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ORDER: 1/12/10 • STREET: 2/9/10 ACTION/CRIME/THRILLER, Approx. 120 Minutes

Brief Violence, Sexuality and Language Supplemental Materials Not Rated

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There is a difference between patience and procrastination. Some of us may want to jump in full throttle and conquer the world, but eventually find ourselves burned out after a long while of giving it our all. Success is a marathon, not a sprint. It is filled with mistakes that we need to learn from and not beat ourselves over the head with. While it may appear that down time is laziness in some people's eyes, the art of slowing down is one that we as individuals have to master. Some even have the mentality that anything that they can not do at 110% isn't even worth doing and do nothing. The art of pace and the art of putting things on the shelf rather than the trash are key to the Entertainment Industry. While it is good to always be doing something, doing a lot of somethings can be overwhelming. Deadlines are a double-edged sword. They give you the drive to get a project done by a certain time, but it also creates a tension and a stress to get something flawless if they are not confident enough in the product they are putting out. A creative mind should be able to create a lot of things for future use, such as beats for a rapper, or photographs which didn't make it into a portfolio. Toss nothing. For when the time comes that you need to pull a rabbit out of your hat, you already have a den of bunnies to choose from. Now when is it pulling over and being lazy and when it is resting and getting the creative juices back? I, as a writer, never stop writing. I play a video game to distract my hands so that I can plot the personality of the next great bad guy. I do my stretches and write a scene in my mind between two characters that may or may not arrive in the story, but it helps me understand the character in greater detail. A song writer should never stop finding good lyrics. A photographer should never stop seeing great shots in the making. Even when you are laid back and stewing, you are still working. It's when you just veggie out with no rhyme or reason and ignore your talents which counts as being lazy. Yes, sometimes the day job gets nasty and you need to chill. It's when you take weeks and months to chill and don't come up with anything that you're pulling over and parking. If it is not something you love doing or can't stop doing, do not even bother having a full career in your industry. If it's an every now and then thing where you want your 15 minutes of fame, then maybe one or two bit parts will satisfy you. It's when it possesses the very fabric of your being and you can't stop which makes it your destiny. When you can't go a day without making a beat, and even in your day job you are dreaming about epic battles between heroes which need to go to paper after work. Then you know that you know that your purpose in life is to bring things to life. Even if it is a hobby, TSW is there for you. Just to go out and brag to your workmates that you are going to an audition might make your day. For people like me who just can't stop writing to save their life, it's there for me as well. I have not stopped writing in my mind since about the fifth or sixth grade. Even before then, I could never stop doodling. I have found appreciation for my outlet here and continue to bring it to a place where it can benefit other people. That's why I continue my Gold status here, because I know it goes into projects. They just celebrated The Stick Up Kids coming out, and as I understand, they are hard at work on the next one. What trips your trigger about Entertainment? Even if the switch isn't fully pulled, you are here because

you like what you do. Never forget that reason, and step out of the chill mode to make it happen as big or as small as you want it.


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