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Digital Divide | Enhanced Digital Photography | 24" x 36"


50 TO WATCH highlighting San Diego’s visual artists

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The Studio Door is an arts incubator dedicated to the creative marketplace and the promotion of contemporary artists. The core of our activities is to assist artists with the business side of selling art as well as creating opportunities to bring greater attention to San Diego’s visual artists. Located along the 30th Corridor in North Park, The Studio Door showcases a new art gallery, working artists studios, GOLDEN art supplies and gift store, and Art-to-Market programming to help promote contemporary artists. Additionally, The Studio Door is a community partner to the region's artists, arts organizations and art industry. The Studio Door highlights include national exhibitions, an annual Open Studios San Diego weekend and the biennial 50 To Watch publication.

California has already contributed to the history of art in America but she is destined to add far more brilliant pages, not in individual effort, but in the great number of artists who will take part in making here a culture which is not yet imagined.” – Maurice Braun, notable San Diego Painter (1928)

The Kelp Kids | Acrylic | 4.5' x 24'


MICHAEL AMORILLO My passion is to tell a story through my work and create art on all mediums especially in the large scale format on walls. Throughout the years I have developed a family of characters whom I call “The Kelp Kids�. They are led by a large friendly sea monster named Monstro who happens to be my alter ego. All of my characters are a direct reflection of people I have met along the way and who have inspired me or claimed a page in my mental notebook. I want my work to challenge the individual to smile and connect with his or her inner child.


Last Connection 3 - Loyalty | Watercolor | 38" x 30"

ALLY BENBROOK An artist’s life is all about exploring new ways of expressing thoughts and emotions. The “paint what you love” philosophy for me has resulted in a multitude of animal-related pieces, and now has evolved into my Last Connection series. These paintings depict the incredible devotion that dogs offer to their homeless 6

Last Connection 18 - Homme et le Chien | Watercolor | 22" x 38"

owners. Most of these people have lost the ability to connect with other human beings, and their dogs give them the emotional connection that we all need. 7

Queen of the Sea | Acrylic | 20" x 16"

JEREMY BONSOL The power of water is omnipresent in our human experience. It’s with this intention and appreciation that I use water as the common element within all aspects of my body of work. The Ornate Aquatic collection is a depiction of flow and fluidity through imagery of sea life both actual and fantastical. My goal in creating this collection is to capture the essence of water as it floods the canvas. By diluting acrylic paint with water, I am able to create images that appear as if they were splashed onto the surface. 8

Mermaid with Fish and Seahorse | Acrylic | 16" x 20"


November Wind | Oil | 30" x 48" x .5"

CRISTIANA BRUSCO Nowhere throughout the world can be found living things that are more majestic and inspiring than trees. I love to paint trees because they give me a sense of peace and serenity. They symbolize the essence of life, the necessity of having roots and at the same time the need to reach for the sky. I like to reflect this dichotomy into my paintings by representing real objects without being constrained to their realistic appearance. I hope in this way to give a different perspective to who is looking: while we are just a small piece of the Universe our mind is able to transcend it. 10

Tree of Life | Oil | 24" x 24" x 1.5"


Aureole | Photographic Print | 17" x 11" 12

Meridian Stairs | Photographic Print | 17" x 11"

JEFF CAFFAREL The intent of my monochrome photography is to explore the strong geometric shapes that are all around us in ordinary objects and structures. We pass these structures and objects daily. We live with them and live in them. To me, these shapes always prove to be captivating in their ability to inform us. If you listen to them, they will tell stories of hope, pride, vanity and the timeless human desire to echo these emotions in the things we build. My work is to turn camera into microphone so that we may hear these stories. 13

Bedlah 8726 | Digital Pigment | 16" x 24"

LANCE CHANG Inspired by the mysterious and ever-changing Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), I use distortion and blur to enhance the movement and dreamlike quality of my images. Through this distortion, I allow viewers to tap into their own fleeting and familiar recollections to shape the story behind the image. My art is sometimes beautiful, sometimes dark, and often evokes memories of childhood fairy tales. 14

