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Featured Cover Artist LANCE CHANG | Cinderella 1652 | Photography, Archival Pigment on Watercolor Paper | 16" x 24" 123

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50 TO WATCH highlighting San Diego’s visual artists


The Studio Door | 3750 30th Street | San Diego CA

The Studio Door highlights include national exhibitions, an annual Open Studios San Diego weekend and the co-op gallery HYPE at The Studio Door. Exhibition Dates: March 2 – 25, 2018 Opens at THE STUDIO DOOR on March 2, 2018 Reception on Saturday, March 3, from 6 – 9 PM Opens at ESCONDIDO ARTS PARTNERSHIP on March 9, 2018 Reception on Saturday, March 10, from 6 – 9 PM


Welcome to the third edition of the prestigious biennial 50 To Watch, a regional exhibition and national catalog featuring San Diego’s professional and emerging visual artists. This edition was juried by Maria Mingalone, Executive Director of the Oceanside Museum of Art. Producer of 50 To Watch, The Studio Door is an arts incubator dedicated to the creative marketplace and the promotion of contemporary artists. The core of our activities is to assist artists with the business side of selling art as well as creating opportunities to bring greater attention to San Diego’s visual artists. Located in the heart of North Park along the 30th Street Corridor, The Studio Door showcases an art gallery, artists studios and art-to-market programming to help visual artists navigate the world of creative commerce. Additionally, The Studio Door is a community partner to the region’s artists, arts organizations and art industry.

“California has already contributed to the history of art in America but she is destined to add far more brilliant pages, not in individual effort, but in the great number of artists who will take part in making here a culture which is not yet imagined.” – Maurice Braun, notable San Diego Painter (1928)


Solace | Acrylic | 24" x 36"

FARAH AJOODANIFAR Perhaps the deepest human need is to control one’s own life. When that control is missing in my life, painting becomes therapeutic for me, allowing me to express myself through creative design, color and form. Through multiple layers of acrylic paints, I create vivid abstract paintings which bring visual vitality to my environment. What do I want to say with my art? “Appreciate life!” 4


Poise | Acrylic | 24" x 36"


Pacific | Acrylic | 24" x 36"


Crow’s Ensemble | Mixed Media | 7.75" x 7.75" 8

Poppy In The Lounge | Oil and Oil Stick | 24" x 24"

JENNA BAO Bao’s work explores identity and adulthood inspired by vibrant neighborhoods and subcultures such as kawaii culture, nerd culture, lolita fashion and alternative lifestyles. She transforms observations into color and form as subjects become embodiments of living fairytales. Certain elements of “the cutesy sublime” are also present in her works, namely with bursts of color, graffiti references and childlike mark making. 9

Her 001 | Mixed Media | 60" x 48" 10

Her 002 | Mixed Media | 28.75" x 36"

MICHELLE JEAN BARRON My art... no explanation, no words, no ideas,

no direction, no apologies, no awareness, no me, just authentic expression. 11


Fifty 7 | Mixed Media Digital Print | 25" x 17" Fifty 6 | Mixed Media Digital Print | 25" x 17"

ELEANOR BELL These mixed media series of images are based on the abstraction of the human figure. The works on paper incorporate drawing, painting, monoprints and digital enhancement. My fascination with art began at a very early age. I received a BFA from Syracuse University, also studying at The Art Students League and The New School for Social Research. 13

Nubian Beauty Bronze with Wood Base | 36" x 12" x 9" Photographed by James Halfacre Girl Friends Bronze on Marble Base | 8" x 11" x 9"

MANUELITA BROWN My sculptures are intended to elicit an emotional response—I want you to relate to the humanity of my subjects and to recognize that you are part of the same human family. I specialize in figurative and portrait sculpture in classical forms. My smaller pieces are to be considered models for larger commissioned sculptures. I have completed several major projects. 14


Sojourner Truth | Bronze | 6' tall Located at UC San Diego, edition 2 is available Photographed by James Halfacre


Matthew Henson | Bronze with Marble Base | 11" x 8" x 7"



