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On Church and State Famous Ellery Schempp to speak at the Foundation’s NAFSA reception

Coming to Campus SAF Program Coordinators preview their upcoming campus visits

Top Study Abroad Destinations The universities that attract the most SAF scholars

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Determining Her Destiny An SAF alumna shares her sojourn of self-discovery

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Member Universities The Foundation’s International University Network

Welcome to the new and expanded version of SAF Connect. SAF member universities have always told us how much they like hearing about what SAF is doing, the issues the Foundation faces, our successes and our plans. I hope you find our new newsletter engaging and informative. From SAF’s perspective the more staff at our member universities know and understand our work, the easier our work becomes. The Foundation’s success has been very dependent on SAF member universities supporting the Foundation, but for this to happen requires having some broadly shared objectives, of which the most important one has to be increasing opportunities for students to study abroad. In Asia, SAF’s experience is that often students at leading universities are ahead of the game in knowing what type of study abroad experience they want. Finding it and making it work is another matter. This is principally because until recently the channels to study abroad were largely restricted to bilateral student exchange opportunities, which have limited capacity and do not always reflect student interest. Many member universities in Asia have long-standing and excellent student exchange programs, which they now offer their students alongside the opportunity to study abroad through the SAF International University Network. Many of these universities have more than doubled the number of students studying abroad, often quite quickly. However, other universities have progressed more slowly when it comes to sending students abroad. This is primarily a consequence of two things: different and developing study abroad motivations and traditions, and the relative newness of the North America study abroad model in Asia. Both of these factors require understanding and debating if the gap between students’ study abroad aspirations and what their universities are able to do to meet them can be narrowed. I hope that the new SAF Connect, together with your continued support, helps us all achieve the very worthwhile objective of increasing student mobility, and that we see more highly motivated students from Asia’s top universities studying abroad at the leading universities in membership of the SAF International University Network.

John Belcher - President

Locations SAF Offices Host Universities

About US The Study Abroad Foundation is a US-based international non-profit organization committed to helping high-achieving, globally minded students attending the world’s top universities reach their academic goals through study abroad. Focusing on Asia, there SAF is pioneering the American model of study abroad through its International University Network to increase opportunities for international student mobility at top-tier institutions.

The Foundation counts many prestigious universities as its members including:

International Relations SAF staff convened in China’s compelling capital for the 2015 APAIE Conference.

Hundreds of university and educational representatives from around the world convened at Beijing’s International Convention Center in March for the 2015 APAIE Conference. Hosted by the non-profit Asia-Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE), the 10th annual event focused on facilitating greater cooperation with Asia-Pacific institutions and international education professionals. SAF has participated in the conference since 2007. “We greatly value the APAIE conference for its professional development opportunities and for the chance to connect with Asian and Western Member University representatives,” said SAF Vice President Carol Carmody. A large number of SAF staff from across the country offices were in attendance. Taking advantage of this, the Foundation concurrently hosted its biannual staff conference at Beijing University of Science and Technology. This year’s conference focused on improving internal communications and enhancing the Foundation’s management information systems. “Over two and a half days of meetings, 20-plus staff shared best practices and set the course for future improvements,” said Carmody. “We are so fortunate to have such dedicated and thoughtful staff working on behalf of SAF.” Representatives from the international divisions of the universities of California Berkeley, Hawaii at Manoa, Mississippi and Toronto presented information about their visiting student programs at an afternoon session. “There is no better way to learn about the wealth of opportunities and unique environs of these four comprehensive research universities than to hear directly from their own faculty and staff,” said Carmody. “We are grateful for our university colleagues taking time out of their business schedules to share insights into their programs and offerings.” The Foundation looks forward to participating in next year’s APAIE conference in Australia.

News and Notes

Ellery’s Epic Stand

Guest speaker at the Foundation’s NAFSA reception, Ellery Schempp discusses his famous challenge to state-sanctioned school prayer. so that is an unfairness. Non-believers going to school to learn history and math should not have the Bible or prayer forced on them. I remember that my Jewish friends were made uncomfortable by certain passages. And Catholic kids did not say the same Lord’s Prayer.” Schempp recalls that when he told his parents his demonstration had landed him in the principal’s office, his father suggested he write to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). “Dad was a busy man, working two jobs, and surely was happy to send me off,” Schempp said. “He did read my letter before I mailed it.”

