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2 Since 2000, our mission at the Study Abroad Foundation (SAF) has been to provide effective pathways for institutions to achieve their internationalization goals and unparalleled access for students seeking high-quality study abroad opportunities. In 2017, we became a unit of IES Abroad, a 67-year-old U.S.-based leader in the study abroad field, to further strengthen our programs and services.

World-class cities and universities as your base of operation


Combined years of leadership in study abroad


Customized programs run each year

Years of experience executing customized programs

80+ 50+

Cutting-edge program based on your precise needs


Worries—SAF and IES Abroad will take you from start to finish


INFINITE Possibilities for creating the perfect custom study abroad program for your students and institution



Customized Programs has collaborated on faculty-led and customized study abroad programs for more than 50 years. Our experience with all aspects of faculty-led and customized study abroad means we can handle the details and leave the big ideas to you and your faculty. Whatever direction you take, you’ll have your pick of added SAF and IES Abroad benefits, such as: • 24/7 support that’s available when you need it • High-quality academic courses taught how and where you want by your world-class professors or ours, or both • Expertise in health and safety—we are leaders of the study abroad field; safety is our highest priority • An extensive network of internship, service learning, and research partners, to give your students a well-rounded experience abroad • All of these benefits are branded as a service provided by your university Whether you need high-level support and services or simply a framework and access to our network, it’s up to you. After all, this is study abroad by design—designed by you.



DUBLIN University of Minnesota

University of Edinburgh


University of Wisconsin Michigan State University

University of Manchester IES ABROAD CHICAGO Cornell University University College London University of Pennsylvania University of Colorado NANTES at Boulder George Washington University University of Utah SALAMANCA University of Arkansas MADRID Arizona State University Johns Hopkins University University of Mississippi University of California • Berkeley • Los Angeles • Riverside • San Diego • Santa Barbara

Vanderbilt University



CENTERS Well-appointed global centers house staff offices, classrooms, student lounges, and more, making for a supportive learning environment HOST UNIVERSITIES Host Universities highlighted are representitve of SAF's International University Network, with many other options available







We guarantee support from on-the-ground IES Abroad Centers and staff in more than 30 cities, so your staff, faculty, and students are supported every step of the way, wherever they go. Imagine your program at one our 29 locations or 61 host universities worldwide.




University of Queensland University of New South Wales SYDNEY





The city is your living classroom

The campus is your canvas

Most program flexibility and on-the-ground support

Most immersive university experience



CUSTOMIZABLE LEVELS OF SUPPORT From your campus to our overseas Centers and university partners, we’re here to collaborate on each step of the planning process. 1. Dedicated Customized Programs team members connect with your institution to learn about your needs, and develop your program. 2. College Relations Managers visit campus to get to know your staff, faculty, and students then work with IES Abroad Centers to meet your pedagogical and logistical goals. 3. Once your students are on site, the Center Directors and staff work hard so that your program runs as smoothly as possible.

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE & FLEXIBLILITY FRAMEWORK & COLLABORATION Build an original program from your ideas and needs or start with one of our existing programs, for which we have been awarded the Forum on Education Abroad's QUIP designation for program quality, assessment and improvement. ACADEMIC SERVICES & FACILITIES We arrange comfortable academic amenities for you and your students that include: • our Centers, which generally feature classrooms, high-speed internet or WIFI, printing services, library, student lounge • pre-depature course information • on-site tutoring • post-program grade reports or transcripts VETTED COURSES & COORDINATION You’ll have access to course models that meet rigorous standards. Our courses are: • vetted through our Academic Council • comprised of elected members from 240+ IES Abroad consortium schools • offered at local universities -- we can liaise between your institution and our academic partners FIELD TRIPS & CULTURAL EVENTS Local excursions in and outside of the city enhance learning. We can arrange opportunities to complement any aspect of your program. • field trips and cultural events • internships • service learning • research




We realize that studying abroad presents potential risks—big and small. Partnering with us allows your faculty to teach and engage with students—while transferring some of the risks to us.

Take advantage of our extensive, reliable network of partner institutions, employers, and housing providers. Our network is ever expanding to provide you with the best of what’s out there.

