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Road Notes


Soup from the Air: 1989

Runaway Moral Train

Jeff Costello

Trevor D. Richardson

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Stuck on Repeat

Notes on How to Write

Be Careful Near Machinery

Dystopian Journalism

Arthur Brand

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Page Three Utopia Holy Smokes

Broken Gears

The Book of Jacob Lewis

David Renton

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Building a New Subtopian:

Pearls for Swine

Notes from the Team on

Apartment 402

Making a Newspaper

Kirby Light

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Music Reviews


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Lyrics from the Songs of “Dystopia Boy” the

Movie Reviews &

upcoming novel from

The Critic’s Critic

Subtopian Press

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Subtopian Issue Seventeen  

"The Machine." That's the theme of this issue. With work from Arthur Brand, David Renton, Trevor D. Richardson, and newcomer Jacob Lewis, we...