Nashville, US

ECHO IMMORTALIS MAGAZINE, 2005-2007: PRODUCED by Leslie I. Benson (Founder, Writer, Editor, Designer) | PHOTOGRAPHY by Katie "Kidtee Hello" Foster, Braille of Braille Korp., Kevin Foureman of Dark Mannequin Designs, and Vanessa Hamilton of Doppelganger Photography | ARTICLES by Leslie Benson, Scott "Mr. Industrial Pants" Campbell, Jamie Vitro, DJ Zlaya, and various other contributing writers, all the other bands, artists and beautiful models who added their flavor to this 'zine, anyone who helped this grassroots creative endeavor, and the entire Midwest gothic-industrial club scene…THANK YOU for making this possible! MORE ABOUT FOUNDER LESLIE I. BENSON: BLOG: LeslieIreneBenson.com

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