Bedlah 8492 | Digital Pigment | 8" x 12"


Acrylic and Fabric 7 | Acrylic | 12" x 12"

CHRISTOPHER CONROE At work, it is so difficult to appreciate the fine and intricate things that go into self expression. I am always busy. I have to be productive; it is fight or flight. It takes skill and a sense of self restraint to stop work. 16

Acrylic and Fabric 11 | Acrylic | 12" x 12"

My response to these emotions of the work environment is to paint with a sense of humor, wit, grace and charm that allows for the building of trusting relationships. From these impressions, a body of art emerges from the paint and transforms into an expression, which is the artwork that I am presenting to you. 17

Motion Picture | Print Making | 24" x 36"


Television Love Print Making | 24" x 36"

JERE DEAN I create and print limited edition unique t-shirts and wall art within my brand Urban Octopus ...my art and designs all represent my passions in my life... “Octopus� is a metaphor and my inspirations come from my travels, observing the world, walking the streets of a new urban city and my simple love for vintage bicycles... 19

Early Spring No. 3 | Mixed Media | 8" x 10"

DENNIS DIZON My work reflects the inter-connectivity of self, society and nature. As a painter, my journey has progressed from simply seeking out images of beauty to become a visual storyteller. Scenarios to stimulate the viewer play out through series of multiple artworks. 20

Happy Wednesday | Mixed Media | 10" x 8"


Soon be Fall | Fused Glass with Dried Leaves | 19" Round


Just a Blossom | Fused Glass | 6" x 17"

BONNIE DULL Glass for me is enriching, exciting, and all the fun descriptions you can imagine! Can you look at colored glass without feeling a smile, not usually. Next to working with glass, sharing the technique with other people is almost as exciting and most certainly rewarding. My teaching experience has been at UCSD Craft Center and SDAD/SDAI for 11 years. During that time lots of people passed through my classes and a great percentage still use glass as their medium of choice. It is, you see, addictive! I have works in private collections in more than half the states in our country and three foreign countries. There is nothing I enjoy more than spending a day in the studio cutting glass! 23

Indefinable Galactic X5 | Digital/Print (Montage, Photo-Manipulation, Digital Painting) | 27" x 40"


CLAYTON EHMAN As a multidisciplinary artist, I am committed to producing art that engages a broad array of subjects and ideas. This is reflected in my works which consist of diverse mediums and processes from sculpture to music to painting to digital art and so on... Recently, I have mostly been working on abstract art with a “maximal” aesthetic. I often experiment by mixing, compiling, appropriating, sampling, remixing and recycling art. By doing so, my art has been evolving to repeatedly become more complex, dense, and/or layered as these elements correspond with my view(s) of reality and the overwhelming “universe” we live in.

Limbo-C-Y1 | Digital/Print (Montage, Photo-Manipulation, Digital Painting) | 24" x 48"


Where Seldom Is Heard | Acrylic | 30" x 30"

ANN GALLAGHER For me, the process of creating art is joyful and meditative. I paint in acrylics to build layers of interest, texture and color. My whimsical animal characters celebrate life. They live in a world of abundance and happy circumstances. Their purpose is to create merriment. 26

Good Day At the Dentist | Acrylic | 12" x 12"




Spanky’s First Date | Acrylic | 12" x 12"

MIGUEL ANGEL GODOY AKA MAG The application of spray paint is instinctual; it is a process that requires making instant, permanent choices. I introduce water to create dramatic changes to this process. The water and spray paint will either work together or resist each other. This relationship settles exactly how it chooses and allows each piece to unfold organically. This dichotomy arranges a complex background and rich history to grow upon. I internalize this whole process as a metaphor for human interaction. We, as people either grow together or resist one another. We choose to live in peace and harmony or we wage war. Even in solitude we struggle within ourselves. Often times, the figures I create deal with these bouts of dualism creating a reoccurring theme of the struggle and the triumph. The intention of these works is to show that regardless of how we choose, we are connected and equally responsible for each other.

