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the survival guide Tips and tricks for Upward Bound students 2012-2013

About Our Magazine This year, in Upward Bound, was Grace Gouker’s first time teaching Journalism. Grace also taught the French language and Science Fiction classes. In Journalism, the class worked to create and publish their very own magazine. Each student had a part of their own. For example, Danielle Lockrem, a.k.a. Dani, was apart of the editorial process and Resia wrote a couple articles on the sports of Upward Bound. In this class, students could work with Adobe editing systems to create this magazine. They had the opportunity to choose an article of their own to write and post. The goal was to publish the magazine and gain readers. During class, the students worked on their articles or whatever their job was in the magazine. Students had a lot of time during class to work. Journalism is a type of writing that people do to entertain others. With this class, you learned how to make, produce, and gain readers for your magazine. You also learned more about the history of journalism itself and how to use correct grammar more fluently. It was a very enjoyable class and I hope to have it again next year. Journalism is a very important part of writing.

Girl Biographies Julie Wadena

Julie Wadena is a senior that goes to Mahnomen High School. She is involved in the school newspaper call the Smike Signals. During her junior year she took a journalism class. In the class she learned new elements that will hopefully help her thoughout her life. Journalism is not her first career choice but is more of a hobby to her that she does in her pass time. She enjoys to just write about what she has on her mind and it would be a great contribute to a magazine because it is usually very creative and something that would catch people’s eyes and keeps them interested. That’s the main concept of editorials and they are what is a great variable to a successful piece of literature because it pleases a reader’s mind that is hungry for information about anything.

Shayna Blue Shayna Blue is a senior from Mahnomen High School. She has always had a curiosity for journalism and all that goes into it. She was able to fulfill this curiosity by accepting one of three editor positions this past year and the next for her school newspaper, Smoke Signals. Shayna loves being involved in extracurriculars and being an editor keeps her very busy during the school year. When she discovered that Journalism was being offered as a class at Upward Bound this summer, she jumped at the chance to continue her hobby. She hopes to take from the class fresh ideas and techniques to bring back to Smoke Signals. Shayna hopes that she can contribute to the success of this magazine in any way that she can and really hopes to be able to give it her all. She is part of the production department of the Journalism class.

Resia Hromidko

Resia Hromidko is going to be a sophomore at Bagley High School in the fall of 2012. She thought it would be fun to take a class about journalism. Her ideas were that she kind of thought that the magazine would be focused on Upward Bound, and she wanted to be able to write stories on the summer program but more specifically on sports. At her school her principal is working on bringing a newspaper back to the school and shes has been asked to be a writer and photographer. She thought it would be nice to have a head start on knowing more about producing papers and magazines. In her opinion there is no better place to learn things for school than Upward Bound. Resia is a writer for the magazine in her journalism class, she wants to learn to get better at writing for the school newspaper if they go through and are able to have the newspaper she wanted extra practice. Resia loves writing and thought that it would be cool to take a journalism class.

Kayla Duoos

Kayla Duoos is currently a senior at the Upward Bound program as well as Cass lake Bena high school. She is also attending classes at the Leech Lake Tribal college, and looking forward to graduation. Kayla hopes to pursue a degree in journalism and mass communications.She has interned at the De-Ba-Ji-Mon as well as the Bemidji Pioneer.Kayla hopes this class will help her gain experience and knowledge for her future career. She is highly involved with her community and school. She participates in Model united nations,Speech,Student council,volleyball,cheerle ading, and golf.Kayla wants to be a role model and leader for her young siblings and cousins by attending college.She is extremely excited to be apart of the first ever Upward Bound magazine and is looking forward to its success.

Jaylyn Isham

My interests in this Journalism class, is to better my writing abilities in a different style of writing. Journalism seems to be about other’s opinions on a lot of topics. In this magazine, I am hoping to write a socially, acceptable article about “Music and Lyrics Writing Class.” I want this article to be appealing to all sorts of different readers. I know my fellow UBers are very good writers, and will do an amazing job. Some experiences that have made me want to take up this Journalism class, were my school writing classes, and how amazing some of the many articles I have read can be. Reading articles is also a pleasant experience that has made me want to try Journalism. Hobbies that have convinced me to try out Journalism, is writing, reading, and photography. I read all the time, and enjoy reading many things. In my writing classes, the usual assignments can be pretty bleak and easy to finish. Journalism class sounded challenging, and I like challenges. :D Anyways, writing is a passion of mine. I am currently re-writing a story I wrote for my english class. I enjoy writing about anything. Ex. rants, poems, stories, etc. Photography is something I have been interested in since I was a child. I plan on going to college for photography, and extra practice should be really helpful.

