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Diabetes: A growing threat to young people



Hello, Mr. President


Getting up close and personal with Student Government Assoc. President, Jose Bolivar.

Diabetes threatens more than just adults, find out how it can affect you.

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Ivany Reflects on Military Values in Town Hall FOUR MORE YEARS: Obama Survives Romney in Close Presidential Race

Photo by Stephanie Hernandez

REAGAN-SPIRED Robert Ivany, President of the University of St. Thomas, addresses the audience in Cullen Hall. Ivany emphasized the importance of Reagan’s values of collaboration, dialogue and respect in a university community.

Ivany brings Reagan’s community values to campus

Respect, dialogue and collaboration were the topics of Robert Ivany’s Presidential Town Hall lecture on Nov. 1. Held in Cullen Hall, the President of the University of St. Thomas addressed a diverse crowd on how former U.S. president Ronald Reagan

continued to impact the campus. “This is an election year, and the name of Ronald Reagan is used by both Democrats and Republicans,” Ivany said in open the town hall meeting. “I think it’s fair to say that our appreciation of who he was as a president has grown and matured over the last couple of years. And what I would like to do today is share my perceptions of his greatness, and how that greatness impacts us here at St. Thomas.”




News Editor

Ivany served as a Military Aide to President Ronald Reagan, representing the military branch of the Army. He spoke about his place as a carrier of the “Football,” or briefcase that contained nuclear weapon documents that was required to be near the president at all time. Ivany used these memories of Reagan as a president to frame the situations and events going on at UST.


Spain Suffers Int’l Dance spotlights Campus Discord, Riots, Diversity, Culture in Motion From Financial Crises Woes Spanish citizens struggle with 25% unemployment, austerity measures

Photo courtesy of Barack Obama

ALL SMILES President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama wave to members in the audience after delivering his acceptance speech at the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park in Chicago, Ill., Nov. 6, 2012

Obama-Biden clinches Democratic victory in close Presidential race By STEPHANIE HERNANDEZ

News Editor

President Barack Obama was re-elected for a second term in the 2012 Presidential Election. The final results showed the presidential race to be a tight one between the Democratic and Republican candidates, with President Obama winning 50.6 percent of the popular vote, and Gov. Romney gaining 47.9 percent.

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, attained 1.0 percent of the popular vote, according to Associate Press reports. Of the key swing states, Gov. Romney won North Carolina and Florida, while President Obama won Nevada, Colorado, Virginia, Iowa, Wisconsin and New Hampshire. 270 electoral college votes are needed to win the Presidency and President Obama won 303 of those. T e x a s maintained its status as a red state, with Romney attaining 52% of the Texas vote. Concerning the Texas 2012 Legislative elections,




For the past few years, Europe has also been suffering the financial crises that has affected the United States. Among the hardest hit countries are the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain). All suffer from a government debt that nearly equals or exceeds their

SPAIN, Page 2

Photo courtesy Choo Yut Shing

will be the main department sponsoring the event. “Every senior gets to do For the first time, UST a senior project in the Drama will host an international Department. My passion is dance, so I wanted to produce dance event. “Colour: an Evening of a dance show,” said Adrienne Cultural Dance” will take Shearer, the Drama Senior place on Nov. 16 at 7 p.m., responsible for planning the at Jones Hall on the Second event. “I noticed that there are floor. The Drama Department

Candidate / Electoral College / Popular Vote


Obama 332 - 51%

News Editor

DANCE, Page 2

Romney 206 - 48% Control of House 218 Balance of Power

195 53

233 Control of Senate 50 Balance of Power

45 Source: Associated Press


The Summa TOWN HALL Continued...

“If I could think of one thing that has contributed to the success of the university, I would say that the respect, dialogue and collaboration has been responsible for much of that success,” Ivany said. Ivany also explained how his time with Reagan affected not only him, but also helped shape the staff leadership. “The Mendenhall Success Center, where they take a student that is having difficulty, is an example of collaboration between different departments in the university,” Ivany said. Teams from advising, testing, counseling and tutoring all work to provide holistic student service to all, he said. Ivany also talked about more updated programs at the University, and how the collaborative efforts have benefited students. “Look at the Freshman Leadership Symposium, where we have a wonderful collaboration amongst faculty members,” Ivany said. “For the first time, we have a faculty member,

ELECTION Continued... the Texas Republican Party has lost the previous supermajority of the Texas House of Representatives, with Democrats winning 55 seats, and Republicans winning 95. Ted Cruz, the Tea Party backed Republican candidate running for Texas US Senate seat vacated by retiring Sen. Kaye Bailey Hutchinson, beat out David Dewhurst, whose previous position was as the 41st Lieutenant Governor of Texas. Cruz, a layer whose political career includes serving as a state solicitor general, was born to

SPAIN Continued... GDP, with Spain’s deficit at 90.5 percent of the GDP, according to a Sept. 2012 Reuters report. The European Union has been trying to deal with these numerous economic problems by enforcing new rules of austerity in exchange for money funded by the International Monetary Fund, but several countries have still felt the economic pressure, including Spain. On Sept. 26, 6000 demonstrators gathered in Madrid to protest new budget cuts put forth by Spain’s prime minister. They were met with brutal police force and the demonstration broke down into a riot. More riots have erupted throughout the month of October, with the

staff member and student member for mentoring. If I was asked what the secret of our success as a university is, I would say that it’s because we do our very best to education leaders of faith and character.” When discussing the presidency of President Reagan, Ivany explained his battle against the Soviets. Ivany’s parents were refugees who fled Soviet rule in Hungry following World War II. He recalled the words of a former Soviet Union statesmen: “When Reagan said that the Soviet Union was an evil empire, we knew its days were numbered,” he said. Students attending the Townhall event were able to learn previously unknown details or Ivany’s life. “I thought it was really interesting because it gave you more of an opportunity to look into Ivany’s life,” said Celine Simmons, an Environmental Studies Senior with a joint major in Communications. “...To know what else he’s done besides be here at this university; otherwise I would have never known.” Cuban immigrants. He will be the first Hispanic Senator to represent Texas in the US Senate, and will be one of only three Hispanic Senators in the US Senate, according to Nov. 6, 2012, said an article by Fox News Latino. During the 2012 Election season, UST has taken an active initiative to bring the democratic spirit to life for the student community, with multiple student groups hosting debate parties, voter drives, and an Election watch party on the night of Nov. 6. As of the Fall 2012 semester, UST now has both a College Republican and Democrat groups. most recent taking place on Oct. 28 in Barcelona. On Nov. 4, the G20 Global Leaders Summit was hosted in Mexico City. Finance ministers and bankers chiefly discussed the looming cuts in spending and the effect austerity measures have had on global economies. “There are a number of challenges in the global economy, you’ve got recession in Europe and no prospect of any substantial growth and you do have the challenge of the US fiscal cliff,” said Australian Treasurer, Wayne Swan in a Reuters report. “I’m very hopeful as many others are that is dealt with swiftly following the presidential election but the fact that there is recession in Europe….The challenge is how to reinvigorate growth with structural reforms to lift

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DANCE Continued... a lot of cultural clubs and a lot of diversity on campus. Even though our campus is small, it’s kind of easy to cut yourself off from everyone else, and be caught up only in the circle of people that are in your major. I thought that bringing everyone together through dance would be a really neat experience, and I’ve learned so much from these different dance groups.” The event is mostly a student affair, with students both planning and participating in the show. “We have some alumni dancers, some guest dancers as well as students. It’s an hour long, we have seven numbers, seven groups, and over thirty dancers in the show,” Shearer said. “We also have the Latino, Vietnamese, Filipino, Argentinean, American and

Irish cultures represented. ” Shearer attributes her background in classically trained dance as an inspiration for producing the show. “I’ve been dancing classically since I was six years old, lyrical, jazz and musical theater. I’ll be in the show performing a swing dance, because it represents America,” Shearer said. “I chose swing because although America is a melting pot, swing was birthed in America by Americans.” Other than the Drama Department, only one other department will be helping with the planning of the event, the William J. Flynn Center for Irish Studies . “A lot of our Irish Club members are involved in the dancing of the Cultural Dance event,” said Eddie Kelleher, a Fulbright scholar professor. “Some of them are students at

the Center for Irish Studies.” Kelleher, helped Shearer plan the event. “We have an Irish Club here that’s associated with the Center for Irish Studies, and we do Irish Cultural Events. It’s a showcase of dance from different societies, so you could say that the Irish Club is kind of helping with the event,” he said. Kelleher, who is a native of Ireland and teaches Gaelic and Irish social dancing at UST, hopes that the event will spark interest in both international and Gaelic cultures. “We try to help out not just the Irish Club, but any club on campus that wants to get involved with plays, dramas and dance,” Kelleher said. “ It will be a fun event, and its about people getting together, and showing a little bit of Irish culture.”


