Page 3

Shattering the Silence: Trayvon Martin and Race in America Page Nineteen

ROAD NOTES The Fabulous Irony of American Patriotism Jeff Costello Page One

Library Boxes, Bypassing the System, and a Hope for the Future Trevor D. Richardson Page Twenty-Three

STUCK ON REPEAT Cops, Trayvon Martin, and the Need for Change Arthur Brand Page Three

PEARLS FOR SWINE Halfway Kirby Light Page Twenty-Seven

A Story Without A Narrator S.E. SEVER Page Five

Stonewalled Soul Jim Blanchet Page Thirty-One

Law Enforcement Professionals Blake Fitzgerald Page Eleven

POETRY J.P. Herrera Page Thirty-Nine

A Cluster of Flies: Conversations with Writers Kirby Light Interviews Christ Luna Page Thirteen

HOUR OF THE WOLF Part One Kirby Light

Don’t Worry, They’re Happy Jeff Shaffer Page Seventeen

THE CRITIC’S CRITIC Tyler Fisk Talkin’ Why You Hated Pacific Rim Page Fifty-Five



S.E. Sever, Chris Luna, Blake Fitzgerald, Brian Parham, Jim Blanchet, Kirby Light, and much more!