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Former ECW Champion Returning “#Soon”?

WWE Interested in Matt Morgan Again. Would Matt Morgan Jump-ship?

Its being rumored that a former Extreme Championship Wrestling Champion may be returning after he sent out a tweet stating “#Soon”. Who is it and when could we see him return?

WWE was reportedly interested in Matt Morgan last year when he left TNA and it seems their interest hasn't faded since. The question is, Would Matt Morgan jump-ship to WWE so quickly after his release?

Mark Henry: How Long Does He Have Left With WWE? Mark Henry fooled us all with his retirement rouse but how long does he actually have until his contract is up?

RECENT FINANCIAL TROUBLES SPELL A BAD FUTURE FOR TNA Despite TNA's low ratings, they seem to have been doing t's no surprise that Total Nonstop Action Wrestling has fine. Impact Wrestling another financial crisis on their recently started going on tour instead of staying put at hands. Ever since the Universal Studios. However, beginning of time that this caused major problems. company has had reports of small troubles. However, since Apparently each episode of TNA partnered with Hulk Impact Wrestling costs about Hogan and Eric Bischoff, it $600,000 because they're on seems as if TNA has had a the road. Spike TV may be new financial problem every paying for this but there is no year. way Spike is going to pay TNA $600K. Its more like Back in 2010 when Bischoff they're paying around and Hogan partnered with $250,000. That's a lot of TNA, they went on sort of a money but not enough to pay spending spree and signed a for every week. Within one ton of legends from WWE. You saw the likes of Ric Flair, year of on the road TNA will have spend $25 million or Kevin Nash, Rob Van Dam, more. Mick Foley all join the roster


which must have set them back a ton but that wasn't the only problem. According to a source, back in 2010 Dixie Carter went on a humungous spending spree (most likely signing these wrestlers) and was forced to give up the TNA string purse to her mother Janice Carter who is now in charge of the financial situation. This wasn't helped by Hogan-Bischoff buying up billboards in time square, promoting their product during rival company WWE's Monday Night Program “Raw� and moving to Monday's to compete with WWE only to have been forced to return back to Thursdays.

Dixie Carter has stated that TNA must hire 300 employees for each taping as well as pay vendors plus their employees and wrestlers. That's gotta rack up a lot. Tons of TNA wrestler have complained about not being paid on time, with one unknown former World Champion stating he is six weeks behind in payments. Vendors have complained also. This resorted in TNA cutting costs and releasing up to 8 employees in the last few weeks, maybe more. Highest paid Knockout Tara was one of the many names released as well as D-Lo Brown and Bruce Prichard after they were asked too restructure their

contracts for less money. D-Lo agreed but was ultmately let go shortly after and Prichard didn't want to agree. Prichard who had a major part backstage is being blamed for the contracts expiring and being restructured as he was in charge of talent relations as well as VP of Programming. (Maybe TNA should hire John Lauranitis). All these financial problems are worrying the fans, including myself. A lot of fans in the pro wrestling community are predicting this year as being TNA's final downfall. It's a little too early to speculate, we'll be sure within the next few weeks but let me shed some light on this situation. (Yes, me, the guy who bashes TNA 24/7). Extreme Championship Wrestling had this exact same problem for years. It's been well documented by many big names from ECW (including Chris Jericho) that Paul Heyman was always late on payments. This lead to several big names including Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Jericho and others to jumpship to WCW or WWE but ECW lasted for a longer time after that until they met their downfall in 2001. Which was not due to just late payments of wrestlers. This isn't the only time TNA has been late on payments. Many long time wrestlers in TNA reported that they have received payments late before, usually

Ways they can fix this problem is return to the Impact Zone at Universal studios. They shouldn't have jumped right into going on the road and should have planned out their money situation. It seems as if they didn't do their research Unless TNA's backer Panda which Dixie Carter hinted at in Energy is in serious money a recent interview. She also troubles themselves, TNA stated that going on the road should be fine as of now but hasn't paid off and has not they need to buckle up and start increased any revenue. being mature. But TNA can not go back to the It seems as if TNA wants to Impact Zone because it is mature out of the independents currently being rented out by a and go into the corporate new tenant, so TNA screwed wrestling like WWE but having themselves there. TNA does money troubles like this shows also have a long term they are still a young company commitment to touring. So I with employees who don't know guess they're stuck with that what they're doing. financial burden. due to someone in the office falling behind and it turns out to not be such a big deal in the end. This could very well be the case as I mentioned above, contracts; payments, etc are being blamed on Prichard.

