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THETA CHI PSI INTERNATIONAL FRATERNITY, INC. From the Executive Director July 25, 2011 Greetings Brothers,

D. Sean Benjamin International Grand Master

Bro. Lee Sennett

1st Vice Grand Master

Bro. George Mayfield 2nd Vice Grand Master

Bro. Lee A. Sennett

This month symbolizes the beginning of what WILL be known as GREATNESS. On July 29th, 2009 our Illustrious Founder & Grand Master Bro. D. Sean Benjamin set out on a journey to create a more innovative organization. It would be one that would rest upon the values of service, Justice and unconditional love for ALL mankind. This, my brothers are the founding principles of what is quickly emerging from the shadows of the BGGLO (Black Gay Greek-lettered Organizations) world to be known as THETA CHI PSI FRATERNITY INC. As we celebrate International Theta Week & Founder’s Day, I want to take this time to formally say Thank you to our Founder. He has given us an outstanding set of systems, ideology and keys to brotherhood to extend to each other and to our brothers to come. He rules with an iron fist but demonstrates compassion for his fellow man. Although his reputation of excellence has been felt by other organizations, which still proclaim his name, Theta lives deep in his heart.

Grand Scribe

Bro. Justin D. Pitts National Executive Director

Bro. D Carlos McKee Director of Membership

Bro. Desmond Bertrand Director & Editor of “The Thunderbolt”

Founders Day is a time to reflect on the history of our organization, both good and bad but is also a time to focus on our future. Dear brother take time this week (Theta week) to reflect on what brought you to this organization. Although we may be in our “humble beginnings” stage, I should urge you not to think of our beloved brotherhood as the underdogs. WE must labor together to secure our position in the BGGLO world, and we must do it NOW! In the weeks to come I will be presenting the GEC with several programs including expansion plans that will direct us toward the upcoming years and solidify Theta’s name amongst its peer organization. These programs will call for each brother to work hard in his own respective community and city. We will partner with organizations from the BGGLO, National Pan-Hellenic council and nonprofit sector to further the mission and vision of our beloved brotherhood. Be advised, Greatness was not created over night. We are not in a race against time and Theta Chi Psi is here to stay! I am astonished by the mounds of talent that each of you can and will bring to the table. The experiences and ideas that are waiting to be unleashed on this world are priceless. I commend each of you for beginning the journey and admonish you to not get weary in your deeds. Let this serve as a call to action, a call to Service and a call to re-commitment. Let this week also serve as a warning that we will not play coy in what we have pledged our hearts to. I charge each of you to remember that Theta cannot be simply waited on but it must be achieved. I also charge each of you to present to the world the quintessence of an ethical and determined man. A TRUE THETA MAN! Have a Great Founders week Brothers!

Yours in the Bond, Bro Justin D. Pitts National Executive Director

740 Pointe Court, Ste-D Tallahassee, FL 32308 • •

Founders Day Address  

National Executive Director addresses Theta Chi Psi Fraternity Inc. for Theta Week & Founders Day.