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Connect 2017



CHAIRWOMAN As many of you may know, in late 2015, The Study Abroad Foundation (SAF) and IES Abroad entered into a strategic partnership. Since that time, IES Abroad and SAF have furthered each organization’s mission by sharing knowledge, expertise and best practices in an exciting, inspirational manner that would not have been possible before the partnership. Both organizations share a common goal of providing innovative, high quality academic experiences to students around the world. Our affiliation has enabled each organization to meet its goals more effectively than ever before. The affiliation has provided IES Abroad and its consortium members in the United States with a means to increase our presence on campuses throughout Asia, which will ultimately provide a wider range of quality services to our university partners and students on a global scale. For SAF, the partnership continues to deliver resources and expertise that the organization puts to work every day enhancing international education programs in the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Ultimately, and most importantly, the affiliation has provided students, parents and universities with enhanced opportunities to study abroad and increase international understanding. As the two organizations continue to grow and learn from one another, more and more students will be able to take advantage of the finest study abroad programs in the field, thereby gaining the knowledge and intercultural skills so critical to the students’ future success. You can learn more about the many exciting initiatives both organizations have planned in the pages of Connect. Thank you for all that you do, which each and every day makes a transformative difference in the lives of students around the world.

Mary Dwyer

Board Chairwoman of The Study Abroad Foundation President and CEO of IES Abroad

The Study Abroad Foundation




The Study Abroad Foundation provides unparalleled access and service to students seeking high-quality study abroad opportunities through our top-tier International University Network.

SAF HEADQUARTERS Indianapolis 317-925-2943


Editor Erika Woodward Graphic Design Armando Bohorquez

GLOBAL OFFICES Beijing Guangzhou Shanghai Seoul Tokyo

Connect 2017


AT THE FOREFRONT In 2000, our founding international education professionals established a network of leading Western and Eastern universities that would enable them to reduce mobility barriers for Asia’s highly qualified visiting students. Today, through our top-tier International University Network, we continue to help universities advance a diverse range of internationalization initiatives by facilitating program development, tuition and fee reduction, credit transfer and scholarships for incoming study abroad. Key for us in successfully achieving this mission is to participate in activities that deepen our relationships with our member universities and keep us at the forefront of international higher education.

MARCH 2017 APAIE: Asia-PaciďŹ c Association for International Education Conference Committed to strengthening our vast network of first-tier universities spanning different regions of Asia, our senior staff met in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, for this productive annual conference.



SEPTEMBER 2016 EAIE: European Association For International Education Conference Nearly a decades' long tradition, our global staff convened in Liverpool for Europe's largest annual international higher education conference and strategic staff meetings.

News and Notes


MAY-JUNE 2017 NAFSA: Association of International Educators Conference Annually, we attend this world's largest international education conference, during which we show our appreciation for our valued members by hosting a reception with an inspiring keynote speaker. This year, with populism on the rise, we invited U.S. Congressman Mark Takano, member of the House Subcommittee on Higher Education & Workforce Development and vice chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, to the Japanese National American Museum to speak to our shared value of internationalism. Congressman Takano's family endured forced relocation to Japanese-American internment camps during Word War II. "I hope my family’s suffering, and the suffering of so many others, acts as a warning to the American people about the danger of allowing hate and discrimination to dictate policy,� he says. Reception: Tuesday, May 30 |


MAY 2017

JULY 2017

SAF Professional Development Program 2017

Summer Orientations for Intercultural Learning

Integral to our sophisticated enrollment management is our expert knowledge of our member universities' programs and the cultures that shape them. Valuing greater understanding, we invited our Asia-based university representatives to the University of California, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego to learn more about their international initiatives directly from the implementers.

Last year, we successfully launched expert-led, cross-cultural orientations at UCLA and Berkeley Summer Sessions for our nearly 500 visiting students. This July, we will encourage hundreds more students to engage in their campus community through this initiative.