One day in 1956 at Abington Senior High School in suburban Philadelphia, as a student read the Lord’s Prayer over the announcement system, a 16 year-old Ellery Schempp refused to stand up and recite it. When his teacher began reading Bible verses, he began flipping through the Koran. At the moment, Schempp had no way of knowing his one-man protest would lead to one of the most controversial Supreme Court decisions in American history: Abington School District vs. Schempp, which ruled prayer in US public schools is unconstitutional. Nearly 60 years later, on May 26, Schempp will discuss “Religion and America: The Relevance Today of a 1956 School Protest” as the guest speaker at the Foundation’s annual reception at NAFSA. This year’s event will be held in Boston at the stately John Adams Courthouse. Looking back, Schempp says principally his belief in equality motivated him to protest. “I thought schools need to be fair to everyone,” he wrote in an email. “The Bible is not the holy book of Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims,

In the letter, Schempp asked for assistance to challenge a Pennsylvania statute, one of four in the United States at the time that compelled school districts to lead morning Bible readings. “I thank you for any help you might offer in freeing American youth in Pennsylvania from this gross violation of their religious rights as guaranteed in the first and foremost Amendment in our United States’ Constitution,” he concluded and enclosed $10. With that, he helped ignite the famous legal case. Now an award-winning activist and physicist who has traveled from Greenland to the Antarctic observing climate change, Schempp, a self-proclaimed atheist, remains active in supporting liberal politics and contributing to organizations that help protect the separation of church and state. “I feel an obligation to support the many people and organizations that have supported [and] honored me, such as my parents, the ACLU [and] Unitarian-Universalist churches,” he says. For more about The Study Abroad Foundation Reception, email

News and Notes

Xin Chen

Melissa TraHYn

Nick Sobanski

Sally Herd

On THE ROAD _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Each semester, program coordinators depart from headquarters to meet and greet SAF scholars and university representatives on campuses from North America to Europe, as part of the Foundation’s unique support services. With the goal of fostering friendships, they treat students to delectable dinners, engaging museum tours, spirited sports events and more. Catch up with them this fall on your campus. Xin Chen

Sally Herd (Student Liaison Officer)

- Arizona State University

- London-based member universities

- University of Arizona

- University of Bristol

- University of California, Santa Barbara

- St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford

- University of California, Los Angeles

- University of Edinburgh - University of Glasgow - University College Dublin - University of Limerick - - 

Fall 2015 Campus Visits Melissa TraHYn - American University, Washington Semester Program

Nick Sobanski

- Columbia University

- San Francisco State University

- University of Arkansas

- San Jose State University

- University of Mississippi

- University of California,

- Purdue University

Berkeley - University of Minnesota - University of Oregon - St. Mary’s University (Canada)

For photos from our campus visits, go to For more about our newest program coordinators, flip to Staff Profiles.

Support Services

Member Appreciation

Members of our International University Network discuss their SAF experience.

“The overall level of service SAF provides to the students is truly top notch. SAF students are informed and prepared for the UCLA experience because of their efforts. I recommend SAF without reservation.” Magdalena Barragan

Associate Director, International Student Programs UCLA IEO/Summer Sessions

“Working with The Study Abroad Foundation is a dream! Their staff is reliable, professional, and best of all… organized!” Christopher Chipman Coordinator, Student Services English Language Program University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

“The Study Abroad Foundation has been an important partner with us in developing institutional relationships in East Asia. The SAF student selection process helps us have confidence that the students we receive will be academically prepared and willing to share their cultures and insights with our campus Michael Freeman and local community.” Director, International Students

& Scholars, University of Arkansas

“We here at Berkeley Summer Sessions appreciate the Study Abroad Foundation’s professionalism and value our expanding partnership.” Leslie Harlson International Affiliate Administrator Summer Sessions, Study Abroad & Lifelong Learning (SSALL) University of California, Berkeley

Support Services

Enrollment Trends Insights into SAF students.

