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Finpecia Tablets (Generic Propecia) - Product Information Finpecia 1 mg Tablets (Generic Propecia) is used for the treatment of male pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia). Safety and efficacy of Finpecia tablets have been demonstrated in men between the ages of 18 to 41 years having mild to moderate hair loss of the vertex and anterior mid-scalp area. Finpecia stops further hair loss and helps to regrow your lost hair. The active ingredient present in Finpecia is Finasteride. Finpecia is more well known as Generic Propecia. Finpecia is not to be used by women and children. Generic Forms and Brand names of Finasteride (Finpecia) Finasteride is available under various Drug trade names that include Finpecia, Propecia and Proscar. Finpecia as well as Propecia is marketed for male pattern baldness (MPB) and the Proscar for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Finpecia tablets are manufactured by Cipla Ltd., India. Various other generic forms of Finasteride are also available. Finpecia Preparations Finpecia is available as tablets that contain 1 mg of finasteride. Each film coated tablet of Finpecia contains 1 mg Finasteride USP. It is available in a blister pack of 10 tablets Finpecia Dosage – Time For Hair Gain To Be Noticeable The recommended dosage of Finpecia Tablets is 1 mg orally once a day, with or without meals. Daily use for at least 3 months or more is necessary before any gain in hair is observed. Continued use of Finpecia tablets is recommended inorder to sustain benefits. In case treatment is stopped it leads to a reversal of effect within 12 months. Contraindications of Finpecia Tablets Finpecia is contraindicated in persons with hypersensitivity to Finasteride or any inactive component of this medication. The use of Finpecia is contraindicated in women when they are or may potentially be pregnant. Side Effects of Finpecia Tablets Side effects of finasteride ( Finpecia) include impotence (1.1% to 18.5%), abnormal ejaculation (7.2%), decreased ejaculatory volume (0.9% to 2.8%), abnormal sexual function (2.5%), gynecomastia (2.2%), erectile dysfunction (1.3%), ejaculation disorder (1.2%) and testicular pain. Resolution occurred in men who discontinued therapy with finasteride due to these side effects and in most men who continued therapy. Overdosage Symptoms of Finpecia Tablets In clinical studies, single doses of finasteride up to 400 mg and multiple doses of finasteride up to 80 mg/day for three months did not result in adverse reactions.

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