Connect 2017


Ole Miss football game, University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi



Each semester, as universities cast open classroom doors to new young learners, our enthusiastic staff and student liaison officers crisscross campuses throughout our International University Network, greeting our students and partners as part of our comprehensive support services. Inspiring our students to explore their new communities, our staff treat them to sporting events, culinary adventures and more. September through October, here’s where they’ll stopover.

Support Services


FALL 2017 NORTH AMERICA American University California State University, San Marcos San Francisco State University San Jose State University St. Mary’s University University of Arkansas University of California, Berkeley University of California, Los Angeles University of California, Riverside University of California, San Diego University of California, Santa Barbara University of Mississippi University of Montana University of Oregon University of Pennsylvania University of Toronto University of Utah Washington Semester Program

SLO Sally Herd and students, London, England



Ice skating, Saint Mary's University, Nova Scotia, Canada

EUROPE Universidad de Leon University College Dublin University College London University of Bristol University of Edinburgh University of Glasgow University of Limerick University of Manchester University of the Arts London University of Westminster Foundation for International Education (FIE)

University of Queensland Yonsei University Fudan University

Angela Lee and Yonsei University students, BiBap Musical, Seoul, Korea

For details regarding our seasonal campus visits, email

Connect 2017




Support Services


MEMBERS OF OUR INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY NETWORK DISCUSS THEIR SAF EXPERIENCE. "Working with The Study Abroad Foundation staff is a true pleasure. They are consummate professionals, quick to respond and often go above and beyond to help their students. Additionally, the quality of their students is top notch. Our faculty were very pleased with the quality of their research last summer.”

Kristin Blake

Program Coordinator for Visiting International Students Cornell University | Cornell Abroad "We have been enjoying a very successful partnership with The Study Abroad Foundation for the past four years. They make every effort to provide their students with outstanding service. While attending Columbia the students work hard to engage in the community and enjoy the many resources afforded to them.”

Maya Haddow

Associate Director, Student Billing School of Professional Studies Columbia University "The Study Abroad Foundation sends students to us on a regular basis and we always feel the students are well-supported throughout their study journey. It’s a pleasure to work with the staff at SAF who are responsive, flexible and friendly in their approach. We value our relationship highly.”

Lisa Morgan

Director, English Language Program and International School of Continuing Studies University of Toronto "I’ve enjoyed working with SAF in the last three years due to their excellent organization, communication and motivated students who choose to come to Johns Hopkins!”

Dr. Janet E. Gomez

Director of International Academic Programs and Marketing Director of JHU Education USA Academy Office of Summer and Intersession Programs Johns Hopkins University "At FIE we really enjoy working with the Study Abroad Foundation. The staff is always keen to support students in new and engaging ways, pushing the boundaries on innovation to ensure their students have rewarding and unique experiences. Thank you, SAF!”

Rebecca Claris

Director of Experiential Education FIE: Foundation for International Education London – Dublin – Amman

Connect 2017




For nearly a decade, by leading with experience and putting students' needs first, SAF continues to be the international nonprofit that can be trusted to facilitate university and private scholarships. Here are the latest.


INNOVATION CLASS SCHOLARS China's government has identified innovation as key to advancing its global economy. Under this mission, the Collaborative Innovation Center for China Economy (CICCE) and the Nankai University Economics Department have joined forces to send standout students overseas to inspire their creativity, with SAF being the chosen study abroad provider. In spring 2017, we welcomed nine scholars on our programs at the University of California, Berkeley and Riverside, and the universities of Minnesota and Edinburgh.

Enrollment Trends



ELITE UNDERGRADUATE STUDY ABROAD SCHOLARS Our China office has teamed up with the nation's top tier universities to co-sponsor our visiting students studying at leading institutions, such as the University College London and Columbia University. Each student receives up to 5000 RMB from SAF China, with the balance being covered by their home university.