Helping Avocados | Bronze | 6" x 5" x 4" Hand Brush | Bronze | 7" x 5" x 4"

BRENDA BUFFALIN I use hands as my subject manner for my bronze sculptures because I am fascinated with the gestures that hands take on when a person is emotional. The hands are as expressive as a face to communicate a mood. I model them with wax or clay as it allows me conceptual control—and becomes more than just a body cast. 19

Range & Basin #1 | Inkjet on Photo Rag | 24" x 30"

ALEX CAVE My series Range & Basin explores rural Texan landscapes threatened by environmental degradation due to suburban development. Rows of abandoned main street storefronts have turned many small towns into a time capsule from a forgotten era. It’s my hope to document these misunderstood communities and shine a new light on their importance to our cultural fabric. 20

Range & Basin #32 | Inkjet on Photo Rag | 30" x 24" 21

Cinderella 1598 | Photography, Archival Pigment on Watercolor Paper | 8" x 12"

LANCE CHANG Inspired by the mysterious and ever-changing Aurora Borealis (northern lights), I use distortion and blur to enhance the movement and dreamlike quality of my images. Through this distortion, I allow viewers to tap into their own fleeting and familiar recollections to shape the story behind the image. My art is 22

Cinderella 1423 | Photography, Archival Pigment on Watercolor Paper | 16" x 24"

sometimes beautiful, sometimes dark, and often evokes memories of childhood fairy tales. My watercolorlike prints are included in the permanent collection of the National Museum of Dance. I earned degrees from Pomona College and the Brooks Institute of Photography and work in Southern California. 23

Nourisher of Nectar | Oil | 40" x 30"

MARGARET ALEXIS CHIARO A magical world or an emotionally charged moment, each of my paintings is an invitation for the viewer to elicit his/her own personal response. I love duality and opposition, balance over symmetry, and the idea of shared energy between people and our natural surroundings. Each painting can consume 600 hours to create fine detail by rendering each piece entirely by hand. I strive to create technically beautiful and thought-provoking oil paintings while continuing to experiment and evolve as an artist. 24

Protector of Pollinators | Oil | 40" x 30"


Keeper of Day | Oil on Wood | 19" x 14" 26

Keeper of Night | Oil on Wood | 19" x 14" 27

Path of Light | Oil | 36" x 48" Light and Nature | Oil | 24" x 30"

YUMI CLIMENSON As an artist, my greatest teacher is nature. It’s a constant reminder that in life Yin and Yang co-exist. In the dark of night, the moon and stars shine. On the stormy day, the sunlight is just on the other side. Light is always there. That is what I see and paint. 28


Allies Feast | Beaded Embroidered Sculpture | 8" x 16" x 8"

BETTY COX I love this medium because I express whatever I want including sculpture, wearable art that can be beautiful, grotesque, surprising and most of all, creative. I enjoy being rebellious and unpredictable in the end, which can be as surprising to me as it is to the admirer. Most importantly, I like to rock the boat and always have a piece that represents that part of me. 30

All Knowing | Beaded Art | 22" x 18" x 2" 31

Cardiff | Mixed Media | 48" x 48"


Orange Cherry and Blossom | Mixed Media | 48" x 48"

KYM DE LOS REYES My purpose, as an artist, has always been to capture images and record my being on canvas. I paint to capture what stirs me in that very moment of time. I record on canvas, my visual voice, whether it be a landscape, an abstract, a portrait or still life. I believe painting is singing in color. 33

The Clearing | Oil | 36" x 36"

PAULA DES JARDINS The pure love of color, texture, form and light sparks the passion that drives my art. Light against dark, texture upon texture and distinctive marks all work in unison to bring each piece to its completion. My goal is to bring something beautiful to life that causes the viewer to stop and think: Is this real or is this fantasy? 34

Sacred Waters Series II | Oil on Gesso Board | 10" x 10"



Blue Mountains | Acrylic on Watercolor Paper | 30" x 22" Evening at the Tidepools | Acrylic | 48" x 24"