Campus Crime Report 10/05 - 4115 Yoakum Security officer responded to an intrusion alarm on a UST building, found signs of forced entry, secured the scene and called the Constables. The investigation did not find anything missing or disturbed.

10/17 - 3807 Graustark Complainant’s vehicle was damaged by an unknown vehicle.

10/10 - 3807 Graustark Complainant’s vehicle was damaged by an unknown vehicle.

10/22 - 1100 W. Main Complainant reported an individual touched her on the arm and the leg without the complainant’s consent. An investigation identified the suspect, who received a trespass warning and was told not return to campus.

productivity and I believe that’s what we should focus on through the G20.” The recently re-elected Prime Minister of Spain, Marion Alejoy, has led the way with the Spanish austerity measures. His party, the Alianza Popular, or People’s Party, have largely conservative economic policies and have worked to freeze public worker wages and the minimum wage, end select public assistance programs, and cut all public jobs deemed unnecessary. These actions were done to increase revenue needed to meet budget target deadlines set by the European Union. Spain has reached 25 percent unemployment, the highest of any European Union state. In response, the government has introduced

austerity measures that many Spaniards feared would raise taxes and cut pensions. A Sept. 25 protest in Madrid resulted in protestors attempting to storm the Parliament building, causing the police to fire rubber bullets into the crowd and inciting a riot. Madrid isn’t the only place in turmoil because of the recent crises; the anti-austerity measure protests have swept across the country, with Barcelona the most recent location. Barcelona is a city lying in the Catalonia region of Spain, a region that now wants independence, and will soon attempt a referendum vote on state separation from Spain. “We are the industry, and Catalonia is one of the more developmental parts of

11/07 - 4115 Yoakum / 4200 Mt. Vernon Security on patrol found “tag” type graffiti on two UST property buildings. 11/04 - 1303 Sul Ross Complainant reported his laptop stolen. Report incidents to UST Security (713) 525 - 3888

Spain,” said Martina Altes, a Spanish exchange student from the Catalonia region. “We also pay a lot of taxes for other parts of Spain, that’s why we want our independence. Catalonia also has a problem with demonstrations, because they used to be violent.” As Europe obtains more and more, debt Spain may not be the last country to experience economic turmoil, and the violence that results from it. In Madrid several people have been arrested and even more have been hurt. The U.S. has avoided most of the violence that has affected Europe as a result of the economic recession, but countries such as Spain and Greece have not been as fortunate.


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“There are no easy answers, but there are simple ones. We must have the courage to do what is morally right” - Ronald Reagan LETTER TO THE EDITOR


Campus GOP Hopeful By C.J. MILLER Guest Writer

We, the UST College Republicans, would first like to congratulate President Obama on his victory. We would like to wish him the best of luck as he continues to lead the United States during these uncertain economic times. We also want to commend Gov. Romney on his well-fought, courageous race. Gov. Romney displayed conviction, truth and morality while representing the Republican Party. As our country moves away from the turbulent time of election season, we think this is a good time for both parties to sit down and find common ground over the problems which America continues to face. As the people of this country have proven time and again, there is no problem that we cannot solve when we work together and utilize the great power of American exceptionality. We call on Obama and Senate Democrats to reach across the aisle to their Republican colleagues in the House to solve both our domestic and foreign problems in a bipartisan manner. We also call on House Republicans to accept such an offer and become willing partners in a quest for real solutions. America faces many challenges: a stagnant economy, high unemployment, an unsustainable amount of debt, a broken health care system, threats to religious freedom and a compromised world standing. While many of President Obama’s policies from the last four years have failed to address and remedy these problems, legitimate solutions cannot stem from

one party. Both parties must come together, serve their constituents and restore America to its greatness. This way it can once more be that “shining city on a hill.” We call on Obama to pursue a new course of action in his policies. Since the beginning of the president’s first term, America has a higher unemployment rate, a national deficit that has doubled, rising gas prices, a tarnished foreign image and a military that is facing an uncertain future of decreased funding and support. The Affordable Care Act is neither affordable nor does it offer care. We know now that the Act is actually a massive tax, and it severely restricts the first freedom of religious liberty in this country. Partisan gridlock is at the highest level it has ever been in Congress. Our country deserves better. We ask President Obama to reconsider his failed policies in order to get America moving again. We call for more bipartisan cooperation in Washington, so that our problems can be solved with the best ideas from both parties. We do not face an impossible task. Americans have never been known to shrink from problems and hard work. Since its founding, America has faced incredible odds and has always triumphed and returned even stronger than before. From a victorious revolution against the world’s strongest empire, to an unwavering resolve to avenge the deaths of thousands of innocent Americans on Sept. 11, 2001; America has constantly proven to the world that, with a little ingenuity, spirit and cooperation, there is no problem it cannot solve. Finally, we should take this time to consider how

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Campus Democrats Declare Victory As the UST College Democrats, we would like to congratulate our President on his second presidential victory. We have full confidence that the next four years will be filled with American success stories. With President Obama at the front, there is no doubt the economy will continue to expand and the lower, middle classes will continue to move forward. During his first four years, the President was able to promote the innovation of clean energy. With America at the front of these technological advances, the country can reap many benefits, such as job creation and the strengthening of our global recognition. He was able to secure health insurance for a greater number of Americans, including those with preexisting conditions. And furthermore, Obama was able to stop the economy from deteriorating and turned the recession into an

expansionary period. He has fought to strengthen women and minority rights in the community and the workforce. Obama will continue to improve the lives of all who are in need and continue to care for the backbone of America, not just the privileged few. The next four years we hope to see our American family rise to greater success. We expect the economy will continue to expand and unemployment continue to decrease. As Obama promised during the campaign trail, we hope to see a growth in jobs, an increase in tolerance and the empowerment of minorities. We will see the end of a decade long war and in 2014 America will welcome her troops back home. We hope to see a just immigration reform targeted to keep families together and strengthen our diversity. We also hope to see a more liberal Supreme Court that will allow America to progress. Obama has promised to continue to better the life of all

Americans and we will hold him accountable to that. America still has a long way to recover under the Obama Administration. He will continue to build America from the bottom up, not from the top down. His social programs have helped millions of low income families to stand on their feet. His fight for tolerance has increased the minority’s opportunity to pursue their happiness. Not only are we glad for Obama’s re-election, but we are very pleased with the voter outcome. In Harris County alone a little over 700,000 people voted early -this is a new record for the county and it is great to see Americans using their voting privilege. We hope that in elections to come, Americans will continue to cast their votes to elect the candidate they see best fit for the position. Maria is with the College Democrats and can be reached at Castillo.

blessed we are to live in the freedom of America. Our electoral process ensures a peaceful transition of power, and all Americans are free to express their political opinions without the fear of punishment or violence. As Americans, we enjoy a level of freedom and security that many countries around the world do not get to experience. It is necessary for us to remember the importance of those freedoms because,

as former President Ronald Reagan reminded us, “Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to children in our bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected and handed down for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States when men were free.” Though this presidential

election outcome may not have resulted in our preferred choice, we respect the legitimate results of the Electoral College, and we offer our respect and support to President Obama as he occupies the U.S. Presidential office. God bless you, and God bless America. C.J. Miller is with the College Republicans and can be reached at millercj@


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Taken Again: Was there a Point?

