loyal is an essential quality. It is for me in the way I deal with my friends and collaborators as in the way I deal with my customers. Do these qualities translate into the collections? Fashion is a natural extension of my personality.

I fell into it because I wanted to dress myself. When I design, I do not work on a fantasy, but on reality: my aim is to dress real women in their everyday lives with clothes that have a function but also give an attitude. As a woman of today, I know their needs and what they look for in a dress, but I also know how they feel in front of the mirror, which are their insecurities. I constantly try to solve these problems while creating pieces that express the energy of the moment. I work instinctively, but I am also a perfectionist, because I think that the most simple pieces need to be perfect. Not a single stitch can be overlooked. How much is Paris important to you? I was born and raised in Paris: the city has had an influence on me and my taste. There is a style that is unmistakable, which is about a certain chic with not too much effort. Paris has a great mixture of cultures that is always inspiring, WWW.THETALK-ONLINE.COM


exclusive interview

from the class of the Ninth arrondissement to the trendy energy of the Marais. I was surrounded by very bourgeois women when I grew up, so my taste was largely a reaction to my environment. Nonetheless, it gave me a great appreciation for quality, which I think is very Parisian too. Were you surprised when H&M approached you to design the ISABEL MARANT pour H&M collection? I was flattered. H&M always works with the best designers, so being part of this project felt in a way like a recognition of my work. This made me happy. As a designer, in fact, I do not think I belong to the school of creative geniuses capable to let their imagination run wild. I am more of the Coco Chanel or Sonia Rykiel belief: I want to dress women of my time. H&M is an expression of the time, too. The possibility to reach a wider audience through H&M is something that excites you? Absolutely. I do not have a specific client in mind when I design: I am creating something for everybody. I am happy I will be able to reach women and teen everywhere with this collection. How would describe your style? It has a certain carelessness, which I think is very Parisian. It’s about being perfect, with little imperfection: you dress up, but do not pay too much attention and still look sexy. My collections are infused with this kind of easiness. Everything can be mixed in a personal way, even with things from previous collections: I cant’s stand throw-away and consumerism. We all have to be responsible. I work a lot on the way clothes fall around the body and fit: this is a crucial part, and something that is extremely time-consuming. I won’t let anything go until the proportions are right. I want my pieces to have a certain lived-in air too, like those ‘old friends’ you keep constantly in your cupboard and never 46

THETALK / November / 2013

get rid of, interpreting them in new ways every time. Embellishment and craft seem to be another signature, right?

included all the iconic pieces, from outerwear to jewelry and accessories. Embellishment – prints, piping, jacquards – gives character to many of them. How would you describe the collection?

Have you included all these elements in the ISABEL MARANT pour H&M collection?

Again, it is something very personal. I have a bunch of clothes in my own wardrobe which I love and wear all the time. They come from different collections and are all mixed. I bring them with me when I travel, always thinking: if they loose my luggage, I am lost, all my favorite pieces will be gone. So, when I started working on the IM pour H&M collection, I assembled it thinking of that selection. I picked up the best from my career and put together what is actually a small wardrobe. Of course nothing is the same the second time ‘round, so I have reinterpreted all pieces in a way that suits the moment.

The collection is a synthesis of my style: I

Does this also apply to the teen wardrobe?

Traveling, getting close to other cultures is important for me. I love what men can achieve with their hands, what they can express through craft. This is something I always incorporate in my collections, taking clues from different cultures of the world. I think it is important to keep this handwork and savoir-faire alive. I love to work with knits, too, and I like fabric as a material. Most of our fabrics are developed exclusively for us.

a silhouette, proportion and details, and go for it. Texture is very important, too: I like to experiment with the way different fabrics can work together. I am like a cook, in a way: I know my ingredients, and I mix them. The starting point of a new collection, however, is a feeling of rejection for what I have done before. From there on, I pick up and go. What inspires you? Everything can inspire me, but I always try to keep in mind the real needs of everyday life. I am not good at creating fantasies: never have been. Clothing, for me, should be functional, first and foremost.

There was no need nor pressure to compromise on anything, otherwise I would not have accepted this collaboration. Working with H&M ha been great: they delivered something that is high in quality and finishing. I am surprised how they make it and am very happy with the results. How would you sum-up the spirit of the H&M collaboration? It is all about the sharing. My office is my family and I like to work in an open space that we all share. To share things with people is a nice way to deal with life. Generosity is important for me.

How would you explain the success of your label? I think my collections respond to certain needs with clothes that are easy to wear, easy to mix and well made.

The difference is mainly a matter of sizes, and a stronger stress on prints. I would like moms and daughters to exchange their wardrobes, if they feel like. When I say that everything in the collection can be mixed together, I really mean everything! What about the accessories and the jewelry? They add the finishing touches and are as easy and carefree as the rest of the collection. It’s skinny scarves and beaded belts, necklaces and bangles – which is where everything started for me, even though I hardly wear any – conicalheel boots, a pair of stiletto pumps. I love shoes, way more than bags, and do my best to create great footwear that mixes attitude with comfort. The success of our trainers is a recognition of my hard work in this sense. Can you describe your creative process?

There is a lot of talking about style today. What does style mean to you? I think self-confidence and being at ease with oneself is a good definition of style. I am intrigued when I see women on the street interpreting my pieces in an unexpected ways. I find it a bit uninspiring, on the contrary, to be faced with exact replicas of the catwalk in real life. What are your favorite pieces from the ISABEL MARANT pour H&M collection? I really can’t pick up one: the whole collection is my favorite, because it is an edit of the best pieces I have created. I also like the fact that you can pick up everything, even from the teen, man or boy collections, and mix them up. Fit is crucial, and we worked hard on that to get it right. Did you have to compromise on something?

I’d say it is instinctual. I have a feeling for WWW.THETALK-ONLINE.COM


Setting Her Trends

CRUISE COLLECTION 2014 While Ted Baker started life as a shirt specialist back in 1988, these days he has much more to offer. From menswear and womenswear to fragrances, watches to luggage, he’s brought his irreverent touch to every aspect of life. Not to mention every corner of the globe. The secret to his success is less a well-guarded formula and more an unwavering belief in the best quality, outstanding attention-to-detail and a rather quirky British sense of humour. Put it all together and it’s easy to see why Ted Baker is No Ordinary Designer Label. About The Collections Little touches make Ted Baker’s collections stand apart – the subtle embroidered details, the contrasting trims and the little messages hidden inside garments.


THETALK / November / 2013

Womenswear: A fresh and feminine mix of European elegance with London flair, Ted Baker’s womenswear features exquisite attention to detail with emphasis on surface decoration. Langley: A decadent and limited edition collection, Langley is the embodiment of feminine sophistication. Full of the exquisite detailing for which Ted Baker is renowned, the collection seamlessly blends individuality with timeless style. Accessories: Ted Baker accessories reflect the perfect marriage of contemporary design and the very highest quality. Merchandise includes footwear, lingerie, swimwear, eyewear, fragrance, jewelry and watches.



