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ISSUE 2 Spring 2011

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2010-2011 has been an interesting and challenging year for all international education professionals and likewise for SAF. Fall 2011 enrollments are up 40% over the same period last year and perhaps surprisingly this increase can primarily be attributed to the growth in enrollments from Japan, which are up an incredible 68%. Almost monthly there seems to be an article in the Japanese or US media bemoaning the decline in Japanese youth studying abroad. Fortunately, at SAF the trend is contrary. Enrollment amongst participants from China is up 19% and S. Korea 10% which we are naturally pleased with. We suspect that economic factors had a dampening effect in Korea, and we will be watching this over the months ahead. Overall, enrollments from Taiwan are not large, but growing and we are grateful for all the hard work SAF Taiwan has contributed to the organization this year (please see the article on the SAF staff meetings held in January in Taichung. Pg. 3). The earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan and the earthquake in

John Belcher, President & Co-CEO, SAF and Runhui Lin, Deputy Director, Office for International Academic Exchanges, Nankai University

Christchurch, New Zealand significantly affected and continue to affect many SAF students, their families and our staff in Tokyo. The headquarters in Indianapolis worked hard to support SAF students who were abroad, but of course it was the local support and quick attention that SAF students received from

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their host universities that that meant the most. Thank you for every kindness you extended to SAF and other Japanese students studying on your campus.

SAF Announces New Internship Opportunities .................... pg. 1-2

At NAFSA in Vancouver, we look forward to celebrating the continued growth of SAF

SAF Website Updates ......... pg. 2

and to raising our glass in gratitude to our outstanding colleagues.

SAF Host Universities Traveling to Asia ................................... pg. 3 SAF Annual Meeting in Taiwan .................................. pg. 3 SAF Professional Development Program (PDP) 2011................ pg. 4 Save the Date - SAF Annual Reception at NAFSA in Vancouver............... pg. 5 SAF Concurrent Enrollment Options ........................................ pg. 6 SAF Statistics..................................... pg. 7 SAF Staff & Offices............................... pg. 8

SAF Announces New Internship Opportunities Research shows that interest in international internships is increasing and it is increasing amongst a variety of stakeholders – students and their parents, home universities and most significantly employers. To meet the growing demand for internship opportunities abroad, SAF is in the process of launching several new academic internship programs in partnership with highly regarded, non-profit organizations and universities that specialize in the provision of academicallyrelated, professional work experiences.

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New Internship Opportunities (continued) For many years SAF has worked successfully with the Washington Semester Program (WSP) at American University and since the Fall Semester 2007, 71 SAF participants have taken advantage of this high-quality academic internship program. We look forward to continuing our partnership with WSP as well as introducing new internship models and locations including:

• SAF- FIE London Internship Program in partnership with The Foundation for International Education (FIE)

• University of Edinburgh Parliamentary Internship Program in Scotland

• Mandarin Teaching Internship Program offered in cooperation with The Amity Institute of San Diego, California

All SAF Internships are designed to provide participants with a competitive edge in the global economy through actual hands-on work experience which helps to bridge the gap between theory and the real world of work. Most SAF internships combine classroom study with a

New Host Universities/ Host Internship Programs Universities San Jose State University (USA) University of Alabama (USA) University of Pennsylvania (USA)

planned supervised work experience, and students can expect to receive transfer credit for the internship experience. Details on SAF internship programs can be found on our website.

SAF Website Updates We are half way through a complete update of the SAF website. The new SAF HQ site is up and running and the SAF Country Offices (China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea) are finalizing their sites. At the request of SAF Member Universities in Asia, we have introduced a new section to the SAF HQ site, “Study Abroad in Asia”. Here our member universities can promote study abroad programs offered on their campus to interested students from the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. We encourage you to take a look at all of the interesting programs offered, and we hope this will develop into a useful resource on study abroad opportunities at prestigious Asian universities.

Internship Organizations The Amity Institute (USA) The Foundation for International Education (UK) University of Edinburgh Parliamentary Internship Program (UK)

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SAF Host Universities Traveling to Asia SAF Country Offices (Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Taichung, Seoul, Tokyo) welcome visits by host university representatives. We know that many of you travel to Asia frequently and we hope that you will make time to visit our Country Offices and provide a seminar about your institution to our staff. Depending upon the timing of your visit, it may also be possible for you to join our staff at the study abroad seminars we offer each semester on our member university campuses. SAF staff in front of Luce Chapel

