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confidence of consumers who are entrusting them with their lifesavings. “We don’t hold any of the money or assets, but rather separate custodians – well-known, national firms – have access to these funds. This provides clients that extra sense of trust.” While one person cannot be an expert in all areas, RFA does offer more than just investment advice, facilitating their clients’ needs with an enhanced scope of services. “We’re not just an investment management firm; we are a wealth management firm,” Reilly said. This means questions come up about tax preparation, retirement, estate and financial planning in addition to less traditional requests. “Our clients come to us with a myriad of questions such as refinancing a house, buying and leasing cars, 401(k) allocations and other important financial considerations, most often regarding assets that we are not even managing. Our clients are looking for a true financial partner.” RFA is not at a loss when handling those concerned clients. “We have individuals on the team who are experts in their respective areas and our clients have access to our entire staff. They can talk with a financial planner, CFP, CPA – some even speak with a research analyst. And it’s really through this team approach that we bring the greatest value to our clients,” Reilly noted proudly. Clients notice this reliability and Reilly’s certitude has even gained national recognition. RFA recently received the coveted Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics & Integrity from the Better Business Bureau and has been featured in media outlets such as “Forbes Magazine” and “The Wall Street Journal,” emerging thus far as an ethics-oriented leader in the financial industry.

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ner, we will sell them.” Reilly further noted that a common mistake that investors sometimes make is sitting on their stocks through periods of potential profit. “That’s really how you become a successful investor,” he mused. “It’s by realizing that you must buy and then sell at some point.” The third, and possibly most important factor in RFA’s investment equation, is the global macroeconomic discipline. “We’ve been very successful with our sector rotation philosophy,” Reilly reported. That old adage “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” still reigns supreme and the importance of portfolio diversification is unparalleled. By infusing funds into a mix of outlets such as finance, industry, retail and healthcare, investors can increase their chances of maximizing returns. “We pay a lot of attention to overall portfolio diversification and asset allocation, and we utilize a very specific methodology,” he said. As the former VP of Special Projects at LPL Financial – the largest independent broker/dealer in the US, supporting several thousand independent financial advisory firms – Reilly knows a thing or two about maximizing returns. But in today’s global economic environment, integrity must proceed reputability as many money management firms are redoubling their efforts to patch up an industry plagued by con artists and Ponzi schemes. “Trust is probably the most critical component of being successful in this business” Reilly told “The Suit.” “Ever since 2008, financial services firms don’t exactly have the best reputation. All you really have to do is mention (insert scam artist) and clients think about people stealing their money.” For Reilly, this means ensuring the

We pay a lot of attention to overall portfolio diversification and asset allocation, and we utilize a very specific methodology.” - Frank Reilly


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