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Dearest Readers, It is my unfortunate duty to report that this will be our final issue. That’s all, folks. We’re cashing in our chips. It’s been a great ride, but for reasons that are too complicated and boring, The Subtopian Magazine is closing its doors. This is the end. We want to say thank you to all of the writers that have supported us by sharing their work, and all the readers that have held us up with their rapt attention, interest, and Facebook Likes. Regrettably, we didn’t get nearly as far along as we had hoped. We had so many dreams, so many ambitions, and perhaps that was what was our undoing. I myself wanted to see this become a free newspaper on the streets of Portland and beyond. I had this vision of publishing literary news, taking on the truth of current events and what it meant for Utopia vs. Dystopia. Others were so taken with the idea of creating a small press with a unique mission statement: self-publisher co-op, writers maintain creative control, but pool resources to promote, produce, and develop their literary works. Maybe, in the end, we were pulled in too many directions, especially between these two very strong directions, to maintain the most basic of our functions – creating a monthly magazine. I guess, in the long run, the real issue is just saturation. There are so many thousands of literary journals out there it’s just about impossible to stand out. I may have deluded myself into thinking we were unique by trying to be more conscious of the needs of the writer and how to break down the barriers between author and editor. But, alas, it just wasn’t enough. I hope you all can forgive us and will fondly remember the work we all did here. Until we meet again, I can only say, this is The Subtopian Magazine bidding you a fond farewell. Signing off, Trevor D. Richardson Editor-in-Chief, The Subtopian

Subtopian Fifteen  

The Final Issue!!!