LINDA DRAKE OF SEAS AND SKIES is one of the series I love to paint. Recently, I started experimenting with pouring the acrylic paints, and discovered that that fluidity lends itself perfectly to capturing the elusive and everchanging nature of these mercurial elements. It has always been my goal to never become static in any aspect of the creative process and to always make a new discovery along the way. 37

0.08 | Acrylic | 16" x 20" 38

0.01 | Acrylic | 24" x 24"

NATHANIEL DUNN See what you want to see. Feel what you want to feel. It’s your experience. 39

The Creator (2 of 2) Pencil and Watercolor on Wood | 36" x 24" In Bloom Pencil on Wood | 24" x 24"

MICHELLE D FERRERA The subject matter of my series of artworks is directly pulled from emotionally heightened journal entries. The simplicity of drawing freehand with pencil on raw wood creates an environment conducive to releasing such personal, intimate moments and poses. To me, expressing vulnerabilities fuels acceptance and confidence, allowing deeper connections, communication and understanding.



10,000 Feet | Encaustic on Wood Panel | 30" x 30" 42

Ghost Image | Encaustic on Wood Panel | 36" x 36"

LINDA FRUEH I am fascinated with patterns of nature, rich colors and mixtures of texture. Simple but bold compositions and a disciplined palette allow me to find stillness while still expressing a sense of place. I mix my colors with great intention and explore their power to express and influence mood through nuances of texture and surface. 43

The Goondock Saints | Oil | 24" x 36"

CAYCE HANALEI Owner and founder of Hanalei Artworks, Cayce Hanalei, received her Fine Art degree and Business degree in 2013 and presently resides in Bonita, California. She specializes in portraiture and has been featured in many national and international exhibitions, including shows at La Bodega gallery, The Studio Door and Art on 30th. Her studio is located at La Bodega gallery in Barrio Logan where she currently works on her most recent projects. 44

Unfinished | Acrylic | 36" x 36"



Honorable FINN | Palm Frond | 37" x 14" x 6" Skeptical FELIPE | Palm Frond | 39" x 18" x 8"

DAVID HEMINGWAY There has always been an obsession with seeing facial attributes in nature. Expanding on the idea of nature’s simplicity and brilliant expression, David uses recycled palm fronds as his canvas to celebrate the raw beauty of the natural world and each Frond’s unique attributes to transform them into the human representation of themselves. 47

The Birch Islands | Wood, Rye and Resin | 7.25" x 96"

The Kelp Leopard (3 of 6) | Marquetry Wood Inlay | 16" x 80"


MAC HILLENBRAND Child of light from golden womb, different you are, so be doomed. Retreat and observe what they say you cannot be. Discard the scorn and trade it for beauty and vulnerable alacrity. Thrust forth and overthrow with art and dignity. The meaning within your separatist circumstantially driven visual epiphanies‌ 49

Yosemite Resurrection | Chinese Brush Painting | 18" x 40"

SUSAN HULL Susan Mae Hull is a fourth-generation native San Diego artist. She established Ladybug Art Studio in 1974, having a gallery presence in San Diego for more than four decades. Hull employs the “softer mediums� of pastel, watercolor, Chinese brush and calligraphy. She currently creates collections of a particular subject matter; creatures, people, plein air landmarks and abstract visages. She thrives on custom commission work. 50

Half Dome | Pastel | 11" x 14"


BRANDON JAMESON I’ve been creating since I was a kid. From Legos and Erector Sets to drawing and early mixed media projects with construction paper and macaroni, I’ve always expressed by creating. As an adult, I taught myself to paint by trying to make the art that I wanted on my own walls. Vibrant colors, interesting designs, captivating images. My goal is to create something meaningful and attention-catching that you are as proud to display as I am making it. 52

E Pluribus Unum | Acrylic | 48" x 60" Jimi | Acrylic | 60" x 48"


‌at Belmont | Mixed Media | 24" x 30"

MICHAELA JEAN I scribble with pens, pencil, paint, pastels and more. I scribble because my process is emotive. I scribble because my work is about remembrance, not accuracy and replication. By emphasizing locations that relate to former experiences, I unite my present self with my past. Ultimately, my art visually combines present impressions with old memories to create fantastical and illimitable imagery. 54

