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SAF and IES Abroad announce recent afiliation


SAF program coordinators preview upcoming campus visits

LEVERAGING SUMMER Endgame of SAF China students attending U.S. summer sessions

ADVANCING RESEARCH First student of SAF´s inaugural summer research program discusses the pivotal experience

SELLING CREATIVE EXPRESSION SAF alumna on coming of age as an artist in Taiwan

ASIA BRIEFING News from the Foundation’s country offices


his edition of Connect has as its lead item the recently announced SAF-IES Abroad affiliation, a very exciting and valuable development. As many Connect readers know, SAF is based on a well-proven U.S. nonprofit model to increase international student mobility that it has successfully transferred to Asia. In doing this, SAF has been very fortunate in being supported by similar U.S. organizations. Initially, the Institute for Study Abroad – Butler University (IFSA-Butler) assisted in the establishment of the Foundation. Then, SAF flourished on its own. Last December, the Foundation announced its affiliation with IES Abroad, which will provide SAF with further resources to reach the next levels of excellence. SAF has always sought to develop new programs in response to the needs of member universities and their students. During 2015, we heard our partners expressing a need for programs that would allow their students to carry out basic research. In response, SAF developed several summer research programs in the United States which are proving to be very popular. Details of these programs are provided on page 15. These research opportunities will be available in summer 2016 in addition to the long-standing program at Université de Lausanne. With a focus on program development, SAF aims next year to expand such opportunities to the United Kingdom. Connect and the newsletters produced by SAF country offices, together with the SAF International Advisory Council meetings and the Foundation’s annual International Education Colloquium in China, provide opportunities for important collaboration, which SAF knows to be vital to the development of rich, relevant and affordable programs for students enrolled at SAF member universities. At a time when nationalism is on the rise in many of the countries that are home to SAF staff, students and partners, one is reminded of the value of international education and, in particular, of international student mobility. Achieving results in these areas so often depends on strong partnerships. It is in this spirit that I invite readers of Connect to continue to work closely with SAF.

John Belcher President | O CO ET C T2 021061 6 E D I T I O N 2 2| C NNN EC

Host Universities

ABOUT US The Study Abroad Foundation is a U.S.-based international organization with nearly two decades of experience helping high-achieving students attending Asia’s top universities reach their goals through study abroad. SAF is pioneering the U.S. model of study abroad in Asia through its International University Network to grant students access to leading Western universities and hosting universities access to outstanding students. The Study Abroad Foundation counts many prestigious universities as its members including:


Erika Woodward

Graphic Design Armando Bohorquez Jhonatan Bracho

CONNECT 2016 | 3

Carol Carmody, Mary Dwyer and John Belcher


ANNOUNCE STRATEGIC AFFILIATION AF is pleased to announce its S affiliation with IES Abroad, a U.S.-based leader in the study abroad field. This strategic decision serves both organizations’ students and member universities, and will considerably strengthen SAF’s development. The Foundation will continue operations under its highly respected brand, but with a renewed sense of optimism, as SAF looks to work with member universities to identify new opportunities to meet their needs.

developing and managing study abroad opportunities. The support we are already receiving from IES is helping us make quantum leaps forward in the quality of our programs and services, and we have accomplished this in very short order."

SAF Vice President Carol Carmody says she’s inspired by how quickly the affiliation, launched in December 2015, has accelerated the Foundation’s growth. Within a few short months, two new program coordinators, a full-time IT manager and an accounting manager have joined the experienced team at the Indianapolis headquarters.

Furthermore, says IES Abroad President and CEO Mary Dwyer, Ph.D., "In an increasingly globalized and interconnected world and business environment, academic institutions want their student bodies to be as international as possible. The strategic affiliation will enable IES Abroad and SAF, working together, to share expertise, develop and to offer students an even richer variety of integrated experiences, while broadening the range of services we provide to the educational institutions with which we partner.”

