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AMY SPIERS & CATHERINE RYAN Nothing to See Here (All that is Solid Melts Into Air), 2013. The Substation, Melbourne, Australia. Documentation of Nothing to See Here (Removal of Sydney Harbour Bridge). 2013. Underbelly Arts Festival, Sydney, Australia. Documentation of The Site Dedicated to the Active Effacement and Complete Disregard of History. 2013. Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin, Germany. There is no Melbourne skyline (only sky). No former Führerbunker site (just a car park). No Sydney Harbour Bridge (just a featureless view). No Taksim riots on Turkish TV (just a penguin documentary). No Aborigines in Australia (it’s terra nullius). No protest in City Square (it’s public space). No Australia if you come by boat (only PNG). Move on, nothing is happening. There is nothing to see here.

Still from Nothing to See Here (Removal of Sydney Harbour Bridge), Amy Spiers and Catherine Ryan, 2013.

VANTAGE POINT Exhibition The Substation  

Vantage Point: an overview of the city, a map of the land, an interpretation of the past, and the name of countless real estate companies....