ESPERANZA | Alliance Project #5 Acrylic and Spray Paint | 148" x 99" 29

Wonderland 4 | Mixed Media on Wood Panel | 12" x 12"



My paintings bring my impulses, intuition and deep emotional feelings to a more conscious level. As I paint I focus on the joy in everyday life‌ the beauty in the tiniest things‌ the smells and sounds, love and loss, and heartbreak and pain. I want each piece to speak to the viewer about the possibility of an inner-consciousness, passion for life, compassion for human kind, and the spiritualism that defines us as individually unique people. In my work, I search for balance with broad spectrum of colors, multiple layering, scraping, over painting, mixed media, and texture to create rich images that express an intense love for the world around me. My pieces are influenced by daily images‌cracks on the sidewalk, old buildings, nature, friends and memories of the past. My love for life is magnified in my paintings.

Rhythm | Acrylic | 36" x 48" 31

Nehalennia #3 | Acrylic | 12" x 6"

KEVIN GREELAND As a painter I experiment with the material properties of paint: creating a waxy encaustic look or achieving depth and translucency, creating a patina, a stony facade or a rusted surface. Sometimes the work will explore just one of these elements and at other times the work will feature all these elements juxtaposed in a single piece. The paintings invite viewers to enter that world, one where sensation and emotion are constantly changing. 32

Brand en Ijs | Acrylic | 48" x 24" 33

Urban Garden | Acrylic | 30" x 30"



My art is a reflection of my love of color and bold images. I paint on large canvases using acrylic paint, exotic papers and mixed medium, along with copper, gold and bronze to capture the light. I paint memories and images which capture my imagination.

Spirit Guides | Acrylic | 30" x 30" 35

Resolution | Oil on Linen | 28" x 28"


Hot Light | Oil on Linen | 19" x 26"

MISTY HAWKINS I’ve always wanted to make portraits to explore the particulars of a face, and as a way to become intimate with qualities of a person’s character that lie beneath the surface. The suggestion of a narrative is evoked by how I relate to a model. I like paying attention to details like scars, how a nose curves, body parts that are believed to be too big or too small, so-called flaws that are not considered conventionally beautiful. The things a person may want to cover up, hide, or get rid of become beautiful to me through painting and represent the vulnerability and strength of revealing one’s true self. 37

Tree on Cliff in Storm | Photographic Print | 24� x 36�

VALERIE HAYKEN My photographs are visual studies of scenes that have inspired me. Utilizing light and shadow, line and shape, colors and shades of gray, textures and time to compose the frame, I create images designed to capture the energy I feel when shooting. My landscape portfolio is comprised of experiences that have expanded my creative horizons.


Every photograph is a new challenge to create something fresh, to capture a different mood on a subject that may have been photographed before, and to translate the essence of that scene to a two dimensional photograph.

White House Ruins | Photographic Print | 26” x 32”


Sunny Freedom | Mixed Media | 36" x 36"

VANESSA V. HOFMANN My work embraces creative play; it is spirited art. I am an architect during the day, so art is where I am more free to let the lines be adventurous and less exact. The other influence on my work is growing up in the Midwest on a farm. There planted the seed of my appreciation for animals of all shapes and sizes. Through color, texture, and markings I explore the subject matter I paint. The written words, phrases and thoughts are developed with the piece, some of which remain visible. My work is about capturing the joy and spirit of the subject matter. 40

Ella Mae’s discovery | Mixed Media | 36" x 36"

Horses remind me of growing up, where as kids we rode the horses every day through the fields of corn, alfalfa, and soybeans. Each animal has different personalities just like the paintings themselves. These painted moments reflect the energy that we felt as children and that we so often try to recreate in our lives.