Summer Enrollment Skyrockets


Chinese students have responded enthusiastically


to the Foundation’s summer academic study abroad


programs, first launched in 2012. The programs


generally attract budget-conscious students who


are interested in short-term study abroad and are


eager to earn credit while their home universities


are not in session.

50 0





Our Students Speak Highly of Us Authenticity matters. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that most students are introduced to the Foundation by their home university


staff or friends.


4% Friends/Home Uni Staff


Intl Office



19% Enrollment TRENDS

Posters Internet


California Dreaming The Golden State universities attract the most SAF scholars.

Home to picturesque beaches and prestigious public universities, California is undeniably the study abroad destination of choice for many SAF scholars who are seeking a storied American college experience. However, through the International University Network, members are welcoming a cache of capable students to their campuses around the world. For the second time in the Foundation’s history, a non-U.S. university ranks among the five most popular institutions. See where else our students flocked to this fall.

2015 Most Popular Study Abroad Destinations Fall & Semester 2 Overall 1. University of California, Berkeley 2. University of Edinburgh 3. University of Minnesota 4. Columbia University 5. University of California, Los Angeles; Purdue University (tied)



1. University of Mississippi

1. San Francisco State University

2. American University

2. University of Montana

3. Washington Semester Program

3. University of Edinburgh 4. Université Catholique de l’Ouest; Universität Leipzig (tied) China

at American University 4. San Jose State University 5. Universities of Arkansas, Leipzig, Minnesota and Oregon (tied)

1. University of California, Berkeley

Taiwan, Southeast Asia and Kazakhstan

2. University of Edinburgh

1. University of California, Los Angeles

3. Columbia University;

2. Purdue University

University of Minnesota (tied)

3. University of California, Berkeley

4. Purdue University

Enrollment Trends

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders A tradition, SAF sponsored students to attend the latest Student Global Leadership Conference in London.

Student Showcase

Committed to helping budding leaders realize their dreams through international education, SAF sponsored eight standout scholars to attend the 2015 Student Global Leadership Conference in London. Hosted in April by the Foundation for International Education (FIE), a London-based nonprofit that provides superior internship experiences to undergraduate participants, the biennial event aims to encourage students to positively influence their communities. FIE has been a member of the Foundation’s International University Network for three years. SAF has participated in the conference since it launched in 2013. With the goal of one day helping people realize their potential through art education, SAF Scholar Ji Woo Kim seized the opportunity to attend. “Thanks again for selecting me for the leadership conference,” said Kim, a visiting art major at University College London from Hongik University in Korea. “It [was] a great experience for me.”

and what leadership means to them. Staff at the Indianapolis headquarters selected the candidates with the most compelling stories. In her essay, visiting University of Edinburgh biology major Mengzhu Liu shared her plans to develop solutions to improve the health and well-being of societies worldwide. “Doing research work offers me a deeper understanding of biology, and I wish to make more discoveries in this field,” said Liu, who will pursue doctoral studies at China’s prestigious Peking University upon completing her semester abroad. Impressed by the caliber of attendees like Kim and Liu, FIE Outreach Coordinator Clare Woessner is already looking forward to meeting the next crop of SAF attendees in 2017. “We are delighted to once again welcome student delegates from SAF,” she said. Together our organizations are cheering on students’ success. For more information about the conference visit

To choose the winners, the Foundation held an essay contest in which applicants attending its member universities in the UK wrote about their future goals

Student Showcase

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders 2015 Winners of the SAF ‘Student Global Leadership Scholarship’.

“I now know that a leader is not a movie star, but the person right next to me, devoted to responsibility, believing in collective good and striving for that.”