By MARIUM NISA Staff Writer

“Foreigners bad, Americans good, box office busy.” This New York Times quote from their review of Taken 2 displays the theme behind both of the Taken movies. In the movie, protagonist Bryan Mills, played by Liam Neeson, is a retired intelligence agent whose daughter gets kidnapped by a group of human traffickers (who turn out to be a part of an Albanian cult) while she and a friend are on vacation in Paris. Mills soon arrives to Paris, manages to track down the Albanians, even after the main source to his daughter gets rammed by an 18 wheeler, kills off every single person involved in his daughter’s kidnapping, and shoots a former colleague’s wife, all while managing to cause several fender benders in the beautiful city. Oh, he also manages to steal an Audi, jump on a highly secure yacht, and rescue his daughter from the bed of a drunken middle-aged man. Taken 2 is no different, except this time Mills arrives in Istanbul, coincidentally with his ex-wife and daughter, and the plot consists of the world’s most over played theme ever:

revenge. The father of one of the Albanians, who Mills happened to electrocute to death, seeks revenge for the fallen villains. They chase Mills and his wife down a highly populated Turkish bazaar and kidnap them. As soon as they arrive, Mills calls his daughter while hanging by a rope in some torture chamber warehouse. He instructs her to throw grenades out of the hotel room onto the main area of Istanbul. For the purposes of Mills finding his location, his daughter manages to blow up a water tank that floods entire residential villages. Another grenade lands at the rooftop of a building right next to a famous landmark. She also manages to barricade through the gates of the U.S. Embassy. In the end, Mills again manages to kill all the Albanians who sought revenge and arrives at the father who originally sought to bring pride to his son by giving him an ultimatum of peace. Of course, in this movie, a villain is a villain is a villain. So the father turns back to shoot Mills, only to be rammed onto a coat hanger. Did I mention all of this occurred inside of a mosque? I do admit that the first Taken movie proved Liam Neeson to be a bad-ass. It had been awhile since American entertainment released a movie in which a man singlehandedly kills anyone who interrupts him on his quest. However, Taken 2 was very different. Director Oliver Megaton is delivering a clear-cut message about the presence and behavior of America in Islamic nations. Being that American recklessness without any consequence is welcome in these countries. In both Taken movies the Albanians have been

denied names. We meet the main characters of the movie, however, the main villains lack any form of address. They are merely the men with a star and crescent tattooed on their hands. Their Albanian heritage continues to be “foreign” in both France and Albania. Secondly, the Mills family lacks any conformity or appreciation for the Turkish culture. Both the mother and daughter parade in their bikinis without observing the modest Islamic female clothing. It advocates traveling to foreign countries without actually experiencing their culture and looking at them from an outside frame. Like traveling to Rome and eating McDonald’s, or going to Saudi Arabia and refusing to wear a burka. The first Taken gave insight to the procedures of human trafficking and proved to show a side many viewers were intrigued to see. However, the second movie does not do so. There is no plot, no climax and no story. It essentially has absolutely no purpose. It projects colonial perceptions of the western man in eastern countries, teaching its natives about morality by butchering their land, denying their traditions, and taming their perverse men. The importance of American media in having a heavy influence on the perceptions of the American people is understood. But, propaganda has come a long way since Rosie the Riveter. It is more subtle in our generation than ever before. Hence, the issue I have with Taken 2 is not so much the terrible dialogue and awful production, but with it’s portrayal of it’s villain as a nameless foreigner out to kill without a justifiable reason.


It Really is Just a Movie


During my junior year at UST, I had a professor who put a lot of emphasis on the role of movies in American society. When I should have been learning about the Middle East and Islam, I was watching Arnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies. For those who have not seen the film, Schwarzenegger plays a secret agent who must stop an Islamic extremist from getting his hands on a nuclear weapon. Long story short, the terrorist takes Arnold’s wife (Jamie Lee Curtis), he gets her back, there’s a big explosion, and Schwarzenegger saves America. I don’t recommend it. What did this movie have to do with Middle Eastern culture? According to my professor it was the ultimate example of how Americans view the Middle East. We spent class after class talking about how the terrorist in the movie is displayed as a psychopath with a group of loyal, yet stupid followers. This seemed to offend her because she called it stereotypical and racist. I called it the bad guy and his henchmen. The bad guy is supposed to be crazy, and the henchmen are supposed to be stupid. You can see an example

of this dynamic in movies such as 101 Dalmatians. Or is that one racist too? To say that I hated this class would be an understatement. I resented the professor for wasting my time and money talking about a Schwarzenegger movie from the 1990s, all while insulting the intelligence of the class. Did the protagonists happen to be Islamic? Yes. Was the good guy an American? Yes. Who cares? I understand that we live in a society that relies heavily on the media for viewpoints and information, but seriously, people need to relax when it comes to being offended by what nationally plays which side. There is a movie that stereotypes and insults every nationality. At one point in history The Godfather was the most popular movie in America. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me about my ‘family business’ or whether there are people floating at the bottom of my pool with cement blocks on their feet, I’d be as rich as a mobster. With the last name of Bonasera, my cousins have it even worse. For those who have not seen the movie or read the book, the Bonasera’s aren’t the most impressive Italians in the plot. The point I am trying to make is that, in America, the Americans will always be the good guys. It is an aspect of nationalism that can be seen in any nation. Therefore the bad guy will always be someone else, Middle Eastern or not. Osama bin Laden and Islamic extremists will be the subject of movies just as Hitler and Nazis, or Godfather’s and Italians. It is not meant to offend people of those nationalities. It is meant to get people to buy a ticket. I wish I could have told my professor, “chill.” It is just a movie, not a thesis on American views.

A Priest Remembered for His Kindness and Love for UST Students By MONIQUE OCAMPO Guest Writer

Back when I was a freshman, I was in the cafeteria getting lunch for my mom, who was on her way to pick me up. I saw a book lying on a counter. It belonged to Father Ted, but at the time, I didn’t know where Fr. Ted was. However, I saw another priest filling up his plate at the salad bar. I knew that all the priests lived together, so I asked this priest if he could give the book to Fr. Ted. Not only did he say yes, but he

walked with me when I had to go and waited with me until my mom arrived. That priest was Fr. Keon, and that was the day we first met. Fr. Keon became a constant presence in my life. I always knew that I could sit with him in the cafeteria and that I’d have a good time. Outside of the cafeteria, I would be at the Chapel of St. Basil whenever Fr. Keon celebrated Mass. Stories like mine can be found from any student who spent time with the priest, but for me, Fr. Keon’s death was my first real experience of loss. I remember waking up

in the middle of the night. I couldn’t sleep, it felt like something was wrong. I decided to look on Facebook only to find out that Fr. Keon passed away. I felt like crying, but instead, I suffered through a bad case of insomnia until 2 a.m. The next morning, I finally found time to cry. The problem was that I still had things to do. I felt like I was hanging on a rope over a deep, dark pit. Over the next few days, I preoccupied myself, thinking I could deal with it. But I found that when I shelved away my feelings, I didn’t want to talk

about Fr. Keon as much and felt resentful. I forgot myself in this tunnel-vision of busyness. And in the end, I realized that I still wanted to cry. I kept wondering how people went about their days. Then, I went to counseling. Through counseling and prayer, I realized that I could set aside time to pray and think about him. As of now, I’m not feeling like I’m dangling from a rope anymore, but grieving doesn’t just happen in one day or even one week. For those who feel a sense

of loss, I ask you to find a friend or counselor and talk to them. You can’t put your life on hold, but you can set aside time to think of the person you lost. Remember the good times. You’re allowed to cry and to miss them, but don’t give into the desire to just stay there and let the grief consume you. And for those who are trying to comfort the ones who are grieving, don’t use cliches like “He’s in a better place,” “You’ll be okay,” or “It was just his time.” Instead, I ask you to listen to those who grieve, especially if it’s their first time.


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UST cheer captain pursues professional dance career

Back in April, Ellingson tackled the professional dance world when she tried out for the Houston Texans, with over a thousand others. It had been her first time trying out and she made it into the third round. Ellingson was cut right before the top 40, which was a huge accomplishment. With the discipline she received from her years at performing arts school, Ellingson was able to stay focused on her goal as she trained for RPD. Ellingson trained intensely in cardio while preparing for tryouts. “As a dancer, your core is the heart of your movement so that’s always been a focus of

mine,” Ellingson said. For many who know Ellingson, they have always known her to be a graceful dancer. But with these tryouts, Ellingson had to venture into a new type of dance style. “This style was made to be ill and adrenaline rushing,” Ellingson said. “This is actually funny, but I took many classes on how to krump! I had to learn how to isolate my body more distinctly.” Since becoming an RPD, Ellingson has taken what she has learned and applied it to the UST Cheer team. Her hardcore moves have showed up in many of the dances. As the cheer team strays away

from its more cheer-based that everything goes smoothly dances, the team aims to from getting uniforms together become a double threat as a to arranging events. cheer and dance team. “She’s helping us increase “She [Ellingson] pushes our skills as cheerleaders and her team members to do the dancers. Overall she’s a great best,” Bao Dinh, a freshman person,” Ramirez said. on the team, said. “She might Aside from the RPD be a harsh critic, but it’s only team and UST Cheer, to make us better.” Ellingson also juggles being Since Ellingson became the Vice President of the the captain of the team, many Presidential Ambassadors at of the members have felt that UST, Public Relations officer the team has reached a level of the International Students they never thought would be Association and Secretary possible. General of Finances for “It’s fun being on the Model UN. So how does she team,” Arrianna Ramirez, a do it all? Her support system sophomore and co-captain of and planner have a lot to do the team, said. “But when its with it. time to get serious and work, “I have always been on a she is right there schedule and I pushing us to the “When I do not have just adapted,” anything to do, I kind E l l i n g s o n next level.” Q u y e n of freak out! I find said. “When Nguyen, a senior myself trying to do I do not have on the team anything to something. ” agrees and adds do, I kind of that Ellingson is freak out! I Scarlett Ellingson a strong leader find myself Sophomore and is very trying to understanding but far from do something. [My support being a pushover. system] is the reason why I “I respect her as a can do everything I put my friend and look up to her as a heart into, I love them and teacher,” Nguyen said. they know who they are.” Ramirez said that The next Rockets home Ellingson works really hard game is on Wed., Nov. 21, for the team and makes sure against the Chicago Bulls.