"As a young, growing organization, SAF’s goals have always been to make continuous improvements and aspire to best practices in all we do,” says Carmody. “In IES, we now have a partner and advisors that are sharing with us what they have learned over the past 60-plus years about successfully

IES Abroad is the preeminent partner to academic institutions globally in offering students exceptional study abroad and internship opportunities. Founded in 1950 and headquartered in Chicago, IES Abroad educates students to become leaders through worldwide study abroad opportunities that meet

4 | CONNECT 2016


the highest standards of academic quality. During its 65-year history, IES Abroad has provided more than 110,000 students with outstanding academic and cultural experiences as a study abroad leader, and today offers more than 126 programs annually to American students in 34 locations around the world. SAF’s affiliation with IES Abroad is the next step in its mission to create more opportunities for SAF International University Network members to provide their students with the understanding and intercultural skills necessary to succeed in and contribute to their own societies as well as to the world.

SAF headquarters has relocated to a larger office space. Help us celebrate and decorate by sending your university posters to 1100 West 42nd Street, Suite 385, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46208 USA.


SUMMER SESSION ORIENTATIONS lose to 400 SAF students attending C summer sessions at UC Berkeley and

UCLA will have the opportunity to experience the United States at an exciting period in the country’s history: the run-up to the 2016 presidential election. Attendance at UC Berkeley and UCLA will be many of these students’ first visits to the United States. SAF wants to encourage them to venture out of their classrooms and dormitories to experience the sights and sounds of the cities where they’ll be spending six weeks. While SAF summer is first and foremost an academic endeavor, students must have an understanding of their cultural context in order to achieve effective and meaningful learning. To provide useful information and encourage the students to pay attention to cultural differences between their home university environments and life on an American campus, SAF is holding orientations that will include presentations by experts in intercultural and cross-cultural learning. Included will be exercises that will help the students be more aware of cultural differences and inspire them to contemplate different forms of communication and interaction.

SAF Program Associate Nancy Bennett is heading up the initiative, drawing on her years of experience as the former Associate Director of Study Abroad for Purdue University. “Study abroad doesn't really accomplish anything for a participant unless he or she actually gets involved in some way with the host environment and culture,” she says. “If we are observing that SAF students are seeking the safety of their dorm room, studying and then flying home, they've simply moved their physical location,

but they haven't participated in the abroad portion of ‘study abroad’. From my perspective, this would be such a shame for any international student who will reside in the U.S. during this absolutely fascinating election year.” To this end, Bennett has arranged for representatives from the local visitors’ bureaus to provide the students with brochures, maps and tips for exploring the metropolitan areas. And, she says, “We’ll top off the evening with a very American event: an ice-cream social!”



T hrough nearly two decades’ experience pioneering the U.S. model of study abroad in Asia, the Foundation has been committed to helping International University Network members share resources to respond to students’ increasing demand for study abroad. As part of this mission, SAF routinely invites sending university staff from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia to hosting universities across the West to learn more about the programs and cultures that await visiting students. Here’s a round-up of the professional development opportunities facilitated this academic year by The Foundation's headquarters:

2015-2016 Se


9 ber

f ty o ersi Univ chester Man

September 11


University of Edinburgh

University of Glasgow


May 30 State Colorado University


June 3 Univer s of Colo ity rado Boulde r

CONNECT 2016 | 5

GOING PLACES ach semester as universities throw open their doors to eager E students, our enthusiastic staff depart from headquarters to greet SAF partners and scholars on campuses from North America to Europe, as part of the Foundation’s exceptional support services. Helping students feel at home, they treat them to local cuisine, city tours, sports events and more. Join in the fun this fall.

Fall 2016 Campus Visits

Melissa Trahyn

Xin Chen

University of Arkansas Columbia University American University, Washington Semester Program Johns Hopkins University University of Pennsylvania

University of California, Los Angeles University of California, Santa Barbara University of Arizona Arizona State University

Chelly Venegas

Keith Seidel

University of Minnesota University of Mississippi

University of Colorado Boulder University of Montana University of Utah University of Nevada, Reno

Nick Sobanski

Sally Herd

San Francisco State University San Jose State University St. Mary’s University University of California, Berkeley University of Toronto

London-based member universities University of Bristol University of Edinburgh University of Glasgow University College Dublin University of Limerick

Assistant Director

Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator

6 | CONNECT 2016

Student Liaison Officer


MEMBER APPRECIATION Members of our International University Network discuss their SAF experience.