I Remember | Acrylic & Charcoal | 12" x 12"

DAVID JONES I think of my paintings as a place to pause and listen to a story. My paintings will often start with a specific image, but as I continue my work, can change direction by connections to fairy tales, ancient wisdom, or intimate secrets. Modern portraiture and landscapes are both huge inspirations to me. My paintings give me the feeling of reminiscing while looking through an old photo album or vacation post cards. More recently, as my painting studio space has changed, I am even more influenced by images of nature. I am also inspired by mid-century geometric shapes, Cubist artists, and bold lines and colors. I often mix deep charcoal lines with my acrylic painting to create a harder edge. 42

A Penny | Acrylic | 24" x 24" 43

Detail of Murals from “The Alliance Project” 3750 30th Street San Diego, CA 92104

KREASHUN: MONTY MONTGOMERY / JASON FEATHER After over 12 years as an idea in a sketchbook, the right situation has found it’s way into the path. Monty Montgomery and Jason Feather bumped into each other about 3 years ago in San Diego, Ca. After working on various projects and exhibits with or around each other, they decided to collaborate. It started out with an exhibit at the THREAD show in San Diego, and has already spread through more exhibits and massive “LIVE” murals in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas with plans on starting to move into NYC and through the USA, eventually creating all over the GLOBE! J Feather and Monty Montgomery team up to create dreamlike murals that allow the viewer to enjoy the ride. From “LIVE” mural displays for special events to product development, “KREASHUN” approaches every project with the common goal of creating something like no other.


Alliance Project #4 | Acrylic | 148" x 99"


U Are Loved | Mixed Media | 36" x 36" 46

Now Get Happy | Mixed Media | 30" x 40"

DAWN KURESHY If my paintings have a mission, it is to convey a peaceful, vibrant, positive energy to the viewer. My whimsical work comes from that playful part of all of us inspired by memories of fuzzy friends, some real and some imagined. My lesson is that the best things happen when we are able to let go of ego.


Kite | Oil | 60" x 70" x 2"

LYDIA LARSON I am interested in the visual possibilities that result from taking pieces of information that are seemingly not related and translating them into a new image. Within this process is my attempt to forge connections in belief that a larger connection indeed exists. My most recent work borrows from various histories, images, memories, and tales. Each painting is a little world, an isolated stage in which a moment will unfold, intimately connecting to the next. I am engaged in an ongoing investigation concerning: rootlessness, voyages, spiritual forces, displacement, what it means to sojourn, place, time, and the great struggle and triumph of communicating. 48

The Rising | Oil | 50" x 46" x 2" 49

Flautista | Poster Paint | 24" x 18"


DIEGO LEÓN My work is only meant to make you think. While making someone understand what I’m feeling and hope someone shares the same thought. Although 19 one sees and feels the pain, joy, betrayal, hunger to have more and this is no secret among poor people I grew up with. Whatever I lack in formality I compensate with passion.

Sufrimento | Poster Paint | 35.75" x 28" 51

Primativa 1 | Mixed Media | 20" x 24"


Primativa 2 | Mixed Media | 24" x 20"

CECELIA LINAYAO Mango. Coffee. Sea and sky. I love these beautiful things. Their colors stay with me after the fruit is eaten, the coffee drunk and the sun goes down over the ocean. I wanted to capture that on canvas recalling those lush colors. This series is called ‘Primativa’ because I am using mostly primary colors, my technique is deliberately loose in a laid back style and my images are of world cultures. These paintings are in response to the inundation of slick, sleek computer crafted pieces. They have their place but I wanted to go raw; to stop and savor, to taste color and light in a way that is impossible with liquid crystal display screens. These are original images generated by hand without software. They are an exploration of primary colors and primitive style to make the world delicious again to the naked eye. 53

LINDA LITTERAL Through the process of making things, I want to open a door for those who have no voice and allow them a place to speak. Childhood trauma and abuse are dependent on silence and secrets to continue. My visual language speaks of the ‘unspeakable’ while at the same time gives a sense of hope and healing to the viewer. This subject matter in the gallery space gives the stories a different status and allows them to be confronted in a different context. The use of personal stories builds the content and addresses the concerns I have about our society through human experience. The viewing of the ‘secret’ will allow a change in the viewer’s beliefs and understanding. Public awareness could encroach on the consciousness of the individual viewer and eventually have an effect on societal norms. I chose art as the vehicle to tell this story for the emotional and intellectual impact that occurs when a person experiences art.