Dani Lockrem

Dani Lockrem goes to Park Rapids Area High School and is going to be a sophomore in the fall. She has always wanted to be a writer since she was about five years old and her cousin was working on a newspaper. Ever since then she would read a story and do her own version of that story in her own “newspaper” with one of her friends. The reason Dani wanted to try out Journalism was because she loves to write. When she saw that Upward Bound offered Journalism as a class she jumped at the opportunity. She didn’t think she was even a decent writer until this year. Her English teacher had told her that she was a wonderful writer and asked her if she had ever thought of having a career in writing. She hadn’t really thought about it until then. She decided that she wanted to try and see if Journalism is something she might want to pursue as a career.

Kathlene Sigana

Kathlene Sigana is from the Red Lake Indian Reservation; Her interest in journalism began with her always wanting to write something and make it known. She enjoys writing and organizing words and pictures to make them understandable, and never had a chance to actually give it a try. In this magazine she hopes to make it so the reader will look at it and say hey i’d really like to read that; and share it with friends and family. The experiences she has had with writing or having a roll in journalism began in Middle School when the teachers would have a few kids write; and edit/organize the school paper. Every time they would have a school paper she would be involved with it. Collecting articles, Drawings from students, Pictures of different activities the students have done, And poems. In this magazine she hopes that it will “Pop”, be interesting for the readers, and not make them get bored right away. Her role in this is to organize it, and make it understandable for all readers.

Rayni Gullette

My name is Rayni Gullette. I grew up in Bemidji, Minnesota with my step dad and my mom, and I go to high school there as well. I have never really thouth of going into writing when I was little, but when I was little I would always write out words fully I could never handle having words as acronyms. I thought that journalism would be an interesting class to get into because I was in yearbook before and I had so much fun taking pictures and with all of the other people. So now that I am in journalism I have decided to go into design with our magazine that we will be making this year. I think that our magazine will have great success because we have a couple of people in the class but we all think in different ways and that can make us a great success, especially with our communication that we have.

Jena Stewart

Jena has always loved to right from time to time. She likes to right short stories and a few songs as well. Her short stories are sometimes Si-Fi fiction or sometimes fantasy fiction. Jena says she wanted to join journalism because she would like to have a few more ideas and that it might help with her stories. Jena has a passion for the righting arts right along with animals, she says she has always wanted to be a vet but writing would be a great second job. ‘I have always loved animals and always will. I want to help them just as much as they want to help us. Writing is just another way of letting my feelings go and losing myself. Life can get pretty stressful at times and we need a way to vent everybody has their own way of letting themselves go at times.’ Jena finds herself in some situations that she just needs to get away so she

Boys Bio’s Angel Rosillo Angel Rosillo is from Cass lake-Bena high school. His interest in journalism began in middle school when he would have to write about different topic about people or events that happened in history. He always liked when he had to do assignments like that, that involve writing. He Is very excited to contribute in the making of the magazine for upward bound because he think it will be good practice in helping him to better his skills in writing. He also wants to get better at getting people to read his work that he has written and get them to enjoy reading it. The way he is going to contributing in the upward bound magazine is him, along with several others are doing the design and layout for the entire magazine which includes stuff like font sizes, font styles, pictures, color, backgrounds, etc. So far

Terry Starkey Terry Starkey is a Junior at Mahnomen High School currently attending his second year at Bemidji State Upward Bound, and is also currently working as a tri-editor for his school’s newspaper, Smoke Signals, which he has been a writer for for about one year. As a very opinionated young lad, Terry loves Journalism for the opportunity to share and write about his views on various topics spanning from politics to the media. Terry was ecstatic to see Journalism on the list of offered classes for Upward Bound’s 2012 season. Terry’s interests and hobbies include: watching television shows and movies, playing and watching Starcraft 2, cooking, reading, and freelance writing. When asked what his ideal career would be, Terry answered: “Well, the dream is progaming, but being a reporter for Cyber Sports Network, MLG,, or any other major eSports news site would be a dream come true.”