This is Home | Mixed media | 36" x 48" 55

This Cloud | Photography on Metal | 16" x 24"

PAUL W KOESTER I vividly recall going out and exploring with my dad’s little Kodak Instamatic 104 camera. I was only 6 years old at the time, yet the resulting feelings were quite powerful. Those same emotions hold strong to this day. 56

Yellow | Photography on Metal | 24" x 36"

There is a sense of Yin and Yang going on with what causes me to bring the camera to my eye. First is nature in its wonder, purity and perfection. Then there is the highly contrasted urban landscape. I achieve an elevated sense of peace and balance between the two. 57

The Veteran | Digital Photography | 8" x 10"


Inland | Silver Gelatin | 4" x 6"

INDIA LA MOTTE An avid photographer, my love of photography reaches far into my roots. For as far back as I can remember, my parents documented my childhood in photographs, and a disposable camera was placed in my hands before I was even old enough to work the winding knob. Now, I am eager to shoot with whatever camera I can get my hands on, be it digital or film, color or B&W. My personal joy is being able to work a photograph with my hands in the darkroom, where I can control and put my personal touch on everything from development to printing, and knowing that no two prints will ever be exactly the same. 59

Shape of You | Mixed Media | 24" x 36"

HAYDEE LABORIN Art is my Voice, to which I find creating thought-provoking pieces about my personal experiences as an essential part to the creative process. Words such as mystery, romance, and sensuality are what bounce around my head whenever I am in my studio working with various mediums, vehicles that transport emotions onto canvas. "Behind My Silence" is a series that captures how passion for life, art, and love are weapons of writing visual poetry that enables and empowers me to communicate my feelings. 60

Rebirth | Mixed Media | 24" x 20"



Breaking Open | Acrylic | 48" x 48" Earth Angel | Acrylic | 24" x 48"

DAVID LESINSKI David is inspired by the deeper levels and layers of the human being; the emotions, sensations and feelings going on beneath the surface. He’s spent many years diving into the depths of his own being and he draws on that experience to create Paintings for the Soul. While painting, he relies completely on instinct, intuition and trust. He writes a poem with each painting and the two work together to leave the viewer feeling uplifted, motivated and moved deep within. 63


Sophie and the Magic Ladybugs Oil on Panel | 24" x 24" Windows | Acrylic | 14" x 11"

JOHN MAKINSTER I depict what interests me with little concern over mixing different genres and styles. My desire is to create images using expressive line, color, perhaps a little humor, and elements of my personality. My hope is to encourage the viewer to see our world a little differently while displaying my own joy of creativity and respect for all the artists who have meant so much to me. I believe there is no one way to paint, and no need to overanalyze what I do. I just work. 65

Lime Miura | Acrylic on Aqua board | 18" x 24"

ELISE MCKENNA Largely self-taught, I have been drawing, painting and creating my whole life. The process is meditative for me. I am often lost in one square inch of a piece for hours before I step away and see that somehow the light, the texture and the presence of the subject has emerged in that small space. 66

Misguided | Acrylic | 20" x 30"


Oily Bay | Photography | 16" x 24"

KATHLEEN MCLAUGHLIN My photography is a critical view of society, the environment, nature, and cultural interpretations of the world around me. Motivated by how individuals respond to and reflect the ambiance, conditions, and ecosystem, I hope my photos encourages humanity to embrace the environment, each other, and their surrounding landscape. 68

Reflections | Photography | 14" x 20"


America The Beautiful | Oil | 24" x 18"

BONNIE OWEN I love to paint people, especially children. Their sweetness and innocence remind us that at heart we are all both unique and the same. I most often work in oil or acrylic in a traditional manner and hope for a sense of joyful timelessness. 70

Marble Shooter | Oil | 16" x 20"


At The Lake | Mixed media | 8" x 11.5"


Playtime | Mixed Media | 8" x 11.5"

LORRAINE PAGE My work reflects who I am: playful, inquisitive, and whimsical. A bit of fabric, thread and found objects always find their way into my vibrant abstract art. 73