Ji Woo Kim I Home: Hongik University I Host: University College London I Major: Art Studies

“I found a new way of supporting developing countries not only by giving aid and education, but also by investing money and supporting them sustainably until they become independent… To sum up, in the future, I want to contribute to society by meeting the demand of people and companies.” Rina Tanaka I Home: Keio University I Host: University of Edinburgh I Major: Political Science

“Through my study abroad experience, I learned that true leadership needs to begin with a strong sense of self. Leaders should be able to lead themselves first before they can expect to effectively lead others. In that, the challenges of leadership are huge!” Siwen Tian I Home: Capital Normal University I Host: University of Glasgow I Major: English

“Taking risks, choosing growth, challenging ourselves, and asking for promotions (with smiles on our faces, of course) are all important elements of managing a career. Do not wait for power to be offered.”

Xiang Li I Home: Fuzhou University I Host: University of Edinburgh I Major: Engineering

Student Showcase

“As I am currently majoring in Mathematics, I would like to work alongside and offer as well as share my expertise and knowledge with engineers in the oil and gas sectors, whether it is to produce more efficient methods of retrieving, manufacturing or refining crude oils.” Yee Wern Chong I Home: Universiti Brunei Darussalam I Host: University of Manchester I Major: Mathematics

“If I, as a small but powerful and influential individual, am equipped with the qualifications of leadership, and have an ability to exercise leadership properly, I could positively effect society in terms of solving seemingly complex worldwide problems.” Yerim Moon I Home: Hongik University I Host: University of Edinburgh I Major: English Education

“After my graduation, I have a plan to get a position in the management of cultural industry and start my career. My further goal will be to help make more perfect movies and TV shows that could represent China, even Asia, to let more foreigners get to know Eastern culture better and make it popular.” Zhilin Liu I Home: China University of Mining and Technology I Host: University of Edinburgh

I Major: Finance

“Having a chance to study abroad opened up my eyes to how other leaders manage their teams and achieve new heights…I realized that the higher the level of trust given to the people completing the work, the better they are going to perform it.” Hui Xuan (Chole) Teoh I Home: Tzu Chi University I Host: University of Bristol I Major: English

Let SAF Inspire You! Student Showcase

Confessions of a Straight - A Student

One fall day a few years ago in Seoul, as Sunghee Myung took her seat at the testing center, she felt the weight of it all. How she would perform in the next eight hours— she was told—would determine how successful she would be in life. For this moment, she had been studying day and night for years. Students who score well on the College Scholastic Ability Test are admitted to South Korea’s top universities and are practically guaranteed jobs at the country’s best companies. This college entrance exam is much like the SATs in the United States, but for which the pressure to score well is much greater. “Actually, almost all of the teenagers in South Korea study not because of their interest in the material but just because they feel pressure to get into a good university,” says Myung. “I was one of them.” Having come of age in a competitive economy still climbing back from the 1997 Asia financial crisis, students like Myung view the exam as their only certain way to success. When it’s being administered, the whole country holds its breath. Just this November, officials banned flights over the testing centers, businesses closed and, reported Jennifer Goren for Public Radio International, an extra 1,000 or so taxis drove a rush of anxious students to their destinies. The stress must have gotten to her. Imagine how defeated Myung felt when she failed to score high enough on the exam. “I’d felt kind of sick and tired of living my life,” she says. “Also, I thought I’m not a

Student Showcase

How Sunghee Myung overcame the pressure to achieve and in so doing found her pathway to success. By Erika Woodward

happy person, because I was trying to catch up to my peers, trying to live others’ (parents, teachers, friends’) lives.” So she did what any good student would do. “I made up my mind to study one more year to enter a university,” she says. ” Then, I realized I never enjoyed studying itself, and even I hated studying. I finally figured out there is no way I could do well if I hated it.” Educational pressure on teenagers in South Korea is cited as one inescapable trigger of the feelings of hopelessness and frustration that Myung felt. While this pressure on the nation’s youth has produced some of the world’s highest performing students in math and reading, it has an effect that doesn’t often make news. South Korea is home to some of the world’s most depressed teenagers, according to a recent report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. After the test, Myung battled feelings of inadequacy. “I wanted to figure out what’s wrong with me,” she says, “so I began reading books on philosophy, psychology, selfdevelopment, literature, science and so on. The books gave me cause to rethink my life. Finally, one day I said to myself, ‘This is my life! I can do it if I like what I’m studying!’ After that moment, I am living every single one of my days with happiness and gratitude.” With her new outlook, she enrolled in the Catholic University of Korea in the fall of 2012. Now a senior studying what she wants—Information, Communications and