At the moment, a lack of resources will limit the Initiative to a somewhat As a semester-long modest start. Snodgrass and service project for her honors the Celts for Life began by class, Junior Dominika focusing their efforts on Snodgrass established the fundraising to establish a Pregnant on Campus Initiative scholarship for mothers who at UST to help pregnant and cannot afford both tuition and needs for their baby. She is parenting students. Originally founded by also working on setting up a the organization Students for free babysitting service run by Life of America, the Pregnant student volunteers for mothers on Campus Initiative states who have to bring children to its mission as “We don’t want them class or just “[providing] a to feel like they don’t need a few hours to study. vision and plan have a choice.” Once to the campus her project pro-life groups Dominika Snodgrass gains some across America Established Pregant On Campus momentum, for how to create Initiative sustainable student pro-life Snodgrass hopes to expand organizations by establishing the Initiative in the future. service projects to help women She would like to have diaper and families on campus and in changing stations installed in some of the restrooms the community.” Snodgrass, with help around campus and is working from the Celts for Life, with the administration to decided to bring the program designate a private room for to UST to help pregnant and breastfeeding. This semester parenting women balance mostly entails laying the between raising children and groundwork to set the program up, but Snodgrass said that she attending college. “We don’t want and the Celts for Life plan to [pregnant students] to feel expand their focus in the next like they don’t have a choice, few years. Liz Radford, the where they would have to secretary of Celts for Life said drop out of school to raise she is enthusiastic about the their child or have an abortion Initiative. “The Pregnant on to continue their education,” Campus Initiative is a great Snodgrass said.

way to show that true ‘prolifers’ are not only about the babies, but also about the women,” Radford said. She and the other members of the Celts for Life help Snodgrass with organizing, publicizing and fundraising for the program. Sister Damien Marie Savino, the faculty adviser of the Celts for Life and Snodgrass’ mentor for the project, feels equally excited about the project and speaks optimistically about the change the Pregnant on Campus Initiative will bring to UST. “Dominika is breaking

new ground on a mission that supports the goals of the University,” Savino said. Snodgrass’ interest in the pro-life movement began at a young age and her passion developed as she grew up. “If we don’t have the basic right to life, we don’t have the right to anything,” Snodgrass said. Snodgrass said she actively campaigned against abortion and other life issues in high school, and when she saw the opportunity to improve the family culture at UST, she felt moved to take on this project.\ When this semester ends, Snodgrass plans to continue

By MEGAN VIOLA-VU Features Editor

Not only has UST produced a number of scholars and businessmen throughout its history, but also a few professional athletes. Among those like Nicole Hickl, Michelle and Rachel Lewis, sophomore Scarlett Ellingson is the newest addition to the group of athletes UST can be proud of. Ellingson made the Houston Rockets Power Dancers (RPD) in August. Audition day consisted of three rounds until the dancers reached the top 20. Ellingson said that making the top 20 was groundbreaking because most professional teams have a top 50 before the final auditions. “Coach knew what she wanted,” Ellingson said. “Every professional team is exclusive but when the top finalists contain only 20, you know this is not a game.” Ellingson’s background in dance has a lot to do with her success. She studied and attended a performing arts school at a young age up until her sophomore year of high school.

Photo courtesy of Scarlett Ellingson

Celts For Life establishes “Pregnant On Campus Initiative”

By ALEX CARREJO Staff Writer

the Initiative, raising as much support for pregnant students as possible. As an English literature major, she does not plan to make a career out of her volunteer work, but she would like to stay involved in the pro-life movement in some capacity. Anyone who wants to get involved with the Pregnant on Campus Initiative can either contact Snodgrass or attend a Celts for Life meeting for more information. They will accept any donations of time or money that a person can offer and can always use volunteers.

Photo courtesy Secular Pro-Life Perspectives


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On Tuesday, Oct. 2, the Student Government Association, Spirit Committee Meet and Greet crowded the Crooker Patio with students, families, food and plenty of school spirit. Intended to draw students in to support their varsity student athletes, SGA leaders and UST Cheer worked together with head basketball coach Todd Smith to make the meet and greet a reality. “Making the meet and greet happen was not easy,” said junior Jenny Ayala, SGA vice president and founder of the Spirit Committee. “We’ve tried to do pep rallies in the past with a poor turnout and that’s a huge disappointment for the athletes to think that none of the students cared.” After hosting pep rallies and spending thousands of dollars on spirit events, the Spirit Committee struggled to receive attendances of more than 25 students in past years. When Alaya approached Coach Smith about planning a pep rally this year, the idea was not approved on the spot. Disappointment from two pep rallies held in both 2008 and last year at Jerabeck gym

By MEGAN VIOLA-VU Features Editor

Most students might not know who our SGA president is. Even through the SGA debacle last year during elections, senior Jose Bolivar remained calm and collected. This Texas native majors in Business with a minor in Marketing. Students elected Jose Bolivar because he is very approachable in regards to school issues, classwork and at social events. But can these students really say they know who their president really is? V: What is your favorite quote? B: Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) once said “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” FDR is one of my heroes, in the peril of life, he was able to find meaning and had a vision. V: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? B: I would want to go to Asia and travel around India and China. This area has the richness of all the color of life, food, people, religion, architecture, nature and


Meet and greet awakens the celt spirit

Photo courtesy Scarlett Ellingson

almost stalled this year’s pep rally from ensuing. Instead, the committee and Coach Smith decided to call it a meet and greet, hoping that it would not be associated with past years’ failed pep rallies. “I did have some concerns about trying to get everyone together again,” said Coach Smith. “College students are so busy with different schedules that gathering them all together is a challenge.” Coach Smith believes the outdoor location in front of Crooker boosted the meet and greet’s turnout.

His concerns were put to rest when the student body showed up for the food, drinks and music provided and stayed throughout the whole event. “The fact that so many students stayed throughout to watch the introductions and cheerleaders’ performance was more than I could ask for,” said Coach Smith. The UST Spirit Committee originated during Ayala’s freshman year when she realized the campus lacked school spirit. In 2011, Ayala presented a constitution for the Spirit Committee to the

Council of Clubs (COC), with the mission statement: “The UST Spirit Committee strives to promote and encourage school spirit among student body, Alumni, faculty, staff and the UST community (donors, benefactors, etc.).” From there, the SGA approved Ayala’s club proposal, allocated funds and the committee was born. “Getting the committee started my sophomore year was not easy and it’s been a lot of work and challenges since,” said Ayala. As of this year, secretary of SGA Francesca Francoise, a senior, and cheerleading captain Scarlett Ellingson, a sophomore, took over the committee. Ayala “gives props” to the two for increasing school spirit. “The spirit committee has a great relationship with the cheerleaders, who really made a comeback this year,” SGA parliamentarian Emmanuel Flores, a junior, said. “We should see a huge increase at the events with them present.” From the student body’s perspective, the meet and greet did its job of promoting varsity sports. “I had so much fun at the meet and greet,” Freshman Alexis Kuri said. “It was nice

Celt close-up: hello Mr. President

to get to know the players off the court and field.” The athletes themselves thank the Spirit Committee for holding this event, giving them the opportunity to establish their teams. Golf player Juan Gutierrez, a freshman, felt the meet and greet incorporated them into the UST community on a larger scale. Soccer player and junior, Nataki Stewart said the soccer team needed that support. “When you’re down during a game and everyone leaves, there’s no way you can lift yourself up without the crowd,” Stewart said. “These are the people I represent as a soccer player. I felt proud of being a part of the UST family.” Athletes unanimously agree that without the crowds, games just do not possess the right dynamics and athletes expect fuller bleachers after the Oct. 2 meet and greet. “Getting that kind of support felt great and I hope the basketball games get a turnout like the meet and greet,” said junior basketball player Nathan McAnelly. “The Celts are growing and we have the opportunity to turn into a university full of pride if we get the word out there.”

struggles, different joys, but we all live in the same world. We are all the same, but we can all be so different and that is why life is so amazing.