Setting Her Trends

Dagher-Hinnawi International Company makes its presence stronger in Kuwait Opens Karen Millen and Etam at the Marina Mall As part of its strategy to strengthen the brands position in Kuwait, Dagher & Hinnawi International Company W.LL officially opened the doors of famous British retail brand Karen Millen and French lingerie leader Etam at The Marina Mall. The two lavish new stores opening was celebrated at an official ribbon cutting ceremony attended by senior officials of Dagher-Hinnawi International Company W.LL and members of the press. Attendees to the opening ceremony were treated to a preview of the store’s autumn winter collection 2013 consisting of the latest trends in casual wear, formal wear and essentials personifying elegance in timeless hues. These collections are characterised by attention to detail, perfect fit and extraordinary colour precision. The product range is also supplemented by a wide selection of accessories reflecting feminism and vibrancy.


THETALK / November / 2013

Setting Her Trends

Falamank exclusively for Qirdala Tarfa Itani


THETALK / November / 2013


alamank, the handmade jewellery brand created by designer Tarfa Itani is launching exclusive pieces at Qirdala. Tarfa herself along with store owner Dhari Al-Nafisi will be celebrating the launch November 19th with VIP customers as well as with the rest of the public on the 20th and 21st. This collaboration is incredibly fitting for the internationally renowned designer. Her use of rich oriental heritage when creating the handmade jewellery sets the brand apart from what is globally available. Her innovative mix of vintage and modern makes each piece a one of a kind. Contact: Location: Al-Tilal Complex, Shuwaikh. @qirdala Falamank: @falamankbytarfaitani



setting the watch trends

A step ahead in timing and charming Beleganza Chrono Lady: split-second precision with a Balmain’s styling appeal

invaluable technical and marketing advantages benefiting Balmain timepieces.

Among the many pleasures that await Miss Switzerland 2013 is a striking Balmain wristwatch called Beleganza Chrono Lady. Like every chronograph, it measures short time spans – up to 30 minutes here – as well as showing the time of the day. But unlike typical chronographs, this design displays a full measure of engaging charm.

Barely 38 mm across, water-resistant to 50 m, with some models enhanced with 76 diamonds, its polished steel case holds a reliable Swissmade quartz movement. The dial, for its part, features a date window and three sub-dials: one for the running seconds, another for the tenths of a second and the last one for chronograph minutes, protected by a clear sapphire crystal.

Born in the exclusive world of Parisian High Fashion and founded by Pierre Balmain, the noted Haute Couture master, Balmain brings to time longstanding traditions of taste and elegance. Today its distinctively original spirit drives a watch brand backed by a leading Swiss watchmaking group – the source of

As with every Balmain timepiece, some dials carry classic arabesques –Pierre Balmain’s favorite ornamental design – on a silvered background. Other dials are available with white mother-of-pearl or polished black lacquered finish.

For this year’s Miss Switzerland and for every busy modern woman, a Beleganza Chrono Lady provides the enduring reliability of a Swiss-made instrument enlivened by the engaging appeal of a Balmain.

An Ode to Femininity Fawaz Gruosi presents a new women’s timepiece collection as homage to beauty and colour. SUGAR is the very essence of femininity, transforming a watch into a luxurious sweet treat. The moving gems create a free movement all around the watch leaving a sparkling cascade of the highest quality of precious stones in white diamonds, emeralds, orange or blue sapphires. Precious stones have been at the center of de GRISOGONO’s creative process since 1993; daring, innovative use of these pieces has been one of the pioneering traits of the Brand. We see it yet again with this new collection, four precious gems used to create ten decadent creations breaking out from the mold and introducing a fresh and avant-garde look. 54

THETALK / November / 2013

These new creations appropriately named SUGAR add a little sweetness to the already notoriously bold and lavish de GRISOGONO pieces. Fawaz Gruosi’s creativity is in continuous motion and he feels relentlessly inspired by all that he sees in life. He never ceases to surprise its most loyal followers and has kept doing so with this collection. SUGAR combines the artistry of the skilled gem-setters with the craftsmanship of the Brand’s timepiece designers, the intricate gem-setting techniques perfectly conceal the mechanical details of the movement. The coloured mother of pearl render a soft, rich texture as the precious stones shine with an endless flow. “I wanted to design a luxurious watch to express the exceptional qualities of every

woman – femininity, softness, brilliance, playfulness and elegance.” Fawaz Gruosi SUGAR expresses the joy of sweet moments and the exquisite refinement of the art of jewellery timepieces at its best.

Al Kout Mall - Ground Floor . Marina Mall - Retail Floor 1 . The Avenues - First Avenue

EDITOR’SHer LETTER Setting Beauty Trend


THETALK / November / 2013

MAKE UP FOR EVER ROUGE ARTIST LIP PALETTE Mix colors and reinvent your style everyday with MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Lip Palette Lips are the ultimate symbol of femininity … Transform them into a temporary canvas and let your creative side run free with the 8 new Rouge Artist Lip Palettes from MAKE UP FOR EVER, one of the broadest selections of lipsticks designed to offer you any depth of colour you desire. The profusion of colour is the concept for this collection, as each palette contains an assortment of 5 lipstick shades skilfully selected to indulge every impulse, from conservative to boldly artistic. The shades are dense enough to easily blend into an even, consistent colour, so you can have the freedom to either wear a different shade everyday or blend 1,2…. or even 4 shades to invent your own custom colour. Each of the 8 Rouge Artist Lip Palettes reflects a different colour family: Warm Pink, Cool Pink, Warm Beige, Cool Beige, Red, Coral, Brown, and Plum and they all include a professional lip brush designed to perfect the application with an even layer of colour and no bleeding. An explosion of color, a multitude of finishes (matte, satiny, pearly, iridescent, diamond), ultra-intense or natural shades… Rouge Artist is every woman’s lipstick. There is a palette for every desire and they are definitely purse-friendly.



Setting Her Beauty Trends

IMMORTELLE DIVINE NEW UNTIMATE SKINCARE IMMORTELLE DIVINE IS GIVEN A NEW BREATH OF YOUTH Immortelle, the legendary flower that never fades, even once picked, still has many secrets to reveal in a new formulated compound, which L’OCCTANE protects… in a 5th patent. To create new generation of Divine Immortelle skincare, the L’OCCITANE Laboratories have now combined immortelle with a unique complex of 7 naturally derived active ingredients*. Dramatically boosted by this complex, immortelle from Corsica acts at the heart of cells** to correct all the signs of ageing and give new substance to the skin. A new breath of youth seems to come from the very heart of the skin. Bursting with vitality, it simply glows with beauty.


THE TRUE STORY OF COLLECTION DE GRASSE A PLACE THAT UNITES PRECIOUS INGREDIENTS FROM NEAR AND FAR The story began with the creation of a pair of scented gloves, prompting the cultivation of fragrant plants from the Grasse region. At the end of the 18th century, Grasse had become the world capital of perfumery – a town where the greatest perfumers learned their skills, a place that united precious ingredients from near and far. To create La Collection de Grasse, L’OCCITANE composed exclusive fragrances that unite the most precious ingredients, bringing them together in a beautiful harmony.


THETALK / November / 2013




celebrity wearing

Miranda Kerr Miranda Kerr wears the Swarovski GHOST bag for the opening of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet.