Electronics Engineering— Myung is a top-scoring student with an A+ average. “I don’t try to catch up with anyone. I just try to do my best to understand and learn new materials,” she says. “I’m not comparing myself to other people, because I am a unique person, and who is to say someone is lower than someone else or vice versa?” Last March, determined to live each day to the fullest, Myung applied to study abroad through SAF at the University of Utah. By August, she had packed a suitcase and flown halfway around the world to experience academic life in America. “I decided to study abroad at the University of Utah because I’d heard people in Utah are so kind and generous. (Really it is true!) Moreover, I’d heard the university specializes in computer science and I am interested in studying software.” Having recently completed her first semester abroad, Myung earned an impressive 4.0 grade point average, a rare achievement (even for students who are studying in their first language).”My goal for the near future is to get into a graduate school in the United States,” she says. “After that, I want to be a professor to teach students in a university.” Now Myung—not a test—is determining her destiny. “We live only about 30,000 days,” she says. “Our life is not infinite, so today is the day to start anything! Some people say sacrifice today for tomorrow or the future. But I think that is just a waste of time, because today makes your life.”

Student Showcase

SAF Welcomes New Staff As SAF continues to grow, so too does its talented workforce. Brunei Alzbeta Findlay, Program Coordinator Joined January 2015 Alzbeta earned master’s degrees in Czech/ English Philology and English from Palacky University and Louisiana State University, respectively. Previously she was an international student advisor at Johns Hopkins University, Catholic University of America, Boston University and the Council on International Educational Exchange.

Indianapolis Xin Chen, Program Coordinator Joined March 2015 Xin recently earned her PhD in Higher Education from the University of Virginia. Prior to joining SAF, she interned at the Office of International Education at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), helping students secure the study abroad experiences of their dreams.

Akiko Watanabe, Program Coordinator, Program & Student Services Joined October 2014 Akiko Watanabe graduated from Sophia University with a major in English and a minor in International Relations. She spent one year as an exchange student at the University of California, Berkeley, a turning point in her academic and professional career. Rie Watanabe, Program Coordinator, Program & Student Services Joined April 2014 Rie Watanabe earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Colby-Sawyer College. She worked for a Japanese boarding school in New York, after which she completed a master’s degree in International Educational Development from Teachers College, Columbia University.


Nick Sobanski, Program Coordinator Joined February 2015 A Connecticut native, Nick earned his bachelor’s degree in history at Sacred Heart University. He has worked in administration for Brown University’s School of Public Health and Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. He has also taught for EPIK (English Program in Korea).

Angela Lee, Program Coordinator Joined July 2014 Angela Lee earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Social Studies Education from Dong-A University. Currently, she is responsible for recruiting and local operations. Before joining SAF, Angela worked in marketing and sales for Double-A International and Bridges International Inc.

Erika Woodward, Communications Coordinator Joined September 2014 A native Marylander, Erika joined SAF after spending three years in Tokyo reporting on culture and business as assistant editor of iNTOUCH magazine. Erika earned a master’s degree in Journalism from the University of Maryland, and her articles have appeared in many publications.

Soli Kim, Program Coordinator Joined September 2014 Soli holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of South Carolina. Through her previous involvement in the Carolina Global Community, she became interested in international education and helped international students to improve their communication skills.



Kentaro Sugawa, Director, University Relations & Program Development Joined December 2014 Kentaro graduated from Keio University and holds an MBA from Yale School of Management. He has a strong background in business and global strategic development. He headed mergers and acquisitions for organizations, before shifting his focus to education consulting.

Mandy Hsu, Assistant Joined January 2015 Mandy holds a master’s degree in Curating Contemporary Design from Kingston University London. Prior to pursuing her postgraduate education, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in history from National Taiwan University in Taipei.