Photo courtesy Jose Bolivar

philosophy. I want to live and be inspired by the richness that life has to offer. V: If you could meet anyone, who would it be and why? B: I would like to meet Hillary Clinton. She’s an inspiration of how hard work and always keeping your head high takes you places. V: What is interesting about yourself that most people do not know already? B: I am a yoga instructor and a descendant of the “Liberator of South America,” Simon Bolivar.

V: What is the weirdest thing a stranger has ever said to you? B: That the color of my aura is green, and that I was called to this world to heal others.

accessible and abundant.

V: What is the craziest thing you have ever done? B: Text and drive! Do not do it! It’s so dangerous and worse when you “We all live in the same are drunk driving. world. We are all the You become a weapon and same, but we can all be lethal you do not want to so different and that is be lethal when on why life is so amazing.” the road.

V: If you could change the world, w h a t would you Jose Bolivar do? V: Who SGA President B : inspires you and If I could change the world, why? I would make sure that every B: The world inspires human being has access to me, everyone lives and has clean and fresh water that is a different world, different

V: What are a couple of things that you and SGA have planned this year? B: This year we want to focus on a couple of things actually. I like concurrent enrollment. We want to work on it so that students can take classes at other institutions around the area during their winter and summer breaks, and have them transferred and count towards your degree at UST. We want to make sure every club has all the necessary funds they need to be able to complete their mission. We also plan to hold up traditions like the Senior Ring Ceremony, respecting The Seal by walking around it and Light Link-Lee. I want to make sure SGA is accessible, working hard and putting students first. Aside from his school involvement in several groups, like the Knights of Columbus, you can find Bolivar in his SGA office, creating plans to make UST a better place for his fellow students.


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The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston showcases unique, cultural films By CLAIRE LOGUE Sports & Clubs Editor

The Museum of Fine Arts Houston (MFAH), contrary to popular belief, does not just showcase beautiful portraits, ancient relics, modern and impressionist wonders and the often common conceptions of “art,” but also presents various films. With a healthy mix of independent films, documentaries, artist showcases, modern and classic foreign motion pictures, there is a little something for everyone. I cannot say it is not a little intimidating to arrive at the museum as night time is quickly encroaching, but the second you step through the doors of the theater placed in the basement level of the museum to watch the film, excitement permeates the air and you no longer feel the stillness of the almost empty halls. The theater is surprisingly intimate (though, bring a light sweater or jacket because it can sometimes get chilly). There is often an introduction to the movie given by an employee of the museum that makes you feel welcome and ensures that you thoroughly

appreciate the film and all of its nuances. It is almost as if you joined a movie club for the evening. After the brief introduction and a review of upcoming films and events, the lights dim, the crowd becomes hushed and everything is transformed. Do not be surprised if the movie (or selection of movies) is broken into parts, has an intermission, or requires you to come two separate times. This is actually helpful and allows you to digest parts of the film or films, and not become too overwhelmed. The film exhibition

Photo courtesy of Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

program at the museum shows approximately 200 films per year, and is the oldest repertory theater in Houston, presenting films to the public since 1939. Named Houston’s “Best Place to See Vintage Flicks” by the Houston Press two years in a row, the film program was also honored by the Houston Film Critics Society in 2008 and the Cinema Arts Festival Houston in 2010. I have enjoyed every movie I have seen at MFAH and highly recommend the experience to everyone. It is not often that you are able to not only witness a time in

Courtesy Gary Hunt

which new things are learned, or cultures are experienced, but to be able to take part in them as well. This is not a chance to pass up. For information on upcoming shows, please visit the MFAH website to view the film calendar and see information about the movies. The museum will be showcasing nine areas of films, including, but not limited to, Artist Showcases, Wars on Film, Revivals and the films of Bertrand Blier and Gérard Depardieu these fall and winter seasons. There is a special emphasis on the Wars on

Film genre, and some of those films include Paths of Glory, The Deer Hunter, Grand Illusion (La Grande Illusion), The Battle Of Algiers (La Battaglia Di Algeri) and Went the Day Well. The online calendar extends to the end of December. The films change daily, and are often presented just a handful of times, so be sure to attend when you get the chance; there might not be another time to go.

teenage love affairs, such as the first track off the album, “Sherane.” While other rappers would give you simple metaphors of his lust for this woman, Lamar goes further and explains the nature of having a relationship in his hometown of Compton, “We know a lot ‘bout each other, her mother was a crack addict. She live with her granny and her younger two brothers. Her favorite cousin Demetrius’ reputable, family history of gang banging did make me skeptical,” Lamar said. With this insight Lamar tells listeners what kind of place Compton can be. This is why he is being compared to West Coast hiphop greats like Tupac, Ice Cube, Eazy-E and Dr. Dre. Lamar does not settle on giving audiences a great instrumental with meaningless lyrics, as is becoming custom in hip-hop, but instead, he gives substance and a message with his raps. Lamar has referred to good kid, m.A.A.d city as more of a short film than an album, and this is quite true. The album gives many snippets of conversations with his parents and friends, including one hilarious phone conversation with his parents arguing over Dominoes pizza in “Sherane.”

Kendrick Lamar has delivered a classic hip-hop album for our generation, his mentor Dr. Dre said. He is not glorifying Compton life or a “thug life,” which the late Tupac was often criticized for, but he is simply telling a story about his hometown. Rapping and story-telling go hand-in-hand, and I believe that is what makes someone a truly phenomenal rapper. Lamar chooses to give insight into his own life and that is what makes this album great. Lamar explains his storytelling technique on his first independently released digital album, Section 80, “I’m not on the outside looking in, I’m not on the inside looking out. I’m in the dead... center, looking around.”

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston 1001 Bissonnet / 713.639.7300

Kendrick Lamar delivers a classic album with good kid, m.A.A.d city By SARAH OYARCE Entertainment Editor

It has been quite a long time since hip-hop fans have heard anything as exceptionally great as Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar’s debut album good kid, m.A.A.d city. From the New Boyz’s “You’re a Jerk,” to Cali Swag District’s “Teach Me How to Dougie,” it was apparent that hip-hop needed a break from the dance-infused club hits. It needed to get back to showcasing the art of rapping, and not just auto-tuned voices over a nice beat. The East Coast has their rising star, North Carolinian rapper J. Cole, and now the West has theirs: Kendrick Lamar. Lamar first came into the mainstream scene with his feature on rapper/singer Drake’s widely successful Take Care album on the song “Buried Alive Interlude,” which ironically delves into his struggle between wanting to remain true to himself as an underground artist while still being able to enjoy the fruits of fame that the mainstream can offer. The first single from good

Photo courtesy of Ben Miller

kid, m.A.A.d city, “Swimming Pools (Drank),” dropped this past summer and became an instant classic. However, many people still tend to miss the meaning of the song. “Swimming Pools (Drank)” is actually a cautionary tale against excessive drinking, and not a party song. Since the album is a reflection of his old life and growing up in Compton, al., Lamar is speaking from his own experiences about seeing the people around him succumb to the evils of alcoholism. “Now I done grew up

‘round some people living their lives in bottles. Granddaddy had the golden flask…Some people like the way it feels, some people wanna kill their sorrows, some people wanna fit in with the popular; that was my problem,” Lamar said. In a music era that is thriving on the success of many party songs, club hits and songs to get “wasted” to, Lamar is not afraid to remain true to himself and make a song of this nature. Since good kid, m.A.A.d city is a reflection of Lamar’s youth, there are songs on the album that deal with his

good kid, m.A.A.d city Kendric Lamar Genres: West Coast hip hop, gangsta rap Released: Oct. 22, 2012 Get it: $9.99 on iTunes


