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Road Notes The Time Machine Jeff Costello Page One Stuck on Repeat The New McCarthyist Hysteria Arthur Brand Page Three Jonathon Burgess Self-Made Author and Publisher an interview by Kirby Light Page Seven An Excerpt from Discord Isle Jonathon Burgess Page Twelve The Death of the 99% G. Martinez Cabrera Page Seventeen Watching Big Brother Jennifer Hollie Bowles Page Nineteen Artist Spotlight Loren Kantor: Woodcut Afficionado Talks Us Through A Rare and Ancient Art Form Page Twenty-Four

Dystopia This is Not a Drill -Big Brother Really is Watching This Time Trevor D. Richardson Page Twenty-Six Utopia Down with DOMA and Putin says, “You’re Gay!” David Renton Page Thirty-One Pearls for Swine When Good Food Goes Bad Kirby Light Page Thirty-Five Poetry by Holly Day Page Thirty-Nine More Poetry Robert A. Davies Page Forty-Four The Critic’s Critic Superman, Man of Steel, and the Man of Tomorrow Today Trevor D. Richardson Page Forty-Six

Subtopian eighteen  

DOMA is dead. Big Brother really is watching. And art is still art. Just another day in Subtopia.