THETALK / November / 2013



HER style icon

Skin Deep beauty Elisa Sednaoui


THETALK / November / 2013


lisa Sednaoui’s ambition, beauty and creativity compose the ABCs of her successful career. She is most known for being the face of Cavalli, a model for Victoria Secret and a feature in Italian and German Vogue. However, the goddaughter of the shoe-king, Christian Louboutin, she has strutted into our 5th year anniversary issue with more than her sharp green eyes, long legs and red-soled shoes. The Italian, French and Egyptian fashion princess has gone beyond the expectations of a model, taking on acting, directing, producing, and being a mother and philanthropist. Sednaoui launched her acting career in 2008with her role in Not Before Not After. The film’s Lithuanian director, Sharunas Bartas, explored Eastern European mafia in this edgy film. In 2010 she also starred in Christopher’s Thompson’s Bus Palladium, portraying the life of a Rock’n’Roll 80s band in a Parisian club atmosphere. Apart from these two acting roles and various smaller ones, she eventually ventured behind the camera as her creativity and ambition led her career from model-turnedactress to directing and producing music videos, documentaries and film herself. The music video, ‘Robots on Meth,’ was co-produced with her friend Martina Gili. The footage follows one of her friends around London, doing everyday things and enjoying herself, dancing in the streets and laughing with a friend. The idea was to create combine the real and the surreal to depict a sense of memory and routine. Her documentary, which is still in production, explores the perspectives of Egyptians on the current socio-political situation.”The documentary is the expression of my love for Egypt, the attempt to put into effect a link in time”. She believes that “fashion is an extension of yourself,” and adores leather and black. Her favourite piece is her ‘Helmut Lang jacket for being tight and rock ‘n’ roll!’ However, she has recently begun venturing out of her comfort zone and into brighter colours. Despite the evolution in her own style, she’s has been wearing the same ring her mother gave her on her 21st birthday everyday. This fashion icon is peggedas being born into the fashion world rather than introduced to it. Having an Italian mother and a French-Egyptian father,

and having lived Italy, Egypt, and France from a young age, the tri-cultural ‘it-girl’ grew up speaking five languages and remained committed to her education. Elisa Sednaoui is one of those women that every girl envies, as much for her exotic beauty as for her achievements. But her boho-chic style surpasses her closet onto her personality, both behind the media and through it.As well as giving birth to her first child this summer, the accomplished mother has recently started up

a charity foundation, which aims to raise funds for the educational development of children in rural areas. The project is first tackling Egypt, despite being in the midst of internal conflict. The modern woman is active on her Facebook and Twitter accounts, constantly updating her followers with fashion tips and spreading awareness on socio-political issues. Despite being only 25, this green-eyed beauty has matured beyond her years while staying young at heart. WWW.THETALK-ONLINE.COM


Setting Her Trends

NEW Styles We Love!! We have chosen the best from Al-Ostoura’s new collections that are now available on their website and in stores, ready for purchase. Bold colours, patterns and statement pieces are all essential for every woman’s winter wardrobe. These pieces not only hit the mark in must-have trends but have exceeded the statements with quality and overt, modern designs! Visit:

Dries Van Noten at Thuraya Mall

P.A.R.O.S.H. at Al Ostoura The Avenues Mall

Moschino at Thuraya Mall


THETALK / November / 2013

Moschino at Thuraya Mall

Casadei at Al Ostoura Thuraya Mall

Stella McCartney at Thuraya Mall

Tosca Blu at The Avenues Mall

Paul By Paul Smith at Limelight Zahra Complex

See By Chloe at The Avenues Mall

Milly at Limelight Zahra Complex

Love Moschino at The Avenues Mall Modern Vice at Limelight The Avenues Mall

Semilla at Limelight The Avenues Mall

Marc By Marc Jacobs at The Avenues Mall



EDITOR’S his styleLETTER icon

The mystery & his muses Hedi Slimane


THETALK / November / 2013


he fashion industry owes a lot to the Italian-Tunisian designer, particularly for bridging the gap between high-end fashion brands and the youth couture we know today. He has not only designed exquisite menswear, but he has also published books depicting the music, art and fashion scenes in culture capitols. As a photographer, he captured the underground music scene in Paris, London, New York and Berlin over the past ten years through his photographs. His success and dedication to the music and fashion scene allowed him to combine his passions and design thestage outfits for famous British musicians, including Mick Jagger and the Libertines as well as some American rock artists such as Jack White from the White Stripes. He once described his line as appropriate for novel characters, and has been able to shape our associations of the mysterious intellectual hero ofurban novels to that of the edgy models from his photographs and catwalks. Born in Paris, the Italian-Tunisian designer grew up idolizing David Bowie, for his music as well as his unique style. He was first inspired by an album cover of Bowie, and discovered the impact of an image. Photography came second nature to him since the age of 11, claiming that he took photos the way other people took notes. Since 2006, he has maintained his own online photographical blog called ‘The Diary,’ depicting bold and edgy unknown models as well as musical celebrities. His loyalty to the urban underground music scene follows through at his catwalk events as he has commissioned young British bands to compose the tracks for his shows.

Picart, Dior and Yves Saint-Lauren, contributing to their evolution in his own way. One of his accomplishments include developing Dior’s first fragrance for men, Higher. His accomplishments paid off, and he became the first designer to win the CFDA’s International Designer of the Year for menswear in 2002. His clothes have won over the loyalty of legends like Karl Lagerfeld, and even inspired him to lose 90 lbs. in order to wear his slim-style menswear. Last year, he created his first line of women’s wear, further expanding his fan base.

work, and so has always declined requests to give interviews. Refusing to compromise his style to what people expect and confining his work to definition, the freethinking modern designer encourages the world to explore his or her own interpretations.

Hedi Slimane is mysterious both in his designs and in his own personal style.We can expect this contemporary designer to continue rocking the fashion world with his uncompromising vision and contagious devil-may-care attitude. Like many artists, he prefers for his audience to have the freedom to interpret what they want from his

With a mother working as a dressmaker, he eventually began designing his own clothes as 16. He then went on to study art history at the École du Louvre, and taking courses in tailoring and political science.His process has become instinctual and full of soul, exciting all who adore him and surprising those who don’t.In the past 20 years, he has worked for Jean-Jacques WWW.THETALK-ONLINE.COM


Setting His Trends

LACOSTE TODAY For the past 80 years, the iconic right-facing crocodile has embodied the LACOSTE legend. It was born on a tennis court in 1933, as French tennis champion René Lacoste revolutionized men’s fashion by replacing the classical woven, long-sleeved starched shirt with a light and comfortable short-sleeved one in airy petit piqué fabric, better known today as the classic LACOSTE polo shirt. Never oblivious of its glorious sporting past and always driven by the pursuit of elegance and comfort, the brand gradually enriched its collections and became a lifestyle brand.

Authenticity, audacity, empathy and a certain “joie de vivre” inherited from the 30s are the four pillars that made LACOSTE a successful worldwide fashion brand. Today the Crocodile has more than 1160 boutiques throughout 110 countries, selling two items every second. The LACOSTE brand has achieved a wholesale turnover of 1.6 billion Euros in 2011, which is the equivalent of 3.7 billion Euros in terms of retail sales, 90% of which is made outside of France. Step by step, the company broadened its fields of expertise through strategic partnerships, based on René Lacoste’s idea in 1933. The LACOSTE company, owner of the brand, animates and coordinates the different licenses given to each partner: Devanlay for apparel and leather goods, Pentland for footwear, Procter & Gamble for fragrances, Marchon for eyewear, Movado for watches, Zucchi Group for home textiles, and GL Bijoux Group for fashion jewelry. The LACOSTE “art de vivre” is expressed in each item produced. fabric, better known today as the classic LACOSTE polo shirt. Never oblivious of its glorious sporting past and always driven by 70

THETALK / November / 2013

the pursuit of elegance and comfort, the brand gradually enriched its collections and became a lifestyle brand.