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Here Comes the Boom: unfunny, insensitive, predictable as the sunrise By DANIEL BROWN Staff Writer

When walking out of the movie theater, it suddenly becomes hard to believe that Here Comes the Boom is supposed to be a comedy. While the latest film written by and starring Kevin James certainly tries to tell “jokes,” every single line heard in the movie falls flat at best. If anything, Here Comes the Boom is more of a “heart-warming, feel good about yourself and anything is possible” sort of flick with a few insensitive jokes thrown in. In addition to being far from funny, the film is filled with plot holes, characters that are either under-developed or are caricatures and badly-edited action scenes where Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) come into play. Any sensible person will surely be hard-pressed to find anything worth watching. Being a “comedy,” next to no effort was put into constructing a plot. Essentially, James’ character, Scott Voss, plays a deadbeat high school teacher that is stressed throughout the movie’s beginning. The high school itself is failing, and due to

budget cutbacks, most if not all of the school’s extracurricular activities, of which the most notable is the music program, are about to be discontinued. Voss assumes the arduous task of raising $48,000 to save said programs, and initially takes up the job of a citizenship class instructor in order to do so. While agreeing to give a particular student private tutoring at the student’s apartment, the student inadvertently introduces him to a more efficient method of raising the money in the form of MMA fighting, and Voss decides to become a fighter in order to raise the money faster. This plot may not seem sappy, but the film has so many illogical and saccharine moments that it could be confused for a modern Adam Sandler movie. Almost every character in this film is two-dimensional at best and offensive at worst. It does not help that almost every joke in the film revolves around the characters. For instance, the high school principal, Becher, played by Greg Germann, has only one trait: he is a jerk that is unsupportive of everything Voss does, even if it is beneficial. All of the

Bones (FOX)

foreigners in Voss’ citizenship class are goofy stereotypes, with the exception of Niko, who is the student that trains and prepares Voss for MMA fighting in exchange for private tutoring. Niko is undoubtedly the most likeable character, though the actor is sometimes forced to do ridiculous dances to make the character “quirky”. But perhaps the worst of all, the only high school student named Malia who is Filipino, has to be a brilliant prodigy in biology and music. Her father eventually wants her to quit school so that she can work in his restaurant. James himself is not much of a likeable hero, and

his jarring transformation from being a jerk that does not care about his students to being an inspiring teacher does nothing to change this. Arguably, the only salvageable aspects of this film are the MMA fight scenes, some of which involve people who are actual MMA fighters. MMA fighter Brian Stann in particular is the final opponent Voss faces, and thankfully is not depicted as antagonistic, despite being the greatest obstacle in a comedy. However, even these fights cannot be thoroughly enjoyed because of the camera angles. The camera is far too close in certain scenes to make out what is happening, and often

TV Tracker Glee (FOX)

Photo courtesy Colombia-Sony Pictures

poorly conveys the brutality that is supposedly occurring. Before the final battle, all of the fights leading up to the climax are brief and one-sided, if not altogether uninteresting. Here Comes the Boom is simply not worth watching. Niko is certainly a sympathetic character, and it can be fun watching James get beat up when there is finally a decent camera angle. However, it simply is not worth putting a person through unfunny, insensitive jokes and a story as predictable as the sunrise. A more appropriate title would have been “Here Comes the Pain” because, for the audience, there is certainly a lot of it.

By Sarah Oyarce

Modern Family (ABC)

Photo courtesy FOX

Photo courtesy ABC

What’s it about? A forensic anthropologist, an FBI special agent and their team work together to solve cases and murders.

What’s it about? Former members of their school’s glee club go off to college while others take on their upperclassmen years in high school.

What’s it’s about? This “mockumentary” style show showcases the lives of three families that come together to make a “modern” family.

What’s happened so far? Brennan becomes fascinated with basketball and teamwork suring this episode. She and her team take on the challenge of trying to identify a man who died in the 9/11 attacks.

What’s happened so far? Artie convinces Finn to be co-director of the upcoming musical, Puck, Quinn, Marley and a new guy compete for roles in the musical and Blaine is sad about his break-up with Kurt.

What’s happened so far? Haley gets arrested because she was caught at an underaged drinking party, Cam gives soy bacon to Luke, who is allergic and Dede, Jay’s ex-wife, drops by for a surprise visit.

Photo courtesy FOX

How I Met Your Mother (CBS)

Revenge (ABC)

Dancing with the Stars (ABC)

Photo courtesy CBS

Photo courtesy ABC

What’s it about? In the year 2030, Ted Mosby is telling the story of how he met his wife to his kids all while telling stories of his past life with his friends.

What’s it about? Emily Thorne returns to the Hamptons to seek revenge against whoever framed her father and sent him to prison for a crime he did not commit.

What’s it about? Celebrities compete in a ballroom dance competition with professional dancers and the winner receives the coveted mirror-ball trophy.

What’s happened so far? Barney gets a dog and Marshall and Lily give advice to Ted whose girlfriend is tired of waiting on him to propose, but only if he stops being friends with Robin.

What’s happened so far? In this episode, Amanda almost kills Mason but Emily stops her, and also makes Mason take the fall for Gordon Murphy’s murder and go to jail.

What’s happened so far? The couples had to prepare two dances to one song. One was to combine two different styles of dance for a “fusion dance” and a swing dance.

Photo courtesy ABC


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Pitch Perfect: A musical that will give audiences energy for days By ORIANE OLIVIER Staff Writer

Pitch Perfect is probably one of the best musical films of the decade. It has characters whose different personalities develop into the story that give it a profundity rarely found in this kind of movie. Becca, played by Anna Kendrick, is a freshman at Barden College more preoccupied about music than in meeting people and having friends. Becca did not want to attend college, but rather wanted to pursue a career in producing music. Her father came to visit her and noticed that she had not been going to class. He tells her that she will let her move to Los Angeles and chase her dream of music if she joins a club on campus. As music was the only important part of her life, the only college club that appealed to Becca was The Bellas, an all-girl singing group.

The Bellas, headed by Chloe, played by Brittany Snow and Aubrey, played by Anna Camp, are in a competition with the male singing group on campus. But their repertoire and their choreography are too old so they are all criticized. Chloe and Aubrey insist on recruiting Becca, and other girls with strong personalities, to have a large group that will be able to compete against the boy’s group. Becca is not the only one The Bellas are recruiting. About ten other girls also sign up, each one with a unique flair. Camp performs a hysterical version of Aubrey, the perfect girl who wants everything to be well organized. Stacie, played by Alexis Knapp, is a flirty character, Lilly, played by Hanna Mae Lee, is so quiet that it is difficult to hear her sometimes. Rebel Wilson also develops a great character with “Fat Amy,” who has no inhibitions about her weight.


Becca, as the principal character, is a more deeply developed character, fond of music and a great singer. She helps The Bellas by adding her energy and making them modernize their song collection. When all of these different personalities come together, this movie offers a lot of reflections about the relationships in college with different people, how to improve yourself, and most of all about music’s impact on life. The best part of Pitch Perfect, as a musical, is the songs performed during the film. All songs are from wellknown artists like Rihanna, David Guetta, Pitbull and Flo Rida. As everybody knows these artists, this makes the audience want to sing and dance along with the characters. Another interesting part of this movie is that all songs performed are played in one way, the way of using only

Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures

one instrument - the human body. Each singer uses their talents in beat boxing, singing exercises and playing a chorus of different pitches. Obviously, as all musicals, it is easy to guess from the beginning how Pitch Perfect will end. But the first aim of this movie is more about the songs and the message

given, than about offering the audience a great story with many sudden developments and an original ending. This message, being optimistic and always believing in yourself, makes this movie a great musical; funny, nice to watch, and most of all motivating. It will give audiences energy for days.

PUZZLES CORNER November Crossword

Created by Sarah Oyarce

1 2






8 9 10 11


13 14


Joke of the Month! Why didn’t the turkey eat dessert? He was stuffed!