Meditation (Color) | Oil | 5'7" x 5'7"

Meditation (Black & White) | Oil | 5'7" x 5'7" 55

Skull Chapel - open Assemblage | 26" x 24" x 22"

MICHAEL MCALISTER I work primarily in the field of assemblage. The work is mainly iconic and about flesh, blood and bone. 56

The Mighty Quinn - front Assemblage | 17" x 12" x 7.5"



Spring Pig | Photogravure on Rives BFK | 15.25" x 16.5"

SHAUN MCCALLUM Human beings are complex creatures, full of odd habits, perceptions, and instincts that make us unique. One of our habits that I find particularly fascinating is the need to process our surroundings. Beginning with the agricultural revolution we started cultivating and adapting our surroundings to suite our needs. We turned our environment into something other than itself, and then‌ inexplicably we label these objects to identify them as natural once again. 58

Goat Crossing | Photogravure on Rives BFK | 15.25" x 16.5"


Sunset Along The River | Monoprint | 17.5" x 23"

DIXIE MCCARTHY To me painting can be a little map of your story. Each painting marks a special moment in time. The expressions of color and form are used to create my own world of beauty through the medium printmaking. Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again. Happiness comes when your work and words are of benefit to yourself and others. The mind contains all possibilities. 60

Tropical Rainforest | Monoprint | 26" x 19.5" 61

Steering Rust | Photography | 16" x 24"


The Color of Rust | Photography | 16" x 24"

KATHLEEN MCLAUGHLIN My photography takes a critical interpretation of society and cultural views of vintage pieces, waste, and restoration. I have been interested in what Americans dispose of and what they reinstate. A series of artistic photos, I call “Precious Recycled Items,� is constantly being increased with new work from antiquated objects and, sometimes, waste. This theme is, simultaneously, fascinating and disheartening. 63

Alliance Project #3 Acrylic | 148" x 99"

MAXX MOSES My artwork spawns from the sides of subway trains, intuitively transfixing letterforms with surrealism through a process titled “Concrete Alchemy”… the transformation of blank walls into objects of energy. My goal is to effectively use color shape and form to visually convey the importance of introspection. My purpose therefore is simply to awaken the human spirit.


Spray Paint has been my primary tool of expression. However the process of Concrete Alchemy is ever evolving and now embodies the usage of collaging, oils, acrylics and digital imagery.

Alliance Project #2 Acrylic | 148" x 99"

GLORIA MURIEL aka GLOW I paint what I feel. Art is a state of being and I lose myself in the beautiful chaos that I depict in my paintings. Those feelings develop at the precise moment when my brush hits the canvas. My work conveys a glowing immediacy, yet evokes timeless, remote worlds of mystery and allure. My murals and paintings, primarily acrylics, are characterized by their dazzling color and enigmatic, symbolrich iconography. The work is predominated by images of big-eyed girls, birds, and anthropomorphized nature. 65

Hotspots | Oil | 36" x 36" x 1.5"


Typhoon | Oil | 36" x 48" x 1.5"

DANIELLE NELISSE The use of color and line expresses my inner reflections about the struggle of people to deal with urbanization, climate change, and natural disasters. While my work as a prominent immigration attorney requires a heightened use of language, I feel that through painting I can rely on color and composition, not words, to express emotions. 67

Wythe | Enhanced Digital Photography | 28" x 42"

ROBERT PENDLETON My work centers on expanding the dynamic range of digital photography with various techniques for selectively editing and enhancing luminosity. The bulk of these images can be described as “colored shadows.” Often this process results in ambiguity in depth, best seen in Escher’s Place, and evident in all of my architectural pieces. 68

Escher’s Place | Enhanced Digital Photography | 23" x 28"


Foreigners | Acrylics on Cardboard | 15" x 20"

PEDRO PEREZ-GUILLON My work is an invitation to look towards ourselves and our times. Using images contingent to our contemporary world. I try to show timeless and archetypical psychological conflicts. Images of what we don´t want to see. Confronting us with the uncomfortable beauty of what we sweep under the carpet. Speaking 70

not to our rational minds, but trying to connect to our subconscious being. There is nothing to understand, and yet something to be felt and intuited.