SAF Annual Meeting in Taiwan Every January, SAF staff comes together for four days of meetings to examine the organization’s work. This annual event has proven to be one of our most valuable activities. Each SAF Country Office and SAF HQ are able to share best practices, compare notes, learn from each other and in general develop a team identity based on shared experiences and trust. This year’s staff meeting was held in Taichung, where the SAF Taiwan office is located, from January 15 -19. Staff from China, Japan, Korea and the U.S. flew to Taiwan where they were greeted by the coldest winter in 40 years. After intense daily meetings, SAF staff explored the range of delicious food that Taichung offers, be it Hakkanese, Shanghainese or street food. On Monday, January 17, a lunch reception was held for SAF partner universities in Taiwan. Dr. Lily Chen, CEO of the Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education in Taiwan (FICHET), honored guests with a presentation on Internationalization of Higher Education in Taiwan. The lunch reception was followed by visits to two SAF Member Universities, Tunghai and Feng Chia. Professor Liou, Director of the Office of International Education & Programs at Tunghai University, took the SAF staff around their beautiful campus, which is famous for its Luce Chapel, designed by I.M. Pei. The late afternoon was marked by a visit to Feng Chia University, where Prof. Chou, Director, Bachelor of International Business Administration, briefed SAF staff on this unique program, taught entirely in English, which requires students to spend their fourth academic year abroad. Staff finished the day with a visit to the famous Feng Chia night market, a must see for anyone visiting Taichung! SAF Abroad at AU participant

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SAF Staff News

Development of the SAF international University Network

Project Manager – SAF M. China Zoe Wang joined the SAF M. China staff as a project manager in October 2010 with the understanding that following training in the SAF office in

The SAF International University Network

Shanghai, she would open an SAF office in Guangzhou. Zoe earned her

continues to expand, particularly in China

Bachelor of Arts in English from Central South University of Forestry

with the addition of highly ranked Project 985 and Project 211 universities. In Japan,

and Technology, and prior to joining SAF she was responsible for

Kwansei Gakuin University School of International

student and US visa counseling for Tianjin Kailewei Study Abroad Service Center. The SAF office in Guangzhou opened May 3, 2011.

Studies also joined SAF. Kwansei Gakuin sought membership in the SAF International University

Program Coordinator – SAF HQ

Network to ensure they could offer sufficient study abroad opportunities to all second year students

Zachariah (Zach) Simon joined SAF HQ in January 2011. Zach is a

within the department who must study abroad to

graduate of Wittenberg University in Ohio where he double majored

complete their degree.

in History and East Asian Studies. Zach spent three years in Japan working as an English teacher through the JET Program. Zach is responsible for managing student applications to the following SAF host universities: Indiana University, Purdue University, San Francisco State University, San Jose State University, University of California, Los Angeles, University of California, Santa Barbara, University of Hawaii at Hilo, University of Iowa, University of Minnesota, University of Washington, ISAYA Institute.

China Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications Central University of Finance & Economy China Pharmaceutical University China University of Mining & Tech Beijing Fujian Normal University Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Huazhong Normal University Huazhong University of Science and Tech

SAF Professional Development Program (PDP) 2011

Hunan University Jinan University

This coming May 24-29, twenty-nine academics and international educators from

Northeast Normal University

SAF Member Universities in Asia will have the opportunity to visit three SAF host

Northwestern Polytechnic University

universities: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), University of California,

Shaanxi Normal University

Santa Barbara (UCSB) and San Francisco State University (SF State). At each

South China University of Technology

campus the SAF, delegation will meet with international/extension office staff, academics and receive a campus tour. SAF PDPs are designed for member institutions to learn first-hand about the universities their students attend though SAF and the intimate nature of these programs also allows SAF institutional members to provide important feedback and suggestions on SAF programs, services and development. Karen O’Neill, Director, International Gateways, at San Jose State University (SJSU) will also address the PDP delegation during concluding ceremonies. SAF wishes to express our gratitude to our colleagues at UCLA, UCSB, SF State and SJSU for all their assistance with the PDP.

Japan Kwansei Gakuin University School of International Studies Toyo University

Korea Kookmin University Soongsil University University of Seoul

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Save the Date... SAF Annual Reception at NAFSA in Vancouver SAF will hold our annual reception at NASFA in Vancouver, Tuesday, May 31, 17:30-20:00. The event will be held at the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art, 639 Hornby Street. The gallery is located near the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver and is walking distance from the Vancouver Convention Centre. Docents of the gallery will be available for guided tours of the collection.