ACROSS 1. Infamous American bank robber John 2. “Sherlock Holmes” star Cumberbatch 4. Animal that has four babies at the same time of the same gender 7. Quiznos CEO Stuart 8. Italian for “pine head” 10. Florence and the Machine

lead singer’s last name 12. “Mine” singer Swift 13. Mt. Kilimanjaro is in this country 14. Deepest ocean trench 15. Krispy Kreme CEO James

DOWN 1. Has a lifespan of 24 hours 3. The voice of Elmo Kevin 5. Martin Luther King Jr.’s wife 6. Late “Try Again” singer 9. Former Celtic star Larry 11. Second longest river in the world


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Exercise routines to try at the gym or at home Sandra says... By INGRY UMANZOR Staff Writer

Have you ever thought about exercising, but realized that you did not have time to go to the gym? Well, there are no more excuses because calisthenics can help you tone up your whole body without the need of expensive equipment, money or a car because you can do them right in your own home or dorm. A few exercises that have helped me, and that can now help you! It will only take a few minutes and they are all easy to do. Try not to do the same workout routine from the day before, maybe workout your upper body on one day and your lower body on the next day. Two great arm exercises are the chair dip and the pushups (which can be done in several ways). For the chair dip all you need is a stable chair. First, you sit down facing forward and then you place your arms on the edge of the chair with hands, shoulders width apart. Lift your bottom off the chair and move your feet forward, making sure you bend your arms at a 90 degree angle. If you want it to be a bit more challenging, then extend your legs in front of you. Now slowly lower yourself until

your arms are parallel, then raise your body upward (back to the start position). You can start off with 1 or 2 sets each of 10 or 25 repetitions. Now that’s we have pretty much covered arms, legs and glutes, we can then move on to exercises that target your abdominals. There are several, but two that I find to be effective are bicycle crunches and oblique twists. Bicycle crunches start off by lying flat on the ground with your back pressed down on to the floor, and placing your hands behind your head. Put your legs up, and the first move is to pull your elbow to meet with the opposite knee and then do the opposite elbow to meet with the opposite knee, this is done as you twist back and forth in a bicycle pedaling motion. Repeat, and do about 2025 reps on each side. For oblique twists, start off in a sit-up position, cross your legs and pick them up about an inch off the floor. Hold your hands together, right in front of your abdominals and slightly lean back. Now, twist your body to one side, and touch the floor. Keep rotating from side to side until you have done about 25 reps. The Mountain Climbers are actually a really good workout for not only your abs but your glutes and legs as well. Start out in a push-up position. Place both hands down

on the ground, then bring one leg up as if you are about to race or run. Switch legs where it’s one leg up and the other leg back. Drive the knees up as high as you can towards your chest and increase your speed as you feel more comfortable. Do this exercise for about one minute. Lunges and squats will target your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. In squats stand with your back straight, chest and head up and your feet wide apart. Lower your body into a sitting position bending your knees. Do not let your knee go past your toes. Your knees should be forming a 90 degree angle as you go down. Now return to the starting position and repeat. For your lunges start out in the same position, standing with your back straight but your feet shoulder-width apart this time. Step forward, and place one foot in front of you. Your other foot stays behind you with your heel off the floor. Bend your knee as you lower your body. Go as low as you can, but do not let the knee touch the floor then switch legs and repeat. Do 10 reps on each side. Try a few of these at the Jerabeck Gymnasium or at your own place. In the next issue I will discuss “mountain climbers,” lunges and squats. If they worked for me, I’m sure they can work for you too!


Everyone thinks of different things when they hear the term ‘health.’ So why is it important to stop and think about what health means to you? It is a balance of several aspects of life. The most apparent is physical health, but there is also mental, spiritual and emotional health. They all intertwine to form a whole unique person. As college students of all ages, adult life begins as soon as we leave our homes. Responsibility seems to become more and more solemnly our own. Nurturing ourselves is one of our greatest responsibilities. The pressure increases when you realize that doing everything you have to do to stay healthy goes against everything you have to do to survive college. It is not easy to eat healthy when you have the university cafeteria and vending machines alone to eat in between classes. We do not have our parents to remind us to eat breakfast or

take our lunch to school. It is not easy to get adequate sleep when there is so much schoolwork to tend to. It is not easy to maintain healthy relationships with everyone you want to because you simply don’t have the time to tend to them all. Relationships often challenge our emotions. It seems nearly impossible to find time to exercise regularly when you have so many deadlines and school activities to juggle. It is not easy to slow down for a moment to pray and meditate because there is so much rushing around you. We have a church and prayer areas on campus, yet most of us don’t use them everyday to meditate and pray. One thing is knowing that it is healthier to eat a carrot than a delicious slice of chocolate cake, and another is actually choosing the carrot. To top it off, we are constantly reminded that if we do not take action now, it progressively gets worst. So when we can, we try to avoid the subject altogether. Life is a challenge and it is now that you educate yourself and decide how you will find balance for it and for the future. Facing the facts about health is the best thing you can do. You may never fully get every little thing right when it comes to health, but every attempt is a step towards the right direction The thing about making health a priority is that it gets easier with practice. Soon, you begin to understand how nurturing yourself is so rewarding that it makes everything easier to handle.

The truth about chocolate: myths that have finally been proven wrong By GABRIEL CAPISTAN Staff Writer

All of us have heard tales about the harm chocolate can cause to our health, but how many of those tales are factual? Recent studies have shown that chocolate may not be as bad for you as you think. In fact, chocolate may actually be good for you. Myth #1: Chocolate causes acne. Truth: Recent studies conducted by dermatologists at Duke University prove that there is no definitive relationship between chocolate consumption and acne. Every person’s skin varies, and some foods may cause acne breakouts for some people, but not for others. The good news is that there is no valid proof that chocolate consumption will give you pimples. Myth #2: Chocolate lacks nutritional value.

Photo by courtesy J. Paxon Reyes

Truth: Chocolate is full of antioxidants that have been associated with decreased risk of heart attacks and strokes. Chocolate is also full of essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, and potassium. Myth #3: Chocolate makes you hyper. Truth: Although some forms of chocolate candy are high in sugar, the actual chocolate

in the candy does not make people hyper. Chocolate boosts endorphins in the brain, causing a calm and peaceful feeling in people. The added sugars and preservatives in most chocolate cause people to become hyper, but pure dark and bittersweet chocolate cause feelings of calmness. Myth #4: Chocolate is bad for your cholesterol.

Truth: Most saturated fats do increase bad cholesterol in the body, but the main saturated fat found in chocolate is uniquely different from the others. Stearic Acid, the main saturated fat found in chocolate, increases the good cholesterol that your body needs to stay healthy. Myth #5: Eating chocolate causes stress. Truth: People associate the

caffeine in chocolate with stress, but chocolate is actually very low in caffeine. According to the California Academy of Sciences, studies show that eating dark chocolate has actually been proven to reduce stress. “Carbohydrates present in the sweet can raise serotonin levels in the brain and lead to a feeling of well-being.” Also note that dark chocolate contains the most antioxidants and nutrients, so when deciding between milk chocolate and dark chocolate, dark is the way to go. Dark chocolate is not as sweet as milk chocolate, but it has much better health benefits. Now that you know the truth about chocolate, you do not have to feel too guilty when you pick up that Hershey’s Bar. Feel free to indulge in the sweet treat every once in a while, but remember that eating too much of anything can cause obesity, so try to have some self-control when eating any kind of chocolate.


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Diabetes: no longer a grown-up problem anymore By SANDRA EFRAIMSON Health Editor

Americans are currently concerned with the increase of type 2 diabetes mellitus affecting young people and children. Unlike type 1 diabetes, which is genetically presupposed, type 2 is very preventable. This disease has always been known as a metabolic disease that mainly affects adults, however this began to change 15 years ago. According to CBS News, “Tony Guida reports that type 2 diabetes was never seen in young people as recently as 15 years ago. Now it’s occurring with alarming frequency… they were mostly in the dark about this disease.” Many studies report that there are genetic factors that may determine who develops type 2 diabetes, but are usually manifested by environmental factors such as exposing the body to extreme amounts of sugars or fats while living a sedentary life. American

children and young adults began a trend of increased junk food consumption and decreased exercise. Young people are eating too much junk food and not enough vegetables and fruits. In the last decades the fastfood industry began to flourish and large portions became the norm. Fast, salty and sweet foods are a popular choice for young adults because they are readily available and we are genetically wired to want sweet and salty when available. Junk food trends, coupled with the popularity of video games and indoor activities that require no actual activity, such as Internet usage and TV watching, have contributed to the epidemic. Although obesity is often tied with type 2 diabetes, it is important to know that the factors are many and that living a sedentary life is equally a contributor to the growing problem. Hermes Florez, MD, PhD, the director of the division of epidemiology and