Fallen | Acrylic | 36" x 36" 74

Emerald City | Acrylic | 30" x 40"

STEVEN PAULSEN Over the past few years, I have been developing my own interpretation of both optical art and abstract expressionism. With each painting, I am creating an experience that is simultaneously mentally, textually and visually stimulating. 75

Liquid Gold | Photography | 16" x 20"


Tangerine Dream 2 | Photography on Glassed Wood Panel | 12" x 36"

ANA PHELPS Capturing stillness with my camera. Oceans always inspire me. There is just something about the infinity and expansive views on them. In this collection, my intention is to explore how motion, movement and stillness come together to create colors, patterns and evoke feelings. Recreating landscapes and seascapes through photography has been one of my biggest driving purpose in life. Growing up in Brazil surrounded by the beautiful seas added to the adventure. My devotion to Photography has taken me around the corner, around countries and around the World. 77



LINDA PHILLIPS Whether inspired by sunflowers swaying in the wind, or by Chelsea, the lovely model with stylish red hair, I found these subjects ideal for my gold, silver, and copper leaf series. Applying oil paint to this malleable medium creates texture, pattern and movement that transformed my initial inspirations into enticing compositions illuminated by the colored leafs.

Sunflower Winds | Oil on Gold Leaf | 18" x 36" Chelsea | Oil on Gold Leaf | 36" x 12"


Holly and Sebastian | Oil | 24" x 16"


Chrissey | Oil | 9" x 11"

NANCY PLANK My goal in painting is to put down what I see, feel, and experience as beautiful in an object, person, or place. Ideally, it is sensitive, strong, and honest. It’s my joy and passion to paint. 81

Arden | Oil | 8" x 10" Arden in Bonaire | Oil | 24" x 18"



JULIANNE RICKSECKER I have been deeply moved and inspired by the beauty of landscape since I was a child in Pittsburgh. With my etchings, monotypes, and pastels, I hope to evoke in the viewer the pleasure, peace and joy I experience in nature. My recent focus has been the trees, cliffs and beaches of a San Diego gem, Torrey Pines State Reserve. 84

Torrey Pines Road | Etching and Aquatint | 10" x 12" Coast Walk | Etching and Aquatint with Hand Coloring | 8" x 10"


Torrey Pines State Beach Monotype | 12" x 10" Torrey Pines #4 Soft Pastel | 16" x 12"



Less is More | Ink on Wood Panel | 6" x 6"


Yearning Ink & Watercolor on Archival Paper | 12" x 9"

ASTHA SAINI Ink is my primary medium. I draw parallel lines with ink to give it a form and I empower it with my words. I find lines subtle, because they transform and flow to add meaning to my experiences and ignite them. Every line that follows evolves from a connected thought and becomes a story as it metamorphoses into the unknown. It is humbling to draw freehand with ink. I find its clarity not only elegant but also unforgiving. The play of simple, yet strong composition and negative spaces in my art work, is definitive of who I am and becoming. “Suddenly your life will change, and change into your life.� - WRDSMTH 89

Morning Downtown | Spray Paint, Rice Paper and Resin on Wood | 18" x 18"

JON SAVAGE My artworks take a critical view of blending pop art and San Diego. I deconstruct the beach culture and neighborhoods that are part of my childhood and adult culture. By incorporating a positive vibe, my work reproduces familiar San Diego landmarks by arranging them into contemporary art. Often times these themes are combined into installations that feature stripes as abstract bases on sunrises/sunsets with different color temperatures. 90

Morning La Jolla Shores | Spray Paint, Rice Paper and Resin on Wood | 18" x 18"


Esmeralda Acrylic and Silver Leaf | 28" x 22" Copper Penny Acrylic and Copper Leaf | 24" x 18"