“Columbia University School of Professional Studies has been happily working with the Study Abroad Foundation for over three years. In that time, The Study Abroad Foundation has been a strong partner, sending students of high academic caliber. We have found them to be good partners and hard workers on the behalf of the students.”

Karl S. Rutter

Associate Dean, Non-Degree and International Programs, Columbia University School of Professional Studies

"We have been very pleased to work with The Study Abroad Foundation for the last few years. SAF does a superb job preparing students for study in the United States, and they always remain in close communication with us so they can set students' expectations before the program begins."

Ramu Nagappan

Director, Department of Humanities and Education, UC Berkeley Extension

“The SAF staff members have always been both flexible and responsive in working together with our office to support their students. We’ve also found SAF students to be well-prepared and an excellent fit with our program, so much so that several of them have chosen to stay on an additional semester.”

Eli J. Lesser

Senior Director, Penn Summer and Non-Degree Programs

“The Study Abroad Foundation has been a UCLA Summer Sessions partner for about five years. It has been a pleasure to work with them over the years. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and very quick to respond to any questions or concerns. We truly appreciate our partnership with SAF.”


International Exchange Inbound Coordinator, UCLA Summer Sessions.


CONNECT 2016 | 7



What´s driving SAF China students to choose U.S. summer sessions and why it matters.

here's little doubt that an increasing T number of undergraduates from universities across China have been enrolling in U.S. summer sessions at a record pace. Knowing students’ motivations for attending such programs will help universities establish and improve current services and, in the long run, sustain and increase the enrollment of international students. So what's driving this trend? “The biggest motivation for Chinese college students to attend summer sessions at U.S. universities is to prepare for their graduate studies in the United States,” says SAF Program Coordinator Xin Chen, Ph.D. This influx of international students attending summer sessions that had been geared for domestic students requires university administrators to change the way they recruit and prepare programs, says SAF Assistant Director Melissa Trahyn. "Students from universities in China, in particular, come to the United States with a unique set of expectations and academic goals," she says.

are primed to excel in advanced levels of academia. By hosting workshops on writing personal statements and other tips for these grad-school-bound students, summer sessions could attract more ambitious students whose achievements will likely draw more highly qualified applicants, Chen says. “Improving the overall experience of this group of international students, who are the potential graduate school applicants, definitely helps improve international graduate recruitment.”

Having been evaluated by leading sending universities, by SAF through an admitting and advising process, by host university admissions professionals and by professors who assess their overall performance, SAF scholars especially

Why SAF China Students Attend U.S. Summer Sessions As preparation for graduate study abroad To see the world For personal growth and independence

47 %

To improve English proficiency Other


In June, Chen and Trahyn will explore the topic further when they present key findings of a recent survey of SAF China scholars at the 2016 NAFSA Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado.

A first recommendation, Chen and Trahyn say, is for summer sessions programs to equip this talented pool of students with the skills they need to apply for graduate school, just as they teach participants valuable academic and interpersonal skills that groom them for long-term success. The efforts would not be in vain.



CO ON NN N EE C C TT 22 00 11 66 E D I T I O N 88 || C


To learn more, attend the NAFSA poster session, Motivations for Chinese College Students to Attend Summer Sessions in the United States, Thursday, June 2, 2016, 10 a.m. through 12 p.m. at the Denver Convention Center.


When SAF China Students Attend U.S. Summer Sessions 2%

First-Year Undergrad

39 %

Second-Year Undergrad

27 %

Third-Year Undergrad


Fourth-Year Undergrad


First-Year Graduate


Second-Year Graduate


SUMMER ENROLLMENT 600 500 Considered a pathway to graduate study abroad, U.S. summer sessions are attracting more SAF students each year. Since having launched these programs in 2012, the Foundation has more than tripled its summer enrollment. This year marks an increase of 37 percent.

400 300 200 100 0







C O N N E C TC O 2 0N1N6 E ECDT I T2 I0O1 N 6 || 99

"I hope that more and more people could see my work and one day people could buy my illustrations books in book stores.”

Dorey Hsia


Amid Taiwan’s liberated art scene, SAF alumna Dorey Hsia is forging a career in creative expression.