Katie Grand Loves Hogan. For A Second Season, Love Magazine Editor And Stylist Katie Grand Has Collaborated With Hogan To Produce A Special Collection For Autumn/Winter 2013 - 14. Called Gang, This Capsule Builds On The Success Of Last Season’s Collection, Increasing The Number Of Products On Offer. In Addition To The Two Styles Of Sneakers, Ballerina Shoe, Leather Purses And Sunglasses, There Are Cases For Ipads And Iphones, A Tap Shoe, A Skate Shoe And A New Wheeled Travel Bag. There Are New Materials Too: As Well As The Suede And Calfskin, There’s A Sleek Patent Leather And A Strong, Sturdy Canvas. As Before, The Aesthetic Is Bright And Bold. The Signature Heart Motif Is Still There, A Nod To Love, The Biannual Fashion Magazine That Katie Grand Founded And Edits. ‘This Time Around We’ve Gone Big On Zebra Stripe’ She Says Of This Second Collection ‘For No Other Reason Than It Felt Like It Felt Right And Looked Great Splashed Across The Products’. There Is Also A Second Issue Of Gang,

The Large-Format Magazine Created To Celebrate The Collaboration. Featuring An Epic Shoot By Photographer Daniel Jackson And Styled By Grand, It Stars A Spectacular Line-Up Of Grand’s Models Friends Alongside The Full Collection: Edie Campbell, Abbey Clancy, Eliza Cummings, Cara Delevingne, Poppy Delevingne, Ondria Hardin, Tallulah

Harlech, Xiaomeng Huang, Liya Kebede, Doutzen Kroes, Chiharu Okunugi, Liberty Ross, Stephanie Seymour And Ruby Jean Wilson. They Also Appear In A Film Directed By Daniel Jackson, Which Is Set To A Soundtrack Of Cara Delevingne Performing The 80S Hit “I Want Candy”.



Setting His Trends

Bourdon Bright SingleZip Document Case and Slim Single-Zip Briefcase Exclusively launched for the gifting season, the Bourdon collection brings a pop of colour for the Winter months. Crafted from a heavy grain Italian cowhide leather, the Bourdon collection provides a relaxed and bright approach to business leather. The unstructured design offers a modern alternative to the traditional briefcase, with durable construction and complete functionality. Each bag boasts multiple interior compartments and is finished with stainless steel hardware subtly branded with the ‘AD’ logo. The Single Zip Briefcase is perfect for the office or business trip, with an extendable shoulder strap and soft grip handles. Available in an additional slim Single Zip Briefcase the Bourdon bright range brings essential colour for the gifting period and is available in royal blue, red, green, orange and turquoise.


THETALK / November / 2013

‫األڤنيوز ‪ /‬فرست أڤنيو‬ ‫الفنار مول ‪ /‬الدور األرضي‬ ‫مارينا مول ‪ /‬الدور التجاري ‪1‬‬ ‫الكوت مول ‪ /‬الدور األرضي‬

EDITOR’Sthe Setting LETTER car trends

Jaguar to Stage Four Regional Reveals at Dubai International Motor Show 2013 Luxury car manufacturer Jaguar today announced it has selected the forthcoming Dubai International Motor Show to showcase four of its models for the first time in the region. Taking place from the 5th to 9th November at the Dubai World Trade Centre, the Jaguar stand will feature two new Jaguar “R” models, the 550PS XJR, and the XFR-S, as well as two thrilling new vehicles which the luxury manufacturer plans to keep under wraps until the show’s inaugural day. The new Jaguar XJR and Jaguar XFR-S models will join Jaguar’s class-leading 2014 model year line-up of vehicles, boasting enhanced features, innovative technologies and new levels of luxury, comfort and performance. This year sees the British marque celebrate the 25th year anniversary of its dynamic “R” 74

THETALK / November / 2013

badge range, and visitors to Dubai International Motor Show 2013 will be amongst the first in the region to get up close and personal with the new flagship Jaguar XJR sports saloon and the Jaguar XFR-S, the fastest, most powerful and agile sports saloon Jaguar has ever built. Speaking about Jaguar’s participation at the Dubai International Motor Show, Robin Colgan, Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover MENA, commented “The iconic Jaguar “R” badge is reserved for our highest performance models, denoting cars that are effortlessly thrilling, technically state-of-the-art and dramatically designed. With our long-standing presence and success across the MENA region, what better occasion to showcase the newest editions to the dynamic “R” range than the region’s biggest motor show.”

He continued: “The Dubai International Motor Show is a fantastic platform to showcase our 2014 model year line-up, which is by far the strongest and most exciting line-up in our history. We also have a few surprises up our sleeves which we are convinced will wow car enthusiasts across the region.” The Jaguar XJR The Jaguar XJR, which combines supercar performance and assertive looks with high levels of luxury, is the latest in a long line of luxurious Jaguar sports saloons. The vehicle incorporates enhanced rear cabin luxury features, comfort and in-car technology to create a truly elegant and contemporary luxury Jaguar. With the MENA region ranked as the 4th largest market for the Jaguar XJ in terms of sales, the XJR is sure to follow in its footsteps.

The Jaguar XFR-S The Jaguar XFR-S incorporates engineering features to create the most driver- centric, agile and responsive iteration of Jaguar’s awardwinning XF saloon range. The Jaguar XFR-S builds on the performance of the acclaimed XFR to create an even more focused product. Visitors to the stand will have the unique opportunity to be among the first in the region to see the ultimate expression of seductive Jaguar design

and sporting performance in the XFR-S. The Jaguar F-TYPE Car enthusiasts at the Dubai International Motor Show will also have the chance to get a closer look at the first full-blooded Jaguar sports car to be launched in more than 50 years. The award winning all-aluminium two-seater Jaguar F-TYPE has already prompted a sharp sales incline

across the region since its start of sales earlier this year. With its world class architecture and technology wrapped in a dynamic yet elegant design, the Jaguar F-TYPE convertible has won several accolades since its launch at last year’s Paris Motor Show, including the 2013 “World Car Design of the Year” in March 2013 at the New York International Auto Show.



TOp 5 models to watch

Marine Deleeuw

Carolina Thaler

Brazilian born Carolina has her Italian and German ancestry to thank for her beauty. The 20 year old was discovered at the Ford Supermodel of the World Brazil contest in 2008. Her experience throughout the years has built her a strong career as a model and is now a favourite on the runway. This season alone saw her walk down 50 runways and open and closed 8 shows.

The French model began her career at the young age of sixteen. Three years later and she is tearing up the runway with her ambitious attitude. She walked 65 shows this season including opening up for Reed Krakoff and closing for J.W. Anderson, Iceberg and Carven. Viktor & Rolf chose her to open and close their show!

Diana Moldovan

The 26 year old Romanian model has made a comeback this season. Famous for her big doll eyes, the model received plenty of attention which led her to revert away for some time, but is now back with more defined features and a lot more confidence, making her a great presence on the runway.