Yiming Gao

Host: University of Edinburgh Home: Central University of Economics and Finance Scholarship: Elite Undergraduate Study Abroad Scholarship



Tomoya Suzuki

Host: University of Oregon Home: Keio University Scholarship: TOBITATE! Young Ambassador Program


“This study abroad experience helps a lot with my future academic career and broadens my horizon by showing how academics are done in the United Kingdom… I am really thankful for being granted this opportunity.” Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) operates the TOBITATE! (Leap For Tomorrow) Young Ambassador Program, which awards scholarships for Japanese high school and university students to study abroad. As of March 2017, MEXT has trusted SAF to host 17 of its scholarship recipients. “It is impossible to quantify the amount of experience and shift in values I gained through my study abroad experience...I was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the TOBITATE! Japan Scholarship recipients, and I am sure that the challenges I overcame as such during my study abroad experience will benefit me in my future.”

OF SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS As student mobility from Asia has reached remarkable levels, so too have the region's university-funded study abroad programs. To date, thousands of sponsored students have joined an SAF program on recommendation from our top-tier member institutions.

Hyungyell Choi

Host: University of Manchester Home: Dankook University Scholarship: Dankook University Scholarship

“An unforgettable experience forever. It was just a semester, but [the experience] certainly changed not only my academic knowledge, but also my view toward life.”

Connect 2017


Students find inspiration in our leadership grant program.



Student Showcase


A biennial tradition, SAF recently held its leadership essay contest for UK-based participants. The six winning students garnered grants covering their fees, accommodation and travel to London in April for the FIE Student Global Leadership Conference. Hosted by The Foundation for International Education (FIE), a nonprofit internship provider and SAF member institution, this year's conference, themed “Harnessing the Power of Diversity,” aimed to encourage students to positively affect their communities by being inclusive.

leader was miserable for me, when I was wrongly put into the position."

SAF participants stood out from the rest, observed Rebecca Claris, director of Experiential Education at FIE. “We always look forward to welcoming the SAF delegates as they offer excellent contributions to the conference’s discussions and interactive sessions," she said of the 22 students SAF has sponsored through the years. Among them this year was Jinwen Li, a visiting student at the University of Glasgow whose eagerness to take part in the conference signified a new beginning.

On the heels of her breakthrough, Li found her calling—to revolutionize volunteerism in China. She subsequently ventured abroad through SAF to examine how successful volunteer and nonprofit organizations operate overseas. When SAF offered Li the opportunity to attend the conference, she seized the chance to advance her global leadership skills in pursuit of her goal.

Not long ago, Li was a member of the world’s largest student-run leadership organization struggling to find her purpose. “I tried hard to be active, to be responsible and to do everything that made me a ‘good leader’, except I didn't know the reason why I was doing it,” wrote the 24-year-old in her winning essay. “I can tell from my experience that being a

So, Li made the bold decision to leave the organization and embark on a sojourn of self-discovery, where she uncovered a passion for yoga. She then became president of her home institution, Xiamen University’s yoga club. “I found my work exciting and inexhaustible, because I really enjoyed yoga and was eager to bring the club back to life," she said. "What I learned there is before asking ‘How can I be a leader?’, I should firstly ask ‘Why do I want to be a leader?’

“I’ve been learning journalism and communications for more than five years, and I know it’s vital for Chinese volunteer organizations to find a right way to express their ideas, rebuild their reputation and gain back the trust of the public,” she said. “...For me, real leadership only comes when a person finds her overwhelming passion to make a change in a certain circumstance.” Her fellow conferencegoers would agree.

Connect 2017


Sobin Lee


"It is my passion and interest to get involved in the creative media industry and produce public media programs like TV shows, films and podcasts. In my opinion, media production should be based on the understanding of both people and communities to help build a better society. I strongly believe that my experience at the FIE Student Global Leadership Conference will help me to develop my own specialties, as well as the social interaction skills, which are essential to reach this goal." Host: University of Edinburgh Home: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Major: English Interpretation/Translation

Student Showcase

Hana Fukui

"I would like to lead children around the world in communication which establishes mutual understanding among them to make use of my experience at the Student Global Leadership Conference, and then exert myself to [create] and maintain a Cultural Olympiad Kid’s Program as an annual Olympiad event." Host: University College Dublin Home: Nihon University Major: Dramatic Arts/ Theater

Yirui Qian


Chisaki Asano

"Since I started learning in this new environment, often the leadership I have seen in ordinary conversations has intrigued me in depth...All in all, for me, leadership is not an ability to lead others towards a successful future. It is rather an ability to help others to make [positive] choices, which can be shown by offering qualitatively good information." Host: University of Bristol Home: Keio University Major: Policy Management (Global Studies Minor)

Jinwen Li

"After studying abroad, I will have a new definition of leadership or maybe even an expansive understanding of it because the exchange of ideas will probably open up my mind, and different political and educational systems will inspire me."