10 | CONNECT 2016


hereas others might recount their study abroad experiences with photos on Facebook or Instagram, Dorey Hsia has meticulously detailed her summer in London with a series of whimsical illustrations. Within this creative chronicle, Impressions of England, Hsia’s observations of daily life as a visiting student at the University of the Arts London come alive in sophisticated watercolor. “It’s like a souvenir for me and my audience, too,” she writes in an email. The 21-year-old Fine Arts major, who studied abroad through SAF on scholarship from National Taiwan Normal University, has been creating imaginative artwork since childhood,

when she first became inspired by the intricacies of comic book illustrations. But it was the gift of free time that helped Hsia set this project in motion. “After I came back to Taiwan, there was about one month before the new semester started, so I settled down and made an effort to convert my memory into illustration according to my photos,” she says. Then, a self-publishing event on campus afforded her the opportunity to package her re-imaginings of England’s most populous city into a book. “Most of my readers are young students,” she says.

That Hsia’s ethereal artwork has been intriguing young spectators is not surprising. Influenced by worldly youth, consumers across Asia are growing ever more comfortable with unconventional art. From Hong Kong to Tokyo to Seoul, where alternative artists have been largely unrecognized or measured against Western standards, the avant-garde like Hsia are now in demand. In Taipei’s burgeoning art scene, she is thriving, exhibiting her work in galleries while finishing up her bachelor’s degree. “Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan and there are lots of art exhibitions and events all year round,” she says.

“After I came back to Taiwan, there was about one month before the new semester started, so I settled down and made an effort to convert my memory into illustration according to my photos.”


CONNECT 2016 | 11

Today, galleries in an autonomous Taiwan are opening at a record pace, generating opportunities like never before for the works of artists like Hsia to be seen.

But it wasn’t always so certain how newcomers like her would reach audiences, especially when Taipei had scarce exhibition spaces, often saved for established artists. About 30 years ago, as Taiwan’s creatives struggled under strict government control, a mere 15 galleries operated in the capital city, reported Andrew Solomon for The New York Times. By 1996, just nine years after the end of martial law, that number jumped to 200. Today, galleries in an autonomous Taiwan are opening at a record pace, generating opportunities like never before for the works of artists like Hsia to be seen.

12 | CONNECT 2016

The movement picked up steam about 16 years ago and has been going strong ever since, according to Jennifer Chen, Asia correspondent for Travel + Leisure. “Since 2000, artists, developers and government officials have been transforming abandoned warehouses, factories, etc., into locations, complete with studios and exhibition space,” she writes in the online magazine. And on weekends, from Taichung to Taidong, she adds, local art lovers can be seen frequenting makeshift galleries that have been erected inside converted railway warehouses.


Just as Taiwan is coming of age in the arts, Hsia is coming of age as an artist. She recently received yet another accolade: a solo exhibition, her first and a rare feat for someone her age. “My first joint exhibition took place when I was a freshman in university. I felt excited and confident, but inferior, too; there were other works from my classmates and the seniors that amazed me a lot,” she says.“This time, I still feel excited, yet less inferior and more confident. I hope that more and more people could see my work and one day people could buy my illustrations books in book stores.”

Works from Hsia’s series, Impressions of England, will be on display at the Foundation’s reception during NAFSA.


CONNECT 2016 | 13

BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS The first student to attend SAF’s inaugural summer research program discusses how the unique opportunity has nudged him closer to realizing a longtime dream. ast summer, in a laboratory at L Johns Hopkins University, Yangchen Zheng felt time running out on him. With two weeks left of the SAFfacilitated research program, he swiped a wire loop across a Petri dish, hoping this time to succeed at the experiment—isolating a phage, a virus that attacks bacteria. “There were only two weeks left of the program,”he writes in an email,“and I was quite worried about whether I could finish my project.”