Former ECW Champion Returning “#Soon” Ezekiel Jackson is said to be returning to WWE really soon. He noted on twitter tweeting “#soon” referring to his in ring return. Jackson wrestled at Wrestlemania 29 during WWE's axxess but hasn't been seen since. Before that he was out for a year due to injury. Last time Jackson was in WWE he was supposed to receive a huge push which is why he became the last ECW Champion. When Jackson will return is uncertain but when he does Im sure he'll make an impact.

However, one financial burden is stop paying Hulk Hogan as much money as they do. According to Shane Douglas in a 2012 interview, Hulk Hogan is paid $75,000 a night, for what? A fan noted that he went to a TNA show and saw no Hulk Hogan fans, when he appeared in the ring fans couldn't give a crap he was Hulk Hogan. So why is TNA paying this guy so much more than everyone else when he does nothing? TNA has cut wrestlers, they've stopped paying for wrestlers flights to the show, they've done everything possible. Whether TNA is going under or not is failed to be seen and we probably won't find out until the day Vince McMahon appears on Impact. For now, lets just sit back and enjoy a wrestling program that was once great.

WWE Interested in Matt Morgan? Will He Sign So Soon? WWE is reportedly interested in recently released TNA wrestler and former employee of theirs, Matt Morgan. Morgan, surprisingly, showed major interest in joining WWE last year when he was in between contracts with TNA. He eventually ended up returning to TNA in the fall but this time may be different.

Mark Henry: How Much Longer Does He Have Left in WWE?

Many fans thought we'd see the last What are the chances Matt Morgan will jump ship to WWE? of Mark Henry when he announced on twitter that he'd be retiring earlier Around this time last year Matt Morgan was out of TNA and this month. It turned out to be rouse had been hinting on twitter about joining WWE, even releasing and he was actually trying to get a a teaser poster about jumping ship. WWE was also very WWE title shot against champion interested in Morgan who worked for the company back in John Cena. 2003-2005. WWE most likely would have signed Morgan if it wasn't for the lawsuit the two companies were in last summer. After Henry failed to capture the championship from Cena at Money This ended up benefiting Morgan (so he thought) as TNA gave in the Bank last Sunday, many fans him a better deal and he eventually returned to TNA in the fall speculated if this was it for Henry. of last year. Since then Morgan was used sparingly. Just a Those speculations only heightened couple weeks ago it was reported that Matt Morgan asked for when the Shield approached the ring his TNA release in which he was granted (stupid on their part). and took our Henry. Which when Morgan then became one of the many wrestlers TNA would the Shield attacks a legend (like the release over the next few weeks. Undertaker) it usually means the The fact that WWE hasn't lost interest in Morgan is a very legend is being taken off screen. positive thing for him and his fans. Usually it seems if WWE This however is not the case it was would lose interest, especially in a wrestler they buried before, actually a set up for a Mark Henry but this guy WWE sees something in. face turn and a potential United Morgan returning would be a very positive thing and it's very States Championship match at likely we could see Matt Morgan back with WWE within the Summerslam between Henry and next few months. Dean Ambrose. I could see Morgan making a WWE return and debuting in the main event spot. WWE needs more main event superstars. Randy Orton is being re-built, you have CM Punk, John Cena, Big Show, Daniel Bryan but how many of these guys are going to stay popular with the fans? Yeah we're never gonna stop loving Orton or Bryan or Punk etc. but its nice to have variation. Which is why Cena receives such a negative reaction, he's been in the spotlight too long and fans want someone different. We'd rather see Orton face Morgan for the title than Morgan or Orton face Cena. Last time Morgan was seen in WWE, he had a stuttering gimmick and used Brock Lesnars finishing move. The gimmick was seen as tiring and uninteresting and WWE eventually released him. Morgan signed with TNA shortly after where he found some success but not the success he deserves.