"Now, I have some brand new views, which seemingly have nothing to do with leadership, but actually greatly contribute to the shaping of a good leader, as they’re the foundation or essential qualities of being a better person. First, confront and acknowledge shortfalls."

Host: University of Edinburgh Home: Jinan University Major: Pharmacology/Pharmacy

Host: University of Glasgow Home: Xiamen University Major: Journalism

Connect 2017




SAF students overcome hurdles to making foreign friends. When Asuka Ono made her U.S. debut at a University of Montana football game this past fall, she achieved a dream. “After I joined the marching band, I feel I am part of the local community, and I have a real feeling that I am studying in the U.S.,” she says of the moment she stepped onto the field to play her saxophone for roughly 25,000 people in the stands. In preparation, Ono, a native of Yokohama city, Japan, says she worked out regularly, practiced often and drew on six years’ experience in her middle and high school’s brass band club. As a Grizzly Marching Band member, she went on to routinely play for pregame and halftime shows, three songs each. “Every time we play people are excited, and I really feel that people in Missoula love Montana and this town, and this Grizzly Marching Band is very loved by the people in Missoula,” she says, adding, “I met my best [American] friend in the marching band.”

That makes Ono one of the luckier visiting international students. A pledge of international higher education—that students will form friendships across cultures that inspire new worldviews and global personal connections—is frankly falling short. As universities’ international enrollments are climbing nationwide, so too are foreign students’ accounts of alienation. A remarkable 40 percent of foreign students studying in the United States report having no close American friends despite their desire to, according to a recent study published in the Journal of International and Intercultural Communication. Says the study’s author Elisabeth Gareis, Ed.D., an associate professor of communication studies at Baruch College, "Where else can people meet and have the time and the freedom to make friends across cultures than at college? But we're not fulfilling that promise."

Student Showcase

17 The question of how best to integrate foreign and domestic students on America’s campuses is not new, but is garnering increased attention now as the nation’s international student enrollment has grown 7 percent to top 1 million in the 2015-16 academic year, according to the annual Open Doors report by the Institute of International Education. Since the international education community has largely concluded that spontaneous interactions between the parties isn’t making the grade, it is striving to bring students together in a deliberate way through “buddy” programs and service learning projects, which are having some success.

“I wanted more American friends, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make new friends. It has been that and so much more.” But simply given the advantage of time, these initiatives are primarily benefiting degree-seeking, full-time international students and their domestic counterparts. This raises the issue of how universities, without straining resources, can better lend a hand to the growing cohort of visiting non-degree-seeking students, like Ono, who must quickly be drawn in. By teaming up with SAF, universities are extending their reach, specifically to East Asian students, the largest group of foreign students in the United States. What SAF participants are saying:

92% say studying abroad has increased their understanding of other cultures

90% rank their study abroad experience as "good" or "great"

96% say they would recommend SAF

Drawing on regional expertise, SAF is continually expanding ways of supporting students from beginning to end. For example, we host intercultural summer orientations in which our students engage in expert-led exercises for improving cross-cultural social interactions. (By July, nearly 1,000 students and counting will have benefitted from the initiative.) What’s more, each semester our program coordinators and multilingual student liaison officers lead student activities promoting cultural exchange in host communities. Lastly, our global staff offer students advice for gaining the know-how they need to engage to fullest while overseas. As a result, many of our participants, like Ono, express their overwhelming satisfaction with their study abroad experience. “I wanted more American friends, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make new friends,” she says. “It has been that and so much more.”