14 | CONNECT 2016

When he failed at that fifth attempt, he sought the help of his professor. Together they discovered his phage had an irregular form that been mucking up his results. Finally, success! “That was another ‘aha’ time in my science career,” says Zheng, “and I felt quite excited about that.” Today, Zheng is hoping to achieve yet another breakthrough. The Biotechnology major from Sun Yat-Sen University in China has dreams of earning a graduate degree from one of

America’s leading research institutions. He’s not alone. As foreign applications to U.S. graduate schools continue to surge, prospective international candidates are increasingly undertaking undergraduate study abroad as a way of gaining an admissions advantage. And with science being an especially sought-after program, many aspiring candidates like Zheng are seeking to pull ahead of competitors by participating early in real scientific research experiences at U.S. universities.

Needless to say, the competition for admission is fierce, says Sarah Webb of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). “These days, most grad-school-bound undergraduates do laboratory or field work beyond what’s required,”she writes in AAAS online. “Undergraduate research gives students a taste of what a career in science would be like and an edge in applying for graduate schools and jobs.” Adding a layer of difficulty for international applicants is that these crucial undergraduate research opportunities can be particularly difficult for them to attain, especially in China. U.S. undergrads enjoy access to laboratories and professors that their peers overseas frankly don’t have, says SAF China Director Daniel Shen.

“The population of graduate students is too big [in China],” he says. “If a professor has enough available graduate students, they have less need to use undergraduate students for research purposes.” What’s more, he adds, “generally professors in China have less control than their U.S. counterparts when it comes to recommending students for graduate study,” making it so that the best hope for some of China’s young researchers lies abroad. Committed to helping highly qualified students overcome obstacles to achieving their goals, the Foundation has recently launched a number of summer research programs in cooperation with Cornell University, George Washington University, Johns Hopkins University and the University of Arkansas. With these new

opportunities, in addition to a long-standing program at Université de Lausanne, participants will gain understanding of scientific work in the Western environment and enhance their research skills. SAF invites top scholars from across its International University Network to apply. Zheng says his summer in a laboratory has set him up for future success. “I have become more confident, patient and independent,” he says. “I’m glad that I could study at Johns Hopkins for two months and collaborate with people from different countries... I appreciate every help, every smile and every greeting from people around [campus]. I really want to say ‘thank you’ to every [one] of them.”

Undergraduate “research gives

students a taste of what a career in science would be like and an edge in applying for graduate schools and jobs.

Johns Hopkins University Phage Research Lab, Summer 2015

SAF-Facilitated Research Experiences George Washington University Research Experience Curricular focus on Data Science July 3-August 12, 2016 Includes sessions on graduate admissions and the U.S. university experience University of Arkansas Engineering and Food Science Research Hosted by the College of Engineering July 11 – Aug 19, 2016 Students will work in top-tier research laboratories with local and international peers Université de Lausanne Undergraduate Research Interdisciplinary focus, with laboratory research mentored by a research scientist July 4-August 26

Yangchen Zheng (center)

Provost’s International Research Internship Program at Cornell University Hosted by the School of Continuing Education, with the largest capacity for internships being in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences June 27-August 9, 2016 Students are expected to work full time, between 35-40 hours per week Johns Hopkins University Research Labs Research concentrations in Phage Research; Protein Engineering and Biochemistry; Chirality (Chemistry) June 20-July 29, 2016 Students will work up to 20 hours per week in a project lab

Ideal for students seeking a degree in any biological or medical field


CONNECT 2016 | 15

SAF WELCOMES NEW STAFF As SAF continues to grow, so too does its talented workforce

Indianapolis David Blume, IT Manager

Keith Seidel, Program Coordinator

Ron Hungerford, Accounting Manager

Chelly Venegas, Program Coordinator

Joined full-time March 2016 David holds a Master of Business Administration from Indiana University. Prior to joining SAF, he served for 16 years as IT director for the Indianapolis Colts. Having studied abroad in Australia and worked for IFSA-Butler, David has an enduring interest in the study abroad field and looks forward to utilizing his technology skills to further SAF’s goals.

Joined April 2016 Ron holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Indiana University. Prior to joining SAF, he performed multiple financial management roles for healthcare, service and retail-based private and publically traded companies and as a city comptroller. Ron looks forward to supporting SAF with his financial management expertise.