The Prodigal Son | Acrylics on Panel | 15" x 7" 71

The Lion | Photograph | 30" x 20" 72

Paisley | Photograph | 30" x 20"

ANA PHELPS Tide Designs/Sand Art is a series of photographs taken at low tide at our beautiful San Diego Beaches. Nature etches their own forms and designs on the sand, gone forever with the next tide. I capture these forms and patterns on the sand and invite you to let your imagination “see” and find your own interpretation of Nature’s art. Conceptual and Realistic are my dual form of photographing the world and capturing the moment with my camera. Around town, around the country and around the world. 73

ARDEN PLANK Dance has been my main focus for most of my life, but painting provides me with a much needed escape into a solitary space where I always bask in the freedom to move paint around the canvas as I like. I am about to graduate from UCLA with a degree in dance and English.

San Francisco | Acrylic | 30" x 40" 74

Cities | Acrylic | 48" x 36" 75

NANCY PLANK My goal in painting is to put down the essence of what I see, feel, and experience as beautiful in any object, person, or place. I do this in the medium of oil. It is my joy and passion to paint.

A Longer View of Spring Flowers Oil | 48" x 36" 76

Two Friends | Oil | 48" x 27"


Lone Palm | Acrylic | 36" x 48"

RD RICCOBONI What drives and inspires me is a passion for forward thinking. I pick up on the positive and beautiful vibrations of color, contrast, perspective and spirit that surround our daily lives and create art with a mission that is trail blazing for others artists and non-artists. I hope my art work will trigger inspiration and happiness in you to create and make the world a better place starting right in our own neighborhoods whether you are the creator, the appreciator or both. 78

Little Piece of Heaven | Acrylic | 30" x 24"


Floating By | Acrylic | 24" x 60"

SALLY SAMINS As an abstract artist, I am strongly influenced by my childhood in Australia. After developing an artistic eye through photography, I decided to follow my childhood dream of becoming a painter and created a distinctive style that combines strong visual composition with rich color. The images convey the inspirations I derive from Australia’s deserts, oceans and urban landscapes. The work has a strong visual impact while evoking feelings of comfort and familiarity, and continuing to reveal itself in its detail.


Newport | Mixed Media | 40" x 40" 81

Structure | Mixed Media | 12" x 12"

CHRISTINA SCHULZ Art has always been important in my life from the first time I picked up a crayon at the age of three. But it has been through the difficult and transformative experience of healing from cancer that art has taken on a special meaning in my own healing process. When I paint, I don’t have to think about what the future holds or how long I may or may not live. Creating art is what sustains my heart and soul. It allows me to live fully engaged in the moment, and in creative flow with the universe. 82

Cancer | Mixed Media | 12" x 12" 83


I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive | Starched Muslin, Scrap Wood | 12' x 40' x 20'

RYAN SCHWARTZKOPF I make sculptures and installations that are centered around bodies, present or implied. Through an emphasis on the physical, I hope to explore basic human commonalities­—especially notions of empathy, temporality and purpose. My approach is both formal and pragmatic. By way of materials and process these works engage candidly with their own past, as well as art historical precedents. At the same time, I seek to confront the works’ context and respond directly to the practical realities of their existence as art objects. I want the things I make to reside in the fertile transitive spaces between tradition and eccentricity, frailty and humor, utility and absurdity, engineered function and aesthetic design.


As Likely As Not, Some Cat’s Crying Or Ready To Die Starched Muslin, Scrap Wood, Acrylic Paint | 80" x 84" x 58"


CHRIS SMITH By applying abstraction, I create intense personal moments by means of rules and omissions, acceptance and refusal, luring the viewer round and round in circles. My paintings don’t typically reference recognizable form. The results are deconstructed to the extent that meaning is shifted and possible interpretation becomes.