SAF Opening New Office in Guangzhou, China After a half year of preparation, SAF formally launched a new office in Guangzhou, China on May 3rd. The Guangzhou Office is the third SAF office in China. SAF previously established offices in Shanghai and Beijing. The establishment of the Guangzhou Office is a milestone in SAF’s development and demonstrates further integration with the higher education system in China. Previously, SAF’s work was focused in the East and North of China with our offices in Shanghai and Beijing respectively. From Guangzhou, SAF will dramatically increase our ability to provide study abroad opportunities to students in South China and cooperate with universities in the region. Initially, two staff members will work from Guangzhou. As cooperation develops in South China we anticipate adding additional staff.

Making Use of Technology in Student Counseling As the network of SAF Member Universities in Japan expands, SAF has found innovative ways to communicate effectively with students throughout the country. SAF Member Universities in Japan can generally be split into three categories: • Category 1: Universities, such as Rikkyo University, where due to the large-scale nature of the study abroad programs jointly operated with SAF, SAF staff work full-time on the university campus • Category 2: Universities, such as Keio University and Komazawa University, which are located in the Tokyo metropolitan area and therefore allow for SAF staff to frequently visit campus • Category 3: Universities, such as Nanzan University and Okinawa International University, which are located relatively far from the SAF Japan Office

Schedule Meetings with SAF at NAFSA If you would like to schedule a meeting with SAF during NAFSA, please send an email to SAF staff also regularly attend EAIE and APAIE Conferences.

As the number of SAF Member Universities in Category 3 has increased, SAF has worked to find ways to take advantage of technology to communicate with students. For example, Nanzan University and Okinawa International University have made special arrangements to establish dedicated Skype terminals in the Center for International Education / International Relations Center through which students can take part in weekly video counseling sessions with the SAF Japan Office in Tokyo. Students are able to pre-register for 45-minute counseling slots with SAF counselors, and during the Skype sessions, if students have questions about study abroad procedures, credit transfer or other issues, they are able to discuss with university staff on the spot. These Skype sessions, held in addition to bi-annual SAF seminars on the Nanzan University and Okinawa International University campuses, have proved to be effective in preparing students for successful study abroad experiences.

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SAF China New Year Reception In January 2011 SAF China hosted its Annual New Year Reception in Beijing. Representatives from SAF Member Universities in Beijing and Tianjin, embassy representatives from various countries and central and local government organizations such as CSC, CSCSE, CEAIE and BIEE gathered together to celebrate the Year of Rabbit. During the reception, representatives exchanged SAF China New Year Reception

ideas about internationalization efforts underway in China. Prof. John Belcher, President of SAF,

SAF Concurrent Enrollment Options One of the challenges SAF encounters in developing visiting student opportunities for Asian students is the lack of commonly accepted

welcomed guests, wished everyone a happy new year and briefly discussed current SAF achievements in China as well as future development plans.

terminology. For the most part, SAF has adopted the terminology and corresponding definitions to describe our work as published in The Forum

Before a traditional Hunan-style dinner

on Education Abroad’s Education Abroad Glossary. In the use of the term

was served, Prof. John Belcher remarked

“concurrent enrollment” SAF may be charting new territory.

that in an increasingly global economy

By concurrent enrollment, we refer to SAF participants who are undertaking pre-university language courses (i.e. ESL or EFL) and integrated university-level courses simultaneously. What sets concurrent enrollment programs apart from more commonly offered “bridge programs” is that students may enter a

Chinese students see study abroad as a value-added activity that increases access to highly competitive postgraduate programs and enhances future

concurrent enrollment option their first semester/quarter abroad. The host

employment opportunities which are

university sets minimum English proficiency requirements for participation on the

positive drivers for internationalization

concurrent enrollment program and does not require students to complete a

of higher education in China. At

session of fulltime ESL/EFL instruction prior to eligibility. SAF sources have

the same time, inhibitors such as

indicated that concurrent enrollment options (perhaps cloaked in different

credit transfer and high cost still

terminology) was one of the hottest topics at the recent Teachers of English

need to be overcome. In general,

to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Conference in Denver,

the Chinese higher education sector

Colorado, March 2011.

is moving toward a higher level of

The following SAF host universities offer concurrent enrollment options: Colorado State University, San Jose State University, University at Buffalo, University of Edinburgh, University of Montana, University of Pennsylvania, University of Washington, ISAYA Institute and the University of Wollongong. While admission requirements, policies, procedures and transcription practices for each concurrent enrollment option varies, they all share a


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fundamental program structure that allows students to enroll in ESL/EFL and academic content courses simultaneously. Based upon the interest SAF sees from students and member universities in Asia as well as the buzz at TESOL Conference, we expect further developments in concurrent enrollment programs. If your university and/or language program has developed or is in the process of developing a concurrent enrollment program, please let SAF know.