Joined February 2016 An Indiana native, Keith traveled Korea as a missionary for two years after high school. He earned a bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Indiana University and a master’s degree in Korean Language from the University of Hawaii, before going on to work at Korea University’s International Center for Korean Studies. He brings his love of East Asian culture to his work at SAF.

Joined February 2016 Born and raised in Southern California, Chelly earned her Bachelor of International Studies from the University of California, Irvine (UCI), where, after graduation, she joined the International Programs Office at UCI Extension. Fluent in Spanish, Chelly has taught English in Santiago, Chile. She is delighted to continue working in support of international education.

China Jessica Lyu, Student Consulting Counselor Beijing

Lisa Zhu, Senior Relations Counselor Beijing

Sean Qin, Senior University Relations Counselor Beijing

Kevin Deng, University Relations Counselor Guangzhou

Joined June 2015 Jessica graduated from Henan Normal University with a Bachelor of English. Before joining SAF China, she worked at Beijing’s WZT Overseas Educational and Consulting Company Ltd., and the Chinamerica Educational Development and Consulting Associates (CEDCA).

Joined June 2015 Sean graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University with a Bachelor of English. Before joining SAF China, he served as marketing supervisor at Markham International Education Center Corporation, and as supervisor of the Synthesis Department at the US International Education Association.

16 | CONNECT 2016


Joined February 2016 Lisa graduated from Southwest Jiaotong University in 2014 with a Master of Administration Management. Before she joined SAF China, she served as a public affairs assistant for the Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

Joined July 2015 Kevin graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a Master of Business and Management. Prior to joining SAF China, he worked in overseas student admissions for Nottingham University Business School China. He brings his student counseling experience to his new role at SAF China, utilizing his technology skills to further SAF’s goals.

Rollin Luo, Student Consulting Counselor Guangzhou

Aurelia Ding, Program Coordinator Shanghai

Joined July 2015 Rollin graduated from Yangtze University with a Bachelor of English. Before joining SAF, she served as a sales representative in the Guangzhou-based Qianying office equipment company and as an English teacher for Guyan Electrical Engineering Design Company.

Joined June 2015 Aurelia is a graduate of Anhui University of Science and Technology, where she majored in English. Before joining SAF, Aurelia worked as a coordinator for Beijing Wiseway Consulting Co., Ltd., and at an auto industry consulting company.

Crystal Huang, Student Consulting Counselor Shanghai

Joined December 2015 Crystal graduated from Remin University of China with a Master of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. Before joining SAF, Crystal worked at a company which provides Chinese language teaching materials, including Hanzi software. Her duties included course design, document preparation and general administration.


Kazuko Akita, Program Coordinator, Program & Student Services

Joined December 2015 Kazuko earned a Bachelor of Political Science from Gakushuin University. She studied abroad for one year at Marshall University in West Virginia. Prior to joining SAF, Kazuko worked for a Singapore branch of a Japanese airline, coordinating internship programs for Japanese university students, a role that sparked her interest in the study abroad field.

Kohei Shimada, Program Coordinator, Program & Student Services

Joined September 2015 Kohei earned a Bachelor of Psychology from St. Martin’s University, where he joined the student council, college choir and theatrical productions, to enhance his communication skills. He went on to teach English in Japan. Having first studied abroad in high school in New Zealand, Kohei supports international students by utilizing his experience.


Azumi Kurokawa, Program Coordinator, Program & Student Services

Joined May 2015 Azumi earned a Bachelor of Communications from California State University, Fullerton. She spent several years working in a production studio, before becoming a student exchange program coordinator for a university in Japan. She thoroughly enjoys supporting students who are interested in studying abroad.

Fumiko Watanabe, Communications Coordinator, Program & Student Services

Joined September 2015 Fumiko is a graduate of Asia University in Tokyo, Japan. She attended high school in Singapore and studied abroad at Western Washington University. Fumiko gained experience in website design and more during her time at a Tokyo music company and Manhattan public relations firm. She is fascinated by the idea of connecting the world through content.

CONNECT 2016 | 17


The year’s highlights from the Foundation’s country offices.