Connect 2017



Meet the talented new members of our international staff. BEIJING

Joanne Jin, Student Counselor Joined November 2016 Joanne is a graduate of Beijing University of Technology and holds a Bachelor of Economics in International Economics and Trade (Foreign Trade English).

Katrina Zhang, University Relations Counselor Joined August 2016 Katrina is a graduate of North China Electric Power University with a master's degree in second language acquisition.



Melody Luo, Program Coordinator Joined August 2016

Laura Izzo, Program Coordinator Joined October 2016

Melody is a graduate of South China Normal University and holds a Bachelor of English.

Laura holds a Bachelor of Spanish from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, and a Masters in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Staff Profiles



Akane Fueki, Program Coordinator Joined September 2016

Saiko Hirano, Program Coordinator Joined April 2016

Akane is a graduate of Hosei University and has studied abroad at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom.

Saiko is a graduate of Tamagawa University with a degree in Comparative Culture. She studied abroad as an undergraduate at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom.

Tatsuya Ishii, Program Coordinator Joined March 2017

Toshiki Okumura, Program Coordinator Joined April 2017

Tatsuya holds a Bachelor of Public Relations from the University of Westminster and a Master of Marketing from Royal Holloway, University of London. He is an avid rugby player.

Toshiki is a graduate of Chuo University and an SAF alumnus, having studied abroad at the University of Westminster on an SAF program. He is a passionate advocate for SAF's alumni relations.

Megumi Otake, Program Coordinator Joined May 2016

Saori Takasaki, Program Coordinator Joined January 2017

Megumi is a graduate of Nihon University, where she majored in English. She studied for one year at Western Michigan University as an exchange student.

Saori holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, with a major in marketing, from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and she enjoys traveling the world.

Local Update




The year’s highlights from our global offices. International Education Symposium Guangzhou, October 2016 In partnership with the South China University of Technology, our China office brought together more than 100 higher education and government representatives from around the world to discuss challenges and effective solutions for universities’ internationalization initiatives. Speakers included British Consulate-General Ralph Rogers, and Deputy Director for the Division of American and Oceanian Affairs, China Scholarship Council, Meng Li.



Rising Enrollments

Cultural Engagement

Last year, our Japan office kicked off partnerships with Komazawa, Toyo and Gakushuin universities in which SAF staff would provide study abroad advising directly to students on campus. The ongoing collaboration has helped boost SAF Japan’s enrollment by 60 percent this spring, allowing for an increase in student support staff.

Program Coordinator Angela Lee treated our Yonsei University visiting students to an evening of cultural exploration in the vibrant Insadong and Gyeongbokgung districts in Seoul. There, the students, who came from Rikkyo University in Japan, had the unique opportunity of touring two palaces specially lit up for a rare nighttime viewing.





Engineering major Xiaochen Jin reflects on the eye-opening experience of studying history abroad.

Dear Carol,

When I met you at Berkeley, I once complained to you that as an engineering student we couldn’t choose courses in our major, so I chose to enroll in an Environmental History course instead. Then you asked me to write to you about what I learned from the history course. I’m sorry that this is such a delayed letter, but before I might not think as deeply as I do at present. To begin with, the course, Energy: An American History, gave me great confidence that I couldn’t gain from learning courses in my major, because they are not as challenging as this one. As an engineering student, I’ve learned basic principles in math and chemistry that prepare me for advanced engineering courses. However, at the beginning of history, I encountered great challenges, because 1.) I had little background in American History, and 2.) English is my second language. But by putting forth effort through the six weeks, I could feel how I understood better and adapted more to the course. For example, initially I had to ask the professor very simple questions, but a few weeks later he shared his interest in my [class] project and invited me to discuss it more deeply. This experience helped me overcome my fear and to be much more confident in my capability. Furthermore, I gradually realized the importance of broad knowledge. As a senior student who is going to graduate soon, I realize that there are many choices to make in life, and how you make a choice depends on your understanding, which is determined by your knowledge. We can’t have a successful life if we only know how to do problems, and

