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T H E S U B M I S S I O N W R I T E R P RO G R A M After 18 years writing and working in a range of leading tourism businesses, director Nelly Shaw formed a specialised agency dedicated to writing awards, grants and tenders. In February 2017, The Submission Writer program expanded to include business writers, graphic designers and awards mentors. With a 100% strike rate of wins in the last 5 years, the team has achieved success in both state and national programs across several industries.

T H E V I C TO R I A N TO U R I S M AWA R D S The Victorian Tourism Awards is the premier awards program for the tourism industry. The awards recognise excellence in tourism planning, innovation, service, product and operational best practice. Announced at a gala ceremony each year in November, VTA gold medallists are celebrated and elevated as finalists in the Australian Tourism Awards.

WHY ENTER? 1. BUSINESS MEASUREMENT: Answering the awards questions helps to identify gaps and set relevant tourism KPIs for your business. 2. STAFF BENEFITS: The VTA program is a great team motivator, development tool & an opportunity to recognise a job well done. 3. QUALITY ENDORSEMENT: The Awards logo endorses your brand as a quality tourism business. 4. MEDIA PROMOTION: Postcards TV promotes award winners, new product and place getters in a special program each year in December. 5. INDUSTRY RECOGNITION: Your business will be recognised as a leading tourism business within the ranks of Tourism Victoria and Tourism Australia. Winners are often included in key media famils and programs.

WHY OUT-SOURCE? While there are costs involved in engaging a professional writer, the hidden costs of producing an in-house submission are the many hours of lost productivity and the increased risk of an adverse result. Writing an awards submission requires time and focus that is not easily achieved in the normal day to day operations of a business. Sometimes the task requires a multi-level analysis that can be hampered by a frenetic work environment.

EXPERIENCED TEAM Our experienced team will ask the right questions that will help bring your story to life. We will craft a submission based on passion, tourism best practice and business strategy, supported by relevant metrics, testimonials and arresting visuals.

OUR APPROACH We consult and collaborate with your team. This is your submission. Above all, the writing should reflect your story, strengths, energy and what you care about.

We share our knowledge and experience. Gained over many years of writing submissions and

examining feedback, our team will apply and share what we have learned. If we identify gaps, we will show you simple ways to improve. Put simply, we know what the judges are looking for.

We stay ahead. One of the key themes of the awards is innovation. Our team attend conferences,

research current trends and consult across several industries to bring a broad view to our writing and a competitive edge to your business.

We won’t waste your time. Having worked for many years in the front line of tourism businesses we know how precious your time is. For this reason, our team have developed an efficient process that is respectful of your operational priorities. We will require you to share strategy information, monitor key business metrics and review the writing of each question for accuracy. This work will be done in 5 important meetings over a 3 to 4 month period.

We only represent a select number of clients. And no two in a single category. To ensure the best possible result, we will start working with your business several months in advance. To discuss your options in greater detail, please get in touch. To arrange a meeting contact:

Congratulations Arthurs Seat Eagle - 2017 VTA gold medal winners

Tel: 0409 564 154

The Submission Writer Program for entering the Victorian Tourism Awards  
The Submission Writer Program for entering the Victorian Tourism Awards