China Bringing Chinese and Western Universities Together at Scholarly Colloquium


ey to meeting universities’ goals for internationalization is a cross-cultural understanding of the motivations, concerns and expectations of students, faculty and staff worldwide. To this end, SAF China, together with the prestigious Beijing Normal University, hosted an international colloquium entitled, Understanding the Benefits of Study Abroad to Students Attending China’s Top Universities. Attendees included government and university officials from around the world. Chris Hill, the director of research training and academic development at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, chaired the event. SAF is pleased with the ongoing recognition it has received as an arbiter of internationalization in global higher education.

Taiwan Former Londoner Introduces SAF Scholars to the City


or the past five years, SAF Taiwan has been running the popular Language and Culture Program at the University of the Arts, London. This past fall, signaling an expansion in SAF support services, Taiwan Coordinator Mandy Hsu accompanied new students to England’s capital city where she had lived for four years. Hsu says the rewarding experience helped acclimate students to their new home and broaden her important relationships with staff at UAL. “With the opportunity of being a group leader to accompany students to University of the Arts, London and to study English over the summer, I got to officially meet the faculty, and I had the chance to see the UAL facilities and to know more about the student support system there,” Hsu says. Every day after students finished their three hours of class, Hsu accompanied the group to explore the city of London, introducing them to the local shops and markets where they could experience the British way of life, as well as showing them affordable restaurants which are perfect for students. “This was a precious opportunity to spend time with students,” she says. “We traveled to other parts of England such as the Cotswolds, Cambridge and Bath on the weekends, and we discussed English culture from their daily experiences.”

18 | CONNECT 2016


Japan New Partnership Advances Internationalization Efforts of Top University


midst a nationwide push for internationalization, Gakushuin University has invited SAF Japan to support its expansion of study abroad programs and services. Each year, 200 students choose to major in International Social Sciences and agree to fulfill the requirement to study abroad during their undergraduate studies. Helping to meet their need for diverse and superior programs, the Foundation’s Japan office staff has introduced the SAF model of study abroad to the Faculty of International Social Sciences. Up to three SAF Japan staff head to the Gakushuin campus each week to handle student advising and program promotion. Through this collaboration, SAF Japan hopes to help internationalize education, not just in this department, but throughout the university. SAF Japan welcomes special requests from universities to provide on-campus student seminars and counseling sessions, develop targeted programs and more. For more information, email

Announcing the Global Ambassadors Program


n the spirit of a season characterized by new beginnings, this spring, SAF Japan launched the Global Ambassadors Program. Enthusiastic staff selected 10 standout scholars spanning a range of programs and host countries to share their experiences with current SAF Japan students and alumni. During their course of study abroad, each Global Ambassador provides monthly activity reports and photos, which will be posted to the SAF Japan website and Facebook page, to engage prospective and future students. Upon their return to Japan, the Global Ambassadors will assist with information sessions and alumni activities, helping to solidify the community of 3,000+ Japanese students who have studied abroad through SAF Japan over the past 10 years.

Korea SAF Korea and Incheon National University Celebrate a Successful Partnership


n the 2015 academic year, SAF Korea achieved record results with a semi-customized program that helps Incheon National University students access an all-American college experience. The program provides an opportunity for students of the university’s School of Northeast Asian Studies to spend a term at universities across the American South and along the East and West Coasts of the United States. Having modest participation in its first year, this year the 2-year-old program welcomed 12 students. Encouraged by the results and glowing reviews from faculty and staff on both sides of the ocean, SAF Korea plans to explore establishing more semi-customized programs to meet member universities’ needs.

Featuring Incehon National University students at the University of Arkansas.


CONNECT 2016 | 19


Membership in the Foundation’s esteemed invitation-only network grants hosting universities access to exceptionally qualified international students and provides sending universities with a broad portfolio of programs.