CZARINA SCOLARI-ORTIZ Czarina Scolari Santaella is a retired travel agent and mother of four. Painting has always been a passion of hers, but she held off until her children were older so that she could dedicate herself completely to her art. Her paintings capture women with strong gazes, large eyes and lips, and metallic hair. She paints the eyes of the women with great intensity because she is a firm believer that eyes are the window to the soul. Czarina is inspired by her three daughters and their tenacity to become strong women themselves. The medium she uses in her paintings are acrylic, gold, silver, and copper leaf. 92


Summer Solstice | Acrylic | 24" x 30"


JEANNETTE SCOLLARD The “Architecture of Nature” distilled to its essentials, or “frozen music” of planetary life best describes my work. I create peaceful and serene views of uninhabited yet vaguely familiar


Peace In The Valley | Acrylic | 30" x 36"

vistas in self-styled Neo-Surrealism. Inspired by the sunlight, ocean and deserts of California, and elysian fields of my native Tennessee, I exalt the mystical triangle explored by Pythagoras. 95


Viennese Dream | Oil | 30" x 24" On an Eastern Slope Oil on Wood Panel | 36" x 36"

AMANDA SAINT CLAIRE Story telling has always been an important part of my work, but more and more I find myself drawn to the challenge of deconstructing people, places, ideas, and things into a new visual language that allows space for the viewer to engage in a dialogue with the work using their own imagination. To push into a playful and thoughtful place where the question— “Abstraction of what?”—surfaces is what keeps me engaged intellectually with my work and what I hope draws in and delights the inquisitive viewer. 97

God Made Man, but a Monkey Supplied the Glue Cast Bronze, Steel and Found Object 22" x 19" x 8" Fort Laramie Treaty Cast Bronze, Cast Iron, Found Object 76" x 12" x 12"




I like to make things from dangerous materials: molten metals, constructed metals, found objects and hot glass. American manifest destiny, midcentury, industrial revolution and religious themes together drive me toward imagery that I like to call “punk surrealism.� For me a piece has to offer the viewer a story, ideally have some sort of bent humor about it, and at its best inspire the viewer to ask a difficult question.


Brilliant Creatures | Acrylic | 36" x 48"

PATRIC STILLMAN My work engages the viewer through visual storytelling. I enjoy creating a sense of being dropped into the middle of something, which compels the viewer to interpret their own account of events taking place. It is my goal to shine a light on personal identity and the significance of being “different.� 100

Small Town Boy | Acrylic | 36" x 48"


Patriot: Freedom Fighter | Acrylic | 36" x 48"


Morning Routine | Acrylic | 24" x 36"


All He Wrote Tempera on Paper | 22" x 28" Pink Bunny In View Recycled Mixed Media | 32" x 20"

TEEMSTIR Teemstir is a lifelong, self-taught, mixed media artist who has only taken his work seriously the last two years. His unique and quirky style is simple, naïve, and embraces the expressive arts principles. Teem believes everything and anything can be, and will be art; he recycles and repurposes found objects and junk. Also, Teem creates sculptures of animals, figures, creative oddities and also covers countless items with his painted masking tape. Viewing life through the artist’s lens, Teem is greatly influenced by current events, popular culture, and other artists. He believes the process of creating art, and the emotions it unleashes, forms a connection with the viewer. Teem hopes to transmit his smile, laughter and ironic perspective of life through his art and, that for a moment, you will feel his joy and utter amazement that he is finally an artist. 104


Then and Now | Kiln-cast Glass, Rusted Iron and Lighting | 14" x 18" x 18"


Glow Feet | Flame-worked Argon, Mercury Tubes | 4" x 19" x 19"

MARK TITLE I’ve always been scientist first and artist second, my career focused in high-tech physics and engineering. Now, pursuing my art, I naturally explore glass—nuanced and challenging, textures, transparencies, surfaces and colors transforming our experience of light. More, adding neon? How I appreciate that high -tech backing in this promising next step in my science/art journey! 107

We Found Wonderland | Cut Paper | 14" x 12"


All The Glitters | Cut Paper | 16" x 15"

ARIES TJHIN This body of work comes from my interest in mythologies from different cultures. They are stories that I reworked and made it my own. I gathered these images and combined them to create snapshots of a moment in time—a scene from a narrative that may or may not be familiar to the viewers. 109