SAF Statistics Program Participants by SAF Program Type Spring 2007 - Spring 2011

ESL + Academic 15%

ESL Only 21% Academic Only 64%

SAF China participants in Washington, DC

Average Host University GPAs for SAF Participants Spring 2007 - Fall 2010 Columbia University


Indiana University


Purdue University


Queen Mary University of London


University of California, Santa Barbara


University of Colorado


University of Edinburgh


University of Minnesota


University of Utah


Vanderbilt University

Program Duration of SAF Participants Spring 2007 - Spring 2011








4.00 Fall Semester / Semester 2, 28%

Spring Semester / Semester 1, 16%

Spring + Summer + Fall, 9%

Spring + Summer, 5% Academic Year, 33% Calendar Year, 4% Summer + Fall, 2% Summer + Academic Year, 1% Spring + Academic Year, 1%

Page 8 “

SAF Staff & Offices Below is a current roster of SAF offices and staff as well as the names of our Student Liaison Officers (SLOs). You can contact any SAF staff (other than SAF Korea staff) by using this easy (albeit long) email formula ( SAF Korea staff can be contacted via (

Study Abroad Foundation Headquarters (SAF HQ)

Study Abroad Foundation Mainland China – Shanghai (SAF China)

1100 West 42nd Street, Suite 216 Indianapolis, Indiana 46208 USA Tel: +1-317-925-2943 Fax: +1-317-925-2961

Room 615, Apollo Building 1440 Yan’an Zhong Road Shanghai 200040 P.R. CHINA Tel: +86-(0)21-6248-3236 Fax: +86-(0)21-6133-1886

- David Gray, Chairman & Co-CEO

- Tracey Tao, Assistant Director

- John Belcher, President & Co-CEO

- Emily Huang, Program Coordinator

(based in Tokyo) - Carol Carmody, Vice President - Molly Carmody, Program Coordinator - Chris Hartley, Student Accounts Manager - Fumie Ichikawa, Program Coordinator - Jennifer Mullin, Program Coordinator - Zach Simon, Program Coordinator - Maryann Stanley, Business Accounts Manager - Melissa Trahyn, Program Coordinator

Study Abroad Foundation Mainland China – Beijing (SAF China) Rm.9511, Jingshi Building 19 Xinjiekouwai Street Beijing 100875 P. R. CHINA Tel: +86-(0)10-5880-3886 Tel: +86-(0)10-5880-3887 Fax: +86-(0)10-5880-3887 - Daniel Shen, Director - Victor Lin, Program Coordinator - Trina Li, Program Coordinator

Study Abroad Foundation Mainland China – Guangzhou (SAF China) Room 1803-2-A12, Ren Feng Building 490 Tian He Road, Tian He District Guangzhou 510630 P.R. CHINA Tel: +86-(0)20-6106-2769 Fax: +86-(0)20-6106-2769 - Zoe Wang, Program Manager

Study Abroad Foundation Korea (SAF Korea) Gwanghwamun Officia 8F #813 163 Sinmunno 1-ga, Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-999 KOREA Tel: +82-(0)2-735-2300 Fax: +82-(0)2-735-2303

- Tina Shen, Coordinator

- Henry S. Oh, Director


Abroad Foundation Taiwan (SAF Taiwan)

- Tayler Kim, Researcher

5F-12 No. 186 Wen-Xin Road, Section 1 Taichung City 408 TAIWAN Tel: +886-(0)4-2472-8677 Fax: +886-(0)4-2472-8655

- Sophia Kim, Program Coordinator

- Chin Ning, Director - Dominique Luthringer, Program Manager

Study Abroad Foundation Japan (SAF Japan) Shinjuku I-Land Tower 4F #1578 6-5-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 163-1304 JAPAN Tel: +81-(0)3-5321-6222 Fax: +81-(0)3-5321-6672 - Brett Rumminger, Director - Haruko Matsuda, Associate Director, University Relations & Program Development - Wakako Dokai, Manager, Counseling & Student Services - Yusuke Kikuchi, Senior Counselor - Kumiko Fukuda, Manager, Rikkyo University CIC Overseas Study Program - Yuya Monden, Counselor - Wakako Wengel, Program Coordinator

- Erica Jin, Manager - Jasmine Hong, Program Coordinator - You Huh, Program Coordinator

SAF Student Liaison Officers (SLOs): SAF SLOs are part-time employees that provide onsite support services for SAF students studying outside of the US and Canada. - Odette Tuitama-Roberts, SLO - Australia - Sally Elizabeth Herd, SLO - UK & Ireland - Emilie Pommier, SLO - France - Risa Imamura, SLO – Spain - René Winkler, SLO – Germany - Felix Ackermann, SLO – Switzerland - Kana Imuta, SLO – New Zealand

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