THETALK / November / 2013

Katlin Aas

The Estonian model has a fresh look, clean lines and defined beauty that allow her an ease in crossing over from high fashion to high end. An example of her diverse look is her complete transformation in all 53 runways she walked this season. Opening at Versace and closing at Acne Studios.

Sasha Luss

The freshest of all the models, Sasha is the newest face that is catapulting to the top. The Russian beauty has been modeling since 2007 in Russia. It was her editorials in Russian Vogue that caught the attention of many designers who chose her for their runways that has now launched her career. She is now newly becoming an international hit!

TOp 5 upcoming designers Dion Lee (27)

Australian designer Dion Lee makes a case for fashion as both art and science. Spring 2014 marked his New York Fashion Week debut, but prior to that he was stunning critics in London with his architectural silhouettes and technological prowess. His Spring 2013 collection used geothermal heat mapping to abstract the body’s hot zones onto both sides of his fabric, which was then slashed and folded to give his clothes a third dimension.

Barbara Casasola (29)

Sick of the blingy embellishment trend? No, us neither – although it is nice to have an alternative. Barbara Casasola is the Brazilborn, London-based designer who’s shown her collections in Sāo Paulo, London and Paris since launching in 2011. But if she herself moves around a lot, her aesthetic is confident in its edgy sophistication. This is eveningwear for cool girls who don’t wear ball gowns.

Esteban Cortázar (29)

At the age of 17 Cortázar became the youngest ever designer to show at New York Fashion Week, and at 23 was appointed creative director of Parisian fashion house Emmanuel Ungaro. A dispute with management two years later over sharing creative duties with Lindsay Lohan turned out to be a blessing in disguise; Cortázar has now designed two capsule collections backed by Net-a-Porter, full of structured, athletic-inspired separates and fluid satin and stretch-cady dresses

Olivier Rousteing (27)

When Balmain’s Christophe Decarnin abruptly departed the flashy fashion house in 2009, 25-year-old Rousteing was brought on as his replacement. As it turned out, the designer’s vision for the brand was no less impressive than his Pharrell-rivaling cheekbones: After four years at the helm of the brand, he’s ditched the trash factor and introduced more silhouettes for real human bodies, while simultaneously proving overalls and patchwork denim dresses can be sexy.

Katie Ermilio (27)

As the granddaughter of Grace Kelly’s personal clothier, elegance is in her blood. But don’t be jealous — she also put in the hard yards as a Vogue editorial intern, which is where she started designing her own dresses to wear to work. Since launching her own range of cocktail and wedding dresses she’s caught the discerning eye of Barney’s and become a go-to for industry insiders. WWW.THETALK-ONLINE.COM


Top 5 Fall Fashion Runways Louis Vuitton.

As the last ever Marc Jacobs show for the label, the Louis Vuitton show was the designer’s big send-off dedicated to “the women who inspire me and the showgirl in every one of them”, it was an entirely black, greatest hits collection, even featuring props from his previous shows.


THETALK / November / 2013


Always having inventive and extravagant shows, this season was no different. A makeshift gallery was made in the Grand Palais. There was a robot made out of a life-sized Chanel No.5 bottle. A giant little black dress constructed in wrought iron. Giant pearls and Chanel tweeds and so much more decorated the space but yet, the candy coloured collection was the focus!




Dominated by a palette of teal, purple and camel, the collection carried a heavy southwestern vibe. Aztec prints and fringing was a new twist on the lace and romantic maxi-dresses that Valentino is known for. The mix of colours and fabrics managed to bring a serene yet powerful look. We see new trends being set by Valentino.


THETALK / November / 2013

Dolce & Gabbana

With the highly theatrical and intricately embellished work Dolce & Gabbana has been doing the past few seasons, it comes as no surprise that its latest show features an explosion of beautifully created garments decorated with eye-catching, sparkly elements. The brand still continues to deliver as described by the designers -»an imaginary journey to rediscover ancient Sicily, where history and myth come together,»




Taking a page from Riccardo Tisci›s most recent menswear collection, the runway was strong with tribal inspiration, which extended to global prints, draped silhouettes, feathers, and often masks. But while the guys wore face paint back in June, these coverings had a more elegant spin with sparkle, which made for an edgy accent to the label›s dynamic eveningwear.


THETALK / November / 2013


Top 5 greatest natural wonders to visit! Every year we reflect on the time that has passed on and dream about the goals we wish to achieve during the next year. We dedicate this issue to inspiring our readers to discover their ambitions and create their own bucket list. We took a look at the Seven Natural Wonders of the World to bring you our favourite five.


THETALK / November / 2013





Feeling on top of the world finds its literal meaning for hikers who have reached the top of Mount Everest. This natural wonder is infamous for its reputation as the tallest mountain in the world, but this is a common misconception as it is not actually the tallest mountain. Although it has the highest spot on the face of the earth at 8,848 m, there are mountains around the world, which begin underwater or closer to sea level, which from base to point, exceed Mt. Everest’s 88

THETALK / November / 2013

height. It is still a truly elevating experience to reach the top that many adventurous dreamers add to their bucket list and few accomplish in the promise to gain prestige and a sense of selffulfilment. Unfortunately, the majestic mountain, found on the border between Nepal and Tibet, is home to over 200 lost souls that did not survive the viscous weather conditions and thin oxygen.

Northern Lights Not only is October the anniversary of TheTalk, but it is also one of the four most likely months to spot the Northern Lights. Other months include March, April and September. The aurora borealisare naturally occurring lights that create spectacular displays in the night sky andare most often seen from Northern Canada and Norway. The time in the night of which they appear varies constantly and cannot be predicted, but this experience rewards patience. Largely regarded as a good omen in books, movies and personal experiences, the view can be enjoyed with a partner, alone or with friends.




The Great Barrier Reef The Great Barrier Reef keeps its title for being the largest collection of reefs, composed of over 2900 reefs spread out over 344,0002 km. The bright colours, transparent waters and vast surface area make it visible from outer space! Located on the coast of eastern Australia, with over 900 islands within, it holds one of the most diverse ecosystems around the world. Whether you snorkel or scuba, there are surprises and exciting finds for everyone. Pantoon boats allow more unexplored areas of the reef more accessible to tourists and they usually offer snorkelling gear in their deals. If you prefer to see the reef without getting your toes wet, there are also helicopter tours, giving you the opportunity to see the grandeur of the reef from above. We recommend you try both in order to appreciate it up close and as a whole.


THETALK / November / 2013

Victoria Falls The smoke that thunders, as Victoria Falls is commonly referred as by the locals, is the largest waterfall as the largest single sheet of flowing water. Its vast height and width is so large that it gives the impression of ‘the edge of the world.’ Found between Zambia and Zimbabwe, travellers can come across it from either direction. To make the experience more exciting, visitors can experience the phenomena from a walking trail or a helicopter. Both options are recommended, but if you prefer the thrill then the helicopter option is for you, but for a more adventurous experience, challenge yourself with the hiking excursion and interact with the wildlife. The locals recommend visiting between August and October as the dry season permits the adventurous travellers to walk along the top of the falls for one of the most invigorating experiences!