It was revealed by Henry during an interview that he recently signed a 3 year contract with WWE. So we'll be seeing a lot more wrestlers being entered in the hall of pain and maybe, finally we get to see the WWE championship around Mark Henry's waist..or over his shoulder.

New Gameplay Improvements reveal for WWE 2K14 2KSports recently revealed a few gameplay improvements that are going to be introduced in WWE 2K14 and a lot of these fans will be happy about. There's a new navigational system, changes to the strikes and reversals and more. The new navigation system has been completely reanimated from walking to running to even the dragging motions. The Superstars movements have been made to be more faster and more smooth as if you were really watching Triple H or John Cena on TV. The changes made to striking are similar as they look more real and your opponent will now become groggy more frequently. The back and forth reversal frenzy that players complained about in WWE '13 will now be changed. Catapult finishes have been added a smooth affect to the mid air finishers giving the player the option to throw their opponent in the air and hit them with a finisher. Probably the most missed feature and dreaded bug of last years game was that the 2 count was disabled. It was either you kicked out at one or lost the match. This will now be thrown out and the 2 count system will be brought back. We can now have the heart attack of a dramatic close count once again. Macho Man Savage and Ultimate Warrior have been added to the game as well. Details on WWE 2K14 are still scarce but developers promise this game will not be like last years. Let's hope they're right.

How Much Did The X-Division Championship Cost TNA? Many fans are wondering why TNA has spent money on a new belt after their drastic cost cutting measures and reports of a new financial crisis. The new X-Division belt has yet to debut on Impact Wrestling and will do so next week during their Ultimate X-Match but I can assure you now that the belt did not cost as much as people think. The average cost for a title belt depends on the design, the creator company, and the pizaz the company wants to add onto it. I put some research into this question and I found out that the belt didn't cost mch over $3,000. That could have been spent on the vendors TNA is paying late and some of the wrestlers too but it's not like they spent $10,000 on the belt. I could be wrong but so far that's what my sources tell me. Plus the new belt doesn't look like much time was spent on the design.

Kassius Ohno's WWE TV Debut Halted Due to His Reluctant Gym Sessions NXT Wrestler Kassius Ohno, aka Chris Hero, was supposedly going to be introduced this Summer in a storyline the WWE creative team had planned for him. That will no longer happen because Ohno's debut has been put on hold. It's being said within the company that Ohno seemed reluctant during the weightlifting and gym sessions. This comes at odds with some fans and staff since Ohno is praised for his positive attitude in the company and performance in the ring. Everything seemed for Ohno until Triple H received word of this. That resulted in Triple H removing Ohno from TV time. He has now missed two tapings in the past few weeks and many people are concerned about his status with the company. Seems as if Ohno wants to play with the big boys, he has to become one first.

Caprice Coleman Mark Briscoe Becomes the 16th Entrant in Interview: C&C formation, Ideal the ROH World Title Tournament Mark Briscoe was announced as the 16 Entrant into the ROH WM Opponent& World Title Tournament a few days back. Mark has been out of More action since the June 23 TV Tapings where he was attacked by th


S.C.U.M and taken out of the Steel Cage Warfare event. This followed the night where he faced his brother in what was a phenomenal title match. Jay Briscoe is still said to be out of action for the next 3-6 months due to the shoulder injury he received during the world title bout. This forced Nigel McGuinness to strip Jay of his world title. This led to Mark being entered into the tournament giving the chance for the ROH title to be under the Briscoe name once again. The first official opening match will feature Mark Briscoe taking on Adam Cole. The winner of that match will advance to the next round that takes place at the “All Star Extravaganza V� event in Toronto.

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How the C&C Wrestle Factory formed: "I got on a show that Cedric was on and I saw his work and said 'this kid's got it.' I would tell him about after-ring type stuff. Then we went to Ring of Honor and they asked if we knew each other and we told them yes. Then we worked on a proposal and they accepted it." His ideal opponent if his competed at WrestleMania: "Dolph Ziggler. He's just got it. To me, he's like more of a Hennig than Axel. If they brought him in as a Hennig, I would believe it. He's like the Curt Hennig of the day, and I was a big Curt Hennig fan."

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