Hosting Universities


University of New South Wales University of Queensland University of Wollongong


St Mary’s University University of Calgary* University of Toronto University of Victoria


Universite Catholique de L’Ouest*


Universität Leipzig


University College Dublin* University of Limerick


Politecnico di Milano


Yonsei University*

Mainland China Fudan University*

New Zealand

University of Otago

20 | CONNECT 2016


Universidad de Leon* Universidad de Malaga*


Universite de Lausanne

United Kingdom

Queen Mary University of London School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford University College London University of the Arts London University of Bristol University of Cambridge, Institute of Continuing Education University of Edinburgh University of Glasgow University of Leeds University of Manchester University of Westminster

United States

American University Arizona State University California State University San Marcos Colorado State University Columbia University School of Professional Studies Columbia University Columbia College Cornell University George Washington University Gonzaga University Indiana University Johns Hopkins University Lewis & Clark College Michigan State University Montana State University

Mount Holyoke College San Francisco State University San Jose State University University at Buffalo, SUNY University of Alabama University of Arizona University of Arkansas UC Berkeley Summer Sessions University of California, Berkeley University of California, Los Angeles UCLA Summer Sessions University of California Riverside University of California Santa Barbara University of Colorado Boulder University of Hawaii at Hilo University of Hawaii at Manoa University of Iowa University of Minnesota University of Mississippi University of Montana University of Nevada Reno University of Oregon University of Pennsylvania University of Utah University of Vermont University of Washington Educational Outreach Vanderbilt University

Academic Internship Partners United Kingdom

The Foundation for International Education (FIE)

United States

Washington Semester Program (WSP) at American University * Signifies Language Program access only

Sending Universities Brunei


Universiti Brunei Darussalam

Mainland China

Beijing Forestry University Beijing Institute of Technology Beijing International Education Exchange Center Beijing Jiaotong University Beijing Normal University Beijing University of Chemical Technology Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications Capital Normal University Central China Normal University Central University of Finance & Economics China Pharmaceutical University China University of Mining & Technology China University of Mining & Technology, Beijing China University of Petroleum China University of Political Science & Law Chongqing University Communication University of China Dalian Maritime University Dalian University of Technology Dongbei University of Finance & Economics Donghua University East China Normal University East China University of Political Science & Law East China University of Science & Technology Fujian Normal University Fuzhou University Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Hainan University Hebei University of Technology Huazhong University of Science & Technology Hunan University Jinan University Lanzhou University Nanchang Hangkong University Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics Nanjing University of Science & Technology Nankai University North China Electric Power University Northeast Normal University Northeastern University Northwestern Polytechnical University Ocean University of China Office of Pilot Software Engineering Schools (MOE) Shaanxi Normal University Shandong University Shanghai Finance University Shanghai Jiaotong University Shanghai Maritime University Shanghai Normal University Shanghai University of Int’l Business & Economics Soochow University South China University of Technology Southeast University Southwest University Southwestern University of Finance & Economics Taiyuan University of Technology Tianjin University Tongji University University of Electronic Science & Tech. of China University of International Business & Economics University of Science & Technology Beijing Xiamen University Xi’an Jiaotong University Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Zhongnan University of Economics & Law

Feng Chia University National Central University National Chiao Tung University National Chung Cheng University National Taiwan Normal University National Taiwan University National Tsing Hua University National Yang Ming University Tunghai University Yuan Ze University


Aichi Prefectural University Asia University Chuo University Doshisha University Gakushuin University Faculty of International Social Sciences Japan Women’s University Kanda University of International Studies Keio University Komazawa University Kwansei Gakuin University, School of Int’l Studies Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Meiji University Nanzan University Nihon University Ochanomizu University Okinawa International University Rikkyo University College of Intercultural Communication Shinshu University Showa Women’s University Tokyo University of Science Toyo University


Almaty Management University KIMEP: The Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics & Strategic Research Nazarbayev University


Catholic University of Korea Chonnam National University Chung-Ang University Chungbuk National University Dankook University Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Hanyang University Hongik University Incheon National University Inha University Kangwon National University Kongju National University Kookmin University Korea University Kyungpook National University Myongji University POSTECH Pusan National University Seoul National University Seoul Women’s University Sogang University Sookmyung Women’s University Soongsil University Sungkyunkwan University University of Seoul Yonsei University


University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus


CONNECT 2016 | 21


The first nonprofit to debut the U.S. model of study abroad in Asia, SAF grants students unique access to Western universities, while our extensive network and market knowledge matches hosting universities with exceptionally qualified students.

Connect 2016  

What's new at The Study Abroad Foundation.

Connect 2016  

What's new at The Study Abroad Foundation.