Paricutin Volcano

This year’s most explosivewonder is the Paricutin Volcano, found in Michoacán, Mexico. It is neither the largest nor the most, but it takes its place on this year’s list for being one of the fastest growing active volcanic sites in the Americas and for having its birth witnessed by someone. In its first year, it grew to three fourths of its height, which varies between 2,700 to 3,000 meters. It is now active after having been dormant for over 50 years. We recommend horseback excursions rather than walking the almost 20 km round trip and is more fun! Guaranteed to make you feel like Indiana Jones, this adventure provides amazing photos to show off to your friends back home.


THETALK / November / 2013

For the month of November we are running exclusive slimming packages. Please call our qualiďŹ ed team for a free consultation.




THE TOP 5 FASHION BIOGRAPHIES! D.V. by Diana Vreeland “An evening with D.V. is almost as marvelous as an evening with D.V. [herself]—same magic, same spontaneity and, above all, never a boring moment.” —Bill Blass D.V. is the mesmerizing autobiography of one of the 20th century’s greatest fashion icons, Diana Vreeland, the one-time fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar and editor-inchief of Vogue, whose incomparable style-sense, genius, and flair helped define the world of haute couture for fifty years. The incomparable D.V. proves herself a brilliant raconteur as she carries the reader along on her whirlwind life—from English palaces to the nightclubs of Paris in the 1930s to the heart of New York high society, hobnobbing with everyone who was anyone, from Queen Mary to Clark Gable to Coco Chanel.


THETALK / November / 2013

Coco Chanel: The Legend and The Life by Justine Picardie Sleek. Chic. Notoriously guarded. Welcome to the secret world of Gabrielle Chanel. The story of Chanel begins with an abandoned child, as lost as a girl in a dark fairy tale. Unveiling remarkable new details about Gabrielle Chanel’s early years in a convent orphanage and her flight into unconventional adulthood, Justine Picardie explores what lies beneath the glossy surface of a mythic fashion icon.

Isabella Blow: A Life in Fashion by Lauren Goldstein Crowe An extraordinary biography of Isabella Blow, whose pedigree, wild style, and outrageous antics catapulted her onto the London social scene and made her a fashion icon. Lauren Goldstein Crowe has crafted a superbly entertaining narrative; wrapping the anecdotes of Isabella’s antics around a candid, insightful portrayal of a woman whose thirst for the fantastical ultimately became irreconcilable with life in the real world.

The Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake In the 1970s, Paris fashion exploded like a champagne bottle left out in the sun. Amid sequins and longing, celebrities and aspirants flocked to the heart of chic, and Paris became a hothouse of revelry, intrigue, and searing ambition. At the center of it all were fashion’s most beloved luminaries - Yves Saint Laurent, the reclusive enfant terrible, and Karl Lagerfeld, the flamboyant freelancer with a talent for reinvention - and they divided Paris into two fabulous halves. Their enduring rivalry is chronicled in this dazzling exposé of an era: of social ambitions, shared obsessions, and the mesmerizing quest for beauty.

The Gospel According to Coco Chanel by Karen Karbo The Gospel According to Coco Chanel is a captivating, offbeat look at style, celebrity, and self-invention—all held together with Karbo’s droll Chanel-style commentary and culled from an examination of Chanel’s difficult childhood and triumphant adulthood, passionate love affairs, career choices, habits, eccentricities, and personal philosophies. Weaving Chanel’s life story into chapter themes that subtly convey life lessons, and with Chesley McLaren’s charming illustrations, it will leave the reader utterly entranced with, and inspired by, Chanel’s amazing individuality, confidence, and determination.




Movember Men growing out their mustaches for Prostate Cancer Awareness has now become more of a fashion statement rather than support for the actual cause. The popularity among women is even greater! Thankfully it is not in growing out their mustaches but in jewelry and even prints on clothing. That is why for this month we are highlighting the importance of Prostate Cancer Awareness and prevention. Just like any other cancer, the most important role for us is prevention. However, prostate cancer is just behind lung cancer in the list of the deadliest cancers. But prostate cancer differs completely. There is now no need to remove your prostate if diagnosed with the disease. It is all about leading a healthy life whilst monitoring its development. So why not live as healthily as you can now? Clean eating and regular exercise should be the basis of everyone’s lifestyle. For men, more specifically for a healthy prostate, the following is most effective: 96

THETALK / November / 2013

• Consume pomegranate and broccoli seed extracts, green tea and herbs regularly. • Adopt a diet that is rich in soy and low on fats and sugars. • Eat a more plant-based diet, and add cruciferous vegetables like kale, cauliflower and broccoli. If you have already been diagnosed: • Get a PSA test every 3-4 months for the first two years after a prostate cancer diagnosis, as well as a prostate MRI. Keeping track and staying healthy is of the utmost importance! Menus Abuhalifa @elevationkw

The Avenues Mall

Alhamra Tower @elevationburgerkw


the best of backstage from fashion week! A fashion show lasts on average from five to fifteen minutes. Before the collection is premiered on the catwalk there is hours of action! What happens backstage ranges from bored models to complete mayhem. It is a rollercoaster of emotions and events that intrigue us to witness and share.


THETALK / November / 2013





THETALK / November / 2013





THETALK / November / 2013


SALVATORE FERRAGAMO HOSTS BEVERLY HILLS GALA in Beverly Hills, Salvatore Ferragamo hosted the inaugural gala of the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. The event was attended by numerous celebrities and international personalities including Charlize Theron, Demi Moore, Gwen Steffani, Miroslava Duma and Freida Pinto along with Massimiliano Giornetti and the Ferragamo Family. During the gala dinner, guests enjoyed unique performance by Italian tenor Vittorio Grigolo and a special presentation of the latest Salvatore Ferragamo S/S 2014 runway show by Massimiliano Giornetti enriched by several new outfits created specifically for the occasion. The event which took place on October 17th, celebrated the extraordinary preservation of the historic Beverly Hills Post Office as well as the 100th anniversary of Salvatore Ferragamo’s arrival in the United States, where his legend as “shoemaker to the stars” began.

Massimiliano Giornetti and Alessandra Ambrosi

Karolina Kurkova, Rachel Zoe, Alessandra Ambrossio Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani Model Jourdan Dunn 104

THETALK / November / 2013

Ballet Performance

Jamie Tisch

Charlize Theron and Wallis Annenberg

Massimiliano Giornetti and Demi Moore




PENELOPE AND MONICA CRUZ HOST A PRIVATE DINNER WITH NET-A-PORTER.COM Monica Cruz and Penelope Cruz hosted a private dinner with NET-A-PORTER.COM in celebration of their L’Agent by Agent Provocateur collection in London.

