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Road Notes Law-Abiding Citizen Jeff Costello Page One Stuck on Repeat Boston Massacres & Symbolic Blood Arthur Brand Page Three The Parable of Whitney Amber Marshall Page Seven Paris ‘68 Steven D. Stark Page Eleven Storybook History Jenean McBrearty Page Twelve Cheerful Customer Service ALWAYS Jeff Shaffer Page Twenty-Five Dystopia Depart From Me, You Evil Doers Trevor D. Richardson Page Twenty-Seven

Dystopia The Logic of Conspiracy Theory David Renton Page Thirty-Five Utopia BOSTON: Everything the Human Condition Has to Offer Trevor D. Richardson Page Thirty-Nine Pearls for Swine Looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, walks like a duck, it must be a pencil. Kirby Light Page Thirty-Three Poetry by Robert A. Davies Page Forty-Seven The Critic’s Critic Les Miserable Tyler Fisk Page Fifty-One

The Subtopian: Issue Sixteen  

Contributions from Jeff Costello, Arthur Brand, Kirby Light, Tyler Fisk and our other Regulars. Special thanks to Amber Marshall for "The P...