Mile Davis | Acrylic | 36" x 24" Playing My Way | Acrylic | 36" x 24"

MINNIE VALERO Sketching and painting turned into a daily joy and obsession. I took intensive watercolor, pastel, and oil painting classes in California and in Paris, France, at L’Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris. My watercolors, pastels, acrylics and oils have received many awards in the USA, France, and Korea. I paint with pleasure and passion. Painting has to do with life itself. Art is life. 111

Framed | Collage | 48" x 36" Just Sit | Collage | 29" x 20"

GRETCHEN VOGT Through my artwork, I seek to tell stories of multifaceted relationships which arise from much broader, complex themes. Rather than defining the relationships themselves, I explore the foundations they are built upon, particularly the contradictions arising from their roots, which then manifest in singular ways. I was drawn to collage because it’s inherent piecemeal and sometimes jarring effect provides the potential to use the contradiction between seemingly disparate elements to tell an intricately complicated story. 112



Eternal Woman Pompeii 4 Acrylic and Collage | 30" x 40" Eternal Garden Pompeii Acrylic and Collage | 38" x 30"

LEE ZASLOFF In 2016, I completed a series of paintings inspired by the remaining wall murals in the houses of Pompeii, Italy. After the massive volcanic eruption in 79 AD destroyed the city, all was submerged under layers of volcanic ash and mud with thousands killed. The marked contrast of the tragedy against the beauty left behind intrigued me. Since color is what always captures me, I was particularly inspired by the Pompeiians’ daily depictions of a life which showcased their love of beauty and exuberance, wonderful use of color, peacefulness and interaction with their gods. I included collages of their birds in all the paintings as they symbolize my hope for freedom and a future. 115

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50 TO WATC H - 2018


Our juror for this edition of 50 To Watch is Maria Mingalone, Executive Director of Oceanside Museum of Art. Mingalone previously spent 14 years at the Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, where she held several positions including Director of Curatorial Affairs and Interim Executive Director. She has a Masters of Science degree in museum education and leadership from the Bank Street Graduate School of Education in New York, NY.

Oceanside Museum of Art is a premier regional art museum and a leader of arts and culture in San Diego. In addition to several highly praised contemporary art exhibitions per year, museum programming includes classes, lectures, docent tours, parties, concerts, films, culinary events, and chartered travel to other cultural art venues and destinations. 704 Pier View Way Oceanside, CA 92054

760-435-3720 info@oma-online.org oma-online.org 119

262 East Grand Avenue Escondido, CA 992025 760-480-4101 mail@escondidioarts.org escondidoarts.org Special acknowledgement to Escondido Arts Partnership for opening up their gallery space so that 50 To Watch could expand its exhibition beyond the City of San Diego. Escondido Arts Partnership operates under a mission to create a collaborative environment where Southern California’s art and artists can prosper. The Partnership nurtures a community of artists with opportunities for ongoing arts education, peer and public interactions, exhibitions, and performance space.


Special Acknowledgments to San Diego’s Arts and Culture community for their continued support of The Studio Door, 50 To Watch, Open Studios San Diego and our other efforts to elevate San Diego’s creatives, assist artists on the journey from creation-to-marketplace, and introduce new works of art to patrons. Thank you to Kiki Kornblatt Callihan of inkblatt for her design work on this edition of 50 To Watch. For more information about the artists, the artwork, city-to-city art exhibition exchange or participation in The Studio Door’s juried shows, please contact The Studio Door directly. Our staff is available to assist with any questions concerning sales, services or products offered within this catalog or online regarding 50 To Watch.

AMANDA SAINT CLAIRE | On an Eastern Slope | Oil on Wood Panel | 36" x 36" 126

Profile for The Studio Door

50 To Watch • 2018  

The Studio Door's regional visual arts survey (March 2018) Juror: Maria Mingalone, Executive Director of Oceanside Museum of Art Gallery P...

50 To Watch • 2018  

The Studio Door's regional visual arts survey (March 2018) Juror: Maria Mingalone, Executive Director of Oceanside Museum of Art Gallery P...