Monica Cruz, Sarah Shotton and Penelope Cruz

Amber Le Bon


THETALK / November / 2013

Garry Hogarth and Ginta Gelvan

Alison Leohnis, Penelope Cruz, Monica Cruz and Lucy Yeomans

Imogen Poots

Ashley Hicks and Elizabeth Saltzman

Garry Hogarth and Sarah Shotton Monica Cruz and Penelope Cruz




Emma Stone: Lanvin-Loyal The house of Lanvin is this starlet’s go-to brand for red carpet looks. Stone, who turns 25 on November 6, has shown an enduring loyalty to the label over the past couple of years, developing a special relationship with creative director Alber Elbaz in the process. Stone was first spotted in Lanvin at the BAFTA awards in London, back in February 2011. A month later, she began a promotional tour de force for her film, The Help, which included several appearances in Lanvin designs. In March of 2011, she wore a polka-dot number to

BAFTA Awards, London, Febuary 2011


THETALK / November / 2013

Cinemacon in Las Vegas, where she promoted the film. Stone also turned to Lanvin for fashion’s biggest night in May that year—the Met Gala in New York. The actress was stunning in a black and

Cinemacon, Las Vegas, March 2011

white floral strapless dress (Available at Lanvin Kuwait). The following evening, she hit the NYC night scene in a hot pink Lanvin mini-dress. Later that year, in October, she attended The Help premiere in Hamburg, Germany, where she

The Help Premiere Hamburg, October 2011

“ [Alber Elbaz is] just a

genius. I don’t hink he’s ever designed something I didn’t like. He really loves women and making them feel their best. - Emma Stone

opted for a black strapless, floor-length Lanvin dress. The following month, Stone appeared in a pale golden yellow silk pleated gown from the Resort 2012 collection to the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in New York. In January,2012, the actress attended the Vanity Fair & Fisker Automotive toast to The Help, where she wore a Spring 2012 color block dress with snake embellishments, paired with Lanvin pumps and clutch. A few days later, she looked ravishing as she hit the Golden Globes red carpet in a purple and fuchsia tulle siren gown from the Resort 2012 collection.

Glamour Women of The Year Awards, NYC, November 2012

Golden Globe Awards, Los Angeles, January 2012

Met Gala, NYC, May 2012

Vanity Fair & Fisker Automotive Toast to The Help, Los Angeles, January 2012




“She’s a wonderful, wonderful friend. She’s a great daughter. She’s so stylish, but also so fabulous as a person. I cannot separate her personality from the rest of it. She’s the best, just totally a good person and I love her.”-Alber Elbaz

A few months later, in May, Stone made quite a splash at the Met Gala, for more reasons than one! The star dazzled in a red satin frock embellished with crystal flowers, designed by her date, Alber Elbaz himself! She really got tongues wagging, however, later that evening, en route to an after party. Elbaz was by her side when Stone suffered her own wardrobe malfunction moment: she discovered a large tear at the back of her dress, underneath the zipper. She took care of the matter by covering up with her patent maroon coat for the rest of the evening.

More recently, in January of this year, she may have set a record in fashion by wearing a dress to the L.A. Gangster Squad premiere that had debuted at the Lanvin Pre-Fall 2013 presentation in NYC a few hours beforehand! Stone, however, added a twist to the original look that was presented, by pinning the brooch at the waist of her red strapless brocade & silk dress, rather than at the bust.

back from the Winter 2013 collection, with a plain white t-shirt and nude platform pumps. “She’s a wonderful, wonderful friend. She’s a great daughter,” Elbaz has said of Stone, adding, “she’s so stylish, but also so fabulous as a person. I cannot separate her personality from the rest of it. She’s the best, just totally a good person and I love her.” Here’s to hoping this is a love affair that will last!

In March, Stone wore Lanvin head to toe at The Croods premiere in Los Angeles. She paired a black strapless mini-dress with a bow at the

Lanvin Kuwait is located at Al-Thuraya Mall in Salmiya, tel: 2571-7188.

With Alber Elbaz at the Met Gala, NYC, May 2012

Gangster Squad Premiere, Los Angeles, January 2013

The Croods Premiere, Los Angeles, March 2013


THETALK / November / 2013



Kuwait Exclusives

Piaget & Morad Yousuf Behbehani Group launch the Limelight Gala collection In the presence of Piaget’s brand ambassador YARA Piaget recently launched their iconic Limelight Gala collection in Kuwait in the presence of the brand’s Chairman Mr. Yves Piaget, Piaget’s partner in Kuwait, Mr. Ali Morad Behbehani, Presidnet, Behbehani Group and the first Ambassador for the Middle East, Lebanese singer Yara. The launch took place at the Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel and Sap, in an elegant setting that perfectly complemented the key elements of the stunning Limelight Gala collection. The event commenced with a press gathering that was followed by an exclusive preview and concert for Piaget VIPs in Kuwait. Commenting on the Limelight Gala watch, Yara said, “The first time I saw the Limelight Gala was during a photo shoot for Piaget and I instantly fell in love with it. The Limelight Gala is truly iconic with its glamorous curves and distinct aesthetics.” Establishing itself as the new Piaget icon, the Limelight Gala collection draws a wealth of inspiration from the fascinating and fanciful 1960s as the brand adorned the elegant women of the time with dazzling jewellery watches. Brilliant, vibrant and seductive: three adjectives perfectly suited to the new icon by Piaget. Its


THETALK / November / 2013

round case is sublimated by two elegantly extended lugs and the voluptuous nature of its silhouette is accentuated by a bezel set with a row of progressively sized brilliant-cut diamonds. Its pure, understated dial radiates an extremely contemporary aura of femininity featuring black Roman numerals matching the refined satin strap.

French Fine Jeweler Mauboussin Opens its New Store in The Avenues – Phase 3 Mauboussin, the renowned Place Vendôme jewelry house, announces its foray into the Middle East, with locations in UAE, Kuwait and Lebanon. The official opening in Kuwait was held at Mauboussin’s new boutique that is located in the Prestige section at The Avenues – Phase 3 on October 1, 2013 in the presence of the Mauboussin’s president, Mr. Alain Nemarq.

its unique color combinations, contrasts of materials and exceptional capacity for renewal: bold, creative and accessible, the creations of this master artist jeweler have marked the world of jewelry globally. In addition to being considered the ultimate jeweler of color, Mauboussin has today become the symbol of modern jewelry and a reference in creativity, addressing contemporary, urban and worldly women.

After New York, Singapore, Tokyo, Beirut and Dubai, the Parisian luxury brand has turned its interest to Kuwait, marking a new milestone for the brand’s international presence. Alain Nemarq, President of Mauboussin stated, “We are delighted to be launching Mauboussin’s universe of artistic, modern jewelry for the region’s discerning luxury customers. We are confident that our signature creativity and distinguished color combinations will captivate the women of Kuwait with a sense of femininity, luxury and romance. After all, at Mauboussin we believe that luxury should be the universal language of emotion,” added Nemarq.

From rings to pendants, the brand lists several symbols: The star symbolizes beauty; the triangle, the divine; the flower, harmony; the oval, eternity; the diamond, humanity.

Since 1827, the House of Mauboussin has distinguished itself with

With evocative names such as “Tu es mon soleil,” “Vertige de toi,” “Parce que je l’aime” and “Saphir de toi,” Mauboussin’s collections are set to offer women in Kuwait a flair of Parisian glamour and sophistication. Now, Mauboussin is exclusively available in Kuwait at the Mauboussin boutique located at the Prestige section in Phase 3 of The Avenues mall.