After helping more than 115,000 students study and intern abroad, our diverse experiences make us uniquely qualified to handle a variety of health and safety issues. Not only does our Chicago and Center staff support you and your students, but we’ve built local networks of trained counselors, advisors, and medical professionals to assist us.

LOCAL UNIVERSITY PARTNERS Students can take courses, participate in lectures or conduct research at nearly 100 international universities, 20 of which have been named to the Top 200 Universities in the World by the QS rating system.

We provide: • Information about potential risks to faculty, students and guest during pre-departure and on-site orientations • Enrollment in international insurance and Travel Tracker location management • 24/7 Crisis Management Team tracking external threats, such as natural disasters and security issues • Local crisis plans, around-the-clock emergency support and a Global Crisis Partner to assist in case of evacuations

INTERNSHIP & SERVICE LEARNING PARTNERS Our professional network consists of 500+ vetted and trusted employers who provide students with substantive work experiences. For programs with a service learning component, we arrange volunteer opportunities from our network of NGOs and other organizations that focus on community health and other social issues unique to the program location. HOUSING PARTNERS We typically offer three types of housing, depending on location: residence halls (within and outside of university housing systems), apartments, or homestays with local residents. Every housing partner is vetted and inspected for safety and comfort by our on-site staff. We also arrange private housing for faculty and guests within or near student accommodations.



INITIAL CONSULTATION To design your program, we’ll meet and ask you to consider: • What is the academic focus of the program? • How does the location serve or enhance the program goals? • What courses, lectures, field trips, business visits, and other resources are needed? • What type of accommodations should IES Abroad locate for students and faculty? • What is your estimated per-student cost?


PROPOSAL PROCESS After we’ve discussed your ideas and requirements, we share a proposal outlining your ideal program for your review. The proposal outlines: • Program dates • Predeparture guidance offered for staff, faculty, and students • Program components including: academics, travel logistics, accommodations, orientation, field trips, and other on-site support • IES Abroad policies, participant guidelines, and pricing


PROGRAM MANAGEMENT Once the proposal is approved, we focus on the details involved in preparing your students for their experience abroad. We help you: • Promote the program to students with our Marketing Toolkit of flyers, social media, and presentation templates. If requested, we can craft and present a predeparture orientation online or on campus • Simplify predeparture preparation with the use of our student portal, online forms, and web resources, including form instructions and submission follow-up • Provide necessary documents to students in need of a student visa • Moderate communication between your faculty and IES Abroad Center staff


ON-SITE PROGRAM COORDINATION When you and your students arrive at your program location, a dedicated program coordinator will be there to manage the details of your program by: • Orienting students to the local environment • Ensuring the academic quality of local resources • Being prepared for and responding to emergencies • Handling student issues and concerns • Serving as an intercultural facilitator


POST-PROGRAM FOLLOW-UP We continue to provide assistance and guidance after your students have returned to campus. After your program has ended, we: • Distribute evaluations, share results with your school contacts, and debrief with you • Offer suggestions for re-entry workshops and activities • Send you grade reports or transcripts for our academic coursework taught by IES Abroad faculty



For Faculty-Led & Customized Study Abroad Programs The following is an ideal timeline for planning your customized study abroad program, but we are always happy to work within shorter timeframes.




18 to 12 months before start

• Work with faculty and study abroad staff to assess requirements and develop academic program • Communicate with on-site IES Abroad staff in chosen location to begin program planning process

• Determine target student population and credit transfer • Review student recruitment and application process with International Office • Consider applicability of financial aid

17 to 11 months before start

• Develop and present the Customized Program Proposal • Present Master Agreement for IES Abroad Customized International Programs for institutional approval

• Study Abroad Office and faculty review and adjust Customized Program Proposal • Review and approve Master Agreement • Recruit students

16 to 9 months before start

• Finalize Customized Program Proposal and provide final version for signature • Provide Marketing Toolkit and promotional materials for recruitment, if requested

• Obtain necessary signatures for the Customized Program Proposal • Recruit students