to have a deep understanding about the society helps us make better choices in life and in our career. That’s what I can learn from history. In addition, as an Environmental Engineering student, I don’t think I would be a good environmental engineer, if I could only solve problems or do research without knowing how our environment is related with the economy and society. I learned that from the history course. Last but not least, when I look back on the meaning of the visiting program, I don’t think what courses I take really matter. What really matters is whether we can be more adapted and capable of experiencing American college education, gain more life experience and communicate with U.S. students and professors to learn what we won’t know from Chinese. In addition, I fell in love with [Berkeley] and set Berkeley as my dream school. And I’m glad to share with you the good news that I’m going to study for a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering at Berkeley starting this fall semester, 2017! Best wishes,

Home: Dalian University of Technology Host: Berkeley Summer Sessions, 2015

Letter edited for word count. If you would like to submit a letter for consideration for publication, email

Connect 2017



Sending Universities MAINLAND CHINA Beijing Forestry University Beijing Institute of Technology Beijing International Education Exchange Center Beijing Jiaotong University Beijing Normal University Beijing University of Chemical Technology Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications Capital Normal University Central China Normal University Central University of Finance & Economics China Pharmaceutical University China University of Mining & Technology China University of Mining & Technology, Beijing China University of Petroleum China University of Political Science & Law Chongqing University Communication University of China Dalian Maritime University Dalian University of Technology Dongbei University of Finance & Economics Donghua University East China Normal University East China University of Political Science & Law East China University of Science & Technology Fujian Normal University Fuzhou University Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Hainan University Hebei University of Technology Huazhong University of Science & Technology Hunan University Jinan University Lanzhou University Nanchang Hangkong University Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics Nanjing University of Science & Technology Nankai University North China Electric Power University Northeast Normal University Northeastern University Northwestern Polytechnical University Ocean University of China Office of Pilot Software Engineering Schools (MOE) Shaanxi Normal University Shandong University Shanghai University Shanghai Finance University Shanghai Jiaotong University Shanghai Maritime University Shanghai Normal University Shanghai University of Int’l Business & Economics Soochow University South China University of Technology Southeast University Southwest University

Southwestern University of Finance & Economics Taiyuan University of Technology Tianjin University Tongji University University of Chinese Academy of Sciences University of Electronic Science & Tech. of China University of International Business & Economics University of Science & Technology Beijing Xiamen University Xi’an Jiaotong University Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Zhongnan University of Economics & Law JAPAN Aichi Prefectural University Asia University Chiba University (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences) Chuo University Doshisha University Gakushuin University, Faculty of International Social Sciences Japan Women's University Kanda University of International Studies Keio University Komazawa University Kwansei Gakuin University, Faculty of International Studies Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Meiji University Nanzan University Nihon University Ochanomizu University Okinawa International University Rikkyo University, College of Intercultural Communication Ryukoku University Shinshu University Showa Women's University Tokyo University of Science Tokyo Woman's Christian University Toyo University KOREA Catholic University of Korea Chonnam National University Chung-Ang University Chungbuk National University Dankook University Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Hanyang University Hongik University Incheon National University Inha University Kangwon National University Kongju National University Kookmin University Korea University

IUN Network

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Sogang University Sookmyung Women’s University Soongsil University Sungkyunkwan University University of Seoul Yonsei University

Hosting Universities AUSTRALIA University of New South Wales University of Queensland University of Wollongong CANADA St. Mary's University University of Calgary* University of Toronto* University of Victoria* FRANCE Universite Catholique de l'Ouest* GERMANY Universitat Leipzig ITALY Politecnico de Milano IRELAND University College Dublin* University of Limerick KOREA Yonsei University* MAINLAND CHINA Fudan University* NEW ZEALAND University of Otago SPAIN Universidad de Leon* Universidad de Malaga SWITZERLAND Universite de Lausanne UNITED KINGDOM Queen Mary University of London SOAS, University of London** St. Anne's College, University of Oxford University College London University of Cambridge Continuing Education University of the Arts London University of Bristol University of Edinburgh University of Glasgow University of Leeds**

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