Staff Profiles

Local Updates The year’s highlights from the Foundation’s Country Offices. Brunei SAF Encourages Bruneian Students to Look Beyond the UK When Dr Zul, vice chancellor of Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD), approached SAF a few years ago, he expressed a desire to increase the number of UBD students studying in the United States. Traditionally, Bruneian students head to the UK (Brunei was a British Protectorate until 1984), where the educational system is similarly structured. And with limited understanding of the United States and fears of crime in America, many students expressed concerns about studying there. Together with the US Embassy and Education USA in Brunei, SAF has been working on painting a positive picture of American life in young Bruneian minds. Noting a new trend, we are pleased to announce that eight Bruneians have studied at UCLA through SAF since 2013. Next year, the Foundation looks forward to placing more students in California and other states.

China SAF Member Universities Team Up to Offer Scholarships Starting this year, Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) students who study abroad through SAF at University College London may have help covering the cost of their international pursuits. The Join SAF China China Scholarship Council has on We Chat awarded international student aid to BIT, which in turn has teamed up with University College London through the Foundation’s Inter-Institutional Memoranda of Understanding (I-IMOUs).

Japan SAF Students Awarded Prestigious Scholarships to Study Abroad Selected from hundreds of talented applicants, SAF scholars Mirai Sugiura and Takashi Baba (Keio University) recently received generous study abroad scholarships from the TOBITATE! Young Ambassador Program. The program awards up to ¥200,000 monthly to each winner. Launched last year and funded by Japan corporations, MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) and JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization), the program aims to support 1,000 Japanese students annually for the next

ten years, as part of the country’s internationalization campaign. SAF Japan has been working closely with MEXT and Japanese universities to identify programs that meet the scholarship’s goals. Having been among the first beneficiaries, Sugiura and Baba are currently studying at the University of Glasgow and UCLA, respectively. Six more SAF scholars are among the second-round scholarship winners and 15 more are now in the process of applying for the award.

Kazakhstan SAF Welcomes its First Kazakhstani Cohort SAF is pleased to welcome its first group of Kazakhstani scholars to the United States in June 2015. These 30 engineering majors from Nazarbayev University (NU) will participate in UC Berkeley’s Summer Session, undertaking courses in their major and one elective. Based on their academic achievements thus far, the students’ summer study will be fully funded by NU. The Foundation is privileged to now be extending opportunities to these students in North Asia.

Korea SAF Korea Celebrates (1,000) Alumni Throughout January and February 2015 SAF Korea celebrated reaching a milestone of 1000 global-minded program participants by hosting a number of alumni events. Participants were able to network with previous SAF students to foster friendships and learn about their experiences abroad.

Taiwan SAF Helps Introduce Students to Service Learning For more than four years, the Foundation’s Taiwan office has been working closely with Tunghai University’s Poya School to offer students unparalleled service-learning opportunities. The Poya School is modeled after American liberal arts colleges and is guided by four principles of education: service to the community, broad-based education, small class sizes and residential learning. Over summer break, students volunteer in far-flung destinations, from Taiwan’s Penghu Island to the forests of Canada. Poya and SAF are now considering service learning destinations for their students at the universities of Mississippi, Montana and Queensland.

Country Offices

An International University Network SAF member universities are highly ranked and work together in the Foundation’s International University Network to provide integrated academic and language acquisition study abroad opportunities and internships.

Host University Members Australia

United Kingdom

UC Berkeley Summer Sessions

University of New South Wales

Queen Mary University of London

University of Queensland

St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford

University of California Los Angeles Extension

University of Wollongong

University College London University of the Arts London


University of Bristol

St Mary’s University (Associate Member)

University of Cambridge Cont. Ed

University of Calgary*

University of Edinburgh

University of Toronto

University of Glasgow

University of Victoria

University of Leeds University of Westminster

France Universite Catholique de L’Ouest*

United States American University


Arizona State University

Universität Leipzig

California State University San Marcos Colorado State University


Columbia University Continuing Education

University College Dublin*

Columbia University Columbia College

University of Limerick

Drexel University George Washington University


Gonzaga University (Associate Member)

