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Who we are TheTalentSource is a unique recruiting agency helping clients find the best Talents for temporary and permanent positions in the area of Marketing, Online, Communications, Social Media, Advertising, Strategy and PR. We work for a spectrum of branches. Our trained recruiters come from different academic backgrounds including Marketing, Business, Economics and Psychology to provide the best service to our clients.

How we work 

We want to know you, your business and truly understand who you are looking for.

The criteria that are important for your request are specified in the profile form.

We focus on quality in our selection process by utilizing a step by step process, references and tests.

At all times you know what is happening, thanks to our organized step by step process.

The selection of candidates you receive come to you after research on background and personality.

As a result, you save time and you tap into a network of qualified marketing & communication professionals. Moreover, you easily utilise our skilled specialists to progress your business effectively.

Our Philosophy From our experience, we know that personal development is the key to high performance. Commitment to personal development can make the difference in a business- and private environment, bringing benefit to you and to the team around you. We work best with people who share this philosophy.

We care Making the best match for you is something we take personally. That is why, after the match we offer to help you and your team to become even better by embracing the power of personal development. By means of tailor-made training we will help you boost the effectiveness of your team. We also actively support our Talents by offering workshops, training and coaching through TheTalentSource Academy. Here, our Talents can grow personally and increase their performance.

Some of our clients

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