5 to 4 months before start

• Review student electronic predeparture forms in the MyIESabroad online portal

• Review internal applications and accept students

3 months before start

• Collect Student Participation List and other materials • Provide updates regarding student forms and registration • Collect details from the school and faculty on guests’ participation • Introduce faculty members to the Center staff and site contacts • Give students and staff/faculty access to predeparture guide with information about travel, visas, academics, and daily life abroad

• Submit Student Participation List to IES Abroad by deadlines in Customized Program Proposal • Ensure students have submitted all necessary documents to IES Abroad • Plan for and schedule a predeparture orientation • All guests must review, sign, and return a Guest Waiver • Invite College Relations Manager to predeparture orientations

1 month before start

• Enroll participants in comprehensive international health insurance plan • IES Abroad’s Dean of Students Office reviews student medical information • Send invoice to the designated individual at the institution

• Pay invoice upon receipt • Conduct on-campus predeparture orientation

At completion of program

• Conduct student, faculty, and study abroad coordinator evaluations

• Welcome your students home

1 to 2 months AFTER program end

• Provide grade reports and transcripts, if requested • Schedule a program debriefing conversation with the Study Abroad Office, faculty leader, and IES Abroad College Relations Manager

• Conduct on-campus re-entry workshop, if applicable • Contact IES Abroad to begin planning for the next year’s customized program



Miami University’s Farmer School of Business sought to build an international program that matched their students’ specific course sequence. In partnering with IES Abroad Customized Programs, IES Abroad Barcelona, and a prestigious local university, they were able create a dynamic business program in the capital of Catalonia.

PROGRAM COMPONENTS Term & Length: Student Audience: Academic Focus: Courses Taught by: Housing: Field Trips:

Spring, semester-long program Undergraduate students International Business IES Abroad and Institut Quimic de Sarria (IQS) Homestay 2-day trip to Tarragona, including visits to the Human Tower offices and Roman ruins, and optional field trips. Highlights: Students attend two business visits, in addition to many optional IES Abroad DiscoverIES (activities and field trips designed to introduce them to life and culture in Barcelona and the rest of Spain)

PROGRAM OVERVIEW On this 16-credit program, Miami University - Farmer School of Business students spent their spring semester in Barcelona, Spain. A major player in the global market, Barcelona was the perfect backdrop to learn about and experience global commerce and Spanish language and culture. Students took Spanish courses taught by IES Abroad faculty and business courses at AACSBaccredited IQS. Each IQS course featured a guest lecture and was held at the downtown campus where students experienced local university life and interacted with other international and Spanish students. During their time abroad, students enjoyed business visits and attended a two-day field trip to Tarragona, where they visited the Human Tower team office and Roman ruins. Miami students had the option of joining additional field trips and DiscoverIES. From ciclo (bicycle) tours around the city to “Chef for a Day” classes in Girona to a trip to the south of France, students never ran out of things to learn, do, or see. IES Abroad Spanish language and culture courses and activities were held in the multimedia classroom facilities at the IES Abroad Center, just steps away from Plaza Catalunya and other renowned Barcelona landmarks. The Center features WiFi access, printing, student lounges, and a large outdoor terrace for social and study activities. Prior to the start of the program, Miami University students and faculty were supported by IES Abroad with the predeparture process, online form submission, and visa processing. Once on site, students stayed in IES Abroad-vetted homestays, which included two meals per day. Students were also given local transportation passes to commute to class and explore the city.





The Providence College School of Business wanted to build an international experience for MBA students around a specific course. IES Abroad connected students and faculty to Milan, the heart of the global luxury market, to learn about the industry firsthand.

PROGRAM COMPONENTS Term & Length: Student Audience: Academic Focus: Courses Taught by: Housing: Field Trips: Business Visits::

Spring, 10-day program MBA students Luxury Brand Management Providence College faculty member Hotel Optional 2-day trip to Florence Visits to leading international luxury companies specializing in fashion, food, beauty, jewelry, automotive, and hospitality, including Lamborghini, Bottega Veneta, L’Oreal Italia, MaxMara, and Kering Group