Ali Abdulwahab’s beauty division Celebrates new exclusive products for wella salons Ali Abdulwahab’s beauty division celebrated with the presence of Mr. Faisal Al Mutawa, the launching of its new products from WELLA Color.ID and the new shades from ILLUMINA color that are now found exclusively at our WELLA salons. More than 60 salons attended the successful event. Our local education trainer Ghassan al Hanna advocates and WELLA Middle East Ambassador Hisham Beainy, all took part of making the event special and entertaining. For more details contact WELLA academy at 25717931/1804449



Kuwait Exclusives

OROGOLD Cosmetics Kuwait opens the largest OROGOLD Boutique in Salhia Complex OROGOLD Cosmetics – Kuwait, the luxurious, anti-aging skincare company opened its third boutique in Salhia Complex, Kuwait’s premier luxury shopping destination and announcing the debut of two of OROGOLD’s exclusive products. The OROGOLD Salhia boutique was strategically designed to serve various clients simultaneously allowing them to fully experience the magic of OROGOLD Cosmetics once they walk in. At the event Andy Blouge Franchiser of OROGOLD Cosmetics Kuwait said “The market share of the brand has grown drastically since we started our operations in 2012”. “We are also proud to announce that we are bringing to Kuwait the largest OROGOLD boutique in the world that is OROGOLD Cosmetics - Salhia”. Sara Abaza, Brand Manager, OROGOLD Cosmetics Kuwait added

“With the opening of our boutique, we are revealing two of our most awaited lines, the 24k Nano Series and our 24k Gold Mousse Perfecting Foundation”. During the event Abaza introduced the guest of honor, the beautiful and talented Lebanese artist Diana Haddad; who in turn thanked the guests and expressed her appreciation at being invited to Kuwait, her second home. The store is located on the Mezzanine floor of AlSalhia Complex and another new location is now open at Symphony Style Mall in Salmiya.

Royale Hayat Hospital Laboratory Accredited by Collage of American Pathologists For the second time since 2011, Royale Hayat Hospital Lab achieved the international accreditation from CAP, the leading organization of board-certified pathologists, and the public by fostering and advocating excellence in the practice of pathology and laboratory medicine worldwide. An accreditation awarded to laboratories meeting the highest standards of excellence in quality laboratory practices; Royale Hayat Hospital proudly joined a group of more than 7,000 laboratories worldwide and 47 in GCC & Middle East for meeting and exceeding regularity requirements as well as achieving outstanding improvements in patient safety by advancing the quality of pathology and laboratory services through education and rigorous standards. “This accreditation proves once again, that our main objective is to provide the highest quality and reliability. Recognizing the crucial role laboratory tests play in the diagnostic and treatment process, we at Royale Hayat Hospital Laboratory guaranteed the availability of technical advancement along with well-trained professionals to handle this mission flawlessly.”, said Dr. Hady El Khodary, Director of Laboratory Services.


THETALK / November / 2013




EDITOR’S Kuwait Exclusives LETTER


THETALK / November / 2013



movie RevIEws

movies showing this month

Parkland Cast: Zac Efron, Tom Welling, Billy Bob Thornton Director: Peter Landesman Genre: Drama | Mystery|Thriller Synopsis: Recounting the chaotic events that occurred in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, Parkland weaves together the perspectives of a handful of ordinary individuals suddenly thrust into extraordinary circumstances.


The Counselor Cast: Brad Pitt, Goran Visnjic, Michael Fassbender Director: Ridley Scott Genre: Crime | Drama | Thiller Synopsis: A lawyer finds himself in over his head when he gets involved in drug trafficking.

THETALK / November / 2013

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Cast: Jennifer Lawrence (III), Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson Director: Francis Lawrence (II) Genre: Action | Adventure Synopsis: Katniss Everdeen must turn around and leave their family and close friends, embarking on a “Victor’s Tour” of the districts. Along the way Katniss senses that a rebellion is simmering.

Thor: The Dark World Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston Director: Alan Taylor (I) Genre: Action | Adventure | Fantasy Synopsis: Faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embark on his most perilous and personal journey yet.

Delivery Man Cast: Vince Vaughn, Chris Pratt (I), Cobie Smulders Director: Ken Scott (V) Genre: Comedy Synopsis: An affable underachiever finds out he’s fathered 533 children through anonymous donations to a fertility clinic 20 years ago.

Brought to you by


(Oct. 24-Nov. 22)

Horoscopes CANCER

(June 22-July 22) A piece of enjoyable news is likely near the 16th with weddings, births, employment, finances and real estate buys/sells heading the list. Cause for celebration may be likely near the 30/1st OR, you begin planning holiday fun/events.


(July 23-Aug 22) Regain the flow quickly and restore ‘a good attitude,’ to any who have seemed to ‘lose touch with it.’ Be mindful of the needs of elders near the 1st. A ‘big project’ the 12th may require you to delegate out duty and request ‘return of favors,’ from many members.


(Sept. 24-Oct. 23) Cooperation may a bit spotty the 16th but it may be due to ‘circumstances out of their control.’ Muster good support and understanding, especially for Capricorn, Aquarius and Cancer members. Youth may do ‘foolish things,’ or cause extra spending. Seek the life lesson hidden within as it may be ‘well worth the money, time or effort.’

A piece of ‘joyful news,’ is likely near the 1st to 3rd may focus around births, engagements, employment, celebratory info, invitations or mile stone events for members, especially Pisces, Virgo, Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn. A sensitive discussion can become a hot topic, escalate or hold too much emotional potential near the full moon on the 4th unless you define terms, conditions and monitor or outright ‘referee’ to maintain civility.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) Some kind of ‘very good news,’ is likely near the 28/29th, especially for you, any other Capricorn members, Leo, Aries or Cancer. Some kind of ‘change,’ may have to be ‘brought about,’ in a group decision.

PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Get as much done early in the month as you can since you are sure to be both busy and in demand soon. While you appear in good humor and you are able to mange well, you may find ‘heavy emotional or sentimental’ energy is likely to one of the things you need to manage.

TAURUS (Apr. 21-May 21) Spending and requests for time, effort and money from members appears to go on the rise sharply the 11/12th and may not drop back to normal until as far out as the 1st or 7th. Some kind of ‘on going,’ or domino effect may be in place about filling need.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 23) Some necessity spending is likely the 2nd and 19th. Transportation repair or upgrade expense may not be avoidable but does appear minimal, even if signing up for a larger amount. You may become slightly ‘testy’ over an issue the 7th, especially if there are clashes due to ‘over stepping bounds.’

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Feb. 19) You appear busy and productive near the 18/19th. Members may be very reasonable, willing and accepting. This is the perfect time to discuss change or introduce issues where cooperation is needed, especially with your extended family. ARIES

(Mar. 21-April 20) A busy 28th appears happy and productive but may hold a few ‘domestic errands,’ Good news is likely near the 15/16th and may relate to the ‘successes,’ of these errands. Spending goes on the rise near the 1st but levels off the 2nd.

GEMINI (May 22-June 21) You give, they take or at least it may feel that way. Maybe you are not ‘defining’ your boundaries well enough or perhaps this monster is one of your own creating. Unless you find some way to ‘offset’ or express your building feelings/attitude, you may ‘blow’ by the 12th and tarnish the righteousness of your position.


(Nov. 23-Dec. 21)

Your attitude is so cheerful, you may actually ‘infect members with positive energy.’ Pass it on often, especially between the 28th to 31st, and ‘launch them.’ Humor serves you very well near the 5th to 9th to ‘get through’ what may be a minor complication. WWW.THETALK-ONLINE.COM


IN THEIR OWN LITTLE WORLDS The tiny precision components in our mechanical movements dance to the rhythm of our lives – and they have been with us on some of mankind’s greatest adventures.

Issue 56 - November 2013  
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