Get to Know a Couple of Our RA’s Have you ever asked yourself, “What goes on in the RA’s mind? What were they thinking coming into the program of Upward Bound?” Well, this is a look into their brain! We asked them a few questions that we were all probably wondering and they have given us the answers below:

What were you thinking when first coming into this? I was nervous to meet everyone, yet very excited! I was also nervous to teach healthy living. ● I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet some hardworking students. ●

Why did you want to become an RA? I wanted to work in a job with high school students. Nothing felt right until I heard about Upward Bound. When I learned more about it, I got very excited and hoped I would get the job ● I am an RA during the academic year and I thought it would be a good way to discover new RA skills. ●

Do you think this will benefit your life? Yes! I feel as though I have gained more skills to prepare me for my future and career. ● Oh, yes! This has taught me great social skills. ●

How did you find out about upward bound? ● ●

A flyer One of my co-workers told me

What do you think is the best thing about the program? ●

For me, it is getting to know all the students and learning about them.

What is your most memorable moment? ●

Running back from the storm and girls camping.

What is your least favorite part of upward bound? ● ●

The hot dorms My sleep schedule is way off

How is your relationship with the students? ● ●

Great! I love learning about everyone A very respectable but personable one

What would make your summer more enjoyable? ●

Having air conditioning☺ ● I wish we could go to Yellowstone.

Reasons to join Upward Bound The awesome people in this article are all students of Upward Bound and all were very glad to answer. (Being apart of Upward Bound automatically makes you awesome.) I asked them all the same question and documented their exact response. Q: What made you want to join Upward Bound? Resia: “I liked the video that they showed when they came to the school; it sounded like a fantastic learning opportunity and a chance to make new friends!” Kat, a.k.a. Kathy: “Doing something with my summers and getting ahead in my education.” Dani: “Seems like a very good thing to have on my college applications.” Zach: “I wanted a long-term experience of love!” Rhianna: “I wanted a look at college life.” Antuan: “To make new friends and get help for school” Hannah: “I thought it would be a really fun program, give me experience for college, and help with schooling.” Rayni: “Well, my counselor brought it up to me, and it seemed like a really good program to get into. So, I went to the meeting and it interested me, so I figured, “Why not?”

Q: What can you say about your overall experience at Upward Bound? Shayna (Senior and UB student for the past four years): “I’d say that it’s been one of THE best experiences of my whole life, and I don’t regret giving up the first half of my summers for four years!”

As you can see, Upward Bound students all have similar reasons that made them want to join Upward Bound. New friends, a better future in college, help with school, and “love” are all things that Upward Bound rewards high-schoolers with. Once you enter this program, you are basically set for life. You can also get a headstart in the next school year with the classes Upward Bound provides.

First Impressions by Julie Wadena This is an interview of the seniors’ first impressions during the program, Upward Bound. I gave them a list of questions and these are their answers. I think this should be an article where kids in Upward Bound can compare their experiences and feel a connection with their older peers. What did you think Upward Bound would be like when you got accepted? ● Dance parties, lots of fun and less strict ● I thought it would be more school-oriented and nothing like how it actually is ● Way more strict ● I thought that it was just going to be boring and all about school work ● I thought it was going to be about school, but looked at it as a great opportunity to get to know new people and expand my social skills ● I thought it was going to just be a normal educational camp with the big trips and fun stuff included ● I thought that it would be super fun and I was really excited. 2. What was your first impression when you walked through the door your first day? ● Who are these people? ● I was extremely overwhelmed and terrified. The program definitely changed my personality to outgoing. ● I was very overwhelmed, yet super excited ● That everyone seemed really enthusiastic to meet everybody ● I was sort of overwhelmed with the chaos of moving in and all the people. ● I was like, “Holy, there is a lot of people here,” and then I got nervous. ● I was intimidated by all the unfamiliar people; I kind of wanted to throw up and then run away. 3. Was it anything or everything that you expected it to be? ● It is nothing that I expected and that is why I have been back every summer ● Everything plus some. UB opened my eyes. ● It was so much more than I ever thought it would be and I am really grateful I joined ● Yes ● Yes, I thought it was going to be a good time, which it is ● More then I expected it to be. I wasn’t expecting to make as many lifelong friends as I did ● It was everything and more. UB has surpassed my expectations ten-fold and I will miss it dearly. 4. Explain your experience with your older peers? ● Well when I first came they didn’t really hang out with us younger kids, but they came around. I learned from that now that I’m the older peer ● They took me in and that better not stop ● They weren’t very welcoming my first year, but after that everyone taught 1.