PROGRAM OVERVIEW Providence College MBA students and faculty members spent 10 days living and learning in Milan, Italy’s second-largest city and hub for business and fashion. Students enrolled in the Providence College course, Global Luxury Brand Management, which was supplemented by IES Abroad-arranged business visits and guest lectures. The business visits featured internationally-recognized companies and guest lectures were led by business professionals from luxury goods and fashion brand management backgrounds. In addition to coursework, visits, and lectures, students enjoyed a welcome dinner and walking tour of Milan, viewed DaVinci’s The Last Supper at the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, and had the chance to join an optional field trip to Florence. The two-day, one-night trip included round-trip and in-city transportation, hotel stay, walking tour, and a visit to the Accademia Gallery, home to Michelangelo’s David. IES Abroad provided housing; transportation within Milan; on-site orientation; and health, safety, and crisis management services. The IES Abroad Milan Center is located in the city’s historic center, near the prestigious Università Cattolica and within walking distance of the Duomo, Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio, and the Castello Sforzesco. The Center is equipped with classroom space, WiFi access, a computer lab, student lounge, library, and reading rooms.


SOUTH AFRICA: PAST & PRESENT UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS A University of Arkansas History professor was seeking a way to teach students about South African history and culture through service, exploration of historic sites, and interactions with locals. To meet this request, IES Abroad delivered a two-week program during the May intersession that allowed participants to live and learn in South Africa.

PROGRAM COMPONENTS Term & Length: Student Audience: Academic Focus: Courses Taught by: Housing: Field Trips:

May Intersession, two weeks Undergraduate students History and Culture of South Africa University of Arkansas faculty member Hostel Kruger National Park, Johannesburg, Robben Island, Cape Winelands, University of Western Cape, Castle of Good Hope, District Six Museum, South African National Gallery Highlights: Two days of service learning with a local women’s advocacy group

PROGRAM OVERVIEW South Africa’s rich history and culture provided an unparalleled learning ground for University of Arkansas students. Students discovered South Africa’s political, social, and economic landscape by exploring a cross-section of the country. Cape Town and the surrounding areas became the classroom for this 3-credit program. Students experienced South Africa’s past, present, and culture through a series of field trips. At Robben Island, the District Six Museum, and in the Cape Flats area, students took an in-depth look at apartheid-era conflicts and resolutions. A trip to Kruger National Park was centered around South Africa’s history of tourism and the practice of relocating residents for game reserves and parks. In addition to these travel experiences, students participated in service learning activities with a local women’s advocacy group alongside Cape Town residents and South African activists. While in South Africa, students and faculty stayed in an IES Abroad-coordinated and vetted long-stay hostel in the Seapoint neighborhood of Cape Town. Accommodations included WiFi and daily breakfast. In addition to providing the housing, IES Abroad arranged transportation throughout the term, including a group flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg. In Cape Town, participants and faculty had access to secured classroom space, computers, and a library at the IES Abroad Center. The Center is conveniently located on the Main Road by the University of Cape Town campus in a pleasant suburban area on the slope of Devil’s Peak.

Interested in creating your customized or faculty-led program? Contact




Year long, semester-long, summer session, January term, May term, short-term


Select an SAF Host University or an IES Abroad Center to host your customized program. We can support multi-city destinations, too.


Opt to include service learning, internships, or research opportunities.


Supplement curriculum with guest lectures, language partners, and business visits

DISCOVER YOUR HOST COUNTRY Design new or join existing IES Abroad course-related excursions, field trips, and cultural events


Confirm student and faculty housing, transportation needs, course times, and program dates

VALUE ADDED BY SAF AND IES ABROAD • Predeparture support, visa resources, and readily available online guides • Industry-leading health, safety, and crisis management resources and support, and comprehensive international health insurance • Existing on-the-ground support during the planning and execution of all programs, including arrival and on-site orientation • Proprietary Marketing Toolkit to aid in student recruitment

Occidental faculty, students, and International Program Office staff have enjoyed a fantastic collaboration with IES Abroad Customized Programs. We are grateful for the shared commitment to academic quality, seamless administrative procedures, and thorough, caring student services. We use partners by college policy and choose IES Abroad due to our positive experiences. Thank you, IES Abroad!” - Robin Craggs Executive Director – International Programs | Occidental College




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