Yonsei University*

Indiana University Johns Hopkins University

UCLA Summer Sessions University of California Riverside Extension University of California Santa Barbara Extension University of Colorado Boulder University of Hawaii at Hilo (Associate Member) University of Hawaii at Manoa University of Iowa University of Minnesota University of Mississippi University of Montana University of Nevada Reno University of Oregon University of Pennsylvania University of Utah University of Vermont University of Washington Educational Outreach Vanderbilt University

Mainland China

Lewis & Clark College (Associate Member)

Academic Internship Partners

Fudan University*

Michigan State University

United Kingdom

Montana State University

The Foundation for International Education (FIE)

New Zealand

Mount Holyoke College

University of Otago

Purdue University San Francisco State University

University of Edinburgh Parliamentary Internship Program


San Jose State University

United States

Universidad de Leon*

University at Buffalo, SUNY

Academic Internship Council (AIC)

Universidad de Malaga*

University of Alabama University of Arizona

Washington Semester Program (WSP) at American University


University of Arkansas

* Signifies Language Program access only

Universite de Lausanne

University of California Berkeley Extension

International University Network

Home University Members Brunei Universiti Brunei Darussalam

Mainland China Beijing Forestry University Beijing Institute of Technology Beijing International Education Exchange Center Beijing Jiaotong University Beijing Normal University Beijing University of Chemical Technology Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications Capital Normal University Central China Normal University Central University of Finance & Economics China Pharmaceutical University China University of Mining & Technology China University of Mining & Technology, Beijing China University of Petroleum China University of Political Science & Law Chongqing University Communication University of China Dalian Maritime University Dalian University of Technology Dongbei University of Finance & Economics Donghua University East China Normal University East China University of Political Science & Law East China University of Science & Technology Fujian Normal University Fuzhou University Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Hainan University Hebei University of Technology Huazhong University of Science & Technology Hunan University Jinan University Lanzhou University Nanchang Hangkong University Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics Nanjing University of Science & Technology Nankai University North China Electric Power University Northeast Normal University Northeastern University Northwestern Polytechnical University

Ocean University of China Office of Pilot Software Engineering Schools (MOE) Shaanxi Normal University Shandong University Shanghai Finance University Shanghai Jiaotong University Shanghai Maritime University Shanghai Normal University Shanghai University of Int’l Business & Economics Soochow University South China University of Technology Southeast University Southwest University Southwestern University of Finance & Economics Taiyuan University of Technology Tianjin University Tongji University University of Electronic Science & Tech. of China University of International Business & Economics University of Science & Technology Beijing Xiamen University Xi’an Jiaotong University Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Zhongnan University of Economics & Law

Taiwan Feng Chia University National Chiao Tung University National Chung Cheng University National Taiwan Normal University National Taiwan University National Tsing Hua University National Yang Ming University Tunghai University Yuan Ze University

Japan Chuo University Doshisha University Japan Women’s University Keio University Komazawa University Kwansei Gakuin University, School of Int’l Studies Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Meiji University

Nanzan University Nihon University Ochanomizu University Okinawa International University Rikkyo University Shinshu University Showa Women’s University Tokyo University of Science Toyo University

Kazakhstan Almaty Management University International Academy of Business (IAB) KIMEP: The Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics & Strategic Research Nazarbayev University

Korea Catholic University of Korea Chonnam National University Chung-Ang University Chungbuk National University Dankook University Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Hanyang University Hongik University Incheon National University Inha University Kangwon National University Kongju National University Kookmin University Korea University Kyungpook National University Myongji University POSTECH Pusan National University Seoul National University Seoul Women’s University Sogang University Sookmyung Women’s University Soongsil University Sungkyunkwan University University of Seoul Yonsei University

Malaysia University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus

International University Network

Expand and develop

an exceptional model of

Education Abroad

Explore. LEarn. Grow. The SAF concept is based on the value of universities working together in multilateral networks to share resources and develop the specialized knowledge necessary for study abroad to be an essential part of the internationalization process.

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