me what it meant to be a good senior. I looked up to them and thought they were cool First year, I wasn’t very close to them, but through the couple years I’ve been in the program I made a few connections ● I honestly didn’t get close to anybody older then me, but I’m excited to be in their shoes now ● Those that I did interact with were quite welcoming and they were part of the reason why I came back. 5. How do the RA’s from previous years differ from the RA’s this year? ● They are different in good and bad ways. They are cool and are there if you need to talk to them, but then they get a lot more upset easily! ● They are a little bit more strict this year, but maybe they just need more time ● This year’s RA’s are so different, because usually I only connect with one but this year I connected with almost all of them and that never happened ● Some were lenient then others, but they are very similar ● They are about the same but I have to say that I’m a lot closer to RA’s from this year then the ones in previous years. ● I’m closer to the RA’s this year then the other ones ● I feel that this year, some of the RA’s aren’t quite sure about some of their duties or seem a little confused every so often. Although this year, the RA’s have connected with more students all around, because in the past, there’s been one or two RA’s that don’t connect as much as the others. 6. Did the program have a positive or negative effect on your life? ● Positive. It gave me a place to better my education, meet new people, make a little money, and have a blast ● Positive, made a huge turn around ● It had a positive effect. Every summer, even school year, this is what I looked forward to. ● Positive, we get money ● Positive, fosho! It helps me focus on my education and guides me through when I’m having difficulties ● Positive!!!! It helped me deal with different people and personalities and I am able to make the best of it. ● It definitely had a positive effect on my life. The program has given me multiple opportunities that I most likely would not have had had it not been the program. 7. By having awesome classmates, has it made it a more enjoyable experience here at Upward Bound? ● Yes!! I honestly think I’m closer to the Upward Bound class than my own high school class! ● Yes ● Yes! My class has the most amazing, hilarious people I’ve ever met. This group of seniors are people I know I can rely on and I hope to hear ● ●

from always Yes Yes, yes it has!! Of course Yes, they’ve made everything significantly more wonderful and I’ve really enjoyed being with them and getting to know them. Let’s face it, they’re 80% of the reason why I came back each summer. 8. What was your most memorable experience? ● Milk chug ● Party boying with Steve ● “3 girls, 1 tent,” first night of camping in Montana, or ALL of Montana Trip ● Guys night [can’t go into detail] ● Still to come ● Going to Chicago, on the Navy Pier and going on the big ferris wheel and feeling like I’m on top of the world ● I think that last year’s Montana trip was the most memorable, because a majority of our class was with and almost everyone in the program knew each other really well. The level of comfort was really high; it had to be considering the fact that no one could shower for two days. ● ● ● ●

Ultimate Frisbee by Resia Hrodmiko Do you enjoy sports that are run mostly by the players? If you do, be prepared to have a blast in Ultimate Frisbee, because it is a respectful and enjoyable game run strictly by the players. In an interview with Bill Stafford, ultimate enthusiast and instructor of the 2012 Ultimate Frisbee class, he stated, “I like ultimate the most, because the sport is competitive, intense, the people care, and at the end of the day, everyone just wants to have fun.” Stafford has been playing since seventh grade when he had to pick an activity to play for the day. After that, Stafford and some friends asked for gym space and started playing every Friday night. Stafford got started playing with his teacher Mr. Sky Davey, a former BSU graduate. During the interview, Stafford explained that ultimate is hard, but enjoyable. He kept pushing himself forward to enhance his individual performance. He also stated that athletic endurance and spirit of the game are useful skills to have when playing ultimate. Stafford believes the spirit of game is important, because it holds accountability on the players which leads to mutual respect between players. In addition to the spirit it takes to play ultimate, there’s a huge physical aspect to the game. Stafford says one of the most challenging things to do is wake up, bright and early on Sunday mornings and play hard after you have played hard on Saturday, but you have to give it your best effort, no matter what. Stafford says he also likes ultimate because of the people who play and the chances to travel. Stafford sums up his feelings for ultimate by saying, “Ultimate is the

game I love and I wouldn’t want anyone to miss the chance to play. I will play for the rest of my life and it will be what keeps me going at thirty-five or forty-five years old. Morgan Hadrava is a freshman student in Stafford’s ultimate class. When Hadrava was asked why she likes ultimate, she stated that it is “fast-paced and a very enjoyable” game. Hadrava played ultimate during a Spanish camp at Concordia Language Village when she was twelve years old. She also stated that “here at Upward Bound, the class is more organized and it’s showing me the real game of ultimate.” Hadrava also stated, “Knowing how to catch a frisbee the proper way is an important skill to know.” When Hadrava was asked why the spirit of the game is so important, she answered, “It enforces no put-downs, and gives players more confidence.” Hadrava says that trying to catch a low frisbee is a challenge for her. The way Hadrava sums up ultimate is by saying, “Ultimate is a good sport to get into and is extremely fun!” Ultimate Frisbee is a fast-paced, enjoyable sport that everyone should have a chance to try, especially if you like games run by the players.