The Silence of Frost | Acrylic | 40" x 30" 86

Ace of Spades | Acrylic | 48" x 36"


Brigadeiro | Oil | 20" x 16" 88

ALINE SPELLMEIER It is through her work that Aline exposes how powerful the idealism of elegance and sensuality can be expressed through someone’s personal revelation of its own body, figure, and spirituality that transcends into abstract expressionism and realism. Her fascination towards human figure is explained through the strong and powerful “shapes, shades of color, lines, volume, and shadows captured by every movement exposed to different lightning.

Jorge Oliveira | Oil | 40" x 24" 89

Calm After Storm | Acrylic | 40" x 40"

STEFAN TALIAN Currently black and white acrylic paints on canvas are my favorite tools of choice. As I reflect on my personal life I see things for me can be simply black and white but at the same time very complex and expressively colorful and complete. I enjoy exploring the edge of contrast. One area of contrast I look forward to exploring more is the area of knowing and not knowing. In between the two there is a very fine line of taking an inspiration and putting it into action that starts with experimenting. 90

Go Strong | Acrylic | 40" x 40" 91

Soto Voce | Acrylic | 36" x 36"

CHRISTINA ILENE THOMAS Expansiveness, heart-centered generosity, spirituality, and joy. Painting brings these feelings alive in me. Using varied techniques of layering, textures, marks, symbols, and colors; I paint intuitively. Each painting unfolds its mystery to me as I consider each next choice. I treasure this freedom to explore, experiment, and express myself through my paintings. 92

Be Still and Know | Acrylic | 24" x 24"



Sol | Archival Pigment Print on Plexi-glass with Encaustic | 17" x 21"



Curious and creative, I have always loved making things and exploring new possibilities. Trained both as a painter and a photographer, I enjoy exploring connections and bridging barriers. Specifically, I am interested in finding connections between mediums. The Imagination Series is a body of work seeking to explore the inner landscape of the human experience. At the same time that I photographed my subjects I also asked them to draw and describe what they see with their eyes closed. I then layered their drawings with their portraits and also added the colors they each described seeing. I chose to work in layers and mixed media to capture the depth and dreaminess of the subconscious.

Alex | Archival Pigment Print on Plexi-glass with Encaustic | 17" x 21"


CRUIS’N | Mixed Media | 72" x 36" x 36"

SCOTT VANIDESTINE Through signs, signifiers, and symbols that position queer individualism against the homogenization of gay culture, I use the visual as a vernacular which allows “gay” to become universal. My studio practice has been dedicated to exploring gay identity through an understanding of a collective queer visual culture. My work pushes the viewer to question—both politically and personally—their ideas about gender, “the other”, notions of pleasure, identity archetypes, constructed LGBTQ “characters”, and the structures and systems of and about masculinity. 96

(Everyday) Sights, (Forgotten) Non-sights | Mixed Media | 68" x 36" x 24"


Perplexity | Acrylic | 24" x24"

WILNA WOLF I paint to live life fully. Art is my purpose. My paintings are inspired by my emotions, experiences and vivid dreams. I paint in the moment for all it has to offer. An intuitive energy comes over me when I begin a painting. Once I engage with an idea magical things seem to happen. All the colors of acrylic paint mix together with rhythm on the canvas. My hands and eyes respond to this movement of paint. 98

Desire | Acrylic | 20" x 24"

I love sharing a visual connection with the viewer. There is beauty in the unseen images that appear with each new set of eyes. When a new image jumps out from the canvas, it becomes alive creating an enjoyable experience for each individual. 99



Blue Grass Road | Acrylic | 16" x 16"

Awake in a Dream | Acrylic | 16" x 16"


Ajna | Acrylic | 6' x 6'

ELIZABETH ZAIKOWSKI Her work portrays themes that originate in the spiritual character of the mandala and the world of magical fantasy and illusion. Mandalas, being symbolic of the universe and balance one sees in her work. Inherent themes found in her work include connection, understanding, communication and participation within natures cosmic world order. 102

Space Bonsai | Acrylic | 30" x 30"

“Through my art I hope to create a sense of peace and balance in our sometimes chaotic world. I devote my life to creating art because I believe art enriches our lives and spirits. Expressing the need for balance in life, my paintings are a reflection of the symmetrical nature of the universe.� 103

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BE ST IN SH OW J U R O R S STEPHEN C. WAGNER Stephen C. Wagner is a professional artist and currently the Managing Partner of Arc Gallery & Studios in San Francisco and Program Coordinator for the San Francisco Artist Network.