Apps for health students By CHRISTINE GHOBRIAL Guest Writer

Technology keeps moving forward at a pace where it is difficult to keep up with. Nowadays, this era of technology does not only concern teens and young adults but a broader spectrum. Everyone has, not only a cellular device, a smartphone. “There is an app for that” is the slogan. Phone apps can be found for just about anything you need. There are many apps which come in a variety of ways, for students interested in health which include health and wellness apps such as diet journals, calorie counters and exercise aids. Yes, there are apps that can help with maintaining your diet and exercise, but what about those who want to go into a health field? There are many apps that help with research and your studies. Medscape is simply amazing! You can search the app for diagnosis, right medication dosages, and its adverse effects and warnings. It is the highest rated medical app for the iPhone. iRadiology is an app that is filled with over 500 cases. It is designed to help students and radiologists improve x-rays reading and diagnosis. This app includes images that can be zoomed, panned and rotated from your phone. Also,

it includes a section where you can test your knowledge and find the abnormalities on the image. As students, buying books can be very expensive. iBooks is an app that provides a variety of different books to be viewed at the touch of your fingertip. They recently have released two different medical books. They do not only include just the written text but this app is also filled with interactive videos, podcasts and questions. Being a health student you have to keep up with the latest news and journals published. Medical Journal app is available for iPad, this app has many medical journals for students to read. It is an easy way to catch up with the latest news in medicine. Apps are used in fields you are aspiring to pursue on a daily basis. Some apps help with the physician patient relationships. Draw MD helps surgeons, draw out a surgical procedure for the patient. It allows the patient to be more confident and more informative about their upcoming procedure. Let technology help you with your hectic life. Apps are becoming a great tool in our generation. Every health practice has an app that is designed for its daily use. Although apps are a great way to get material fast, keep in mind that it is still up to you to use them correctly.

Photo courtesy Bernard Farrell

population health sciences at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine says that, “If you are normal weight, you may be at higher risk for diabetes, especially if your fitness status is not so good.” Living a sedentary life increases occurrence of diabetes because the metabolic processes are damaged due to having to constantly compensate for lack of movement. Movement allows the metabolism to work at its designed capacity for calorie burning that creates energy for the body to use. Foods are meant to be consumed and then burned off as calories with activity. Overloading the body with fats and then not burning them sets the body for overproduction of

chemicals that are meant to keep the body in balance from everything consumed. In time, these chemicals decline in production, unable to keep up with what you are consuming, and cause a metabolic imbalance. Do to the alarming growing rate of the epidemic the United States Department of Agriculture began to implement the healthy, Hunger-Free Act of 2010 as an attempt to better the quality of foods served in public schools. This means that the menu for children will have less fat and sodium and more vegetables and fruits. This approach is intended to help reduce the incidence of obesity related diseases, and their complications for children and young adults. In turn, this

program will attempt to reduce the incidence of this disease in future generations. David Kendall, chief scientific and medical officer from the American Diabetes Association says that the problem does not stop at just being diagnosed with diabetes, but of also facing, at a younger age, the long-term complications of the disease, such as cardiovascular damage and nerve damage among other equally severe complications. Young people need to become aware of the fact that diabetes can affect people at any age. We have not had this issue exist in alarming proportion before, so it is imperative that everyone is aware of this disease that affects so many and the effects of ignoring the situation.


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Gustavo Wensjoe Memorial Fund provides student opportunities for study abroad


Upcoming Events Monday, Nov. 19 & Tuesday, Nov. 20 Musical Theater Review 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. Cullen Hall

Thursday, Nov. 29

Music Preparatory School String Orchestra Recital 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. Cullen Hall

Saturday, Dec. 1

Photo courtesy Lucy Nieto

LASTING LEGACY Gustavo Wensjoe’s Social Entrepreneurship Program worked in Merida, Yucatan in Mexico. The Memorial Fund will continue his legacy of providing students scholarships to study abroad in places like Merida.

By ALIYAH COLE Staff Writer

There is good news for those who are interested in the study abroad program: the Gustavo Wensjoe Memorial Fund will provide study abroad scholarships for students at the University of St. Thomas. The Gustavo Wensjoe Memorial Fund is named after Gustavo Wensjoe who was an associate professor and director of the Center for International Studies. Sadly, Wensjoe died in 2009 because of a car accident. He is remembered as one who promoted global learning according to Study Abroad Director Ulyses Balderas. “He always was trying to help students and trying to motivate students to study abroad,” Balderas said. The fund has been established to honor Wensjoe’s legacy of supporting study abroad and the international education of UST students according to director of Center for International Studies Hans Stockton. Stockton believes Wensjoe was a big part of the study abroad program.

“There is a very strong a proud tradition of study abroad at the university,” Stockton said. “And people like Gustavo Wensjoe, are a big reason for that tradition and that legacy.” On Oct. 25, a dinner banquet was held for the Gustavo Wensjoe Memorial Fund to receive donations that would support the cause. It was Wensjoe’s wife Joanne Houck-Wensjoe, along with a committee of alumni, who decided to start the fundraiser which turned out to be a success according to Balderas. “There was a very nice gathering of alumni and friends of Dr. Wensjoe. According to one of the organizers, at that time the fund was very close to reaching the $50,000 mark,” Balderas said. Along with the money raised from the banquet, an anonymous donor matched donations up to $5,000. Balderas believes that the money will be very beneficial to students. “The fund is going to help students that don’t have the means to go and to study abroad,” Balderas said. “A scholarship, or some financial support, always helps these

students to reach their goals.” In the past, UST has been in the top 20 master’s schools in the U.S. for Study Abroad programs according to a report by the Institute of International Exchange. However, there has recently been fluctuation in the number of students that participate in the study abroad program. Study Abroad Coordinator, Diana Garcia believes that this change is due to economic reasons. “Participation has reduced in the last few years due the economy, we think,” Garcia said. “We hope to bring it up a little bit again this year.” Stockton hopes that the fund will make it possible for more students to participate in the study abroad program despite financial barriers. “Every year the prices go up a little bit. Up a little bit. Up a little bit,” Stockton said. “The idea behind a scholarship is... if a student wants to go, we have to figure out ways to make it possible for the student to afford that life changing experience.” Conditions and eligibilities are still a work in progress, but students can expect to apply sometime next year.

A note from your Council of Clubs Chair...

By MARIUM NISA Council of Clubs Chair

Fellow Celts, I have been your humble servant with COC for the past three years and I am proud to announce that this year the COC Clubs have been at their most active. This year we have started something new called “Club of the Month,” where we reward clubs that regularly hold events that engage and welcome the UST community. So far, we’ve awarded the Muslim Student Association for September, International Studies Society for October and Pi Sigma Alpha for November. We have also welcomed a couple of new clubs to the

council that appeal to an array of student interests. They include The Nursing Society, Forensics Club, Book Club, Couples for Christ, Student Art Association and many more. You may recently attend one of the many COC Clubs host including Debate Watches, Model United Nation’s Date Auction, VSA’s Dragon Boat Race and many others and should look forward to many more in the future. If you need further information on clubs or campus or would like to start a club, please contact me at

UST Women’s Basketball vs. Texas College All Day Jerabeck Gym

Saturday, Dec. 1

UST Men’s Basketball vs. Texas College Home Game 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. Jerabeck Gym

Tuesday, Dec. 4 Deck the Mall 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. Academic Mall

Tuesday, Dec. 4

Christmas in the Mansion 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Crooker Patio

Tuesday, Dec. 4 Live Nativity 6:00 - 6:30 p.m. Student Life Patio

November 8, 13, 15, 20, 27, 29 and December 4

The Fine Arts & Drama Department Presents “The Velveteen Rabbit” 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. Jones Theater

SIDELINE HTX @ HOME UST Celts Men’s Basketball Jerabeck Center, 4000 Mt. Vernon

Dec. 1 | Celts vs. Texas College Dec. 13 | Celts vs. Wiley College

UST Lady Celts Basketball Jerabeck Center, 4000 Mt. Vernon

Nov. 21 | Celts @ Houston Baptist Dec. 13 | Celts vs. Wiley College

Houston Texans (NFL)

Reliant Stadium, 8400 Kirby Drive

Nov. 18 | Texans vs. Jacksonville Dec. 16 | Texans vs. Indianapolis

Houston Rockets (NBA) Toyota Center, 1510 Polk Street

Nov. 21 | Rockets vs. Chicago Bulls Nov. 23 | Rockets vs. NY Knicks

Vol. 5, Issue 5 The Summa - Nov. 15, 2012  
Vol. 5, Issue 5 The Summa - Nov. 15, 2012  

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