Top Ten Tips for High School Students by Dani Lockrem

10. Eat healthy. Grab a piece of fruit in the morning instead of sugary cereal! 9. Be positive. I know when you get up in the morning and have to go to school, it can be hard to be positive. Being positive can make your day go much smoother, so smile! 8. Be open. Whether it is in school or in life, there is always going to be change! Be open to the change; it can be good! 7. Pay attention. Particularly to your surroundings or else a great opportunity just might pass you by! 6. Be social. Both school and life are easier when you have friends to help you along the way! 5. Be organized. In school and in everyday life, it is easier to get things done when you are organized! 4. Don’t get stressed. Take a deep breath and just go along with whatever life throws at you! 3. Get good grades. These can help you get into a good college and succeed! 2. Get enough sleep. Research shows that as teens, we need at least 8+ hours of sleep. 1. Be confident. Being confident can help your grades stay up, help make friends, and help us in life.

Senior Tips by Kayla Duoos As a senior this year, I have been feeling very nostalgic. I remember how I felt when I first joined this program and how terrified I was. I have also realized how much this program has changed me as a person. When you first join this program, you never expect it to become a second home for you. Every year, I think of things I wish people would have told me when I joined to make the transition from awkward freshman to wise senior easier. To start, I asked all the seniors what tips they would give to all underclassmen for the program. So, here they are: “Make like a tree and branch out” A recurring theme that all the seniors focused on was branching out and meeting new people. This is highly important in a program like this; remember, when you join, everyone else in your class is exactly as scared as you are in that moment. When I joined the program, I was a wallflower! Yes, me. I hardly ever talked and was so shy, it was ridiculous. Now I’m known for being loud and, frankly, everyone would be nervous if I stopped talking. The serious change in my personality came from branching out, talking to people, and trying things I normally wouldn’t. This tip, as little as it seems, is the basic foundation of the program. The people here make this program what it is. “Y.O.L.O.” You only live once. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “Why is this on here?” As foolish as it sounds, it reminds you to keep trying new things and ask the question, “Why not?” This program, in general, offers so many amazing opportunities and experiences and it’s a waste to not use all of them because this program was made for you. All the experiences could happen to be a once in a lifetime thing or something you’ll want to try again. “Get to know your grade” This tip is one I cannot stress enough because of how important it is. I know there are over seventy people in this program but one group of people you’ll be spending time with over the years is your fellow classmates. They joined the program when you did and will leave when you do. The people in my grade are some of the most hilarious and amazing people I have, honestly, ever met. My grade, this year, has brought many new things to the program such as Senior Night and Spirit Week. Being close to the people in your grade makes this program such an amazing experience. I seriously hope all of you take this into consideration over the summer, because you will end up sharing a lot of your experiences with them. Overall there are so many tips and things to tell about this program, but those are for you to find out on your own. These three tips are the basic things to take into consideration each summer, because they’ll make this program so amazing and you’ll want to come back every summer.

End of Summer Trip by Dani Lockrem This year for our end of the summer trip for Upward Bound, we are going to Winona, Minnesota. We will be leaving Bemidji at 9:00 A.M., on July 15th. Our first destination will be Taylor Falls, Minnesota, where we will be going to Wild Mountain and be eating supper. We will then leave for Winona. On Monday, we will be eating lunch at the La Crosse mall and we will be going on a Mississippi cruise. We will then end the day by eating at Famous Dave’s in La Crosse, Wisconsin. On Tuesday, we will be going to both Winona and St. Mary college visits. We will be going to the Marine Art Museum and having a picnic lunch. We leave for the Mall of America and will order pizza for supper. We will also be going to the Guthrie Theater that night. On Wednesday, we will eat breakfast and swim at the Mall of America Waterpark and depart from the hotel. We will be returning to Bemidji at 5:30 P.M.

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