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Stephen encourages other artists to commit to their artwork and take the steps necessary to become more successful through his guest speaking on professional development for artists at art organizations throughout California. His lectures offer artists insight to jump-start their artist career, obtain clear focus on their intention for their artwork, create a strategic plan for their artist career, compile an impressive artist packet, and master the business of art. Stephen also provides one-on-one consultations with artists to develop strategies, goals, and actions plans. As the Program Development Coordinator for the San Diego Art Institute, Stephen was responsible for all educational programs for both adults and children. He was a member of the Balboa Park Educators Council and Museum Educators Southern California. To train teachers to incorporate art into their everyday curriculum, Stephen taught Aesthetic Education classes through the University of San Diego Division of Continuing Education.




Patti Brady is a painter with more than 35 years of experience working with acrylics. Not only the public face of Golden Artist Colors, Inc.; Patti is also the Program Director for Golden’s Working Artist Program and Golden’s Artist Educator Program. She has worked with Golden for over 15 years developing acrylic techniques and training material for artists all over the world. As the Program Director for Golden Artist Colors, she has developed curriculum for acrylic classes for artists and art educators and presented at numerous educational conferences such as NAEA. Patti currently has trained and manages over 75 national and international artists for the Golden Working Artist Program in the US, Canada, Korea, France, Austria, Spain, Mexico and the Netherlands. In 2004 and again in 2006 she traveled to Japan for Golden Artist Colors to lecture at Universities in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Her paintings and prints have been exhibited nationally and reviewed by the New York Times. She has exhibited at the Brand Library, Glendale, CA, Arch Gallery, Chicago, IL, Mills College, Oakland and U.C. Berkeley CA, Greenville Museum, Lander College and U of SC. Furman University and the Governor’s School. Her work is in the collection of Greenville County Museum, The Contemporary Collection of MSUC in Charleston SC, The Mark B. Copland Collection at the South Carolina State Museum and County Bank. She has published a book covering contemporary uses of acrylic titled “Rethinking Acrylics: Radical Solutions for Exploiting the World’s Most Versatile Medium”. 111



3750 30th Street San Diego, CA 92104-3632



In my lifetime, I have utilized various art forms to express internal thoughts to the external world. Most recently, painting and photography are my media of choice. Whether figurative or abstract, my creations are heightened by a philosophical effort to define the power behind color and the motion of texture. my-reality.com



City Hall Gallery 635 South Highway 101 Solana Beach, CA 92075-2215

EXHIBITION DATES: APRIL 5 – MAY 15, 2015 This celebration of contemporary art in San Diego showcases and promotes the brightest of San Diego’s visual artists with a regional exhibition in two galleries, an online gallery with additional artwork for sale and within this national gallery publication. A heartfelt thank you to the following individuals who gave invaluable input during the formation of this exhibition: Stephen C. Wagner, Owner, Arc Gallery and Studios – San Francisco * Susan Haldeman, Owner, ArtBizSuccess and Lady BIM Patti Brady, Program Director for Golden’s Working Artist Program and Golden’s Artist Educator Program * *Best in Show Jurors Special acknowledgments to San Diego Visual Arts Network for their introductions to ensure that this premier project secured additional gallery participation and to the generosity of Greater San Diego’s art community who embraced the project with open arms.

For additional information on 50 To Watch, please visit www.50towatch.com

WILNA WOLF | Awake in a Dream | Acrylic | 16" x 16"